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Number Title Length Year Genre
1/4 10,000 BC  Minutes: 109  2008  Adventure 

A prehistoric epic that follows a young mammoth hunter named D'Leh's journey through uncharted territory to secure the future of his tribe. When a band of mysterious horse-riding warlords raid the Yaghal camp and kidnaps his heart's desire - the beautiful Evolet along with many others, D'Leh is forced to lead a small group of hunters south to pursue the warlords to the end of the world to save her. Driven by destiny, the unlikely band of warriors must battle saber-toothed cats and terror birds in the Levant. 
Cast: Steven Strait (as D'Leh), Camilla Belle (as Evolet), Cliff Curtis (as Tic'Tic), Joel Virgel (as Nakudu), Affif Ben Badra (as Warlord (as Ben Badra)), Mo Zinal (as Ka'Ren (as Mo Zainal)), Nathanael Baring (as Baku), Mona Hammond (as Old Mother), Marco Khan (as One-Eye), Reece Ritchie (as Moha), Joel Fry (as Lu'kibu), Omar Sharif (as Narrator), Kristian Beazley (as D'Leh's Father), Junior Oliphant (as Tudu), Louise Tu'u (as Baku's Mother) 
3/4 1408  Minutes: 104  2007  Drama 

Based on the short Stephen King horror story of the same name, 1408 is about supernatural writer Mike Enslin, an author of two successful books on supernatural phenomena. As research for his latest book, Enslin is determined to check out the notorious room 1408 in a New York City hotel by personally staying as a guest in the fabled room. He believes that 1408 is just a myth perpetuated by stories and rumors that Enslin has collected for his past works. However, hotel manager Mr. Olin has strong objections to Enslin's stay and only warns him of possible danger to come. Enslin is determined to go anyway. But what Mike Enslin is about to experience is no myth, as 1408 truly is a room where the guests don't check out by noon
Cast: John Cusack (as Mike Enslin), Paul Birchard (as Mr. Innkeeper), Margot Leicester (as Mrs. Innkeeper), Walter Lewis (as Book Store Cashier), Eric Meyers (as Man #1 at Book Signing), David Nicholson (as Man #2 at Book Signing), Holly Hayes (as Lady at Book Signing), Alexandra Silber (as Young Woman at Book Signing), Johann Urb (as Surfer Dude), Andrew Lee Potts (as Mailbox Guy), Tony Shalhoub (as Sam Farrell), Emily Harvey (as Secretary), William Armstrong (as Clay the Lawyer), Kim Thomson (as Desk Clerk), Drew Powell (as Assistant Hotel Manager) 
3/4 300  Minutes: 117  2006  Action 

It is spring 480 BC, Persian King Xerxes, continuing his father Darius' master plan to conquer the Hellenic city-states, arrives in Hellas. The previous Persian invasion and diplomatic attempts have already turned most northern Hellas tribes and states to the Persian side. But the people of Athens and Sparta, the largest Hellenic powers at the time, feel quite insulted by the Persian emissaries' request to surrender to Xerxes, and so slay them. In Sparta, King Leonidas consults the local oracle, who gives two options: Either a spartan king will have to be sacrificed, or Sparta will be burned to the ground. A year earlier (481, BC) a Panhellenic consortium of all southern city-states had already recognized the superiority of the Spartan army (the best organized and trained army at the time) and had declared King Leonidas as supreme commander of the combined Hellenic army. It is then decided that a small force should block Xerxes' way to southern Hellas in the Thermopylae passage. This passage was, at that time, 12 meters wide. The great historian Herodotus, possibly exaggerating, states that there were 1,700,000 Persians (their true number could have been anywhere from 100,000 to 1,000,000) against 7,000 Hellenic hoplites and slaves, including the 300 men of the Spartan King elite guard. King Xerxes waited four days for the Hellenes to be frightened and eventually surrender and was quite astonished by his opponents' complete apathy. Xerxes tried to convince Leonidas to drop weapons, give up his position, kneel before him and live on as a local governor under Xerxes. King Leonidas replied "molon lave," which means "Come and get them." The three-day battle began, with the 300 Spartans and 700 Thespians (the other Hellenes where sent by Leonidas to protect passages to their flanks) slaying thousands of Persians with minimal losses. The whole Persian campaign would have failed if it hadn't been for Efialtes, who showed Xerxes a secret passage to the Hellenic flanks. After a final battle led by King Xerxes himself, the Hellenic force was slain and their heroism and glory was written forever in history. From the beginning of the battle, the Hellenes buried their dead in the spot where they fell. Then battle signs where made for the dead of each Hellenic faction. For the Pelloponisians, (including the 300 Spartans) the sign generally read (free translation) "In this place 4,000 Pelloponisians fought 30 millions)." For the 300 Spartans (Lakaedaemonians), the sign reads (free translation) "Oh foreigner, tell the Lakaedaemonians that we are buried here obeying their laws," meaning that they never hesitated and never retreated from the enemy. The impact of the battle was enormous for both sides. The Persians' morale dropped to zero, and the Hellenes lost their fear for the Persian conqueror and organized their defense. After several successful battles, the Hellenes ultimately defeated the Persian army and repelled their invasion in the Battle of Plataea in 479 BC.
Cast: Gerard Butler (as King Leonidas), Lena Headey (as Queen Gorgo), Dominic West (as Theron), David Wenham (as Dilios), Vincent Regan (as Captain), Michael Fassbender (as Stelios), Tom Wisdom (as Astinos), Andrew Pleavin (as Daxos), Andrew Tiernan (as Ephialtes), Rodrigo Santoro (as Xerxes), Giovani Cimmino (as Pleistarchos (as Giovani Antonio Cimmino)), Stephen McHattie (as Loyalist), Greg Kramer (as Ephor #1), Alex Ivanovici (as Ephor #2), Kelly Craig (as Oracle Girl) 
2/4 48 Hrs.  Minutes: 96  1982  Action 

Convicted robber Albert Ganz escapes from a road gang with the help of his partner Billy Bear, and they immediately kill their partner Henry Wong, then they check into the Walden Hotel in San Francisco under false names. Alcoholic San Francisco cop Jack Cates and two of his fellow cops VanZant and Algren go to the Walden Hotel to check on a guy named G. P. Polson, who turns out to be Ganz. Ganz and Billy kill Algren and VanZant, then leave. Jack wants revenge, so he convinces his boss, Haden, to let him work alone on this case. Jack goes to a prison and visits Ganz and Billy's former partner Reggie Hammond, and Jack decides to spring Reggie for 48 hours so Reggie can help him find Ganz and Billy, but it's not going to be easy, especially since Jack and Reggie are not getting along with each other. The tension between them gets so high that they end up beating each other up in a garbage filled alley on their first night together, then it turns out that Reggie has $500,000 stashed away in the trunk of his car, and his car has been in a parking garage ever since he was convicted. Ganz and Billy are after the money, so they have kidnapped Rosalie, the girlfriend of their former partner Luther, in order to force Luther to get the car with the money in it. With this in mind, Jack and Reggie try to find Ganz and Billy before Jack has to return Reggie to the prison. 
Cast: Nick Nolte (as Jack Cates), Eddie Murphy (as Reggie Hammond), Annette O'Toole (as Elaine), Frank McRae (as Haden), James Remar (as Albert Ganz), David Patrick Kelly (as Luther), Sonny Landham (as Billy Bear), Brion James (as Ben Kehoe), Kerry Sherman (as Rosalie, Hostage Girl), Jonathan Banks (as Algren), James Keane (as Vanzant), Tara King (as Frizzy, Hotel Desk Clerk), Greta Blackburn (as Lisa, Blonde Hooker), Margot Rose (as Casey), Denise Crosby (as Sally) 
2/4 50 First Dates  Minutes: 99  2004  Comedy 

Henry Roth (Sandler) is a veterinarian living in Hawaii who enjoys the company of vacationing women. He leaves the playboy life behind after he falls for Lucy (Barrymore), who suffers from short-term memory loss. Since she can never remember meeting him, Henry has to romance Lucy every single day and hope that she falls for him. 
Cast: Adam Sandler (as Henry Roth), Drew Barrymore (as Lucy Whitmore), Rob Schneider (as Ula), Sean Astin (as Doug Whitmore), Lusia Strus (as Alexa), Dan Aykroyd (as Dr. Keats), Amy Hill (as Sue), Allen Covert (as Ten Second Tom), Blake Clark (as Marlin Whitmore), Maya Rudolph (as Stacy), Pomaika'i Brown (as Nick (as Nephi Pomaikai Brown)), Joe Nakashima (as Old Hawaiian Man), Peter Dante (as Security Guard), Dom Magwili (as Security Guard), Jonathan Loughran (as Jennifer) 
3/4 A Clockwork Orange  Minutes: 136  1971  Crime 

In a futuristic Britain, a gang of teenagers go on the rampage every night, beating and raping helpless victims. After one of the boys quells an uprising in the gang, they knock him out and leave him for the police to find. He agrees to try "aversion therapy" to shorten his jail sentence. When he is eventually let out, he hates violence, but the rest of his gang members are still after him. 
Cast: Malcolm McDowell (as Alex de Large), Patrick Magee (as Mr. Alexander), Michael Bates (as Chief Guard), Warren Clarke (as Dim), John Clive (as Stage Actor), Adrienne Corri (as Mrs. Alexander), Carl Duering (as Dr. Brodsky), Paul Farrell (as Tramp), Clive Francis (as Lodger), Michael Gover (as Prison Governor), Miriam Karlin (as Catlady (Miss Weathers)), James Marcus (as Georgie), Aubrey Morris (as Mr. P. R. Deltoid), Godfrey Quigley (as Prison Chaplain), Sheila Raynor (as Mum) 
3/4 A Few Good Men  Minutes: 138  1992  Crime 

In this dramatic courtroom thriller, Lt. Daniel Kaffee (Tom Cruise), a Navy lawyer who has never seen the inside of the courtroom, defends two stubborn Marines (Wolfgang Bodison and James Marshall) who have been accused of murdering a colleague. He (Cruise) is known as being lazy and had arranged for a plea bargain. Downey's (Marshall) Aunt Ginny appoints Cmdr. Galloway (Demi Moore) to represent him. Also on the legal staff is Lt. Sam Weinberg (Kevin Pollak). The team rounds up many facts and Kaffee is discovering that he is really cut out for trial work. The defense is originally based upon the fact that PFC Santiago, the victim, was given a "CODE RED". Santiago was basically a screw-up. At Gitmo, screw-ups aren't tolerated. Especially by Col. Nathan Jessup (Jack Nicholson). In Cuba, Jessup and two senior officers (J.T. Walsh and Kiefer Sutherland) try to give all the help they can, but Kaffee knows something's fishy. In the conclusion of the film, the fireworks are set off by a confrontation between Jessup and Kaffee. 
Cast: Tom Cruise (as Lt. Daniel Kaffee), Jack Nicholson (as Col. Nathan R. Jessep), Demi Moore (as Lt. Cdr. JoAnne Galloway), Kevin Bacon (as Capt. Jack Ross), Kiefer Sutherland (as Lt. Jonathan Kendrick), Kevin Pollak (as Lt. Sam Weinberg), James Marshall (as Pfc. Louden Downey), J.T. Walsh (as Lt. Col. Matthew Andrew Markinson), Christopher Guest (as Dr. Stone), J.A. Preston (as Judge Julius Alexander Randolph), Matt Craven (as Lt. Dave Spradling), Wolfgang Bodison (as Lance Cpl. Harold W. Dawson), Xander Berkeley (as Capt. Whitaker), John M. Jackson (as Capt. West), Noah Wyle (as Cpl. Jeffrey Barnes) 
2/4 Air Force One  Minutes: 124  1997  Action 

The President of the USA goes to Moscow and gives a stirring speech outlining the USA's new "Zero-tolerance" policy with respect to terrorism. On the flight home, terrorists take over Air Force One (the President's official plane) and take the passengers (including his wife and daughter) hostage. The terrorists plan to execute one hostage every half-hour unless/until their demands are met. However, the President is a former Medal of Honor winner, so the terrorists may be in for a surprise... 
Cast: Harrison Ford (as President James Marshall), Gary Oldman (as Ivan Korshunov), Glenn Close (as Vice President Kathryn Bennett), Wendy Crewson (as Grace Marshall), Liesel Matthews (as Alice Marshall), Paul Guilfoyle (as Chief of Staff Lloyd 'Shep' Shepherd), Xander Berkeley (as Secret Service Agent Gibbs), William H. Macy (as Major Caldwell), Dean Stockwell (as Defense Secretary Walter Dean), Tom Everett (as National Security Advisor Jack Doherty), Jürgen Prochnow (as General Ivan Radek), Donna Bullock (as Deputy Press Secretary Melanie Mitchel), Michael Ray Miller (as Colonel Axelrod), Carl Weintraub (as Lt. Colonel Ingraham), Elester Latham (as AFO Navigator) 
2/4 Alpha Dog  Minutes: 118  2006  Crime 

1999, Claremont, California. Middle-class kids, in their 20s, talk trash, wave guns, hang out in a pack. Johnny Truelove, drug dealer and son of a underworld figure, threatens Jake Mazursky, an explosive head case who owes Johnny money; Jake responds by breaking into Johnny's house. On impulse, Johnny and a couple pals kidnap Jake's 15-year-old brother, Zach. Zach's okay with it, figuring his brother will pay the debt soon. Johnny assigns his buddy Frankie to be Zach's minder, and they develop a brotherly friendship. Zach parties with his captors as things begin to spin out of control. Group think, amorality, and fear of prison assert a hold on the pack. Is Zach in danger?
Cast: Bruce Willis (as Sonny Truelove), Matthew Barry (as Interviewer), Emile Hirsch (as Johnny Truelove), Fernando Vargas (as Tiko 'TKO' Martinez), Vincent Kartheiser (as Pick Giaimo), Justin Timberlake (as Frankie Ballenbacher), Shawn Hatosy (as Elvis Schmidt), Alex Solowitz (as Bobby '911'), Alec Vigil (as P.J. Truelove), Harry Dean Stanton (as Cosmo Gadabeeti), Frank Cassavetes (as Adrian Jones), Nicole Dubos (as Neighborhood Girl on Couch), Regina Rice (as Dance Bitch Girl), Laura Nativo (as Party Girl), Ben Foster (as Jake Mazursky) 
10 2/4 Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy  Minutes: 94  2004  Comedy 

Ron Burgundy (Ferrell) is the top-rated anchorman in San Diego in the '70s. When feminism marches into the newsroom in the form of ambitious newswoman Veronica Corningstone (Applegate), Ron is willing to play along at first-as long as Veronica stays in her place, covering cat fashion shows, cooking, and other "female" interests. But when Veronica refuses to settle for being eye candy and steps behind the news desk, it's more than a battle between two perfectly coiffed anchor-persons... it's war. 
Cast: Will Ferrell (as Ron Burgundy), Christina Applegate (as Veronica Corningstone), Paul Rudd (as Brian Fantana), Steve Carell (as Brick Tamland), David Koechner (as Champ Kind), Fred Willard (as Ed Harken), Chris Parnell (as Garth Holliday), Kathryn Hahn (as Helen), Fred Armisen (as Tino), Seth Rogen (as Eager Cameraman), Paul F. Tompkins (as MC), Danny Trejo (as Bartender), Scot Robinson (as Waiter at Tino's), Ian Roberts (as Stage Manager), Darcy Donavan (as Hot Blonde) 
11 2/4 Anger Management  Minutes: 106  2003  Comedy 

After a misunderstanding aboard an airplane that escalates out of control, the mild-mannered Dave Buznik is ordered by Judge Daniels to attend anger management sessions run by Doctor Buddy Rydell, which are filled with highly eccentric and volatile men and women. Buddy's unorthodox approach to therapy is confrontational and abrasive and Dave is bewildered by it. Then, after yet another mishap, Judge Daniels orders Dave to step up his therapy or wind up in jail. So, Buddy moves in with Dave to help him battle his inner demons. Buddy himself has no inner demons since he acts out at every opportunity and that includes making lewd comments about Dave's girlfriend Linda and goading Dave into confronting every slight, past or present, head-on. But Buddy finally goes too far and Dave must decide whether to crawl back into his shell or stand up for himself. Could it be that Buddy's confounding and contradictory treatment is just what the doctor ordered? 
Cast: Adam Sandler (as Dave Buznik), Jack Nicholson (as Dr. Buddy Rydell), Marisa Tomei (as Linda), Luis Guzmán (as Lou), Jonathan Loughran (as Nate), Kurt Fuller (as Frank Head), Krista Allen (as Stacy), January Jones (as Gina), John Turturro (as Chuck), Lynne Thigpen (as Judge Brenda Daniels), Nancy Walls (as Flight Attendant), Woody Harrelson (as Galaxia/Security Guard Gary), Kevin Nealon (as Sam), Allen Covert (as Andrew), Adrian Ricard (as Rose Rydell) 
12 3/4 Animal House  Minutes: 109  1978  Comedy 

Faber College has one frat house so disreputable it will take anyone. It has a second one full of white, anglo-saxon, rich young men who are so sanctimonious no one can stand them except Dean Wormer. The dean enlists the help of the second frat to get the boys of Delta House off campus. This film gives high-jinks and fooling around a bad name. P The dean's plan comes into play just before the homecoming parade to end all parades for all time. 
Cast: John Belushi (as John 'Bluto' Blutarsky), Tim Matheson (as Eric 'Otter' Stratton), John Vernon (as Dean Vernon Wormer), Verna Bloom (as Marion Wormer), Tom Hulce (as Larry 'Pinto' Kroger (as Thomas Hulce)), Cesare Danova (as Mayor Carmine DePasto), Peter Riegert (as Donald 'Boon' Schoenstein), Mary Louise Weller (as Mandy Pepperidge), Stephen Furst (as Kent 'Flounder' Dorfman), James Daughton (as Greg Marmalard), Bruce McGill (as Daniel Simpson 'D-Day' Day), Mark Metcalf (as Doug Neidermeyer), DeWayne Jessie (as Otis Day), Karen Allen (as Katy), James Widdoes (as Robert Hoover) 
13 3/4 Apocalypse Now  Minutes: 153  1979  Action 

Vietnam, 1969. Burnt out Special Forces officer Captain Willard is sent into the jungle with top-secret orders to find and kill renegade Colonel Kurtz who has set up his own army within the jungle. As Willard descends into the jungle, he is slowly over taken by the jungle's mesmerizing powers and battles the insanity which surrounds him. His boat crew succumbs to drugs and is slowly killed off one by one. As Willard continues his journey he becomes more and more like the man he was sent to kill. 
Cast: Marlon Brando (as Colonel Walter E. Kurtz), Martin Sheen (as Captain Benjamin L. Willard), Robert Duvall (as Lieutenant Colonel Bill Kilgore), Frederic Forrest (as Jay 'Chef' Hicks), Sam Bottoms (as Lance B. Johnson), Laurence Fishburne (as Tyrone 'Clean' Miller (as Larry Fishburne)), Albert Hall (as Chief Phillips), Harrison Ford (as Colonel Lucas), Dennis Hopper (as Photojournalist), G.D. Spradlin (as General Corman), Jerry Ziesmer (as Jerry, Civilian), Scott Glenn (as Lieutenant Richard M. Colby), Bo Byers (as MP Sergeant #1), James Keane (as Kilgore's Gunner), Kerry Rossall (as Mike from San Diego) 
14 3/4 Apollo 13  Minutes: 140  1995  Adventure 

It had been less than a year since man first walked on the Moon, but as far as the American public was concerned, Apollo 13 was just another "routine" space flight--until these words pierced the immense void of space: "Houston, we have a problem." Stranded 205,000 miles from Earth in a crippled spacecraft, astronauts Jim Lovell (Hanks), Fred Haise (Paxton) and Jack Swigert (Bacon) fight a desperate battle to survive. Meanwhile, at Mission Control, astronaut Ken Mattingly (Sinise), flight director Gene Kranz (Harris) and a heroic ground crew race against time--and the odds--to bring them home. 
Cast: Tom Hanks (as Jim Lovell), Bill Paxton (as Fred Haise), Kevin Bacon (as Jack Swigert), Gary Sinise (as Ken Mattingly), Ed Harris (as Gene Kranz), Kathleen Quinlan (as Marilyn Lovell), Mary Kate Schellhardt (as Barbara Lovell), Emily Ann Lloyd (as Susan Lovell), Miko Hughes (as Jeffrey Lovell), Max Elliott Slade (as Jay Lovell), Jean Speegle Howard (as Blanch Lovell), Tracy Reiner (as Mary Haise), David Andrews (as Pete Conrad), Michele Little (as Jane Conrad (as Michelle Little)), Chris Ellis (as Deke Slayton) 
15 2/4 Appaloosa  Minutes: 115  2008  Action, Crime, Drama, Western 

1882, New Mexico Territory. Virgil Cole and Everett Hitch are itinerant lawmen, hired by desperate towns as marshal and deputy. The city fathers of Appaloosa hire them after Randall Bragg, a newly-arrived rancher with money and a gang of thugs, disrupts commerce and kills three local lawmen. Cole and Hitch contrive to arrest Bragg and bring him to trial, but hanging him proves difficult. Meanwhile, a widow has arrived in town, Allison French, pretty, refined, and good-natured. Virgil falls hard, and it seems mutual, but there may be more to Allie than meets the eye. Can friendship and skill with a gun overcome a pernicious villain and green-eyed jealousy? 
Cast: Robert Jauregui, Jeremy Irons, Timothy V. Murphy, Luce Rains, James Tarwater, Boyd Kestner, Gabriel Marantz, Ed Harris, Viggo Mortensen, Benjamin Rosenshein, Cerris Morgan-Moyer, James Gammon, Timothy Spall, Tom Bower, Erik J. Bockemeier 
16 2/4 Armageddon  Minutes: 150  1998  Action 

A huge Comet is headed for earth. As it does not consist of one big piece, but of a cloud of rather small pieces plus a main rock the size of Texas, little impacts are recorded long before the big one is scheduled for collision with earth. Harry S. Stamper and his drill team are selected to land on the main comet as they are the only ones who can work the special drill Harry developed. Their mission is to drill 800 ft. into the comet to place a nuclear explosive device. The explosion of the bomb will break the comet in two, and the two pieces will pass earth on both sides. This task has to be accomplished before a certain "dead" line, or the comet parts will not fly by, but hit earth. 
Cast: Bruce Willis (as Harry S. Stamper), Billy Bob Thornton (as Dan Truman, NASA Administrator), Ben Affleck (as A.J. Frost), Liv Tyler (as Grace Stamper), Will Patton (as Charles 'Chick' Chapple), Steve Buscemi (as Rockhound), William Fichtner (as Colonel William Sharp, Shuttle Freedom Pilot), Owen Wilson (as Oscar Choi, Geologist), Michael Clarke Duncan (as Jayotis 'Bear' Kurleenbear), Peter Stormare (as Lev Andropov, Russian Cosmonaut), Ken Hudson Campbell (as Max Lennert (as Ken Campbell)), Jessica Steen (as Jennifer Watts, Shuttle Freedom Co-Pilot), Keith David (as Lt. General Kimsey), Chris Ellis (as Walter Clark), Jason Isaacs (as Dr. Ronald Quincy, Research) 
17 2/4 Around the World in 80 Days  Minutes: 120  2004  Adventure 

Based on the classic novel by Jules Verne, Around the World in 80 Days (2003) stars Jackie Chan as Passepartout. As an adventurer, Passepartout ends up accompanying time-obsessed English gentleman, Phileas Fogg (played by Steve Coogan) on a daring mission to journey around the world. Fogg has wagered with members of his London club that he can traverse the world in 80 days. Along the way, they encounter many interesting 19th Century figures and have many exciting and suspenseful situations in their voyage around the world. 
Cast: Jackie Chan (as Passepartout/Lau Xing), Steve Coogan (as Phileas Fogg), Robert Fyfe (as Jean Michel), Jim Broadbent (as Lord Kelvin), Ian McNeice (as Colonel Kitchener), David Ryall (as Lord Salisbury), Roger Hammond (as Lord Rhodes), Adam Godley (as Mr. Sutton), Karen Mok (as General Fang (as Karen Joy Morris)), Howard Cooper (as Academy Member #1), Daniel Hinchcliffe (as British Valet), Wolfram Teufel (as Belgian Dignitary), Tom Strauss (as Academy Member #2), Kit West (as Academy Member #3), Ewen Bremner (as Inspector Fix) 
18 3/4 As Good as It Gets  Minutes: 139  1997  Comedy 

The trials and tribulations of a compulsive writer, Melvin Udall (Jack Nicholson). After his homosexual neighbor (Greg Kinnear) is brutally beaten, he is entrusted to the care of the neighbor's dog, with a difficult relationship with a waitress (Helen Hunt) to add on top of that. What develops is a weekend trip/triangle between these three individuals, and together they learn the true meaning of "the sunny side of life". 
Cast: Jack Nicholson (as Melvin Udall), Helen Hunt (as Carol Connelly), Greg Kinnear (as Simon Bishop), Cuba Gooding Jr. (as Frank Sachs), Skeet Ulrich (as Vincent Lopiano), Shirley Knight (as Beverly Connelly), Yeardley Smith (as Jackie Simpson), Lupe Ontiveros (as Nora Manning), Jill the Dog (as Verdell (as Jill)), Timer the Dog (as Supporting Dog (as Timer)), Billy the Dog (as Supporting Dog (as Billy)), Bibi Osterwald (as Neighbor Woman), Ross Bleckner (as Carl), Bernadette Balagtas (as Caterer), Jaffe Cohen (as Partygoer) 
19 2/4 Assault on Precinct 13  Minutes: 109  2005  Action 

It's New Year's Eve in the city of Detroit. Cop-killing killer Marion Bishop (Fishburne) has just been arrested and is being transferred to prison. However, the transport bus is forced to stop because of the weather, so they stop for a while at the soon-to-be closed Precinct 13. Among the few people inside Precinct 13 is Sergeant Jake Roenick (Hawke), a cop who hasn't done any field missions in eight months because he feels guilty about the two cops that were killed in the mission. Not long after the prisoners are locked in their cells, Precinct 13 is assaulted by men in white gear. The police try to get a hold of other precincts, but the lines have been cut. The officers inside Precinct 13 believe that the men are Bishop's men coming to get him, but they soon find out that they are rogue cops trying to kill him. In order to survive the night, Precinct 13's inhabitants will have to unite and fight. 
Cast: Ethan Hawke (as Roenick), Laurence Fishburne (as Marion Bishop), Gabriel Byrne (as Duvall), Maria Bello (as Alex), Drea de Matteo (as Iris Ferry), John Leguizamo (as Beck), Brian Dennehy (as Jasper), Ja Rule (as Smiley (as Jeffrey 'Ja Rule' Atkins)), Currie Graham (as Kahane), Aisha Hinds (as Anna), Matt Craven (as Capra), Fulvio Cecere (as Ray Ray), Peter Bryant (as Lieut. Holloway), Kim Coates (as Rosen), Hugh Dillon (as Tony) 
20 3/4 Avatar  Minutes: 162  2009  Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi 

When his brother is killed in a robbery, paraplegic Marine Jake Sully decides to take his place in a mission on the distant world of Pandora. There he learns of greedy corporate figurehead Parker Selfridge's intentions of driving off the native humanoid "Na'vi" in order to mine for the precious material scattered throughout their rich woodland. In exchange for the spinal surgery that will fix his legs, Jake gathers intel for the cooperating military unit spearheaded by gung-ho Colonel Quaritch, while simultaneously attempting to infiltrate the Na'vi people with the use of an "avatar" identity. While Jake begins to bond with the native tribe and quickly falls in love with the beautiful alien Neytiri, the restless Colonel moves forward with his ruthless extermination tactics, forcing the soldier to take a stand - and fight back in an epic battle for the fate of Pandora. 
Cast: Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Sigourney Weaver, Stephen Lang, Joel Moore, Giovanni Ribisi, Michelle Rodriguez, Laz Alonso, Wes Studi, CCH Pounder, Dileep Rao, Matt Gerald, Sean Anthony Moran, Jason Whyte, Scott Lawrence 
21 2/4 Backdraft  Minutes: 132  1991  Action 

As a child Brian McCafferty watched his firefighter father die. Years later he joins his brother, Steven in the force by becoming a rookie firefighter. There is a history of conflict between the two brothers that is heated up by working together. With this background, a series of suspicious fires are set, each made to kill a specific person. After becoming frightened at a fire, Brian pulls strings to get into an investigative office and finds that he is now not putting out the arsonist's fires, but trying to track him down. 
Cast: Kurt Russell (as Stephen 'Bull' McCaffrey/Dennis McCaffrey), William Baldwin (as Brian McCaffrey), Robert De Niro (as Donald 'Shadow' Rimgale), Donald Sutherland (as Ronald Bartel), Jennifer Jason Leigh (as Jennifer Vaitkus), Scott Glenn (as John 'Axe' Adcox), Rebecca De Mornay (as Helen McCaffrey), Jason Gedrick (as Tim Krizminski), J.T. Walsh (as Alderman Marty Swayzak), Anthony Mockus Sr. (as Chief John Fitzgerald (as Tony Mockus Sr.)), Cedric Young (as Grindle), Juan Ramírez (as Ray Santos), Kevin Casey (as Nightingale), Jack McGee (as Schmidt), Mark Wheeler (as Pengelly) 
22 3/4 Bad Santa  Minutes: 91  2003  Comedy 

Santa and his little helper are confidence men casing a mall all holiday season and robbing it blind Christmas Eve. The elf "shops" the stores while Santa cracks the mall safe. Following them through one last season of perverse holiday cheer you hear the 'f' word more frequently than in Scarface. We meet a woman bartender who has always had a thing for Santas, and a little boy who evokes genuine emotional change in Santa. When Santa gets a conscience it ends up saving him in the end. 
Cast: Billy Bob Thornton (as Willie), Tony Cox (as Marcus), Brett Kelly (as The Kid), Lauren Graham (as Sue), Lauren Tom (as Lois), Bernie Mac (as Gin), John Ritter (as Bob Chipeska), Ajay Naidu (as Hindustani Troublemaker), Lorna Scott (as Milwaukee Mother), Harrison Bieker (as Milwaukee Boy), Alex Borstein (as Milwaukee Mom with Photo), Dylan Charles (as Milwaukee Bratty Boy), Billy Gardell (as Milwaukee Security Guard), Lisa Ross (as Milwaukee Bartender), Bryan Callen (as Miami Bartender (as Brian Callen)) 
23 2/4 Balls of Fury  Minutes: 90  2007  Action 

Down-and-out former professional ping-pong phenom, Randy Daytona (Fogler), is sucked into a maelstrom when FBI Agent Ernie Rodriguez (Lopez) recruits him for a secret mission. Randy is determined to bounce back and win, and to smoke out his father's killer -- arch-fiend Feng (Walken).
Cast: Dan Fogler (as Randy Daytona), Christopher Walken (as Feng), George Lopez (as Agent Ernie Rodriquez), Maggie Q (as Maggie Wong), James Hong (as Master Wong), Terry Crews (as Freddy), Robert Patrick (as Sgt. Pete Daytona), Diedrich Bader (as Gary), Aisha Tyler (as Mahogany), Thomas Lennon (as Karl Wolfschtagg), Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa (as Mysterious Asian Man), Brett DelBuono (as Young Randy Daytona, 12 Yrs. Old), Jason Scott Lee (as Siu-Foo), Toby Huss (as Groundskeeper), David Holmes (as TV Producer) 
24 2/4 Bandits  Minutes: 123  2001  Comedy 

A charismatic convict (Bruce Willis) and a hypochondriac inmate (Billy Bob Thornton) break out of prison in a cement truck and immediately start a bank robbing spree. Becoming known as the "Sleepover Bandits", the two kidnap bank managers the night before their robbery, spend the night with their families, and then all go to the bank in the morning to get the dough. Using a dim-witted stunt man (Troy Garrity) as their getaway driver and lookout, the three successfully pull off several jobs that gets them recognition on a tv show about America's criminals. When a bored housewife (Cate Blanchett) with a failing marriage decides to runaway, she ends up in the hands of the criminals. Initially attracted to Willis, she nonetheless also ends up in bed with Thornton and a confused romantic relationship begins. Continuing along with their spree, the bandits hit the wall when the bank managers realize that they are non-violent and therefore no threat to them or their employees. This leads to one more big score at the Alamo Bank, where in the very opening scenes, things appear to go awry. 
Cast: Bruce Willis (as Joseph 'Joe' Blake), Billy Bob Thornton (as Terry Lee Collins), Cate Blanchett (as Kate Wheeler), Troy Garity (as Harvey 'Dog' Pollard), Brian F. O'Byrne (as Darill Miller), Stacey Travis (as Cloe Miller), Bobby Slayton (as Darren Head), January Jones (as Claire/Pink Boots), Azura Skye (as Cheri), Peggy Miley (as Mildred Kronenberg), William Converse-Roberts (as Charles Wheeler), Richard Riehle (as Larry Fife), Micole Mercurio (as Sarah Fife), Scott Burkholder (as Wildwood Policeman), Anthony Burch (as Phil) 
25 3/4 Batman Begins  Minutes: 140  2005  Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller 

Batman Begins explores the origins of the Batman legend and the Dark Knight's emergence as a force for good in Gotham. In the wake of his parents' murder, disillusioned industrial heir Bruce Wayne travels the world seeking the means to fight injustice and turn fear against those who prey on the fearful. He returns to Gotham and unveils his alter-ego: Batman, a masked crusader who uses his strength, intellect and an array of high tech deceptions to fight the sinister forces that threaten the city. 
Cast: Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Liam Neeson, Katie Holmes, Gary Oldman, Cillian Murphy, Tom Wilkinson, Rutger Hauer, Ken Watanabe, Mark Boone Junior, Linus Roache, Morgan Freeman, Larry Holden, Gerard Murphy, Colin McFarlane 
26 2/4 Batteries not Included  Minutes: 106  1987  Family 

A group of tenants in an apartment block are being forced to move out so that it can be demolished. The tenants are reluctant to move, so the developers hire a local gang to 'persuade' them to leave. Fortunately, visiting alien mechanical life-forms come to town. When they befriend the tenants, the aliens use their extraterrestrial abilities to defeat the developers. 
Cast: Hume Cronyn (as Frank Riley, Owner Riley's Cafe), Jessica Tandy (as Faye Riley), Frank McRae (as Harry Noble), Elizabeth Peña (as Marisa Esteval), Michael Carmine (as Carlos), Dennis Boutsikaris (as Mason Baylor), Tom Aldredge (as Sid Hogenson), Jane Hoffman (as Muriel Hogenson), John DiSanti (as Gus), John Pankow (as Kovacs), MacIntyre Dixon (as DeWitt), Michael Greene (as Lacey, Real Estate Developer), Doris Belack (as Mrs. Thompson), Wendy Schaal (as Pamela), José Angel Santana (as Goon #1 (as José Santana)) 
27 2/4 Battle of Britain  Minutes: 133  1969  War 

Historical reenactment of the air war in the early days of World War Two for control of the skies over Britain as the new Luftwaffa and the Royal Air Force determine whether or not an invasion can take place. 
Cast: Harry Andrews (as Senior civil servant), Michael Caine (as Squadron Leader Canfield), Trevor Howard (as Air Vice Marshal Keith Park), Curd Jürgens (as Baron von Richter), Ian McShane (as Sgt. Pilot Andy), Kenneth More (as Warr. Off. Warwick), Laurence Olivier (as Air Chief Marshal Sir Hugh Dowding), Nigel Patrick (as Group Capt. Hope), Christopher Plummer (as Squadron Leader Colin Harvey), Michael Redgrave (as Air Vice Marshal Evill), Ralph Richardson (as Sir David Kelly (British minister to Switzerland)), Robert Shaw (as Squadron Leader Skipper), Patrick Wymark (as Air Vice Marshal Trafford Leigh-Mallory), Susannah York (as Section Officer Maggie Harvey), Michael Bates (as Warrant Officer Warwick) 
28 2/4 Be Cool  Minutes: 118  2005  Comedy 

The former mobster and movie producer Chili Palmer (John Travolta), from "Get Shorty", is tired of the cinema industry and decides to veer his business to the music industry. He finds a new-talented singer, Linda Moon (Christina Milian), and offers to manage her career, after releasing her from the contract with the pimp-manager Raji (Vince Vaughn), his gay bodyguard Elliot Wilhelm (The Rock) and his useless partner Nick Carr (Harvey Keitel). He looks for the widow Edie Athens (Uma Thurman), who has a bankrupted music business, and offers his support to help her to negotiate with the Russian mobsters and a dangerous gang of rappers that are menacing her business because of the debts of her dead husband Tommy Athens (James Woods). Using his skills of negotiator, Chili convinces Steven Tyler and the Aerosmith to promote Linda Moon in a concert. 
Cast: John Travolta (as Chili Palmer), Uma Thurman (as Edie Athens), Vince Vaughn (as Raji), Cedric the Entertainer (as Sin LaSalle), André Benjamin (as Dabu), Steven Tyler (as Himself), Robert Pastorelli (as Joe Loop), Christina Milian (as Linda Moon), Paul Adelstein (as Hy Gordon), Debi Mazar (as Marla), Gregory Alan Williams (as Darryl (as GregAlan Williams)), Harvey Keitel (as Nick Carr), The Rock (as Elliot Wilhelm), Danny DeVito (as Martin Weir), James Woods (as Tommy Athens) 
29 2/4 Beerfest  Minutes: 110  2006  Comedy 

After the death of their grandfather Johann von Wolfhause, the brothers Jan and Todd Wolfhouse travel to Munich to fulfill a family tradition, spreading the ashes of Johann during the Oktoberfest. Their contact brings them to a secret beer competition, the Beerfest", where they are offended by Baron Wolfgang von Wolfhausen and the German branch of their family that accuse their grand grandmother of being a prostitute and their grandfather of stealing an old receipt of the best beer in Germany. Jan and Todd returns to USA humiliated and decide to organize a beer team to dispute the next Beerfest. They join Landfill, Barry and Fink and train long the year to participate in the competition. When they find the lost receipt hidden in a dummy, they feel that their German relatives told the truth. But the team is ready for the tough dispute
Cast: M.C. Gainey (as Priest), Paul Soter (as Jan Wolfhouse), Erik Stolhanske (as Todd Wolfhouse / Young Baron Ludwig), Cloris Leachman (as Great Gam Gam), Jürgen Prochnow (as Baron Wolfgang von Wolfhausen (as Juergen Prochnow)), Cameron Scher (as Helmut), Owain Yeoman (as Aussie Sailor #1), Tom Tate (as Aussie Sailor #2), Allan Graf (as Soup Waiter), Chris Moss (as German Producer), Bjorn Johnson (as Mr. Schniedelwichsen (as Bjørn Johnson)), Kevin Heffernan (as Landfill / Gil / Sausage Lady), Jay Chandrasekhar (as Barry / Blind Sikh), Steve Lemme (as Fink / Emcee), Collin Thornton (as Little Boy) 
30 2/4 Behind Enemy Lines  Minutes: 106  2001  Action 

Fighter navigator Chris Burnett wants out: he was looking for something more than the boring recon missions he's been flying. He finds himself flying the lone Christmas day mission over war-torn Bosnia. But when he talks pilot Stackhouse into flying slightly off-course to check out an interesting target, the two get shot down. Burnett is soon alone, trying to outrun a pursuing army, while commanding officer Reigert finds his rescue operation hamstrung by politics, forcing Burnett to run far out of his way. 
Cast: Owen Wilson (as Lt. Chris Burnett), Gene Hackman (as Admiral Leslie McMahon Reigart), Gabriel Macht (as Stackhouse), Charles Malik Whitfield (as Capt. Rodway, USMC), David Keith (as Master Chief Tom O'Malley), Olek Krupa (as Miroslav Lokar), Joaquim de Almeida (as Admiral Piquet), Vladimir Mashkov (as Sasha), Marko Igonda (as Bazda), Eyal Podell (as Petty Officer Kennedy), Geoffrey Pierson (as Admiral Donnelly (as Geoff Pierson)), Aernout Van Lynden (as Aernout Van Lynden), Sam Jaeger (as Red Crown Operator #1), Shane Johnson (as Red Crown Operator #2 (as Shane Mikael Johnson)), Don Winston (as Red Crown Operator #3) 
31  Benny & Joon  Minutes: 98  1993  Comedy 

In a small town, an auto mechanic named Benny is devoted to taking care of his mentally ill sister, Joon, who can barely function alone in the real world despite being a talented artist. This relatively stable situation is shaken up when Benny is obliged in a poker game to welcome another player's relative, Sam, to his home for a few days. When Sam arrives, he quickly makes an impression with his quietly eccentric ways which emulate the antics of the great silent movie comedian, Buster Keaton. Without Benny's full knowledge, Sam and Joon finds themselves drawn to each other to the fullest degree. However when Benny finds out, it creates a rift in the siblings as they struggle to accept their relationship is profoundly changing with the presence of this odd newcomer.  
Cast: Johnny Depp (as Sam), Mary Stuart Masterson (as Juniper 'Joon' Pearl), Aidan Quinn (as Benjamin 'Benny' Pearl), Julianne Moore (as Ruthie), Oliver Platt (as Eric), CCH Pounder (as Dr. Garvey (as C.C.H. Pounder)), Dan Hedaya (as Thomas), Joe Grifasi (as Mike), William H. Macy (as Randy Burch), Liane Alexandra Curtis (as Claudia), Eileen Ryan (as Mrs. Smail), Don Hamilton (as UPS Man), Waldo Larson (as Waldo), Irvin Johnson (as Orderly), Shane Nilsson (as Orderly) 
32 3/4 Beverly Hills Cop  Minutes: 105  1984  Action 

Detroit cop Axel Foley is delighted when he receives a surprise visit from his best friend Mikey Tandino, who lives in California. Not long after Mikey arrives in Detroit, Mikey is killed, right in front of Axel, by a man named Zack. Axel follows Zack to Beverly Hills, California, where Beverly Hills police department Lieutenant Andrew Bogomil assigns Detective Billy Rosewood and Rosewood's partner, Sergeant John Taggart, to keep an eye on Axel. Axel visits his friend Jenny Summers, who works in an art gallery. With Jenny's help, Axel discovers that Zack works for Jenny's boss, Victor Maitland, the man who owns the art gallery. Maitland is a drug kingpin who is using the gallery as a front, and Maitland had Zack kill Mikey after Maitland accused Mikey of stealing some of Maitland's bonds. With the help of Jenny, Billy, and Taggart, Axel does what he can to make sure Maitland and Zack won't kill any more people. 
Cast: Eddie Murphy (as Det. Axel Foley), Judge Reinhold (as Det. William 'Billy' Rosewood), John Ashton (as Det. Sgt. John Taggart), Lisa Eilbacher (as Jeannette 'Jenny' Summers), Ronny Cox (as Lt. Andrew Bogomil), Steven Berkoff (as Victor Maitland), James Russo (as Mikey Tandino), Jonathan Banks (as Zack, Maitland's Thug), Stephen Elliott (as Police Chief Hubbard), Gilbert R. Hill (as Insp. Douglas Todd), Art Kimbro (as Det. Foster), Joel Bailey (as Det. McCabe), Bronson Pinchot (as Serge), Paul Reiser (as Jeffrey), Michael Champion (as Casey) 
33 2/4 Big Daddy  Minutes: 93  1999  Comedy 

Sonny Koufax graduated from law school years ago but chose not to take the bar exam. Instead he works as a toll booth collector, and spends his day loafing around. One day his grilfriend decides that she has had enough, and tells Sonny that things have to change or else it's over. When Sonny's roommate Kevin leaves for China, a boy is dropped at their place and is told that he is Kevin's son but Kevin doesn't know his mother. Sonny takes care of him, and after spending sometime with him decides to adopt hoping that maybe his girlfriend will be impressed. But when he learns that she has a new boyfriend, Sonny tries to have the boy sent back to his mother but when he learns that she died and that he would be sent to an orphanage, Sonny decides to take care of him. 
Cast: Adam Sandler (as Sonny Koufax), Joey Lauren Adams (as Layla Maloney), Jon Stewart (as Kevin Gerrity), Cole Sprouse (as Julian 'Frankenstien' McGrath), Dylan Sprouse (as Julian 'Frankenstien' McGrath), Josh Mostel (as Arthur Brooks), Leslie Mann (as Corinne Maloney), Allen Covert (as Phil D'Amato), Rob Schneider (as Nazo), Kristy Swanson (as Vanessa), Joseph Bologna (as Lenny Koufax), Peter Dante (as Tommy Grayton), Jonathan Loughran (as Mike), Steve Buscemi (as Homeless Guy), Tim Herlihy (as Singing Kangaroo) 
34 3/4 Big Fish  Minutes: 125  2003  Drama 

This film follows the incredible life of Edward Bloom, through a series of flashbacks that begin when his son Will visits him for the last time. Edward is dying of cancer, and Will hasn't spoken to him for years because he believes him to be a liar that never really cared for his family. As Edward's story unfolds once again, Will tries to finally understand the truth about who his father really was... 
Cast: Ewan McGregor (as Ed Bloom (Young)), Albert Finney (as Ed Bloom (Senior)), Billy Crudup (as Will Bloom), Jessica Lange (as Sandra Bloom (Senior)), Helena Bonham Carter (as Jenny (Young & Senior) & The Witch), Alison Lohman (as Sandra Bloom (Young)), Robert Guillaume (as Dr. Bennett (Senior)), Marion Cotillard (as Josephine), Matthew McGrory (as Karl the Giant), David Denman (as Don Price (Age 18-22)), Missi Pyle (as Mildred), Loudon Wainwright III (as Beamen (as Loudon Wainwright)), Ada Tai (as Ping), Arlene Tai (as Jing), Steve Buscemi (as Norther Winslow) 
35 2/4 Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure  Minutes: 90  1989  Adventure 

With only a few days before their high-school graduation, Bill S. Preston, esquire and Ted 'Theodore' Logan are doomed to flunk out of school. The history teacher, Mr. Ryan, decides to give Bill and Ted a chance. If they can ace an oral exam on the topic of how a famous historical personality might react to modern times, they will be allowed to pass. If not, Ted's father will place Ted in military school, thereby disbanding the Wyld Stallyns, the heavy metal band that was formed by Bill and Ted. Bill and Ted get help from an unexpected source: Rufus, an Emissary from the Future. It seems that in Rufus' time, Bill and Ted's music is the basis of all existence, and if the Wild Stallyns are disbanded, Rufus's world will no longer exist. Bill and Ted are whisked off in a time machine to retrieve a few historical characters for their oral exam so they can pass, but Bill and Ted soon discover that finding the historical characters and getting them to the high school won't be easy. 
Cast: Keanu Reeves (as Ted Logan), Alex Winter (as Bill S. Preston, Esq.), George Carlin (as Rufus), Terry Camilleri (as Napoleon), Dan Shor (as Billy the Kid), Tony Steedman (as Socrates), Rod Loomis (as Dr. Sigmund Freud), Al Leong (as Genghis Khan), Jane Wiedlin (as Joan of Arc), Robert V. Barron (as Abraham Lincoln), Clifford David (as Ludwig van Beethoven), Hal Landon Jr. (as Captain Logan), Bernie Casey (as Mr. Ryan), Amy Stock-Poynton (as Missy Preston), J. Patrick McNamara (as Mr. Preston) 
36 2/4 Billy Madison  Minutes: 89  1995  Comedy 

Billy Madison is a non-working, non-educated slacker who lives entirely off his dad. He spends his day drinking beer, reading girly magazines, and hanging out by the pool. When his father realizes that Billy is unfit to run the family business, Billy decides that he must go back to school and earn a real education. He figures it will be no problem going back to high school and learning over again, until he learns that his father bought Billy's passing grades all the way back in elementary school. Thus, Billy must return to elementary school and pass each grade one at a time in a short time, or else he loses his place as heir to the company. In addition, Billy tries to win the hand of Veronica, a sexy school teacher who thinks her students are more mature than Billy. 
Cast: Adam Sandler (as Billy Madison), Darren McGavin (as Brian Madison), Bridgette Wilson (as Veronica Vaughn), Bradley Whitford (as Eric Gordon), Josh Mostel (as Principal Max Anderson), Norm MacDonald (as Frank), Mark Beltzman (as Jack), Larry Hankin (as Carl Alphonse), Theresa Merritt (as Juanita), Dina Platias (as Miss Lippy), Harant Alianak (as Pete), Vincent Marino (as Cook), Jack Mather (as Ted 'Old Man' Clemens), Christopher Kelk (as Rollo the Janitor), Marc Donato (as Nodding 1st Grader) 
37 2/4 Blades of Glory  Minutes: 93  2007  Comedy 

When rivalry between the world's best men's figure skaters - sex addicted, improvisational Chazz Michael Michaels and germophobic, precise Jimmy MacElroy - breaks into a fight on the awards platform, they're banned from the event for life. Three years later, desire for a gold medal and a careful reading of the rules lead them to compete as skating's first male-male pair. Can they overcome mutual dislike, limited time to prepare, their coach's secret past, and the dirty tricks of their main opponents, the Van Waldenberg siblings? The key to victory or defeat may lie in the attraction of the virginal Jimmy toward Katie, the Van Waldenbergs' little sister.
Cast: Will Ferrell (as Chazz Michael Michaels), Jon Heder (as Jimmy MacElroy), Will Arnett (as Stranz Van Waldenberg), Amy Poehler (as Fairchild Van Waldenberg), Jenna Fischer (as Katie Van Waldenberg), William Fichtner (as Darren MacElroy), Craig T. Nelson (as Coach), Romany Malco (as Jesse), Nick Swardson (as Hector), Scott Hamilton (as Sports Anchor), Andy Richter (as Mountie), Greg Lindsay (as Mountie), Rob Corddry (as Bryce), Nick Jameson (as PA Announcer), Tom Virtue (as Floor Manager) 
38 3/4 Blazing Saddles  Minutes: 93  1974  Comedy 

The Ultimate Western Spoof. A town where everyone seems to be named Johnson is in the way of the railroad. In order to grab their land, Hedley Lemar, a politically connected nasty person, sends in his henchmen to make the town unlivable. After the sheriff is killed, the town demands a new sheriff from the Governor. Hedley convinces him to send the town the first Black sheriff in the west. Bart is a sophisticated urbanite who will have some difficulty winning over the townspeople. 
Cast: Cleavon Little (as Bart), Gene Wilder (as Jim (The Waco Kid)), Slim Pickens (as Taggart), David Huddleston (as Olson Johnson), Liam Dunn (as Rev. Johnson), Alex Karras (as Mongo), John Hillerman (as Howard Johnson), George Furth (as Van Johnson), Jack Starrett (as Gabby Johnson (as Claude Ennis Starrett Jr.)), Mel Brooks (as Gov. William J. LePetomaine/Indian chief/World War I aviator in badmen lineup)), Harvey Korman (as Hedley Lamarr), Madeline Kahn (as Lili Von Shtupp), Carol DeLuise (as Harriett Johnson (as Carol Arthur)), Richard Collier (as Dr. Sam Johnson), Charles McGregor (as Charlie) 
39 3/4 Blood Diamond  Minutes: 143  2006  Adventure 

In 1999, in Sierra Leone, the fisherman Solomon Vandy dreams on the day that his young son Dia Vandy will become a doctor. His dreams are shattered when the rebels invade his village and kidnap him to work in the diamond mines. Solomon finds a huge pink diamond and while hiding it, the commandant of the rebels sees, but the rebels are attacked and Salomon is arrested by the government army. While in jail, the wounded commandant tell the prisoners that Salomon found the stone, and the mercenary smuggler Danny Archer from Zimbabwe releases Salomon and proposes to exchange the diamond by his missing family. Using the idealistic American journalist Maddy Bowen, Danny locates the wife and daughters of Salomon in a refugee camp, but is informed that his son has been recruited by the rebels. Salomon and Danny consolidate a partnership, with Salomon looking for and finding his son, and Danny looking for the diamond and finding redemption. 
Cast: Leonardo DiCaprio (as Danny Archer), Djimon Hounsou (as Solomon Vandy), Jennifer Connelly (as Maddy Bowen), Kagiso Kuypers (as Dia Vandy), Arnold Vosloo (as Colonel Coetzee), Antony Coleman (as Cordell Brown), Benu Mabhena (as Jassie Vandy), Anointing Lukola (as N'Yanda Vandy), David Harewood (as Captain Poison), Basil Wallace (as Benjamin Kapanay), Jimi Mistry (as Nabil), Michael Sheen (as Simmons), Marius Weyers (as Van De Kaap), Stephen Collins (as Ambassador Walker), Ntare Mwine (as M'Ed) 
40 3/4 Blue Collar Comedy Tour Rides Again  Minutes: 106  2004  Comedy 

Cast: Bill Engvall (as Himself), Jeff Foxworthy (as Himself), Larry The Cable Guy (as Himself), Ron White (as Himself) 
41 3/4 Blue Collar Comedy Tour: The Movie  Minutes: 105  2003  Comedy 

The comedic stylings of four sort-of famous funnymen are brought to the big screen courtesy of this 2002 documentary. 
Cast: Jeff Foxworthy (as Himself), Bill Engvall (as Himself), Ron White (as Himself), Larry The Cable Guy (as Himself), Heidi Klum (as Victoria's Secret Saleswoman), David Alan Grier (as Limo Driver) 
42 1/4 Blues Brothers 2000  Minutes: 123  1998  Comedy 

Elwood, the now lone "Blues Brother" finally released from prison, is once again enlisted by Sister Mary Stigmata in her latest crusade to raise funds for a children's hospital. Once again hitting the road to re-unite the band and win the big prize at the New Orleans Battle of the Bands, Elwood is pursued cross-country by the cops, led by Cabel (Morton) the Curtis' son (and Elwood's step-brother), the Russian Mafia, and a militia group. On his new "mission from God" Elwood enlists the help of a young orphan (Bonifant), and a stip-club bartender (Goodman). 
Cast: Dan Aykroyd (as Elwood Blues), John Goodman (as Mighty Mack McTeer), Joe Morton (as Cab Chamberlain), Nia Peeples (as Lieutenant Elizondo), Kathleen Freeman (as Mother Mary Stigmata), J. Evan Bonifant (as Buster Blues), Frank Oz (as Warden), Steve Lawrence (as Maury Sline), Darrell Hammond (as Robertson), Erykah Badu (as Queen Mousette), Walter Levine (as Same Guard), Tom Davis (as Prison Clerk), Shann Johnson (as Matara), B.B. King (as Malvern Gasperon), Gloria Slade (as Police Receptionist) 
43 3/4 Body of Lies  Minutes: 128  2008  Action, Drama, Thriller 

Roger Ferris is a CIA operative in the Middle East; Ed Hoffman is his control at Langley. Cynicism is everywhere. In Amman, Roger works with Hani Salaam, Jordan's head of security, whose only dictum is "Don't lie to me." The Americans are in pursuit of a cleric who leads a group placing bombs all over Europe. When Hani rebukes Ed's demand that Jordan allow the Americans to use one of Jordan's double agents, Roger and Ed hatch a plan to bring the cleric to them. The plan is complicated by its being a secret from Hani and by Roger's attraction to a local nurse. Satellites and cell phones, bodies and lies: modern warfare. 
Cast: Leonardo DiCaprio, Russell Crowe, Mark Strong, Golshifteh Farahani, Oscar Isaac, Ali Suliman, Alon Aboutboul, Vince Colosimo, Simon McBurney, Mehdi Nebbou, Michael Gaston, Kais Nashif, Jamil Khoury, Lubna Azabal, Ghali Benlafkih 
44 3/4 Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan  Minutes: 84  2006  Comedy 

Kazakhstani TV personality Borat is dispatched to the United States to report on the "greatest country in the world." With a documentary crew in tow, Borat becomes more interested in locating and marrying Pamela Anderson than on his assignment. 
Cast: Sacha Baron Cohen (as Borat Sagdiyev), Ken Davitian (as Azamat Bagatov), Luenell (as Luenell), Ilham Äliyev (as Himself (archive footage)), Bob Barr (as Himself), Alan Keyes (as Himself) 
45 3/4 Bottle Rocket  Minutes: 92  1996  Adventure 

Upon his release from a mental hospital following a breakdown, the directionless Anthony joins his friend Dignan (who seems far less sane than Anthony.) Dignan has hatched a hair brained scheme for an as-yet unspecified crime spree that somehow involves his former boss, the (supposedly) legendary Mr. Henry. With the help of their pathetic neighbor and pal Bob, Anthony and Dignan pull a job and hit the road, where Anthony finds love with motel maid Inez. When our boys finally hook up with Mr. Henry, the ensuing escapade turns out to be far from what anyone expected. 
Cast: Luke Wilson (as Anthony Adams), Owen Wilson (as Dignan (as Owen C. Wilson)), Ned Dowd (as Dr. Nichols), Shea Fowler (as Grace), Haley Miller (as Bernice), Robert Musgrave (as Bob Mapplethorpe), Andrew Wilson (as John Mapplethorpe (Future Man)), Brian Tenenbaum (as H. Clay Murchison), Jenni Tooley (as Stacy Sinclair), Temple Nash (as Temple), Dipak Pallana (as Bookstore Employee), Darryl Cox (as Bookstore Manager), Stephen Dignan (as Rob), Lumi Cavazos (as Inez), Julie Mayfield (as Wife in Motel Room) 
46 3/4 Braveheart  Minutes: 177  1995  Action 

The movie begins in the small town of Elderslie, Scotland. William lives with his father, who is not named in the film, and his older brother Malcolm. William's father and older brother are called to a meeting a few miles from their home where they find the entire nobility of Scotland hanging. Malcolm and his father then go to a battle between the English and their clan, both die tragically. At the funeral William meets his uncle Argyle who fought in the battle with Malcolm and his father. He takes him away to live with him. The scene then cuts to an adult William on his horse. William later runs into a girl he knew before he went to live with Argyle, her name, Murron, we discover that Lords have the right to sleep with brides on their wedding night, so William marries Murron in secret. Murron is the assaulted by a English guard, the guard is killed by William, a fight ensues, and eventually Murron is killed by the lord. This enrages Wallace who then build himself a fine army entering city's and killing all Englishman within. Wallace prepares to move on to Sterling where he prepared for his greatest battle yet, in the forest he realises that he must find a way to beat the heavy cavalry from the ground, he decided to create spears twice as long as men. These were used in the battle to kill the entire heavy cavalry raised at the last minute to kill the on coming horses. Eventually Wallace reaches York, the most important military city he gains control. Williams final battle at Falkirk ends in his betrayal by two nobles, whom he later kills. William is betrayed by the leper father of Robert the Bruce, is captured and refuses to bow down as a loyal subject of the king Edward I, Longshanks. Therefore, instead of mere beheading William Wallace is subject to being Hung, hung within an inch of death. Drawn, being stretched by his ankles and wrists and then having his insides shown to him before he died. Then Quartered, he was beheaded and his head was put on the London Bridge his body was torn into for pieces one sent to each corner of Britain as a warning to the citizens. After Wallace's death we see Robert the Bruce led the battle of Bannockburn the last battle for Scotland's freedom. [Editors note] Original writing by poster stated that Wallace went against "The British". This is factually incorrect as the term "British" refers to the people of the Island Britain. Scotland is the northern half of Britain with England and Wales sharing the lower half. I have changed this accordingly to reflect that Wallace and Scotland were at war with England or more factually correct, the english crown. 
Cast: Mel Gibson (as William Wallace), James Robinson (as Young William Wallace), Sean Lawlor (as Malcolm Wallace), Sandy Nelson (as John Wallace), James Cosmo (as Campbell), Sean McGinley (as MacClannough), Alan Tall (as Elder Stewart), Andrew Weir (as Young Hamish Campbell), Gerda Stevenson (as Mother MacClannough), Ralph Riach (as Priest #1), Mhairi Calvey (as Young Murron MacClannough), Brian Cox (as Argyle Wallace), Patrick McGoohan (as Longshanks, King Edward I), Peter Hanly (as Edward, Prince of Wales), Sophie Marceau (as Princess Isabelle) 
47 3/4 Breaking Away  Minutes: 100  1979  Comedy 

One reviewer subtitled it, the Boy Who Wanted to be Italian. The Stollers only child has graduated high school and (along with three friends) must decide what to do with his life. He won a bike in the year before opening scene and has become very good at racing, winning all the local trophies. His heroes are the Cinzano racing team from Italy. He begins listening to operas, learning Italian, and finally shaving his legs to cut down wind resistance. All of this is driving his father crazy. He even pretends to be an Italian exchange student when he meets a college girl. Set in the area around Indiana University, it dwells on the alienation between the college students and the locals, who are called 'Cutters' (as in Stone Cutters). How the four Cutters take on the fraternities in the yearly bike race, earning not only the college students' respect, but their peers as well is the focal point of the film. 
Cast: Dennis Christopher (as Dave Stoller), Dennis Quaid (as Mike), Daniel Stern (as Cyril), Jackie Earle Haley (as Moocher), Barbara Barrie (as Evelyn Stoller), Paul Dooley (as Raymond Stoller), Robyn Douglass (as Katherine), Hart Bochner (as Rod), Amy Wright (as Nancy), Peter Maloney (as Doctor), John Ashton (as Mike's Brother), Lisa Shure (as French Girl), Jennifer K. Mickel (as Girl), P.J. Soles (as Suzy (as Pamela Jayne Soles)), David K. Blase (as 500 Race Announcer) 
48 2/4 Broken Arrow  Minutes: 108  1996  Action 

Major Deakins is a tough U.S. Air Force pilot who is assigned to a flight mission with 'nice-guy' Captain Hale. They are to fly the B3 Stealth Bomber on wargame maneuvers over Utah loaded with two live nuclear weapons. Deakins, having been continually passed over for promotion, sells out his country and arranges to use the thermonuclear warheads under his command to blackmail the U.S. government. The only thing standing in his way is his old buddy, Captain Hale.... 
Cast: John Travolta (as Maj. Vic 'Deak' Deakins), Christian Slater (as Capt. Riley Hale), Samantha Mathis (as Terry Carmichael), Delroy Lindo (as Colonel Max Wilkins), Bob Gunton (as Pritchett), Frank Whaley (as Giles Prentice), Howie Long (as Kelly), Vondie Curtis-Hall (as Lt. Col. Sam Rhodes), Jack Thompson (as Chairman, Joint Chief of Staff), Vyto Ruginis (as Johnson), Ousaun Elam (as Lt. Thomas), Shaun Toub (as Max), Casey Biggs (as Novacek), Jeffrey J. Stephen (as Shepherd), Joey Box (as Frakes) 
49 2/4 Bruce Almighty  Minutes: 101  2003  Comedy 

Bruce Nolan is a television reporter, who is currently assigned what he considers to be undignified assignments, that has him being the butt of a joke. When he is told that he is being considered for the position of anchorman, he goes out to do a live feed but when it is announced that Evan Baxter was going to be the new anchorman, and he freaks out. He gets fired, beaten up, and so on. In the end he blames God. God then decides to give Bruce his powers. Bruce then wreaks havoc and is enjoying it. He sabotages Evan and gets the job of anchorman. But when he realizes that he has to deal with what has got to be God's most arduous task, listening and answering prayers. When he tries to grant everybody what they want, turmoil ensues. And while Bruce is getting everything he wants, he has been ignoring his girlfriend, Grace and loses her. And it seems that the only thing that he can't do, is alter a person's free will, so if he wants her back, he has to do it the hard way. 
Cast: Jim Carrey (as Bruce Nolan), Morgan Freeman (as God), Jennifer Aniston (as Grace Connelly), Philip Baker Hall (as Jack Baylor), Catherine Bell (as Susan Ortega), Lisa Ann Walter (as Debbie), Steve Carell (as Evan Baxter (as Steven Carell)), Nora Dunn (as Ally Loman), Eddie Jemison (as Bobby), Paul Satterfield (as Dallas Coleman), Mark Kiely (as Fred Donohue), Sally Kirkland (as Anita Mann), Tony Bennett (as Himself), Timothy Di Pri (as Bruce's Cameraman (as Timothy DiPri)), Brian Tahash (as Bruce's Soundman) 
50 2/4 Bubble Boy  Minutes: 84  2001  Adventure 

"Bubble Boy" is a comedy about a young man who was born without an immune system and has lived his life within a plastic bubble in his bedroom. When he finds out that the woman he has loved since childhood is about to be married at Niagara Falls, he builds a portable bubble suit and ventures into the outside world to win her affections. 
Cast: Jake Gyllenhaal (as Jimmy Livingston), Swoosie Kurtz (as Mrs. Livingston), Marley Shelton (as Chloe), Danny Trejo (as Slim), John Carroll Lynch (as Mr. Livingston), Verne Troyer (as Dr. Phreak), Dave Sheridan (as Mark), Brian George (as Pushpop), Patrick Cranshaw (as Pappy/Pippy), Stephen Spinella (as Chicken Man), Ever Carradine (as Lisa, Mark's Sister), Geoffrey Arend (as Flipper Boy), Beetlejuice (as Li'l Zip), Matthew McGrory (as Human Sasquatch), Bonnie Morgan (as Rubber Woman) 
51 3/4 Bull Durham  Minutes: 108  1988  Comedy 

A fan who has an affair with one minor-league baseball player each season meets an up-and-coming pitcher and the experienced catcher assigned to him.
Cast: Kevin Costner (as Crash Davis), Susan Sarandon (as Annie Savoy), Tim Robbins (as Ebby Calvin 'Nuke' LaLoosh), Trey Wilson (as Joe Riggins), Robert Wuhl (as Larry Hockett), William O'Leary (as Jimmy), David Neidorf (as Bobby), Danny Gans (as Deke), Tom Silardi (as Tony), Lloyd T. Williams (as Mickey McFee (as Lloyd Williams)), Rick Marzan (as Jose), George Buck (as Mr. Laloosh), Jenny Robertson (as Millie), Gregory Avellone (as Doc (as Greg Avelone)), Garland Bunting (as Teddy Cullinane (as Carey 'Garland' Bunting)) 
52 2/4 Bulletproof Monk  Minutes: 104  2003  Action 

For 60 years a mysterious monk with no name has zigzagged the globe to protect an ancient scroll - a scroll that holds the key to unlimited power. Now the Monk must look for a new scrollkeeper. Kar is an unlikely candidate, a streetwise young man whose only interest is himself. But when he inadvertently saves the Bulletproof Monk from capture, the two become partners in a scheme to save the world from the scroll's most avid pursuer. Packed with spectacular special effects and martial arts action, the Monk, Kar, and a sexy Russian mob princess called Bad Girl must struggle to find, face, and fight the ultimate enemy. 
Cast: Yun-Fat Chow (as Monk With No Name (as Chow Yun-Fat)), Seann William Scott (as Kar), Jaime King (as Jade), Karel Roden (as Strucker), Victoria Smurfit (as Nina), Marcus Jean Pirae (as Mr. Funktastic), Mako (as Mr. Kojima), Roger Yuan (as Master Monk), K.C. Collins (as Sax (as Chris Collins)), Sean Bell (as Diesel), Kishaya Dudley (as DV), Rob Archer (as Buzz), Mauricio Rodas (as Wicho), Bayo Akinfemi (as Shade), Russell Yuen (as Brother Tenzin) 
53 3/4 Burn After Reading  Minutes: 96  2008  Comedy 

Osbourne Cox, a Balkan expert, is fired at the CIA, so he begins a memoir. His wife wants a divorce and expects her lover, Harry, a philandering State Department marshal, to leave his wife. A diskette of Osbourne's musings falls out of a gym bag at a Georgetown fitness center. Two employees there try to turn it into cash: Linda, who wants money for elective surgery, and Chad, an amiable goof. They try to sell the disc back to Osbourne, who has a short fuse, then they visit the Russian embassy. To sweeten the pot, they decide they need more of Osbourne's secrets. Meanwhile, Linda's boss likes her, and Harry's wife leaves for a book tour. All roads lead to Osbourne's house. 
Cast: George Clooney (as Harry Pfarrer), Frances McDormand (as Linda Litzke), John Malkovich (as Osbourne Cox), Tilda Swinton (as Katie Cox), Brad Pitt (as Chad Feldheimer), Richard Jenkins (as Ted Treffon), Elizabeth Marvel (as Sandy Pfarrer), David Rasche (as CIA Officer), J.K. Simmons (as CIA Superior), Olek Krupa (as Krapotkin), Michael Countryman (as Alan), Kevin Sussman (as Divorce Lawyer #1), J.R. Horne (as Divorce Lawyer #2), Hamilton Clancy (as Peck), Armand Schultz (as Olson) 
54 3/4 Caddyshack  Minutes: 98  1980  Comedy 

Comical goings on at an exclusive golf club. All the members are wealthy and eccentric, and all the staff are poor and slightly less eccentric. The main character is 'Danny'; he's a caddy who will do almost anything to raise money to go to college. There are many subplots, including the assistant green keeper's pursuit of a cute (obviously stuffed) gopher. 
Cast: Chevy Chase (as Ty Webb), Rodney Dangerfield (as Al Czervik), Ted Knight (as Judge Elihu Smails), Michael O'Keefe (as Danny Noonan), Bill Murray (as Carl Spackler), Sarah Holcomb (as Maggie O'Hooligan), Scott Colomby (as Tony D'Annunzio), Cindy Morgan (as Lacey Underall), Dan Resin (as Dr. Beeper), Henry Wilcoxon (as The Bishop), Elaine Aiken (as Mrs. Noonan), Albert Salmi (as Mr. Noonan), Ann Ryerson (as Grace), Brian Doyle-Murray (as Lou Loomis), Hamilton Mitchell (as Motormouth) 
55 3/4 Casino Royale  Minutes: 144  2006  Action 

Casino Royale introduces James Bond before he holds his license to kill. But Bond is no less dangerous, and with two professional assassinations in quick succession, he is elevated to '00' status. Bond's first 007 mission takes him to Uganda where he is to spy on a terrorist, Mollaka. Not everything goes to plan and Bond decides to investigate, independently of MI6, in order to track down the rest of the terrorist cell. Following a lead to the Bahamas, he encounters Dimitrios and his girlfriend, Solange. He learns that Dimitrios is involved with Le Chiffre, banker to the world's terrorist organizations. Secret Service intelligence reveals that Le Chiffre is planning to raise money in a high-stakes poker game in Montenegro at Le Casino Royale. MI6 assigns 007 to play against him, knowing that if Le Chiffre loses, it will destroy his organization. 'M' places Bond under the watchful eye of the beguiling Vesper Lynd. At first skeptical of what value Vesper can provide, Bond's interest in her deepens as they brave danger together and even torture at the hands of Le Chiffre. In Montenegro, Bond allies himself with Mathis MI6's local field agent, and Felix Leiter who is representing the interests of the CIA. The marathon game proceeds with dirty tricks and violence, raising the stakes beyond blood money and reaching a terrifying climax. 
Cast: Daniel Craig (as James Bond), Eva Green (as Vesper Lynd), Mads Mikkelsen (as Le Chiffre), Judi Dench (as M), Jeffrey Wright (as Felix Leiter), Giancarlo Giannini (as Mathis), Caterina Murino (as Solange), Simon Abkarian (as Alex Dimitrios), Isaach De Bankolé (as Steven Obanno (as Isaach De Bankole)), Jesper Christensen (as Mr. White), Ivana Milicevic (as Valenka), Tobias Menzies (as Villiers), Claudio Santamaria (as Carlos), Sebastien Foucan (as Mollaka (as Sébastien Foucan)), Malcolm Sinclair (as Dryden) 
56 3/4 Cast Away  Minutes: 143  2000  Adventure 

After FedEx systems engineer Chuck Noland is ripped out of his hasty life by the clock in a plane crash, he finds himself alone on the shores of a tropical island. First, frustration gets to him and then he realizes how little his chances are to ever get back to civilisation. Four years later, Chuck has learned very well how to survive on his own: mending his dental health, catching fish with a spear, predicting the weather with a selfmade calendar. A photograph of his girlfriend Kelly has kept his hopes alive all these years. Finally, Chuck takes the opportunity to take off for home: He sets off on a wooden raft with a sail that has washed ashore. 
Cast: Paul Sanchez (as Ramon), Lari White (as Bettina Peterson), Leonid Citer (as Fyodor), David Allen Brooks (as Dick Peterson), Yelena Popovic (as Beautiful Russian Woman), Valentina Ananyina (as Russian Babushka), Semion Suradikov (as Nicolai), Tom Hanks (as Chuck Noland), Peter von Berg (as Yuri (as Peter Von Berg)), Dmitri S. Boudrine (as Lev), François Duhamel (as French FedEx Loader), Michael Forest (as Pilot Jack), Viveka Davis (as Pilot Gwen), Nick Searcy (as Stan), Jennifer Choe (as Memphis State Student) 
57 2/4 Chaos  Minutes: 106  2005  Action 

In Seattle, detective Quentin Conners is unfairly suspended and his partner Jason York leaves the police force after a tragic shooting on Pearl Street Bridge, when the hostage and the criminal die. When a bank is heist with hostage situation, Conners is assigned in charge of the operation having the rookie Shane Dekker as partner. The thieves, leaded by Lorenz, apparently do no steal a penny from the bank. While chasing the gangsters, the police team discloses that they planted a virus in the system, stealing one billion dollars from the most different accounts, using the principle of the Chaos Theory. Further, they find that Lorenz is killing his accomplices. 
Cast: Jason Statham (as Det. Quentin Conners), Ryan Phillippe (as Det. Shane Dekker), Wesley Snipes (as Lorenz / Jason York), Henry Czerny (as Capt. Martin Jenkins), Justine Waddell (as Det. Teddy Galloway), Nicholas Lea (as Det. Vincent Durano), Jessica Steen (as Karen Cross), Rob LaBelle (as Bank Manager), John Cassini (as Det. Bernie Callo), Damon Johnson (as Brendan Dax), Paul Perri (as Harry Hume), Keegan Connor Tracy (as Marnie Rollins), Natassia Malthe (as Gina Lopez), Ty Olsson (as Damon Richards), Terry Chen (as Chris Lei) 
58 3/4 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory  Minutes: 115  2005  Adventure 

The eccentric manufacturer of chocolates and candies Willy Wonka (Johnny Depp) promotes a tour through his chocolate factory, the greatest in the world, through five golden tickets hidden in the bars of chocolate. The poor and sweet boy Charlie Bucket (Freddie Highmore) finds one, for the pride and joy of his very supportive family, and he spends the day in a mysterious competition for an unknown award with other four nasty boys and girls. 
Cast: Johnny Depp (as Willy Wonka), Freddie Highmore (as Charlie Bucket), David Kelly (as Grandpa Joe), Helena Bonham Carter (as Mrs. Bucket), Noah Taylor (as Mr. Bucket), Missi Pyle (as Mrs. Beauregarde), James Fox (as Mr. Salt), Deep Roy (as Oompa Loompa), Christopher Lee (as Dr. Wonka), Adam Godley (as Mr. Teavee), Franziska Troegner (as Mrs. Gloop), AnnaSophia Robb (as Violet Beauregarde), Julia Winter (as Veruca Salt), Jordan Fry (as Mike Teavee), Philip Wiegratz (as Augustus Gloop) 
59 2/4 Cheaper by the Dozen  Minutes: 98  2003  Comedy 

The Bakers, a family of 12, move from small-town Illinois to the big city after Tom Baker (Martin) gets his dream job to coach his alma mater's football team. Meanwhile, his wife (Hunt) also gets her dream of getting her book published. While she's away promoting the book, Tom has a hard time keeping the house in order while at the same time coaching his football team, as the once happy family starts falling apart. 
Cast: Steve Martin (as Tom Baker), Bonnie Hunt (as Kate Baker), Piper Perabo (as Nora Baker), Tom Welling (as Charlie Baker), Hilary Duff (as Lorraine Baker), Kevin Schmidt (as Henry Baker (as Kevin G. Schmidt)), Alyson Stoner (as Sarah Baker), Jacob Smith (as Jake Baker), Liliana Mumy (as Jessica Baker), Morgan York (as Kim Baker), Forrest Landis (as Mark Baker), Blake Woodruff (as Mike Baker), Brent Kinsman (as Nigel Baker), Shane Kinsman (as Kyle Baker), Paula Marshall (as Tina Shenk) 
60 3/4 Children of Men  Minutes: 109  2006  Adventure 

Set in 2027, when no child has been born for 18 years and science is at loss to explain the reason, African and East European societies collapse and their dwindling populations migrate to England and other wealthy nations. In a climate of nationalistic violence, a London peace activist turned bureaucrat Theo Faron, joins forces with his revolutionary ex-wife Julian in order to save mankind by protecting a woman who has mysteriously became pregnant. 
Cast: Juan Gabriel Yacuzzi (as Baby Diego (as Juan Yacuzzi)), Michelle Hussain (as Newsreader (as Mishal Husain)), Rob Curling (as Newsreader), Jon Chevalier (as Café Customer), Rita Davies (as Café Customer), Kim Fenton (as Café Customer), Chris Gilbert (as Café Customer), Phoebe Hawthorne (as Café Customer), Rebecca Howard (as Café Customer), Atalanta White (as Café Customer (as Atlanta White)), Laurence Woodbridge (as Café Customer), Clive Owen (as Theo Faron), Maria McErlane (as Shirley), Michael Haughey (as Mr. Griffiths), Paul Sharma (as Ian) 
61 3/4 Cinderella Man  Minutes: 144  2005  Biography 

During the Great Depression, a common-man hero, James J. Braddock--a.k.a. the Cinderella Man--was to become one of the most surprising sports legends in history. By the early 1930s, the impoverished ex-prizefighter was seemingly as broken-down, beaten-up and out-of-luck as much of the rest of the American populace who had hit rock bottom. His career appeared to be finished, he was unable to pay the bills, the only thing that mattered to him--his family--was in danger, and he was even forced to go on Public Relief. But deep inside, Jim Braddock never relinquished his determination. Driven by love, honor and an incredible dose of grit, he willed an impossible dream to come true. In a last-chance bid to help his family, Braddock returned to the ring. No one thought he had a shot. However Braddock, fueled by something beyond mere competition, kept winning. Suddenly, the ordinary working man became the mythic athlete. Carrying the hopes and dreams of the disenfranchised on his shoulders, Braddock rocketed through the ranks, until this underdog chose to do the unthinkable: take on the heavyweight champ of the world, the unstoppable Max Baer, renowned for having killed two men in the ring. 
Cast: Russell Crowe (as Jim Braddock), Renée Zellweger (as Mae Braddock), Paul Giamatti (as Joe Gould), Craig Bierko (as Max Baer), Paddy Considine (as Mike Wilson), Bruce McGill (as Jimmy Johnston), David Huband (as Ford Bond), Connor Price (as Jay Braddock), Ariel Waller (as Rosemarie Braddock), Patrick Louis (as Howard Braddock), Rosemarie DeWitt (as Sara Wilson), Linda Kash (as Lucille Gould), Nicholas Campbell (as Sporty Lewis), Gene Pyrz (as Jake), Chuck Shamata (as Father Rorick) 
62 2/4 City Slickers  Minutes: 112  1991  Adventure 

Mitch is a middle aged big-city radio ads salesman. He and his friends Ed and Phil are having mid-life crisis. They decide the best birthday gift is to go on a two week holiday in the wild west driving cattle from New Mexico to Colorado. There they meet cowboy Curly who not only teaches them how to become real cowboys, but also one or two other things about life in the open air of the west. 
Cast: Billy Crystal (as Mitch Robbins), Daniel Stern (as Phil Berquist), Bruno Kirby (as Ed Furillo), Patricia Wettig (as Barbara Robbins), Helen Slater (as Bonnie Rayburn), Jack Palance (as Curly Washburn), Noble Willingham (as Clay Stone), Tracey Walter (as Cookie), Josh Mostel (as Barry Shalowitz), David Paymer (as Ira Shalowitz), Bill Henderson (as Dr. Ben Jessup), Jeffrey Tambor (as Lou), Phill Lewis (as Dr. Steven Jessup), Kyle Secor (as Jeff), Dean Hallo (as T.R.) 
63 3/4 Clerks II  Minutes: 97  2006  Comedy 

The sequel picks up 10 years later. "It's about what happens when that lazy, 20-something malaise lasts into your 30s. Those dudes are kind of still mired, not in that same exact situation, but in a place where it's time to actually grow up and do something more than just sit around and dissect pop culture and talk about sex," Smith said during an interview at his Hollywood office. "It's: What happened to these dudes?" 
Cast: Brian O'Halloran (as Dante Hicks), Jeff Anderson (as Randal Graves), Rosario Dawson (as Becky), Jason Mewes (as Jay), Kevin Smith (as Silent Bob), Trevor Fehrman (as Elias), Rachel Larratt (as Counter Girl with Ear Guy), Jennifer Schwalbach Smith (as Emma Bunting (as Jennifer Schwalbach)), Shannon Larratt (as Ear Guy), Jason Lee (as Lance Dowds), Wanda Sykes (as Wife), Ben Affleck (as Gawking Guy), Earthquake (as Husband), Sarah Ault (as Catholic Schoolgirl #1), Zak Knutson (as Sexy Stud) 
64 2/4 Click  Minutes: 107  2006  Comedy 

Michael Newman is a loving father and husband, but he's got an office and a career he sees more often than his own family. To only make matters worse is a boss who takes everything for granted, including advantage of Michael by dangling a promotion in front of his face. But when one late night trip to a Bed, Bath and Beyond store for a new remote control, Michael finds himself in the possession of a new kind of remote control, developed by an eccentric inventor. A remote control so significant that it allows Michael to be able to fast forward, rewind, pause and practically control all the events in his life. So much to an extent that it becomes a luxury for the overworked man who finally gets some quality time with his family and his life. But not everything lasts forever as Michael is about to find out, when the remote control begins to malfunction, causing Michael to deal with the consequences. 
Cast: Adam Sandler (as Michael Newman), Kate Beckinsale (as Donna Newman), Christopher Walken (as Morty), David Hasselhoff (as Mr. Ammer), Henry Winkler (as Ted Newman), Julie Kavner (as Trudy Newman), Sean Astin (as Bill Rando), Joseph Castanon (as Ben Newman - Age 7), Jonah Hill (as Ben Newman - Age 18), Jake Hoffman (as Ben Newman - Age 22-30), Tatum McCann (as Samantha Newman - Age 5), Lorraine Nicholson (as Samantha Newman - Age 16), Katie Cassidy (as Samantha Newman - Age 27), Cameron Monaghan (as Kevin O'Doyle), Jennifer Coolidge (as Janine) 
65 3/4 Close Encounters of the Third Kind  Minutes: 132  1977  Adventure 

Cableman Roy Neary is one of several people who experience a close encounter of the first kind, witnessing UFOs flying through the night sky. He is subsequently haunted by a mountainlike image in his head and becomes obsessed with discovering what it represents, putting severe strain on his marriage. Meanwhile, government agents around the world have a close encounter of the second kind, discovering physical evidence of otherworldly visitors in the form of military vehicles that went missing decades ago suddenly appearing in the middle of nowhere. Roy and the agents both follow the clues they have been given to reach a site where they will have a close encounter of the third kind: contact. 
Cast: Richard Dreyfuss (as Roy Neary), François Truffaut (as Claude Lacombe), Teri Garr (as Ronnie Neary), Melinda Dillon (as Gillian Guiler), Bob Balaban (as David Laughlin), J. Patrick McNamara (as Project Leader), Warren J. Kemmerling (as Wild Bill (as Warren Kemmerling)), Roberts Blossom (as Farmer), Philip Dodds (as Jean Claude), Cary Guffey (as Barry Guiler), Shawn Bishop (as Brad Neary), Adrienne Campbell (as Sylvia Neary), Justin Dreyfuss (as Toby Neary), Lance Henriksen (as Robert), Merrill Connally (as Team Leader) 
66 3/4 Collateral  Minutes: 120  2004  Crime 

Max has lived a mundane life as a cab driver for twelve years. The faces have come and gone from his rear-view mirror: people and places he's long since forgotten--until tonight. Vincent is a contract killer. When an off-shore narco-trafficking cartel learns that they're about to be indicted by a federal grand jury, they mount an operation to identify and kill the key witness, and the last stage is tonight. It is on this very night that Vincent has arrived--and five bodies are supposed to fall. Circumstances cause Vincent to hijack Max' taxicab, and Max becomes collateral--an expendable person who's in the wrong place at the wrong time. Through the night, Vincent forces Max to drive him to each assigned destination. And as the L.A.P.D. and F.B.I. race to intercept them, Max and Vincent's survival become dependent on each other, in ways neither would have imagined. 
Cast: Tom Cruise (as Vincent), Jamie Foxx (as Max), Jada Pinkett Smith (as Annie), Mark Ruffalo (as Fanning), Peter Berg (as Richard Weidner), Bruce McGill (as Pedrosa), Irma P. Hall (as Ida), Barry Shabaka Henley (as Daniel), Richard T. Jones (as Traffic Cop #1), Klea Scott (as Fed #1), Bodhi Elfman (as Young Professional Man), Debi Mazar (as Young Professional Woman), Javier Bardem (as Felix), Emilio Rivera (as Paco), Jamie McBride (as Traffic Cop #2) 
67 2/4 Con Air  Minutes: 115  1997  Action 

Cameron Poe, a highly decorated US ranger, is convicted of manslaughter after protecting his wife in a drunken brawl. Finally, after eight years, he's being paroled and going home to his wife and daughter. His ride home: the Jailbird, which is also transporting society's vicious murderers to Feltham Penitentiary, Lousiana's toughest maximum security prison. A surprising escape is made on board the plane as the cons seize control of the plane, and head it towards Las Vegas. The officials on the ground want to blow it out of the sky, but three people know an alternative... US Marshal Vince Larkin, Cameron Poe's wife, and his daughter. 
Cast: Nicolas Cage (as Cameron Poe), John Cusack (as U.S. Marshal Vince Larkin), John Malkovich (as Cyrus 'The Virus' Grissom), Ving Rhames (as Nathan 'Diamond Dog' Jones), Nick Chinlund (as William 'Billy Bedlam' Bedford), Steve Buscemi (as Garland 'The Marietta Mangler' Greene), Colm Meaney (as DEA Agent Duncan Malloy), Rachel Ticotin (as Guard Sally Bishop), Dave Chappelle (as Joe 'Pinball' Parker), Mykelti Williamson (as Mike 'Baby-O' O'Dell), Danny Trejo (as Johnny 'Johnny-23' Baca), M.C. Gainey (as Swamp Thing), Steve Eastin (as Guard Falzon), Renoly Santiago (as Ramon 'Sally-Can't Dance' Martinez (as Renoly)), Monica Potter (as Tricia Poe) 
68 3/4 Contact  Minutes: 153  1997  Drama 

Dr. Eleanor Arroway (Jodie Foster) has spent her life searching for truth in the study of radio astronomy. Palmer Joss (Matthew McConaughey) has spent his searching for truth through faith in God. When Ellie discovers a stunning message from an extraterrestrial intelligence, they and everyone on Earth will be forced to challenge their own assumptions. In the inevitable first contact, will humankind be able to find a compromise between science and belief? 
Cast: Jena Malone (as Young Ellie), David Morse (as Ted Arroway), Jodie Foster (as Eleanor Arroway), Geoffrey Blake (as Fisher), William Fichtner (as Kent), Sami Chester (as Vernon), Timothy McNeil (as Davio), Laura Elena Surillo (as Cantina Woman), Matthew McConaughey (as Palmer Joss), Tom Skerritt (as David Drumlin), Henry Strozier (as Minister), Michael Chaban (as Hadden Suit), Max Martini (as Willie (as Maximilian Martini)), Larry King (as Himself), Thomas Garner (as Ian Broderick) 
69 2/4 Cool Runnings  Minutes: 98  1993  Adventure 

Irving Blitzer disgraced himself when putting extra weights into his team's bob in the Olympics, resulting in his gold medal being taken away from him. Years later, Derice Bannock, son to a former friend of Irv, fails to qualify for the 100-yard sprint for the Olympics due to a stupid accident. But when he hears of Irving Blitzer living also on Jamaica, Derice decides to go to the Games anyway. If not as a sprinter, then as a bobsledder. After some starting problems, the first Jamaican bobsledding team is formed and heads for Calgary. In the freezing weather Derice, Sanka, Junior and Yul are only laughed at, since nobody can take a Jamaican bobsledding team led by a disgraced trainer for serious. But team spirit and a healthy self confidence may lead to a few surprises in the upcoming Winter Games. 
Cast: Leon (as Derice Bannock), Doug E. Doug (as Sanka Coffie), Rawle D. Lewis (as Junior Bevil), Malik Yoba (as Yul Brenner), John Candy (as Irving 'Irv' Blitzer), Raymond J. Barry (as Kurt Hemphill), Peter Outerbridge (as Josef Grool), Paul Coeur (as Roger), Larry Gilman (as Larry), Charles Hyatt (as Whitby Bevil Sr.), Winston Stona (as Coolidge), Bertina Macauley (as Joy Bannock), Pauline Stone Myrie (as Momma Coffie), Kristoffer Cooper (as Winston), Bill Dow (as Registration Official) 
70 1/4 Corvette Summer  Minutes: 105  1978  Adventure, Comedy 

High School Senior Kenny Dantley's only love in life is cars. For a shop class project, he and his classmates build a Corvette ("Stingray"). The car is a big hit -- so big, in fact, that gets stolen! Kenny, having fallen in love with the car, sets out on a summer-long adventure in Las Vegas to find it. Along the way, he meets up with a "hooker-in-training" named "Vanessa". The two encounter danger and romance as they try to steal back the Stingray. 
Cast: Mark Hamill, Annie Potts, Eugene Roche, William Bryant, Richard McKenzie, Kim Milford, Philip Bruns, Danny Bonaduce, Albert Insinnia, Jane A. Johnston, Stanley Kamel, Clifford A. Pellow, Jason Ronard, Brion James, Morgan Upton 
71 2/4 Crank  Minutes: 87  2006  Action 

Chev Chelios is a professional assassin working for the West Coast crime syndicate. Chev's girlfriend Eve doesn't know what Chev does and Chev is planning to quit the crime syndicate so he can spend more time with her. But for Chev, things about to get very bad, when he learns he has been injected with a poison called "The Beijing Cocktail" by his rival Verona, which will kill him if his heart rate drops. Trying to stay alive and seeking help from friend, Kaylo and Doc Miles, to keep his heart pumping. Chev sets out to find answers as well as protecting Eve, and get his revenge on those who have betrayed him before the poison kills him. 
Cast: Jason Statham (as Chev), Amy Smart (as Eve), Jose Pablo Cantillo (as Verona), Efren Ramirez (as Kaylo), Dwight Yoakam (as Doc Miles), Carlos Sanz (as Carlito), Reno Wilson (as Orlando), Edi Gathegi (as Haitian Cabbie), Glenn Howerton (as Hospital Doctor), Jay Xcala (as Alex), Keone Young (as Don Kim), Valarie Rae Miller (as Chocolate), Yousuf Azami (as Arab Cabbie), Laurent Schwaar (as Man in Garage), David Brown (as Sin City Brother) 
72 2/4 Crank: High Voltage  Minutes: 96  2009  Action, Crime, Thriller 

Chev Chelios survives a fall from the sky, sort of. He's in an unknown location, sedated, while various Chinese are harvesting his organs. His heart is gone, in an ice chest; a temporary in its place. Chev escapes, knowing only the name of the guy with the ice chest. He calls Doc Miles, an unlicensed cardiologist, who tells him there's only an hour's life in the artificial heart: keep it charged. Chev needs to find his own heart and get to Doc for a transplant. He starts his time-limited pursuit of shadowy figures, the ice chest, and his heart aided by Eve, Rei, and Venus - a stripper, a prostitute, and a pal with Tourette's - constantly needing an electric charge to keep going. 
Cast: Jason Statham, Amy Smart, Dwight Yoakam, Efren Ramirez, Julanne Chidi Hill, Reno Wilson, Keone Young, Art Hsu, Joseph Julian Soria, Ling Bai, Clifton Collins Jr., David Carradine, Corey Haim, Geri Halliwell, Billy Unger 
73 2/4 Crossing Over  Minutes: 113  2009  Drama 

Crossing Over is a multi-character canvas about immigrants of different nationalities struggling to achieve legal status in Los Angeles. The film deals with the border, document fraud, the asylum and green card process, work-site enforcement, naturalization, the office of counter terrorism and the clash of cultures. 
Cast: Harrison Ford, Ray Liotta, Ashley Judd, Jim Sturgess, Cliff Curtis, Alice Braga, Alice Eve, Summer Bishil, Jacqueline Obradors, Justin Chon, Melody Zara, Merik Tadros, Marshall Manesh, Nina Nayebi, Naila Azad 
74 2/4 Death Race  Minutes: 98  2008  Action 

In 2012, amid economic chaos and high unemployment, Americans by the millions watch criminals with life sentences race armored cars on Terminal Island. Two-thirds of the combatants die but the winner may earn his freedom. On the day he loses his job, steelworker Jensen Ames is arrested for his wife's murder. Sent to Terminal Island, he's offered an out by the steely and manipulative Warden Hennessey - race as the popular mask-wearing (but now dead) champion, Frankenstein, or rot in prison. Jensen makes the bargain. As the three-stage race approaches, he realizes that the whole thing may be a set up - can an anonymous man behind a mask get revenge and win his release? 
Cast: Jason Statham (as Jensen Ames), Joan Allen (as Warden Hennessey), Ian McShane (as Coach), Tyrese Gibson (as Machine Gun Joe Mason), Natalie Martinez (as Elizabeth Case), Max Ryan (as Pachenko), Jacob Vargas (as Gunner), Jason Clarke (as Guard Ulrich), Frederick Koehler (as Lists), Justin Mader (as Travis Colt), Robert LaSardo (as Hector Grimm), Robin Shou (as 14K), Benz Antoine (as Joe's Navigator #1), Danny Blanco (as Joe's Navigator #2 (as Danny Blanco Hall)), Christian Paul (as Joe's Navigator #3) 
75 3/4 Deliverance  Minutes: 109  1972  Adventure 

The Cahulawassee River is soon to be destroyed, along with the beautiful country that surrounds it. Eager to see it before it's gone, adventurer and outdoor fanatic Lewis (Burt Reynolds) organizes a trip for him and his friends Ed (Jon Voight), Drew (Ronny Cox) and Bobby (Ned Beatty) to river-raft their way from top to bottom in search of great adventure. Little do they know, they're in for much more than they originally bargained for when two mountain men take Ed and Bobby hostage. In a brave attempt to save his friends, Lewis kills one of the mountain men. Now they've got a dead person on their hands and there's no going back... especially deep in the American back-country where nobody's on your side. 
Cast: Jon Voight (as Ed Gentry), Burt Reynolds (as Lewis Medlock), Ned Beatty (as Bobby Trippe), Ronny Cox (as Drew Ballinger), Ed Ramey (as Old Man), Seamon Glass (as First Griner), Randall Deal (as Second Griner), Bill McKinney (as Mountain Man), Herbert 'Cowboy' Coward (as Toothless Man), Lewis Crone (as First Deputy), Ken Keener (as Second Deputy), Johnny Popwell (as Ambulance Driver), John Fowler (as Doctor), Kathy Rickman (as Nurse Lilley), Louise Coldren (as Mrs. Biddiford) 
76 2/4 Derailed  Minutes: 112  2005  Drama 

Charles is worn down by his home life where he and his wife struggle to cope with the demands their daughter's illness, and his job. When he meets Lucinda on the train to work in Chicago, there is an immediate spark between them. Soon they are doing lunch; dinner and drinks follow. This leads to an adulterous rendezvous in an hotel. But no sooner have they torn each others' clothes off than their room is invaded by a thief who beats Charles and rapes Lucinda.Because of the illicit nature of their relationship, Charles is reluctant to go to the Police and soon finds himself powerless to resist the every demand of the thief. 
Cast: Vincent Cassel (as LaRoche), Clive Owen (as Charles Schine), Addison Timlin (as Amy Schine), Melissa George (as Deanna Schine), Jennifer Aniston (as Lucinda Harris), Sandra Bee (as Train Conductor), RZA (as Winston Boyko), William Armstrong (as Accountant), Tom Conti (as Eliot Firth), Rachael Blake (as Susan Davis (as Rachel Blake)), Richard Leaf (as Night Clerk Ray), Xzibit (as Dexter), Catherine McCord (as Avery Price Receptionist), Denis O'Hare (as Jerry the Lawyer), Georgina Chapman (as Candy) 
77 2/4 Desperado  Minutes: 106  1995  Action 

With this sequel to his prize-winning independent previous film, "El Mariachi," director Robert Rodriquez joins the ranks of Sam Peckinpah and John Woo as a master of slick, glamorized ultra-violence. We pick up the story as a continuation of "El Mariachi," where an itinerant musician, looking for work, gets mistaken for a hitman and thereby entangled in a web of love, corruption, and death. This time, he is out to avenge the murder of his lover and the maiming of his fretting hand, which occurred at the end of the earlier movie. However, the plot is recapitulated, and again, a case of mistaken identity leads to a very high body count, involvement with a beautiful woman who works for the local drug lord, and finally, the inevitable face-to-face confrontation and bloody showdown. 
Cast: Antonio Banderas (as El Mariachi), Salma Hayek (as Carolina), Joaquim de Almeida (as Bucho), Cheech Marin (as Short Bartender), Steve Buscemi (as Buscemi), Carlos Gómez (as Right Hand (as Carlos Gomez)), Quentin Tarantino (as Pick-Up Guy), Tito Larriva (as Tavo), Angel Aviles (as Zamira), Danny Trejo (as Navajas), Abraham Verduzco (as Niño), Carlos Gallardo (as Campa), Albert Michel Jr. (as Quino), David Alvarado (as Buddy), Angela Lanza (as Tourist Girl) 
78 2/4 Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star  Minutes: 98  2003  Comedy 

TV child star of the '70s, Dickie Roberts is now 35 and parking cars. Craving to regain the spotlight, he auditions for a role of a normal guy, but the director quickly sees he is anything but normal. Desperate to win the part, Dickie hires a family to help him replay his childhood and assume the identity of an average, everyday kid. Several folk who are also involved in Dickie's special world include: Sidney, Dickie's longtime friend and agent; Cyndi, his on-again, off-again girlfriend; Peggy, Dickie's real mother; George, Dickie's adopted father figure; and Grace, his adopted mother figure. 
Cast: Nicholas Schwerin (as Young Dickie), Doris Roberts (as Peggy Roberts), Dick Van Patten (as Himself), David Spade (as Dickie Roberts), Michelle Ruben (as Ring Girl), John Farley (as Referee), Bobby Slayton (as Commentator), Michael Buffer (as Himself), Fred Wolf (as Dickie's Corner Man), Alyssa Milano (as Cyndi), Emmanuel Lewis (as Himself), Joey Diaz (as Emmanuel's Entourage (as Joey 'Coco' Diaz)), Kevin Grevioux (as Emmanuel's Entourage), Brian Clark (as Guy in Car), Leif Garrett (as Himself) 
79 3/4 Die Hard  Minutes: 131  1988  Action 

John McClane (Willis) is a cop from New York City who is on his way to Los Angeles to see his kids and his wife Holly (Bedelia), who moved to LA because of a job at the Nakatomi Corporation. When he arrives at Nakatomi Plaza, he meets Holly's boss Joe Takagi and her co-worker Harry Ellis. He and Holly go into a private bathroom and get into an argument. When Holly leaves to give a speech, thirteen armed terrorists lead by Hans Gruber (Rickman) seize control of the building and take the occupants of the 30th floor, who are the only ones left in the building, hostage. Luckily, they missed John since he was in the bathroom. He sneaks out and witnesses Gruber kill Takagi. He goes to floor 32 and pulls the fire alarm, but the terrorists cancel the alarm and send someone up to kill John. However, he kills the terrorist and steals his machine gun. Now he has to kill the rest of the terrorists and save the hostages before the terrorists get their way. 
Cast: Bruce Willis (as John McClane), Reginald VelJohnson (as Sgt. Al Powell (as Reginald Veljohnson)), Bonnie Bedelia (as Holly Gennero McClane), Alexander Godunov (as Karl), Paul Gleason (as Deputy Police Chief Dwayne T. Robinson), William Atherton (as Richard Thornburg), De'voreaux White (as Argyle), Hart Bochner (as Harry Ellis), Alan Rickman (as Hans Gruber), Dennis Hayden (as Eddie), Clarence Gilyard Jr. (as Theo), Bruno Doyon (as Franco), Andreas Wisniewski (as Tony), James Shigeta (as Joseph Yoshinobu Takagi), Robert Davi (as FBI Special Agent Johnson) 
80 2/4 Die Hard 2  Minutes: 124  1990  Action 

It's Christmas Eve, one year after the Nakatomi Plaza siege that took place in Los Angeles. Lieutenant John McClane of the LAPD is at the Dulles International Airport in Arlington, Virginia, waiting for the flight his wife Holly is on, as their kids are visiting Holly's parents in nearby Washington DC. It won't be easy getting Holly to her parents' house because her mother's car, which John is using at the moment, has been towed. There is also a breaking news story that all of the networks are covering. At the Escelan Airport in the Republic of Valverde, an airplane carrying General Ramon Esperanza has taken off, on course for the Dulles International Airport. Two years ago, Esperanza led his country's army in a campaign against communist insurgents, and it was a campaign that was fought with American money and advisers. Esperanza's fall from power caused ripples not only in his country's recent election, but in the USA as well, when high ranking Pentagon officials were charged with supplying Esperanza with weapons despite the congressional ban, but mounting evidence that Esperanza's forces have violated the neutrality of neighboring countries made Congress withhold funds. Esperanza is accused of replacing those funds by going into the business of cocaine smuggling, and now, Esperanza is being transported to the USA to face drug charges. Using her airplane's phone, Holly informs John that the airplane will land half an hour late...but it'll actually be much later than that. On Holly's airplane, one of her fellow passengers is Richard "Dick" Thornburg, the news reporter who filed a restraining order against Holly after Holly knocked out two of Dick's teeth last year. The restraining order says that Holly is not to be within 50 feet of Dick. The control tower staff, led by chief of air operations Trudeau and his chief engineer Leslie Barnes, is worried about the weather. As one snowstorm system moves out, another one is moving in, which means that all incoming flights are delayed, and Washington DC International airport has just shut down because they're totally iced, and they're sending their incoming flights to Dulles, increasing the tower staff's workload then the control tower's communications systems are crippled by a rogue military unit led by Colonel Stuart, who is a supporter of Esperanza. Stuart and his men are stationed in a nearby church. Trudeau alerts the staff that all aircraft approaching the Dulles sector but not in the Dulles landing pattern are to be diverted to an alternate airport. The rest of the incoming flights, including Holly's, are to hold at the outer markers. Trudeau also mentions that the staff may have just bought itself about 2 hours, and after that, the airplanes that are low on fuel will start falling out of the sky. Stuart calls the tower and says that Esperanza's airplane will be arriving at Dulles in 58 minutes, and that the airplane is not to be met by anyone, and that it will land on a runway of his designation, and at the same time, he wants a 747 cargo conversion, fully fueled, placed at his disposal. The tower staff has 2 minutes to advise the incoming flights to hold at the outer markers, then the staff will be able to receive only, as the ability to send out communications to the airplanes will be disabled. Stuart also says that any attempt to restore the tower's systems will result in deadly penalties. Holly's airplane is one of the 18 airplanes that are circling over the airport, running out of fuel, and that makes John extremely desperate to stop Stuart and Esperanza, and help the airport restore its communications so the airplanes can safely land that is, if he's not slowed down by inept airport police Captain Carmine Lorenzo. 
Cast: Bruce Willis (as John McClane), Bonnie Bedelia (as Holly McClane), William Atherton (as Richard Thornburg), William Sadler (as Col. Stuart), Reginald VelJohnson (as Sgt. Al Powell), Franco Nero (as Gen. Ramon Esperanza), John Amos (as Maj. Grant), Dennis Franz (as Capt. Carmine Lorenzo), Art Evans (as Leslie Barnes), Fred Dalton Thompson (as Trudeau), Tom Bower (as Marvin), Sheila McCarthy (as Samantha Coleman), Don Harvey (as Garber), Tony Ganios (as Baker), Peter Nelson (as Thompson) 
81 3/4 Die Hard: With a Vengeance  Minutes: 131  1995  Action 

It's a quiet morning in New York City...until a massive bomb explodes in the Bonwit Teller department store, causing several vehicles to flip, and causing several drivers to come to a sudden stop. This throws the NYPD into a frenzy, trying to sort out what's going on. At the station, Inspector Walter Cobb of the NYPD's major case unit gets a call from a man who calls himself Simon. Simon asks for Lieutenant John McClane, and Walter tells Simon that John, who is now an alcoholic, is on suspension. Simon wants John to go to the corner of 138th Street and Amsterdam in Harlem and wear a racist sign. Walter and his fellow officers Joe Lambert, Connie Kowalski, and Ricky Walsh find John, who is now an alcoholic who is seperated from his wife Holly, and they talk to him. Ricky tells Walter that there have been 3 killings in the Red Hook section of Brooklyn in the past two nights, and 14 dump trucks were stolen from a construction yard on Staten Island. John wants to know where the backup is going to be, and Walter tells him that the backup will be on 128th Street, 10 blocks away. John complains that 10 blocks is too far away for the backup to be. Walter tells John that Simon has threatened to detonate another bomb if the police don't do what he says. John wants to know why he's been targeted by Simon, but no one knows why. While John is in Harlem, store owner Zeus Carver rescues John from a black street gang that was beating John up because of the sign. John and Zeus find themselves stuck with each other as Simon continues his antics and forces John and Zeus to work together to do what he tells them, but John and Zeus can't stop one of Simon's bombs from blowing up a subway station, and it turns out that Simon is Simon Peter Gruber the brother of Hans Gruber, the terrorist that John rescued the Nakatomi building from in Los Angeles years ago. The question now is, is this about revenge on John, or is Simon planning something a lot bigger? 
Cast: Bruce Willis (as John McClane), Jeremy Irons (as Simon Gruber), Samuel L. Jackson (as Zeus Carver), Graham Greene (as Joe Lambert), Colleen Camp (as Connie Kowalski), Larry Bryggman (as Insp. Walter Cobb), Anthony Peck (as Ricky Walsh), Nicholas Wyman (as Mathias Targo (as Nick Wyman)), Sam Phillips (as Katya), Kevin Chamberlin (as Charles Weiss), Sharon Washington (as Officer Jane), Stephen Pearlman (as Dr. Fred Schiller), Michael Alexander Jackson (as Dexter), Aldis Hodge (as Raymond), Mischa Hausserman (as Mischa) 
82 3/4 District 9  Minutes: 112  2009  Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller 

In 1982, a massive star ship bearing a bedraggled alien population, nicknamed "The Prawns," appeared over Johannesburg, South Africa. Twenty-eight years later, the initial welcome by the human population has faded. The refugee camp where the aliens were located has deteriorated into a militarized ghetto called District 9, where they are confined and exploited in squalor. In 2010, the munitions corporation, Multi-National United, is contracted to forcibly evict the population with operative Wikus van der Merwe in charge. In this operation, Wikus is exposed to a strange alien chemical and must rely on the help of his only two new 'Prawn' friends. 
Cast: Sharlto Copley, Jason Cope, Nathalie Boltt, Sylvaine Strike, Elizabeth Mkandawie, John Sumner, William Allen Young, Greg Melvill-Smith, Nick Blake, Morena Busa Sesatsa, Themba Nkosi, Mzwandile Nqoba, Barry Strydom, Jed Brophy, Louis Minnaar 
83 2/4 Doc Hollywood  Minutes: 104  1991  Comedy 

Benjamin Stone is a young doctor driving to L.A where he was offered a new job as a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills. He gets off the highway to avoid a traffic jam, but gets lost and ends up crashing into a fence in the small town of Grady. He is sentenced to 32 hrs of community service at the local hospital. All he wants is to serve the sentence and get moving, but gradually the locals become attached to the new doctor, and he falls for the pretty ambulance driver, Lou. Will he leave? 
Cast: Michael J. Fox (as Dr. Benjamin Stone), Julie Warner (as Vialula/'Lou'), Barnard Hughes (as Dr. Aurelius Hogue), Woody Harrelson (as Hank Gordon), David Ogden Stiers (as Mayor Nick Nicholson), Frances Sternhagen (as Lillian, Welcoming Committee), George Hamilton (as Doctor Halberstrom), Bridget Fonda (as Nancy Lee Nicholson), Mel Winkler (as Melvin the Mechanic), Helen Martin (as Maddie, Welcoming Committee), Roberts Blossom (as Judge Evans), Tom Lacy (as Deputy Cotton), Macon McCalman (as Aubrey Draper), Raye Birk (as Simon Tidwell, First Patient), Eyde Byrde (as Nurse Packer) 
84 2/4 Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story  Minutes: 92  2004  Comedy 

Peter LaFleur is a charismatic underachiever and proprietor of a rundown gym called Average Joe's. The facility's ecclectic clientele of decidedly less-than-average Joes is comprised of: a self-styled pirate; a scrawny nerd who dreams of impressing an unattainable cheerleader; an obsessive aficionado of obscure sports; a dim-witted young man; and a cocky know-it-all who, of course, really knows nothing. Peter's humble gym catches the eye of White Goodman, the power-mullet-sporting, Fu-Manchu-d, egomaniacal owner of Globo Gym, a gleaming monolith of fitness. White intends to take over Average Joe's, and Peter's non-existent bookkeeping is making it all too easy for him. A foreclosing bank has stationed attorney Kate Veatch inside Average Joe's to finalize Globo's takeover of the gym. But Peter's boyish charms win her over and Kate joins his team of social rejects to beat the odds--and their own ineptitude--to try to save Average Joe's. How? A showdown dodgeball competition against Globo Gym. 
Cast: Vince Vaughn (as Peter La Fleur), Christine Taylor (as Kate Veatch), Ben Stiller (as White Goodman), Rip Torn (as Patches O'Houlihan), Justin Long (as Justin), Stephen Root (as Gordon), Joel Moore (as Owen (as Joel David Moore)), Chris Williams (as Dwight), Alan Tudyk (as Steve the Pirate), Missi Pyle (as Fran), Jamal Duff (as Me'Shell Jones (as Jamal E. Duff)), Gary Cole (as Cotton McKnight), Jason Bateman (as Pepper Brooks), Hank Azaria (as Young Patches O'Houlihan), Al Kaplon (as Tournament Referee) 
85 3/4 Dogma  Minutes: 130  1999  Adventure 

A female descendant of Mary Mother of Christ and two unlikely prophets are called upon by Rufus, an unknown 13th apostle, to stop two angels, that were cast out of heaven, from unknowingly erasing all of God's work by restoring their souls by entering a new church. Restoring ones soul by entering a new church is a part of the Catholic Dogma, and by restoring their souls the angels could reenter heaven thus revealing there is a loophole to return to heaven. This would prove God was not perfect and upon proving this all of God's work would immediately be erased. 
Cast: Ben Affleck (as Bartleby), Matt Damon (as Loki), Linda Fiorentino (as Bethany Sloane), Salma Hayek (as Serendipity), Jason Lee (as Azrael), Jason Mewes (as Jay), Alan Rickman (as Metatron), Chris Rock (as Rufus), Dan Etheridge (as St. Stephen's Priest), Kevin Smith (as Silent Bob), George Carlin (as Cardinal Ignatius Glick), Brian O'Halloran (as Grant Hicks (as Brian Christopher O'Halloran)), Jeff Anderson (as Gun Salesman), Alanis Morissette (as God), Marie Elena O'Brien (as Clinic Girl (scenes deleted)) 
86 2/4 Don Juan DeMarco  Minutes: 97  1995  Comedy 

A young man (who is the legendary Don Juan?), comes to New York in search of his lost love. Feeling like he has nothing to live for, he attempts to commit suicide from atop a billboard. Dr. Mickler, (played by Marlon Brando), is a soon retiring psychiatrist who helps Don Juan (Johnny Depp), come to his senses. He brings the costumed boy to the psychiatric hospital , in hopes of helping Don Juan find his identity. The doctor works with him for ten days, in which Don tells his life story. Mickler begins to believe that the young man is truly Don Juan, but the rest of the staff doesn't agree. The doctor knows that the only way out for Don Juan, is to pretend he's an average boy whose fantasy got the best of him. 
Cast: Marlon Brando (as Dr. Jack Mickler), Johnny Depp (as Don Juan), Faye Dunaway (as Marilyn Mickler), Géraldine Pailhas (as Doña Ana), Bob Dishy (as Dr. Paul Showalter), Rachel Ticotin (as Doña Inez), Talisa Soto (as Doña Julia), Marita Geraghty (as Woman in Restaurant), Richard C. Sarafian (as Detective Sy Tobias), Tresa Hughes (as Grandmother DeMarco), Stephen Singer (as Dr. Bill Dunsmore), Franc Luz (as Don Antonio), Carmen Argenziano (as Don Alfonzo), Jo Champa (as Sultana Gulbeyaz), Esther Scott (as Nurse Alvira) 
87 2/4 Down Periscope  Minutes: 92  1996  Comedy 

After repeatedly being passed over by the selection committee, Tom Dodge (Grammer), currently 2nd in command of the USS Orlando nuclear submarine, is finally assigned a sub of his own. RAdm Graham (Den), despite heavy lobbying of the committee and several examples of Dodge's unusual and non-conformist approach to command, fails to convince the committee to not award him his own command. Dodge's command, however, is of the newly recommissioned, and only diesel sub in the US Fleet, the USS Stingray. His first orders are to clean up and take out the Stingray, with the worst misfits for a crew that RAdm Graham could find, and complete a 2-part war game. Dodge makes a deal with Vice Adm Winslow (Torn) that he will be assigned a nuclear submarine if he successfully wins the war game. 
Cast: Kelsey Grammer (as Lt. Cmdr. Thomas 'Tom' Dodge), Lauren Holly (as Lt. Emily Lake, Diving Officer), Rob Schneider (as Executive Officer Martin T. 'Marty' Pascoe), Harry Dean Stanton (as CPO Howard, Chief Engineer), Bruce Dern (as RAdm. Yancy Graham), William H. Macy (as Cmdr. Carl Knox (Orlando)), Ken Hudson Campbell (as Seaman Buckman), Toby Huss (as Seaman Nitro 'Mike'), Duane Martin (as Planesman 1st Class Jefferson 'R.J.' Jackson), Jonathan Penner (as Seaman Stanley 'Spots' Sylvesterson), Bradford Tatum (as Engineman 1st Class Brad Stepanak (Winslow)), Harland Williams (as Seaman 2nd Class E.T. 'Sonar' Lovacelli), Rip Torn (as Vice Adm. Dean Winslow), James Martin Jr. (as Orlando Radioman), Jordan Marder (as Orlando Ensign) 
88 2/4 Dreamer: Inspired by a True Story  Minutes: 106  2005  Biography 

Ben Crane (Kurt Russell) believes that a severely injured racehorse deserves another chance. He and his daughter Cale (Dakota Fanning) adopt the horse (in fact is a mare)and save it of being sacrificed by the owner (David Morse). The arrival of the mare to Crane's farm, will be the perfect opportunity for both father and daughter to reconstruct their lost familiar bond. "Soñador" (Dreamer in English), the renamed mare, despite its broken leg, maybe could have another chance to return to the racecourse, with the help of Cale, Ben, and his father, Pop (Kris Kristofferson). 
Cast: Kurt Russell (as Ben Crane), Dakota Fanning (as Cale Crane), Kris Kristofferson (as Pop Crane), Elisabeth Shue (as Lily), David Morse (as Palmer), Freddy Rodríguez (as Manolin), Luis Guzmán (as Balon), Oded Fehr (as Prince Sadir), Ken Howard (as Bill Ford), Holmes Osborne (as Doc Fleming), Antonio Albadran (as Prince Tariq), John Moyer (as Security Officer), Kayren Butler (as Teacher), Tommy Barnes (as Short Steward), Frank Hoyt Taylor (as Chairman) 
89 2/4 Drop Dead Gorgeous  Minutes: 97  1999  Comedy 

In a small Minnesota town, the annual beauty pageant is being covered by a TV crew. Former winner Gladys Leeman wants to make sure her daughter follows in her footsteps. Explosions, falling lights, and trailer fires prove that. As the Leemans are the richest family in town the police are pretty relaxed about it all. Despite everything, main rival (but nice) Amber Atkins won't be stopped. There could well be more death and disappointment to come. 
Cast: Kirsten Dunst (as Amber Atkins), Ellen Barkin (as Annette Atkins), Allison Janney (as Loretta), Denise Richards (as Rebecca 'Becky' Ann Leeman), Kirstie Alley (as Gladys Leeman), Sam McMurray (as Lester Leeman), Mindy Sterling (as Iris Clark), Brittany Murphy (as Lisa Swenson), Amy Adams (as Leslie Miller), Laurie A. Sinclair (as Michelle Johnson (as Laurie Sinclair)), Shannon Nelson (as Tess Weinhaus), Tara Redepenning (as Molly Howard), Sarah Stewart (as Jenelle Betz), Alexandra Holden (as Mary Johanson), Brooke Elise Bushman (as Tammy Curry) 
90 2/4 Eagle Eye  Minutes: 118  2008  Action 

Jerry Shaw is an amiable slacker with an over-achieving twin brother. After his twin dies in an accident, strange things happen to Jerry at a dizzying pace: a fortune shows up in his bank account, weapons are delivered to his flat, and a voice on his cell phone tells him the police are on their way. Jerry follows the voice's instructions, and soon he and a woman he's never met are racing through the city, on to a plane, and eventually to the Pentagon, chased by the FBI. She is Rachel Holloman, a single mom; the voice has threatened her son's death if she doesn't cooperate. The voice seems to know everything. Who is behind it, what is being planned, and why Jerry and Rachel?  
Cast: Shia LaBeouf (as Jerry Shaw), Michelle Monaghan (as Rachel Holloman), Rosario Dawson (as Zoe Perez), Michael Chiklis (as Defense Secretary Callister), Anthony Mackie (as Major William Bowman), Ethan Embry (as Agent Toby Grant), Billy Bob Thornton (as Agent Thomas Morgan), Anthony Azizi (as Ranim Khalid), Cameron Boyce (as Sam Holloman), Lynn Cohen (as Mrs. Wierzbowski), Bill Smitrovich (as Admiral Thompson), Charles Carroll (as Mr. Miller), William Sadler (as Jerry's Dad), Deborah Strang (as Jerry's Mom), Dariush Kashani (as Translator) 
91 3/4 Eagles: Hell Freezes Over  Minutes: 100  1994  Music 

The Eagles perform in concert, in celebration of the group's reunion, which was supposed to occur "when hell freezes over."
92 4/4 Eagles: The Farewell 1 Tour - Live from Melbourne  Minutes: 175  2005  Music 

Thirty songs, spread out over two discs and well over two and a half hours, with fine performances, great sound, and good visual direction: it's all here on Farewell 1 Tour, a documentary of the Eagles' 2004 concert in Melbourne, Australia. At one point, the veteran band seemed unlikely to even make it to the new millennium, but here they are, mostly intact, with a string of hits dating back more than three decades. The majority of them are performed here, from the earliest ("Take It Easy," "Desperado," "Peaceful Easy Feeling") through "Hotel California" and "Life in the Fast Lane" and right up to "Love Will Keep Us Alive" (from Hell Freezes Over, their most recent recording with new material on it); there are also hits from Glenn Frey, Don Henley, and Joe Walsh's solo careers, and a few new songs as well, including Walsh's "One Day at a Time" (an earnest ode to his new-found sobriety) and "Hole in the World," Frey and Henley's moving, almost gospel-tinged reaction to the events of 9/11/01. Guitarist Don Felder, who split acrimoniously with the band in 2001, isn't much missed, as replacement Steuart Smith plays the parts just as Felder did--i.e., pretty much exactly as they were recorded (indeed, pristine recreations of the studio versions of their songs has always been a hallmark of the Eagles' live shows). As for the somewhat cheeky title, well, there's always been a certain smugness to the Eagles' sense of humor, and it's no different this time, as Frey doesn't even pretend that there won't be a Farewell 2 Tour in the future. And why not? These are good songs, played beautifully by the quartet (plus supplemental musicians) to audiences that love them. Bonus material is limited to perfunctory interviews with the band. 
Cast: Don Henley (as Himself), Joe Walsh (as Himself), Timothy B. Schmit (as Himself), Glenn Frey (as Himself), Bill Armstrong (as Himself), Billy Armstrong (as Trumpet), Scott Crago (as Drums & Percussion), Al Garth (as Sax, Violin & Percussion), Will Hollis (as Keyboards), Christian Mostert (as Tenor & Alto Sax), Greg Smith (as Baritone Sax), Steuart Smith (as Guitar), Michael Thompson (as Himself) 
93 2/4 Eddie and the Cruisers  Minutes: 95  1983  Drama 

Maggie Foley (Ellen Barkin) is a reporter who's interviewing the surviving members of a band who's music is being revived. Memories of the band's leader Eddie Wilson (Michael Pare) are being relived as Frank Ridgeway (Tom Berenger) is reunited with the old members of the band. As the memories are relived on the screen, it becomes clear that someone is looking for the lost unpublished tapes of the band's final recording and that someone might be Eddie! 
Cast: Tom Berenger (as Frank Ridgeway), Michael Paré (as Eddie Wilson), Joe Pantoliano (as Doc Robbins), Matthew Laurance (as Sal Amato), Helen Schneider (as Joann Carlino), David Wilson (as Kenny Hopkins), Michael 'Tunes' Antunes (as Wendell Newton), Ellen Barkin (as Maggie Foley), Kenny Vance (as Lew Elson), John Stockwell (as Keith Livingston), Joe Cates (as Lois), Barry Sand (as Barry Siegel), Vebe Borge (as Gerry Rivers), Howard Johnson (as Wendell's Replacement), Joey Balin (as Eddie's Replacement) 
94 3/4 Eight Below  Minutes: 120  2006  Adventure 

In the Antarctic, after an expedition with Dr. Davis McClaren (Bruce Greenwood), the sled dog trainer Jerry Shepherd (Paul Walker) has to leave the polar base with his colleagues due to the proximity of a heavy snow storm. He ties his dogs to be rescued after, but the mission is called-off and the dogs are left alone at their own fortune. For six months, Jerry tries to find a sponsor for a rescue mission while his dogs fight for survival. 
Cast: Paul Walker (as Jerry Shepherd), Bruce Greenwood (as Doctor Davis McClaren), Moon Bloodgood (as Katie), Jason Biggs (as Charlie Cooper), Gerard Plunkett (as Dr. Andy Harrison), August Schellenberg (as Mindo), Wendy Crewson (as Eve McClaren), Belinda Metz (as Rosemary), Connor Christopher Levins (as Eric McClaren), Duncan Fraser (as Captain Lovett), Dan Ziskie (as Navy Commander), Michael David Simms (as Armin Butler), Daniel Bacon (as Bureaucrat #2), Laara Sadiq (as Bureaucrat #3), Malcolm Stewart (as Charles Buffett) 
95 3/4 Election  Minutes: 103  1999  Comedy 

Tracy Flick is the smartest student in all Carver High and the only one having an affair with a teacher. Her other teacher Mr. McAllister is the most involved teacher at Carver High and is messing around with his wifes best friend. Elections are coming up and Tracy Flick is the only one running and after seeing Tracy always winning something and doing everything right, Mr. McAllister bribes the dumb jock Paul to run against her for his own pleasure. Tracy is mortified that Paul is even trying to compete. Tammy, Paul's lesbian sister who got dumped by her girlfriend to go with Paul decides that running against her brother is the best revenge. After the three say their speeches everything goes on a downfall. Who will win the election this year? 
Cast: Matthew Broderick (as Jim McAllister), Reese Witherspoon (as Tracy Flick), Chris Klein (as Paul Metzler), Jessica Campbell (as Tammy Metzler), Phil Reeves (as Walt Hendricks), Molly Hagan (as Diane McAllister), Delaney Driscoll (as Linda Novotny), Mark Harelik (as Dave Novotny), Colleen Camp (as Judith R. Flick), Frankie Ingrassia (as Lisa Flanagan), Joel Parks (as Jerry Slavin), Matt Malloy (as Vice-Principal Ron Bell), Holmes Osborne (as Dick Metzler), Jeanine Jackson (as Jo Metzler), Loren Nelson (as Custodian) 
96 2/4 Elf  Minutes: 95  2003  Comedy 

Buddy (Will Ferrell) was a baby in an orphanage who stowed away in Santa's sack and ended up at the North Pole. Later, as an adult human who happened to be raised by elves, Santa allows him to go to New York City to find his birth father, Walter Hobbs (James Caan). Hobbs, on Santa's naughty list for being a heartless jerk, had no idea that Buddy was even born. Buddy, meanwhile, experiences the delights of New York City (and human culture) as only an elf can. When Walter's relationship with Buddy interferes with his job, he is forced to reevaluate his priorities. 
Cast: Will Ferrell (as Buddy), James Caan (as Walter), Bob Newhart (as Papa Elf), Edward Asner (as Santa), Mary Steenburgen (as Emily), Zooey Deschanel (as Jovie), Daniel Tay (as Michael), Faizon Love (as Gimbel's Manager), Peter Dinklage (as Miles Finch), Amy Sedaris (as Deb), Michael Lerner (as Fulton), Andy Richter (as Morris), Kyle Gass (as Eugene), Artie Lange (as Gimbel's Santa), Claire Lautier (as NY 1 Reporter) 
97 3/4 Ellery Queen (TV - All Episodes)  Minutes: 60  1975  Crime 

The third TV adaptation of the adventures of super-sleuth Ellery Queen, this time set during the 1940s. Queen was a mystery writer who assisted his father, a detective with the New York Police Department, in solving murders. Sgt. Velie was Inspector Queen's assistant and Simon Brimmer a rival detective. Queen's methods were arcane and intellectual rather than action oriented, and he always astounded his father by arriving at a correct solution by purely deductive reasoning. In this version, just before he revealed his solution to the crime, Queen always turned to the camera and asked the TV audience if they had figured out the identity of the killer yet -- they had all the clues -- because he was about to reveal the correct killer as we met the entire slew of suspects in one room for the ending. 
Cast: Jim Hutton (as Ellery Queen (21 episodes, 1975-1976)), David Wayne (as Inspector Richard Queen (21 episodes, 1975-1976)), Tom Reese (as Sergeant Velie / ... (14 episodes, 1975-1976)), John Hillerman (as Simon Brimmer (9 episodes, 1975-1976)) 
98 2/4 Employee of the Month  Minutes: 103  2006  Comedy 

At Super Club, a large warehouse store, the employees strive to obtain the "Employee of the Month" award with the benefits of having their picture featured on the wall of fame in the staff lounge. Zack Bradley (Dane Cook), a box boy, and Vince Downey (Dax Shepard), a cashier, are two competitive Super Club employees. Vince has become head cashier of the store and winner of seventeen consecutive "Employee of the Month" awards. Zack, on the other hand, is a slacker but is popular with his colleagues. Zack has not won any "Employee of the Month" awards and has no desire to except when Amy (Jessica Simpson), a new cashier who only dates "Employee of the Month" winners, transfers to the store. Zack and Vince compete to get Amy's attention through competition and courtship. Vince attempts to impress Amy with skills as a cashier and his seventeen "Employee of the Month" awards, while Zack attempts to use several methods of charm and comedy to win her affection. After realizing that Amy is falling for Vince, Zack believes his only chance to get her is to win Super Club's next "Employee of the Month" award. 
Cast: Dane Cook (as Zack), Jessica Simpson (as Amy), Dax Shepard (as Vince), Efren Ramirez (as Jorge), Andy Dick (as Lon), Tim Bagley (as Glen Gary), Brian George (as Iqbal), Marcello Thedford (as Semi), Danny Woodburn (as Glen Ross), Harland Williams (as Russell), Sean Whalen (as Dirk), Barbara Dodd (as Granny (as Barbara Dodd Ramsen)), Kathleen Arc (as Grumpy Lady), John Hardman (as Balding Customer), Adriana Cordova (as Checker #2) 
99 3/4 Enemy of the State  Minutes: 131  1998  Action 

When lawyer Robert Clayton Dean meets an old pal accidentally, he does not know the trouble that is going to hit him. His pal, being pursued badly, slips him a disc without Robert reckoning - before being killed. Soon, Robert is believed to have something that others want - but what? Later, he stumbles across a setup that would render him the main suspect of a gruesome murder, hadn't he dropped by. Being shown several bugs by Brill, a trustable contact of the victim, Robert learns quickly about the fire he's playing with - and decides to win instead of giving up. The murder case of a staged suicide by a U.S. congressman may cause some heads to roll, if the disc containing the proof can be found in time and delivered to its destination - by the right party, that is. 
Cast: Will Smith (as Robert Clayton Dean), Gene Hackman (as Edward 'Brill' Lyle), Barry Pepper (as Det. David Pratt), Jon Voight (as Thomas Brian Reynolds), Regina King (as Carla Dean), Ian Hart (as Det. John Bingham), Lisa Bonet (as Rachel F. Banks), Jake Busey (as Krug), Scott Caan (as Jones), Jamie Kennedy (as Jamie Williams), Jason Lee (as Daniel Leon Zavitz), Gabriel Byrne (as Fake Brill), Stuart Wilson (as Congressman Sam Albert), Jack Black (as Fiedler), Laura Cayouette (as Christa Hawkins) 
100 1/4 Eragon  Minutes: 104  2006  Action 

Orphaned farm boy Eragon (Ed Speleers) destiny is sealed forever when a mystic stone chooses him for its keeper, this is no ordinary stone, this is the last surviving egg of the dragon race. Eragon is now the new Dragon Rider, the boy who will be savior to the repressed peoples of the Kingdom ruled by the wicked King Galbatorix (John Malkovich) and his evil wizard Durza (Robert Carlyle). Running, hiding and battling across the lands with his mentor Brom (Jeremy Irons) and the gracious dragon Saphira (voiced by Rachel Weisz), together, with the beautiful Princess Arya (Sienna Guillory), this Band of Brothers learn more about themselves, their responsibilities and their destinies. Who shall succeed toward the end? Shall good overcome evil? Or will all be lost to the dark forces forever? Fly with the adventure. 
Cast: Edward Speleers (as Eragon (as Ed Speleers)), Jeremy Irons (as Brom), Sienna Guillory (as Arya), Robert Carlyle (as Durza), John Malkovich (as Galbatorix), Garrett Hedlund (as Murtagh), Alun Armstrong (as Uncle Garrow), Christopher Egan (as Roran (as Chris Egan)), Gary Lewis (as Hrothgar), Djimon Hounsou (as Ajihad), Rachel Weisz (as Saphira (voice)), Richard Rifkin (as Horst), Steve Speirs (as Sloan), Joss Stone (as Angela), Michael Mehlmann (as Villager #1 (as Michael A. Mehlmann)) 
101 2/4 F/X  Minutes: 109  1986  Action 

Rollie is an expert in the art of Special Effects (F/X) and has a reputation build on many low budged hack and slash films (Including such titles as "I dismember momma") and is quite surprised to find that the FBI has a job for him. He is to stage the murder of a gangster about to enter the Witness Protection Program. He agrees, but then things get complicated. All the while a New York City police detective, Leo McCarthy is investigating the faked murder and can't understand why the FBI is even less helpful than usual. 
Cast: Bryan Brown (as Rollie Tyler), Brian Dennehy (as Leo McCarthy), Diane Venora (as Ellen), Cliff De Young (as Lipton), Mason Adams (as Col. Mason), Jerry Orbach (as Nicholas DeFranco), Joe Grifasi (as Mickey), Martha Gehman (as Andy), Roscoe Orman (as Capt. Wallenger), Trey Wilson (as Lt. Murdoch), Tom Noonan (as Varrick), Paul D'Amato (as Gallagher), Jossie DeGuzman (as Marisa Velez (as Jossie deGuzman)), Jean De Baer (as Whitemore), M'el Dowd (as Joyce Lehman (Miss Lehman) (as M'eL Dowd)) 
102 3/4 Face/Off  Minutes: 138  1997  Action 

Sean Archer is a government agent who for six years has been trying to apprehend terrorist, Caster Troy, who tried to kill him but ended up killing Archer's son instead. When Archer corners Troy, Troy tells Archer that he has planted a bomb that will go off, unless he lets him go but Archer thinks that Troy is bluffing so a fight erupts that leaves Troy comatose. But later when they go through some of his brother, Pollux's things, they discover that Troy was telling the truth. All what they need now is to find out where it is and the only person who knows is Pollux. And the only person that he will talk to about it, is his brother, Caster but unfortunately he is a vegetable. A government official then suggests to Archer that he assume Caster's identity and ask Pollux about the bomb. So she brings him to a doctor who has perfected a method wherein the face of one individual is removed from him and placed on another. Archer agrees. The operation is a success so Archer as Troy goes to the prison where Pollux is being held and successfully gets him to tell him where the bomb is. Meanwhile, Troy who was believed to be comatose awakens and forces the doctor who operated on Archer to place Archer's face on him. He then goes to the prison as Archer and taunts Archer by telling him that he has destroyed all documentation of the operation and eliminated everyone who knew about it. He then takes his brother out and leaves Archer in prison. But Archer somehow manages to escape and is now trying to find someone who will believe and help him, while Troy is plotting something. 
Cast: John Travolta (as Sean Archer/Castor Troy), Nicolas Cage (as Castor Troy/Sean Archer), Joan Allen (as Dr. Eve Archer), Alessandro Nivola (as Pollux Troy), Gina Gershon (as Sasha Hassler), Dominique Swain (as Jamie Archer), Nick Cassavetes (as Dietrich Hassler), Harve Presnell (as Victor Lazarro), Colm Feore (as Dr. Malcolm Walsh), John Carroll Lynch (as Walton, Prison Guard), CCH Pounder (as Dr. Holllis Miller), Robert Wisdom (as Tito Biondi), Margaret Cho (as Wanda), James Denton (as Buzz (as Jamie Denton)), Matt Ross (as Loomis) 
103 2/4 Failure to Launch  Minutes: 97  2006  Comedy 

At 35, Tripp has an interesting job, a hip car, a passion for sailing, and a great house - trouble is, he lives with his parents. They want him out, so they hire Paula, an "interventionist," who has a formula in these cases: chance encounter, get him to ask her out, involve him in a trauma, meet his friends and get their nod, delay sex, have him teach her something, then launch him. It's worked up to now, but this gets complicated when Tripp thinks she's getting too serious and one of his pals is attracted to Paula's deadpan, semi-alcoholic roommate, who's plagued by a mockingbird. Too many secrets may scrub the launch, and what if Paula really likes him? Who can intervene then? 
Cast: Matthew McConaughey (as Tripp), Sarah Jessica Parker (as Paula), Zooey Deschanel (as Kit), Justin Bartha (as Ace), Bradley Cooper (as Demo), Terry Bradshaw (as Al), Kathy Bates (as Sue), Tyrel Jackson Williams (as Jeffrey), Katheryn Winnick (as Melissa), Rob Corddry (as Gun Salesman), Patton Oswalt (as Techie Guy), Stephen Tobolowsky (as Bud), Kate McGregor-Stewart (as Bev), Adam Alexi-Malle (as Mr. Axelrod), Gretchen Cleevely (as Veterinarian) 
104 3/4 Falling Down  Minutes: 113  1993  Crime 

William Foster (Michael Douglas), AKA D-FENS, is an unemployed, divorced engineer in the defense industry who's reached his boiling point. First he finds himself in gridlock, which he deals with by abandoning his car. He subsequently happens across an unhelpful convenience store clerk whose prices D-FENS 'rolls back', by demolishing the store with a baseball bat after overpowering the clerk. Soon he finds himself in gangland, and deals with some tough-looking gang members by attacking them and running them off. When the gang members try to retaliate, it fails when they crash their car and D-FENS takes their bag full of guns. Unfortunately for him, a retiring cop (Robert Duvall) is on his trail, and soon things will come to blows as D-FENS heads towards Venice for his young daughter's birthday party.... 
Cast: Michael Douglas (as William 'D-Fens' Foster), Robert Duvall (as Detective Martin Prendergast), Barbara Hershey (as Elizabeth 'Beth' Travino), Tuesday Weld (as Amanda Prendergast), Rachel Ticotin (as Detective Sandra Torres), Frederic Forrest (as Nick, The Nazi Surplus Store Owner), Lois Smith (as Mrs. Foster/William's Mother), Joey Hope Singer (as Adele Foster-Travino), Ebbe Roe Smith (as Guy on Freeway), Michael Paul Chan (as Mr. Lee), Raymond J. Barry (as Captain Yardley), D.W. Moffett (as Detective Lydecker), Steve Park (as Detective Brian), Kimberly Scott (as Detective Jones), James Keane (as Detective Keene) 
105 3/4 Family Guy Presents: Stewie Griffin - The Untold Story  Minutes: 88  2005  Animation 

The major sub-plot circles around the youngest Griffin, Stewie, who has a near-death experience at a pool when a lifeguard chair falls on him, but he survives. After having a vision of being in Hell, he decides to change his ways, but this doesn't last long. While watching television, he and Brian spot a man that looks like Stewie. Brian is convinced that he is Stewie's real father, until Stewie learns that the man is actually himself as an adult, taking a vacation from his own time period. Baby Stewie visits thirty years later to discover that his adult self, going by the name Stu, is a single blue-collar middle-aged virgin working at a Circuit City-type store. Meanwhile, Peter and Lois are trying to teach their two older kids, Meg and Chris, to date. In the future, Chris, who hasn't changed much, is working as a cop and is married to a foul-mouthed hustler named Vanessa. Meg is now called Ron, since she had a sex-change after college. 
Cast: Seth MacFarlane (as Stewie Griffin / Peter Griffin / Brian Griffin / Glen Quagmire / Tom Tucker / Stuart 'Stu' Griffin / Additional Voices (voice)), Alex Borstein (as Lois Griffin / Tricia Takanawa / Vanessa / Condoleezza Rice / Additional Voices (voice)), Seth Green (as Chris Griffin / Additional Voices (voice)), Mila Kunis (as Meg Griffin / Additional Voices (voice)), Lori Alan (as Diane Simmons (voice)), Drew Barrymore (as Herself (voice)), Noel Blanc (as Elmer Fudd / Additional Voices (voice)), John G. Brennan (as Horace / Additional Voices (voice) (as Johnny Brennan)), Mike Henry (as Cleveland Brown / Herbert (voice)), Gary Janetti (as (voice)), Don LaFontaine (as FOX Announcer (voice)), Phil LaMarr (as Ollie Williams / Additional Voices (voice)), Ron Livingston (as Clerk (voice)), Rachael MacFarlane (as Katie Couric / Baby-Expecting Woman (voice)), Kevin Michael Richardson (as Ray Charles / Additional Voices (voice)) 
106 3/4 Fantasia  Minutes: 120  1940  Animation 

Disney animators set pictures to classical music as Leopold Stokowski conducts the Philadelphia Orchestra. "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" features Mickey Mouse as an aspiring magician who oversteps his limits. "The Rite of Spring" tells the story of evolution, from single-celled animals to the death of the dinosaurs. "Dance of the Hours" is a comic ballet performed by ostriches, hippos, elephants and alligators. "Night on Bald Mountain" and "Ave Maria" set the forces of darkness and light against each other as a devilish revel is interrupted by the coming of a new day. 
Cast: Leopold Stokowski (as Himself (Conductor, The Philadelphia Orchestra)), Deems Taylor (as Narrator (1940 original)), Julietta Novis (as Soloist (segment "Ave Maria") (voice)) 
107 2/4 Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer  Minutes: 92  2007  Action 

After defeating Von Doom, the Fantastic Four can really enjoy life more. All four are now comfortable with their new powers. The Thing and Johnny Storm now get along with each other, and Sue Storm is now planning to be Mrs. Fantastic. Galactus, an evil creature in space, has decided that Earth is it's new target, and sends the Silver Surfer to destroy it. Reed Richards and his team must now work together to capture this surfer, and even must now team up with one individual who they didn't expect to help. 
Cast: Ioan Gruffudd (as Reed Richards), Jessica Alba (as Sue Storm), Chris Evans (as Johnny Storm), Michael Chiklis (as Ben Grimm), Julian McMahon (as Victor Von Doom), Kerry Washington (as Alicia Masters), Andre Braugher (as General Hager), Laurence Fishburne (as The Silver Surfer (voice)), Doug Jones (as Silver Surfer), Beau Garrett (as Captain Raye), Brian Posehn (as Wedding Minister), Zach Grenier (as Mr. Sherman / Rafke), Dawn Chubai (as Anchorwoman), Chris Gailus (as Anchorman), Kevin McNulty (as Baxter Building Doorman) 
108 2/4 Fantastic Four  Minutes: 106  2005  Action 

Reed Richards is a very talented scientist seeking the funding for a space experiment. Along with his friend and partner Ben Grimm, he goes to businessman Victor Von Doom and manages to get his support. So, Reed and Ben, along with Doom, his partner Sue Storm and her brother Johnny, find themselves aboard Doom's private space station. However an accident will flood the station with cosmic rays and Reed, Ben, Sue and Johnny will gain amazing powers thus becoming the Fantastic Four. But, the four of them aren't the only ones affected by the cosmic rays... 
Cast: Ioan Gruffudd (as Reed Richards), Jessica Alba (as Sue Storm), Chris Evans (as Johnny Storm), Michael Chiklis (as Ben Grimm), Julian McMahon (as Victor Von Doom), Hamish Linklater (as Leonard), Kerry Washington (as Alicia Masters), Laurie Holden (as Debbie McIlvane), David Parker (as Ernie), Kevin McNulty (as Jimmy O'Hoolihan), Maria Menounos (as Sexy Nurse), Michael Kopsa (as Ned Cecil), Andrew Airlie (as Compound Doctor), Pascale Hutton (as Nightclub Girlfriend), G. Michael Gray (as Nightclub Boyfriend) 
109 3/4 Fast Times at Ridgemont High  Minutes: 90  1982  Comedy 

Follows a group of high school students growing up in southern California, based on the real-life adventures chronicled by Cameron Crowe. Stacy Hamilton and Mark Ratner are looking for a love interest, and are helped along by their older classmates, Linda Barrett and Mike Damone, respectively. The center of the film is held by Jeff Spicoli, a perpetually stoned surfer dude who faces off with the resolute Mr. Hand, who is convinced that everyone is on dope. 
Cast: Sean Penn (as Jeff Spicoli), Jennifer Jason Leigh (as Stacy Hamilton), Judge Reinhold (as Brad Hamilton), Robert Romanus (as Mike Damone), Brian Backer (as Mark 'Rat' Ratner), Phoebe Cates (as Linda Barrett), Ray Walston (as Mr. Hand), Scott Thomson (as Arnold), Vincent Schiavelli (as Mr. Vargas), Amanda Wyss (as Lisa), D.W. Brown (as Ron Johnson), Forest Whitaker (as Charles Jefferson), Kelli Maroney (as Cindy), Tom Nolan (as Dennis Taylor), Blair Tefkin (as Pat Bernardo (as Blair Ashleigh)) 
110 3/4 Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas  Minutes: 118  1998  Adventure 

An adaptation of Hunter S. Thompson's novel of the same name. The film details a whacky search for the "American Dream", by Thompson and his crazed, Samoan lawyer. Fueled by the massive amount of drugs they purchased with an advance from a magazine to cover a sporting event in Vegas; they set out in the Red Shark. Encountering police, reporters, gamblers, racers, and hitchhikers; they search for some undefinable thing know only as the "American Dream" and find fear, loathing and hilarious adventures into the dementia of the modern American West. 
Cast: Johnny Depp (as Raoul Duke/Hunter S. Thompson), Benicio Del Toro (as Dr. Gonzo/Oscar Z. Acosta), Tobey Maguire (as Hitchhiker), Ellen Barkin (as Waitress at North Star Cafe), Gary Busey (as Highway Patrolman), Christina Ricci (as Lucy), Mark Harmon (as Magazine Reporter at Mint 400), Cameron Diaz (as Blonde TV Reporter), Katherine Helmond (as Desk Clerk at Mint Hotel), Michael Jeter (as L. Ron Bumquist), Penn Jillette (as Carnie Talker), Craig Bierko (as Lacerda), Lyle Lovett (as Road Person), Flea (as Musician), Laraine Newman (as Frog-Eyed Woman) 
111 3/4 Ferris Bueller's Day Off  Minutes: 102  1986  Comedy 

Ferris is a street-wise kid who knows all the tricks. Today he decides to take the day off school. When Ferris takes the day off, so must his best friends, Cameron and Sloane. Cameron is reluctantly persuaded to borrow his father's Ferrari, and together they hatch a plan to get Sloane out of class. Suspicious dean of students Ed Rooney knows all about Ferris, but can never catch him. Ferris' sister Jeanie is also frustrated that Ferris always gets away with his tricks and she doesn't. Furthermore, Ferris is an 'angel' in his parents eyes. It's Ferris' day off, he's out to enjoy himself, and he does!. 
Cast: Matthew Broderick (as Ferris Bueller), Alan Ruck (as Cameron Frye), Mia Sara (as Sloane Peterson), Jeffrey Jones (as Ed Rooney), Jennifer Grey (as Jeanie Bueller), Cindy Pickett (as Katie Bueller), Lyman Ward (as Tom Bueller), Edie McClurg (as Grace, the Secretary), Charlie Sheen (as Boy in Police Station), Ben Stein (as Economics Teacher), Del Close (as English Teacher), Virginia Capers (as Florence Sparrow), Richard Edson (as Garage Attendant), Larry Flash Jenkins (as Attendant's Co-Pilot), Kristy Swanson (as Simone Adamley) 
112 3/4 Field of Dreams  Minutes: 107  1989  Drama 

Iowa farmer Ray Kinsella hears a voice in his corn field tell him, "If you build it, he will come." He interprets this message as an instruction to build a baseball field on his farm, upon which appear the ghosts of Shoeless Joe Jackson and the other seven Chicago White Sox players banned from the game for throwing the 1919 World Series. When the voices continue, Ray seeks out a reclusive author to help him understand the meaning of the messages and the purpose for his field. 
Cast: Kevin Costner (as Ray Kinsella), Amy Madigan (as Annie Kinsella), Gaby Hoffmann (as Karin Kinsella), Ray Liotta (as Shoeless Joe Jackson), Timothy Busfield (as Mark), James Earl Jones (as Terence "Terry" Mann), Burt Lancaster (as Dr. Archibald "Moonlight" Graham), Frank Whaley (as Archie Graham), Dwier Brown (as John Kinsella), James Andelin (as Feed Store Farmer), Mary Anne Kean (as Feed Store Lady), Fern Persons (as Annie's Mother), Kelly Coffield (as Dee, Mark's Wife), Michael Milhoan (as Buck Weaver (3B)), Steve Eastin (as Eddie Cicotte (P)) 
113 3/4 Fight Club  Minutes: 139  1999  Crime 

A lonely, isolated thirty-something young professional seeks an escape from his mundane existence with the help of a devious soap salesman. They find their release from the prison of reality through underground fight clubs, where men can be what the world now denies them. Their boxing matches and harmless pranks soon lead to an out-of-control spiral towards oblivion. 
Cast: Edward Norton (as The Narrator), Brad Pitt (as Tyler Durden), Helena Bonham Carter (as Marla Singer), Meat Loaf (as Robert 'Bob' Paulson (as Meat Loaf Aday)), Zach Grenier (as Richard Chesler), Richmond Arquette (as Intern), David Andrews (as Thomas), George Maguire (as Group Leader), Eugenie Bondurant (as Weeping Woman), Christina Cabot (as Group Leader), Sydney 'Big Dawg' Colston (as Speaker), Rachel Singer (as Chloe), Christie Cronenweth (as Airline Attendant), Tim De Zarn (as Inspector Bird), Ezra Buzzington (as Inspector Dent) 
114 3/4 Finding Neverland  Minutes: 106  2004  Biography, Drama, Family 

London, 1903: four lads, three women, and J.M. Barrie in the year he writes "Peter Pan." After one of his plays flops, Barrie meets four boys and their widowed mother in the park. During the next months, the child-like Barrie plays with the boys daily, and their imaginative games give him ideas for a play. Simultaneously, a friendship deepens with Sylvia, the lads' mother, to the chagrin of his wife Mary, with whom he spends little time (separate bedrooms), the widow's mother, and high society, which gossips about his attraction to the widow and to her sons. As Sylvia's health worsens, Barrie's ties to the boys strengthen and he must find a way to take his muse to Neverland. 
Cast: Johnny Depp, Kate Winslet, Julie Christie, Radha Mitchell, Dustin Hoffman, Freddie Highmore, Joe Prospero, Nick Roud, Luke Spill, Ian Hart, Kelly Macdonald, Mackenzie Crook, Eileen Essell, Jimmy Gardner, Oliver Fox 
115 2/4 Firewall  Minutes: 105  2006  Crime 

Jack Stanfield is an executive responsible for the security of the computer system of a small bank. He is very connected to his family, composed of the architect Beth, a teenager daughter and a young son. When the gang led by the criminal Bill Cox invades his house, they force Jack to transfer a hundred million dollars to a bank account in Cayman Islands as ransom for his family. When Bill does not release his family, Jack tries to save them by his own. 
Cast: Harrison Ford (as Jack Stanfield), Paul Bettany (as Bill Cox), Virginia Madsen (as Beth Stanfield), Mary Lynn Rajskub (as Janet Stone), Robert Patrick (as Gary Mitchell), Robert Forster (as Harry), Alan Arkin (as Arlin Forester), Carly Schroeder (as Sarah Stanfield), Jimmy Bennett (as Andy Stanfield), Gail Ann Lewis (as Bank Employee #1), Matthew Currie Holmes (as Bobby), Candus Churchill (as Betty), David Lewis (as Rich), Zahf Paroo (as Ravi), Pat Jenkinson (as Laurie) 
116 2/4 First Blood  Minutes: 97  1982  Drama 

Ex-Green Beret John Rambo wanders up north in search of a friend. Rambo was awarded with the medal of honor for his service in Vietnam but has not found solace in the States thereafter. And he certainly does escape prejudice when a small town's tough, idealistic sheriff spots him entering. The sheriff believes Rambo would be something of a light disturbance to the town and tries to keep him out. When Rambo rebels and then escapes into the cold misty forests, the force embarks on a massive manhunt to subdue him flanked by his former superior officer Colonel Trautman who knows the odds and ends of Rambo's cunning. 
Cast: Sylvester Stallone (as John J. Rambo), Richard Crenna (as Col. Samuel Trautman), Brian Dennehy (as Hope Sheriff Will Teasle), Bill McKinney (as State Police Capt. Dave Kern), Jack Starrett (as Deputy Sgt. Arthur Galt), Michael Talbott (as Deputy Balford), Chris Mulkey (as Deputy Ward), John McLiam (as Orval the Dog Man), Alf Humphreys (as Deputy Lester), David Caruso (as Deputy Mitch), David L. Crowley (as Deputy Shingleton (as David Crowley)), Don MacKay (as Preston), Charles A. Tamburro (as Pilot (as Chuck Tamburro)), David Petersen (as Trooper), Craig Huston (as Radio operator (as Craig Wright Huston)) 
117 3/4 Flags of Our Fathers  Minutes: 132  2006  Action 

In February, 1945, one of the fiercest battles of the Pacific theater of World War II occurs on the tiny island of Iwo Jima. Thousands of Marines attack the stronghold maintained by thousands of Japanese, and the slaughter on both sides is horrific. Early in the battle, an American flag is raised atop the high point, Mount Suribachi, and a photograph of the raising becomes an American cause celebre. As a powerful inspiration to war-sick Americans, the photo becomes a symbol of the Allied cause. The three surviving flag raisers, Rene Gagnon, John Bradley, and Ira Hayes, are whisked back to civilization to help raise funds for the war effort. But the accolades for heroism heaped upon the three men are at odds with their own personal realizations that thousands of real heroes lie dead on Iwo Jima, and that their own contributions to the fight are only symbolic and not deserving of the singling out they are experiencing. Each of the three must come to terms with the honors, exploitation, and grief that they face simply for being in a photograph. 
Cast: Ryan Phillippe (as John "Doc" Bradley), Jesse Bradford (as Rene Gagnon), Adam Beach (as Ira Hayes), John Benjamin Hickey (as Keyes Beech), John Slattery (as Bud Gerber), Barry Pepper (as Mike Strank), Jamie Bell (as Ralph "Iggy" Ignatowski), Paul Walker (as Hank Hansen), Robert Patrick (as Colonel Chandler Johnson), Neal McDonough (as Captain Severance), Melanie Lynskey (as Pauline Harnois), Thomas McCarthy (as James Bradley (as Tom McCarthy)), Chris Bauer (as Commandant Vandergrift), Judith Ivey (as Belle Block), Myra Turley (as Madeline Evelley) 
118 2/4 Fletch  Minutes: 98  1985  Comedy 

Irwin "Fletch" Fletcher, Los Angeles journalist, really lives for his profession. As Jane Doe, he publishes articles that have caused several heads to roll in the past. Now, Fletch is at it again: In disguise as a bum, he lives at the beach, researching drugs and their dealing. One day, Fletch is addressed by Alan Stanwyk, a rich man, who asks him, the bum, a favour. For the sum of $50,000, Fletch should kill poor cancer-ridden Mr. Stanwyk with a gun, so that his wife will get the insurance money. What the guy didn't think of was Fletch's real profession. Returning into normal life, Fletch instantly takes up research not only to find out that Mr. Stanwyk is healthy as life itself but he also runs into certain connections between drug dealing at the beach, Alan Stanwyk, his private jet, the police and a very expensive piece of Land in Utah. 
Cast: Chevy Chase (as Irwin 'Fletch' Fletcher), Joe Don Baker (as Chief Jerry Karlin), Dana Wheeler-Nicholson (as Gail Stanwyk), Richard Libertini (as Frank Walker), Tim Matheson (as Alan Stanwyk), M. Emmet Walsh (as Dr. Joseph Dolan), George Wendt (as Fat Sam), Kenneth Mars (as Stanton Boyd), Geena Davis (as Larry), Bill Henderson (as Speaker), William Traylor (as Ted Underhill), George Wyner (as Marvin Gillet), Tony Longo (as Detective #1), Larry Flash Jenkins (as Gummy), Ralph Seymour (as Creasy) 
119 2/4 Flight of the Phoenix  Minutes: 113  2004  Action 

In Mongolia, the test well of an oil field is shut-down by the company headquarter in Atlanta, and a plane piloted by Captain Frank Towns (Dennis Quaid) is sent to bring the workers back home. While flying over a storm, the plane crashes in the Mongolian desert. When they realize that they will not be rescued, they decide to build a new plane from the wreckage of the old one. 
Cast: Dennis Quaid (as Frank Towns), Tyrese Gibson (as A.J.), Giovanni Ribisi (as Elliott), Miranda Otto (as Kelly), Tony Curran (as Rodney), Sticky Fingaz (as Jeremy (as Kirk Jones)), Jacob Vargas (as Sammi), Hugh Laurie (as Ian), Scott Michael Campbell (as Liddle), Kevork Malikyan (as Rady), Jared Padalecki (as Davis), Paul Ditchfield (as Dr. Gerber), Martin Hindy (as Newman (as Martin 'Mako' Hindy)), Bob Brown (as Kyle), Anthony Wong (as Lead Smuggler) 
120 2/4 Flushed Away  Minutes: 84  2006  Animation 

Roddy is a decidedly upper-crust "society mouse" who lives the life of a beloved pet in a posh Kensington flat. When a sewer rat named Sid comes spewing out of the sink and decides he's hit the jackpot, Roddy schemes to rid himself of the pest by luring him into the "whirlpool." Sid may be an ignorant slob, but he's no fool, so it is Roddy who winds up being flushed away into the bustling sewer world of Ratropolis. There Roddy meets Rita, an enterprising scavenger who works the sewers in her faithful boat, the Jammy Dodger. Roddy immediately wants out, or rather, up; Rita wants to be paid for her trouble; and, speaking of trouble, the villainous Toad--who royally despises all rodents equally, making no distinction between mice and rats--wants them iced ... literally. The Toad dispatches his two hapless hench-rats, Spike and Whitey, to get the job done. When they fail, the Toad has no choice but to send to France for his cousin--that dreaded mercenary, Le Frog. 
Cast: Hugh Jackman (as Roddy (voice)), Kate Winslet (as Rita (voice)), Ian McKellen (as The Toad (voice)), Jean Reno (as Le Frog (voice)), Bill Nighy (as Whitey (voice)), Andy Serkis (as Spike (voice)), Shane Richie (as Sid (voice)), Kathy Burke (as Rita's Mum (voice)), David Suchet (as Rita's Dad (voice)), Miriam Margolyes (as Rita's Grandma (voice)), Rachel Rawlinson (as Tabitha (voice)), Susan Duerden (as Mother (voice)), Miles Richardson (as Father (voice)), John Motson (as Football Commentator (voice)), Douglas Weston (as Newspaper Seller (voice)) 
121 2/4 Flyboys  Minutes: 140  2006  Action 

The adventures of the Lafayette Escadrille, young Americans who volunteered for the French military before the U.S. entered World War I, and became the country's first fighter pilots.
Cast: James Franco (as Blaine Rawlings), Scott Hazell (as Cinema Usher), Mac McDonald (as Sheriff Detweiller), Philip Winchester (as William Jensen), Todd Boyce (as Mr. Jensen), Michael Jibson (as Lyle Porter), Karen Ford (as Mrs. Jensen), Ruth Bradley (as Laura), Abdul Salis (as Eugene Skinner), Tim Pigott-Smith (as Mr. Lowry), Tyler Labine (as Briggs Lowry), Gail Downey (as Mrs. Lowry), David Ellison (as Eddie Beagle), Jean Reno (as Captain Thenault), Augustin Legrand (as L.T. Giroux) 
122 2/4 FM  Minutes: 104  1978  Comedy, Drama, Musical 

Q-SKY is the #1 radio station in Los Angeles mainly because of the music they play, and running the station the way they want to. It has led them to a ratings success. The interesting radio personalities include: Jeff Dugan, rebellious head of the radio station; Mother, who is burned out from being a DJ; Eric Swan, a self centered romantic who wants more than just being a DJ; The Prince of Darkness, the hip night DJ; and Laura Coe, the easy-going type. The movie focuses on the battle between Jeff and his corporate bosses, who want more advertising and less music. 
Cast: Michael Brandon, Eileen Brennan, Alex Karras, Cleavon Little, Martin Mull, Cassie Yates, Norman Lloyd, Jay Fenichel, James Keach, Joe Smith, Tom Tarpey, Janet Brandt, Mary Torrey, Roberta Wallach, Terry Jastrow 
123 2/4 Fool's Gold  Minutes: 113  2008  Adventure 

Benjamin Finnegan is a deep-sea treasure hunter certain he's onto the find of the century in waters near an island close to Key West owned by a murderous rap star to whom Ben is in debt. Ben's flat broke and recently divorced from Tess, his long-time research and diving partner whom he still loves. She's nearby, working as a steward aboard the yacht of Nigel Honeycutt, a multimillionaire. The rapper has hired a rival treasurer hunter. Can Ben convince Nigel to bankroll his search, convince Tess to work with him, keep the rapper and his thugs at bay, and find a Spanish treasure hidden for centuries and rich beyond imagination?  
Cast: Matthew McConaughey (as Benjamin Finnegan), Kate Hudson (as Tess Finnegan), Donald Sutherland (as Nigel Honeycutt), Alexis Dziena (as Gemma Honeycutt), Ewen Bremner (as Alfonz), Ray Winstone (as Moe Fitch), Kevin Hart (as Bigg Bunny), Malcolm-Jamal Warner (as Cordell), Brian Hooks (as Curtis), David Roberts (as Cyrus), Michael Mulheren (as Eddie), Adam LeFevre (as Gary), Rohan Nichol (as Stefan), Roger Sciberras (as Andras), Elizabeth Connolly (as Precious Gem Crew Nurse) 
124 3/4 Forrest Gump  Minutes: 142  1994  Comedy 

This movie is about a kid named Forest Gump, played by Tom Hanks, who is named after one of his ancestors who was in the KKK. When you find this out he happens to be sitting next to a women of African decent. The majority of the movie takes place in flashback form from Tom Hanks narrating the events in Forest Gump's life. In this movie there are several comical parts but also some very sad and emotional parts such as Forest Gump being born mentally handicapped and having poliomyelitis which affected many people from this time. Forest Gump struggles to overcome his problems throughout the movies; such as the Vietnam war, mental handicaps, disease, and the narrow mindedness of his peers. Forest Gump ends up marring his life long love, Jennie, who dies shortly after having Forest Gump's baby from breast cancer. [Actually, in the TV version that ABC aired on 2/23/2006 at 9PM EST Jenny tells Forest she is dying of "a virus".] Forest has to take care of his young child who has a normal life and is the top of his class. 
Cast: Tom Hanks (as Forrest Gump), Robin Wright Penn (as Jenny Curran (as Robin Wright)), Gary Sinise (as Lt. Dan Taylor), Mykelti Williamson (as Pvt. Benjamin Buford 'Bubba' Blue), Sally Field (as Mrs. Gump), Rebecca Williams (as Nurse at Park Bench), Michael Conner Humphreys (as Young Forrest Gump), Harold G. Herthum (as Doctor (as Harold Herthum)), George Kelly (as Barber), Bob Penny (as Crony), John Randall (as Crony), Sam Anderson (as Principal), Margo Moorer (as Louise, Mrs. Gump's Housekeeper), Ione M. Telech (as Elderly Woman), Christine Seabrook (as Elderly Woman's Daughter) 
125 2/4 Four Brothers  Minutes: 109  2005  Action 

Four adopted brothers (Mark Wahlberg, Tyrese Gibson, Andre Benjamin, and Garrett Hedlund) come to avenge their mother's (Fionnula Flanagan) death at what appears to be a random killing in a grocery store robbery. However, the boy's investigation of the death reveals more nefarious activities involving the one brother's (Benjamin) business dealings with a notorious local hoodlum (Chiwetel Ejiofor). Two cops (Terence Dashon Howard, Josh Charles), who are trying to solve the case, may also not be what they seem. While a fairly standard tale, their are still several twists and unexpected turns that keeps things interesting. 
Cast: Mark Wahlberg (as Bobby Mercer), Tyrese Gibson (as Angel Mercer), André Benjamin (as Jeremiah Mercer (as Andre Benjamin)), Garrett Hedlund (as Jack Mercer), Terrence Howard (as Lt. Green), Josh Charles (as Detective Fowler), Sofía Vergara (as Sofi), Fionnula Flanagan (as Evelyn Mercer), Chiwetel Ejiofor (as Victor Sweet), Taraji P. Henson (as Camille Mercer), Barry Shabaka Henley (as Councilman Douglas), Jernard Burks (as Evan), Kenneth Welsh (as Robert Bradford), Tony Nappo (as Charlie), Shawn Singleton (as Victor Hoodlum) 
126 3/4 Fracture  Minutes: 113  2007  Crime 

Wealthy, brilliant, and meticulous Ted Crawford, a structural engineer in Los Angeles, shoots his wife and entraps her lover. He signs a confession; at the arraignment, he asserts his rights to represent himself and asks the court to move immediately to trial. The prosecutor is Willy Beachum, a hotshot who's soon to join a fancy civil-law firm, told by everyone it's an open and shut case. Crawford sees Beachum's weakness, the hairline fracture of his character: Willy's a winner. The engineer sets in motion a clockwork crime with all the objects moving in ways he predicts. 
Cast: Anthony Hopkins (as Theodore 'Ted' Crawford), Ryan Gosling (as DDA William 'Willy' Beachum), David Strathairn (as DA Joe Lobruto), Rosamund Pike (as Nikki Gardner), Embeth Davidtz (as Jennifer Crawford), Billy Burke (as Lt. Robert Nunally), Cliff Curtis (as Detective Flores), Fiona Shaw (as Judge Robinson), Bob Gunton (as Judge Gardner), Josh Stamberg (as Norman Foster), Xander Berkeley (as Judge Moran), Zoe Kazan (as Mona), Judith Scott (as Resident), Gary Cervantes (as Ciro (as Carlos Cervantes)), Petrea Burchard (as Dr. Marion Kang) 
127 2/4 Fred Claus  Minutes: 116  2007  Comedy 

During childhood, Fred Claus suffered his younger brother Nick's saintliness. Jump ahead: Fred is a fast-talking, genial but self-centered guy in Chicago looking for $50,000 to open an off-track-betting shop. When one scam goes awry, he calls Nick at the North Pole for a loan: Nick will give him the money only if Fred comes up to help a few days with the Christmas rush. After his girlfriend dumps him, Fred heads north. Santa's facing an audit from an efficiency expert, and it's not pleasant. Fred's job is to review charts and determine who's naughty and who's nice. Is there any fraternal feeling left, can either learn from the other, and what about Santa getting fired? 
Cast: Vince Vaughn (as Fred Claus), Paul Giamatti (as Nick (Santa) Claus), John Michael Higgins (as Willie), Miranda Richardson (as Annette Claus), Rachel Weisz (as Wanda), Kathy Bates (as Mother Claus), Trevor Peacock (as Papa Claus), Ludacris (as DJ Donnie (as Chris 'Ludacris' Bridges)), Elizabeth Banks (as Charlene), Jeremy Swift (as Bob Elf), Elizabeth Berrington (as Linda Elf), Kevin Spacey (as Clyde), Rio Hackford (as Leon), Bobb'e J. Thompson (as Slam), Allan Corduner (as Dr. Goldfarb) 
128 2/4 Freebie and the Bean  Minutes: 113  1974  Action, Comedy, Crime, Drama 

Freebie and Bean, two San Francisco police detectives, have one goal in life: to bring down Red Meyers, a local hijacking boss. After many fruitless months they finally collect an important piece of evidence. However, before they can get an arrest warrant, they hear the news of the hitman being hired to kill Meyers. 
Cast: Alan Arkin, James Caan, Loretta Swit, Jack Kruschen, Mike Kellin, Paul Koslo, Linda Marsh, John Garwood, Alex Rocco, Valerie Harper, Christopher Morley, Bruce Mackey, Monty Stickles, Charles Bail, Eddy Donno 
129 3/4 Freedom Writers  Minutes: 123  2007  Drama 

A young teacher (Swank) inspires her class of at-risk students to learn tolerance, apply themselves, and pursue education beyond high school.
Cast: Hilary Swank (as Erin Gruwell), Patrick Dempsey (as Scott Casey), Scott Glenn (as Steve), Imelda Staunton (as Margaret Campbell), April L. Hernandez (as Eva (as April Lee Hernandez)), Mario (as Andre), Kristin Herrera (as Gloria), Jacklyn Ngan (as Sindy), Sergio Montalvo (as Alejandro), Jason Finn (as Marcus), Deance Wyatt (as Jamal), Vanetta Smith (as Brandy), Gabriel Chavarria (as Tito), Hunter Parrish (as Ben), Antonio García (as Miguel) 
130 3/4 Galaxy Quest  Minutes: 102  1999  Adventure 

Eighteen years after their sci-fi adventure show "Galaxy Quest" was cancelled, actors Jason Nesmith, Gwen DeMarco, Alexander Dane, Tommy Webber, and Fred Kwan are making apperances at sci-fi conventions and store openings in costume and character. They're wallowing in despair and at each other's throats until aliens known as Thermians arrive and, having mistook the show for fact and consequently modeling their entire culture around it, take them into space to save them from the genocidal General Sarris and his armada. 
Cast: Tim Allen (as Jason Nesmith/Cmdr. Peter Quincy Taggart), Sigourney Weaver (as Gwen DeMarco/Lt. Tawny Madison), Alan Rickman (as Alexander Dane/Dr. Lazarus), Tony Shalhoub (as Fred Kwan/Tech Sgt. Chen), Sam Rockwell (as Guy Fleegman/Security Chief 'Roc' Ingersol), Daryl Mitchell (as Tommy Webber/Lt. Laredo), Enrico Colantoni (as Thermian Cmdr. Mathesar), Robin Sachs (as General Roth'h'ar Sarris), Patrick Breen (as Thermian Quellek), Missi Pyle (as Thermian Laliari/Jane Doe), Jed Rees (as Thermian Historian Teb), Justin Long (as Brandon Wheeger, Commander Fan), Jeremy Howard (as Kyle, Commander Fan), Kaitlin Cullum (as Katelyn, Commander Fan), Jonathan Feyer (as Hollister, Commander Fan) 
131 3/4 Gangs of New York  Minutes: 167  2002  Crime 

As waves of immigrants swell the population of New York, lawlessness and corruption thrive in Manhattan's Five Points section. After years of incarceration, young Irish immigrant Amsterdam Vallon returns seeking revenge against the rival gang leader who killed his father. But Amsterdam's personal vendetta becomes part of the gang warfare that erupts as he and his fellow Irishmen fight to carve a place for themselves in their newly adopted homeland! 
Cast: Leonardo DiCaprio (as Amsterdam Vallon), Daniel Day-Lewis (as Bill 'The Butcher' Cutting), Cameron Diaz (as Jenny Everdeane), Jim Broadbent (as Boss Tweed), John C. Reilly (as Happy Jack), Henry Thomas (as Johnny Sirocco), Liam Neeson (as 'Priest' Vallon), Brendan Gleeson (as Walter 'Monk' McGinn), Gary Lewis (as McGloin), Stephen Graham (as Shang), Eddie Marsan (as Killoran), Alec McCowen (as Reverend Raleigh (as Alec Mccowen)), David Hemmings (as Mr. Schermerhorn), Larry Gilliard Jr. (as Jimmy Spoils), Cara Seymour (as Hell-Cat Maggie) 
132 2/4 George of the Jungle  Minutes: 92  1997  Family 

Heiress Ursula Stanhope treks off to Africa for adventure, and to get away from fiance Lyle Vandergroot. He follows her anyway. Ursula is rescued from a lion attack by George, who whisks her to his jungle tree house. There they are smitten by each other. Returning with her to San Francisco, it is George's turn to be bewildered by the urban jungle. Meanwhile, Lyle and his devious trackers pursue schemes of their own to kidnap George's elephant "doggie." 
Cast: Brendan Fraser (as George, the King of the Jungle), Leslie Mann (as Ursula Stanhope), Thomas Haden Church (as Lyle van de Groot), John Cleese (as An Ape Named 'Ape' (voice)), Richard Roundtree (as Kwame, Traveling Sidekick), Greg Cruttwell (as Max, van de Groot's Sidekick Thug), Abraham Benrubi (as Thor, van de Groot's Sidekick Thug), Holland Taylor (as Beatrice Stanhope, Ursula's Mom), Kelly Miller (as Betsy), John Bennett Perry (as Arthur Stanhope, Ursula's Dad), Michael Chinyamurindi (as N'Dugo), Abdoulaye NGom (as Kip), Lydell M. Cheshier (as Baleto (as Lydell Cheshier)), Keith Scott (as Narrator (voice)), Spencer Garrett (as Male Guest at Party) 
133 2/4 Get Shorty  Minutes: 105  1995  Comedy 

Chili Palmer, a Miami mobster, loan-sharks for Ray Bones, a violent thug with a big chip on his shoulder. Ray sends Chili to Vegas after a bad debt, and a casino boss enlists Chili to find an even bigger deadbeat: Harry Zimm, Hollywood player and producer of low-budget horror films. In Tinseltown, Chili meets Harry, as well as his scream- queen leading lady, Karen Flores; Harry's drug-dealing financier, Bo Catlett; and Karen's ex, Martin Weir (aka "Shorty"), a big star with an ego to match. Chili finds his Mafioso skills lend themselves quite nicely to what he's always really wanted to do: producing movies. 
Cast: John Travolta (as Chili Palmer), Gene Hackman (as Harry Zimm), Rene Russo (as Karen Flores), Danny DeVito (as Martin Weir), Dennis Farina (as Ray 'Bones' Barboni), Delroy Lindo (as Bo Catlett), James Gandolfini (as Bear), Jon Gries (as Ronnie Wingate), Renee Props (as Nicki), David Paymer (as Leo Devoe), Martin Ferrero (as Tommy Carlo), Miguel Sandoval (as Mr. Escobar), Jacob Vargas (as Yayo Portillo), Bobby Slayton (as Dick Allen), Linda Hart (as Fay Devoe) 
134 2/4 Get Smart  Minutes: 110  2008  Action, Adventure, Comedy 

American Maxwell Smart works for a Government spy agency in an administrative capacity. When the agency's head office is attacked, the Chief decides to assign Maxwell as a spy and partners him with sexy Agent 99, much to her chagrin. The duo nevertheless set off to combat their attackers by first parachuting off an airplane and landing in Russian territory - followed closely by a over seven foot tall, 400 pound goon, known simply as Dalip. The duo, handicapped by Maxwell's antics, will eventually have their identities compromised, and may be chalked up as casualties while back in America their attackers have already planted a bomb that is set-up to explode in a concert.  
Cast: Steve Carell, Anne Hathaway, Dwayne Johnson, Alan Arkin, Terence Stamp, Terry Crews, David Koechner, James Caan, Bill Murray, Patrick Warburton, Masi Oka, Nate Torrence, Ken Davitian, David S. Lee, Dalip Singh 
135 3/4 Ghost Busters  Minutes: 105  1984  Action 

Peter Venkman, Ray Stantz, and Egon Spengler are three scientists at Columbia University in New York City. When their grant expires, the guys are fired and they go into business as a ghost extermination company called "Ghostbusters". Their first customer is orchestra cello player Dana Barrett, who was scared out of her apartment on the 22nd floor of a high rise apartment building on Central Park West. It seems that Dana's neighbor, Louis Tully, is also being affected by the strange happenings in the apartment building. Armed with proton guns, the Ghostbusters become wildly popular, and they are joined by Winston Zeddmore, who is looking for a job with good pay. Overzealous Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) agent Walter Peck thinks the Ghostbusters are frauds, and he has the Ghostbusters put in jail. Peck is forced to believe the Ghostbusters when New York City is put under siege by an ancient Sumerian God named Gozer the Gozerian, who is channeled through the apartment building that Dana and Louis live in, and the mayor has no choice but to let the Ghostbusters out of jail to face Gozer. 
Cast: Bill Murray (as Dr. Peter Venkman), Dan Aykroyd (as Dr. Raymond Stantz), Sigourney Weaver (as Dana Barrett), Harold Ramis (as Dr. Egon Spengler), Rick Moranis (as Louis Tully), Annie Potts (as Janine Melnitz), William Atherton (as Walter Peck), Ernie Hudson (as Winston Zeddmore), David Margulies (as Mayor), Steven Tash (as Male Student), Jennifer Runyon (as Female Student), Slavitza Jovan (as Gozer), Michael Ensign (as Hotel Manager), Alice Drummond (as Librarian), Jordan Charney (as Dean Yager) 
136 2/4 Ghost Rider  Minutes: 114  2007  Action 

When the motorcyclist Johnny Blaze finds that his father Barton Blaze has a terminal cancer, he accepts a pact with the Mephistopheles, giving his soul for the health of his beloved father. But the devil deceives him, and Barton dies in a motorcycle accident during an exhibition. Johnny leaves the carnival, his town, his friends and his girlfriend Roxanne. Years later Johnny Blaze becomes a famous motorcyclist, who risks his life in his shows, and he meets Roxanne again, now a TV reporter. However, Mephistopheles proposes Johnny to release his contract if he become the "Ghost Rider" and defeat his evil son Blackheart, who wants to possess one thousand evil souls and transform hell on earth
Cast: Matt Long (as Young Johnny Blaze), Raquel Alessi (as Young Roxanne Simpson), Brett Cullen (as Barton Blaze), Peter Fonda (as Mephistopheles), Nicolas Cage (as Johnny Blaze / Ghost Rider), Donal Logue (as Mack), Tony Ghosthawk (as Team Blaze #1), Hugh Sexton (as Team Blaze #2), Marcus Jones (as Team Blaze #3), Matt Norman (as Team Blaze #4), Lawrence Cameron Steele (as X Games Announcer (as Cameron Steele)), Wes Bentley (as Blackheart), Eddie Baroo (as Motorcycle Gang Member), Jessica Napier (as Broken Spoke Waitress), Laurence Breuls (as Gressil) 
137 3/4 Ghost Town  Minutes: 102  2008  Comedy 

Bertram Pincus is a man whose people skills leave much to be desired. When Pincus dies unexpectedly, but is miraculously revived after seven minutes, he wakes up to discover that he now has the annoying ability to see ghosts. Even worse, they all want something from him, particularly Frank Herlihy who pesters him into breaking up the impending marriage of his widow Gwen. That puts Pincus squarely in the middle of a triangle with spirited result. 
Cast: Greg Kinnear (as Frank Herlihy), Jordan Carlos (as Young Husband), Dequina Moore (as Young Wife), Joseph Badalucco Jr. (as Accident Bystander #1 (as Joe Badalucco)), Brian Hutchison (as Accident Bystander #2), Tyree Michael Simpson (as Sneezy Cop (as Tyre Simpson)), Julia K. Murney (as Sneezy Lady), Ricky Gervais (as Bertram Pincus D.D.S.), Claire Lautier (as Upper East Side Lady), Aasif Mandvi (as Dr. Prashar), Bridget Moloney (as Receptionist), Raymond J. Lee (as Greenpeace Guy (as Raymond Lee)), Joey Mazzarino (as Food Delivery Guy), Brad Oscar (as Day Doorman), Kathleen Landis (as Resident) 
138 3/4 Gladiator  Minutes: 155  2000  Action 

A dying Marcus Aurelius plans to name his loyal and brave General Maximus as his successor in order to restore the power of the Roman Senate. However, his power-hungry, jealous son Commodus learns of the plan, murders Marcus Aurelius, and plans to execute Maximus in order to secure his claim to the throne. Maximus escapes execution, but is sold into slavery and is forced to become a gladiator. Eventually, Maximus and his fellow gladiators are sent to Rome to perform for Commodus. Through his bravery he wins over the masses and reveals his true identity, much to the chagrin of Commodus. Can Maximus use his newfound popularity to avenge Marcus Aurelius' death, or will Commodus be able to keep the throne? 
Cast: Russell Crowe (as Maximus), Joaquin Phoenix (as Commodus), Connie Nielsen (as Lucilla), Oliver Reed (as Proximo), Richard Harris (as Marcus Aurelius), Derek Jacobi (as Gracchus), Djimon Hounsou (as Juba), David Schofield (as Falco), John Shrapnel (as Gaius), Tomas Arana (as Quintus), Ralf Moeller (as Hagen), Spencer Treat Clark (as Lucius), David Hemmings (as Cassius), Tommy Flanagan (as Cicero), Sven-Ole Thorsen (as Tiger) 
139 2/4 Glory Daze  Minutes: 100  1996  Comedy 

It's two days before graduation, and Jack is having serious doubts about the future. The old gang is breaking up - Rob is moving to L.A. with his girlfriend; Dennis is finishing his third degree and going to grad school in Michigan; Slosh has dropped out of school and stays drunk all the time; and Mickey, who still has a year of school to go, seems tired of the scene and wishes he had the guts to tell his friend Chelsea how he feels about her. As Jack looks out at his four years in Santa Cruz, he wonders if this isn't the best time of his life, and he wonders whether it might be a mistake to let it all go just because of graduation. As his pals also get glimpses of life after college, he decides he's not going to leave, that he's going to live his glory days a little longer. 
Cast: Ben Affleck (as Jack), Sam Rockwell (as Rob), Megan Ward (as Joanie), French Stewart (as Dennis), Vien Hong (as Slosh), Vinnie DeRamus (as Mickey), Kristin Bauer (as Dina), Alyssa Milano (as Chelsea), John Rhys-Davies (as Luther), Lance Wilson-White (as Stew), Mary Woronov (as Mrs. Crump), Tegan West (as Doc), Matthew McConaughey (as Rental Truck Guy), Sean Whalen (as Flunky), Christine Klotz (as Graduation Woman) 
140 4/4 Good Eats (Several seasons, 138 Episodes)  Minutes: 30  1999  Documentary 

Pop culture, comedy, and plain good eating: host Alton Brown explores the origins of ingredients, decodes culinary customs and presents food and equipment trends. Punctuated by unusual interludes, simple preparations and unconventional discussions, he'll bring you food in its finest and funniest form. 
Cast: Alton Brown (as Host / ... (178 episodes, 1999-2007)) 
141 3/4 Good Will Hunting  Minutes: 126  1997  Drama 

A janitor at MIT, Will Hunting (Matt Damon) has a gift for maths that can take him light-years beyond his blue-collar roots, but to achieve his dream he must turn his back on the neighborhood and his best friend (Ben Affleck). To complicate matters, two strangers enter the equation: a washed-up shrink (Robin Williams) who starts to coach Will through his transformation, and a med student (Minnie Driver) who shows him that there can be a pretty face along with his life of the mind. 
Cast: Robin Williams (as Sean Maguire), Matt Damon (as Will Hunting), Ben Affleck (as Chuckie Sullivan), Stellan Skarsgård (as Prof. Gerald Lambeau), Minnie Driver (as Skylar), Casey Affleck (as Morgan O'Mally), Cole Hauser (as Billy McBride), John Mighton (as Tom), Rachel Majorowski (as Krystyn), Colleen McCauley (as Cathy), Matt Mercier (as Barbershop Quartet #1), Ralph St. George (as Barbershop Quartet #2), Rob Lynds (as Barbershop Quartet #3), Dan Washington (as Barbershop Quartet #4), Alison Folland (as M.I.T. Student #1) 
142 1/4 Grey's Anatomy - Season One  Minutes: 60  2005  Drama 

A drama centered on the personal and professional lives of five surgical interns and their supervisors. 
Cast: Kate Walsh (as Addison Montgomery Shepherd), Justin Chambers (as Alex Karev), T.R. Knight (as George O'Malley), Sara Ramirez (as Calliope "Callie" Torres), Eric Dane (as Mark Sloan), Ellen Pompeo (as Meredith Grey), Chandra Wilson (as Miranda Bailey), James Pickens Jr. (as Richard Webber), Patrick Dempsey (as Derek Shepherd), Isaiah Washington (as Preston Burke), Sandra Oh (as Cristina Yang), Katherine Heigl (as
Isobel "Izzie" Stevens)
143  Grey's Anatomy - Season Two  Minutes: 60  2005  Comedy 

A drama centered on the personal and professional lives of five surgical interns and their supervisors.
Cast: Ellen Pompeo (as Dr. Meredith Grey (60 episodes, 2005-2007)), Sandra Oh (as Dr. Cristina Yang (60 episodes, 2005-2007)), Katherine Heigl (as Dr. Isobel 'Izzie' Stevens (60 episodes, 2005-2007)), Justin Chambers (as Dr. Alex Karev (60 episodes, 2005-2007)), T.R. Knight (as Dr. George O'Malley (60 episodes, 2005-2007)), Chandra Wilson (as Dr. Miranda Bailey (60 episodes, 2005-2007)), James Pickens Jr. (as Dr. Richard Webber (60 episodes, 2005-2007)), Isaiah Washington (as Dr. Preston Burke (60 episodes, 2005-2007)), Patrick Dempsey (as Dr. Derek Shepherd (60 episodes, 2005-2007)), Kate Walsh (as Dr. Addison Montgomery-Shepherd / ... (52 episodes, 2005-2007)), Sara Ramirez (as Dr. Callie Torres / ... (33 episodes, 2006-2007)) 
144 2/4 Gridiron Gang  Minutes: 120  2006  Drama 

Teenagers at a juvenile detention center, under the leadership of their counselor, gain self-esteem by playing football together.
Cast: The Rock (as Sean Porter (as Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson)), Xzibit (as Malcolm Moore), L. Scott Caldwell (as Bobbi Porter), Leon Rippy (as Paul Higa), Kevin Dunn (as Ted Dexter), Jade Yorker (as Willie Weathers), David V. Thomas (as Kelvin Owens), Setu Taase (as Junior Palaita), Mo (as Leon Hayes), James Earl (as Donald Madlock), Trever O'Brien (as Kenny Bates), Brandon Smith (as Bug Wendal (as Brandon Mychal Smith)), Jurnee Smollett (as Danyelle Rollins), Michael J. Pagan (as Roger Weathers), Jamal Mixon (as Jamal Evans) 
145 3/4 Grosse Pointe Blank  Minutes: 107  1997  Comedy 

Martin Blank is a freelance hitman who starts to develop a conscience, which causes him to muff a couple of routine assignments. On the advice of his secretary and his psychiatrist, he attends his 10th year High School reunion in Grosse Pointe, Michigan (a Detroit suburb where he's also contracted to kill someone). Hot on his tail are a couple of over-enthusiastic federal agents, another assassin who wants to kill him, and Grocer, an assassin who wants him to join an "Assassin's Union." 
Cast: John Cusack (as Martin Q. Blank), Minnie Driver (as Debi Newberry), Alan Arkin (as Dr. Oatman), Dan Aykroyd (as Grocer), Joan Cusack (as Marcella), Hank Azaria (as Steven Lardner), K. Todd Freeman (as Kenneth McCullers), Jeremy Piven (as Paul Spericki), Mitch Ryan (as Mr. Bart Newberry (as Mitchell Ryan)), Michael Cudlitz (as Bob Destepello), Benny Urquidez (as Felix La PuBelle), Duffy Taylor (as Ultimart Carl), Audrey Kissel (as Arlene), Carlos Jacott (as Ken), Brian Powell (as Husky Man) 
146 3/4 Hancock  Minutes: 92  2008  Action 

The powerful alcoholic and clumsy John Hancock is the most hated person in Los Angeles, as in spite of saving lives, he also destroys properties causing high cost to the city to fix his damages. When he saves the life of the PR Ray Embrey from a train, the executive feels in debt with Hancock and decides to change his image. He brings the anti-hero to have dinner at his home, and introduces him to his son and fan Aaron and to his wife, Mary. But Mary does not want Hancock in her life. 
Cast: Will Smith (as John Hancock), Charlize Theron (as Mary Embrey), Jason Bateman (as Ray Embrey), Jae Head (as Aaron Embrey), Eddie Marsan (as Kenneth 'Red' Parker Jr.), David Mattey (as Man Mountain), Maetrix Fitten (as Matrix), Thomas Lennon (as Mike), Johnny Galecki (as Jeremy), Hayley Marie Norman (as Hottie), Dorothy Cecchi (as Woman in Dive Bar), Martin Klebba (as Convict #12), Akiva Goldsman (as Executive #1), Michael Mann (as Executive #2), Brad Leland (as Executive #3) 
147 2/4 Happy Feet  Minutes: 109  2006  Animation 

In the cold land of Antarctica, the Emperor Penguins each express their true love with a special heartsong of their own that expresses their very being. However, the misfit Mumble cannot sing, but instead has an extraordinary talent to tap dance with almost magical energy and expression. Nevertheless, the deeply conformist leadership of the colony fearfully blames the young penguin's unorthodox ways for the lean fishing that threatens them all. Defiant in the face of unjust rejection, Mumble and his true friends set out to find the true cause of the famine. Through the motley crew's trials and perils, Mumble learns many things about his frozen world, not the least of which being that his toe tapping talent may be what he needs to save his people. 
Cast: Carlos Alazraqui (as Nestor (voice)), Lombardo Boyar (as Raul (voice)), Jeffrey Garcia (as Rinaldo (voice) (as Jeff Garcia)), Johnny A. Sanchez (as Lombardo (voice) (as Johnny Sanchez III)), Robin Williams (as Ramon / Lovelace (voice)), Elijah Wood (as Mumble (voice)), Brittany Murphy (as Gloria (voice)), Hugh Jackman (as Memphis (voice)), Nicole Kidman (as Norma Jean (voice)), Hugo Weaving (as Noah the Elder (voice)), Elizabeth Daily (as Baby Mumble (voice) (as E.G. Daily)), Magda Szubanski (as Miss Viola (voice)), Miriam Margolyes (as Mrs. Astrakhan (voice)), Fat Joe (as Seymour (voice)), Alyssa Shafer (as Baby Gloria (voice)) 
148 2/4 Happy Gilmore  Minutes: 92  1996  Comedy 

Happy Gilmore is a rowdy boy, who was raised by his grandmother. He wants to be a hockey player but isn't because of one thing, he can't skate. When his grandmother's house is foreclosed cause of her failure to pay her taxes, and she's placed in a retirement home, Happy must try and find a way to make some money. One day while at a driving range, he discovers that he can hit a golf ball a hundred feet, so the range pro, convinces him to try being a pro golfer. Reluctant at first, because he considers himself a hockey player, but when he learns he can make a lot of money, he gives it a try and surprisingly, in addition to his amazing driving ability, his antics have made him the darling of the crowd. Shooter McGavin the tournament leader, thinks that Happy's an embarrassment and is jealous that he is stealing his spotlight, tries to get him thrown out or get him to quit. 
Cast: Adam Sandler (as Happy Gilmore), Christopher McDonald (as Shooter McGavin), Julie Bowen (as Virginia Venit), Frances Bay (as Grandma Gilmore), Carl Weathers (as Chubbs Peterson), Allen Covert (as Otto), Robert Smigel (as I.R.S. Agent), Bob Barker (as Himself), Richard Kiel (as Mr. Larson), Dennis Dugan (as Doug Thompson), Joe Flaherty (as Donald), Lee Trevino (as Himself), Kevin Nealon (as Gary Potter), Verne Lundquist (as Himself), Jared Van Snellenberg (as Happy's Waterbury Caddy) 
149 2/4 Hard Rain  Minutes: 97  1998  Action 

Heavy Rainfall causes a Indiana river to swell and flood the town. All inhabitants are forced by public services to leave instantly. Tom and his uncle Charlie work for a money transport firm and their assignment is to evacuate all cash from the banks along the flooding river. So, their truck is loaded with about three million Dollars. Hank tries to prevent further flooding, as he's the guy responsible for the dam up the river, but he has to open one gate in order to save the old dam from breaking. Only the police under the Sheriff's leadership stay in town to prevent looting. As the water level rises, Tom and Charlie's Truck gets stuck in the flooded road. This is the moment, Jim, an elderly thief, and his gang have been waiting for. In an attempt to get the money from the truck, Charlie gets shot and Tom swims off to save the cash bags. While trying to hide, he meets Karen, who resisted to leave the old church she has been restoring for eight months. She thinks he is a looter, and calls the cops to bring him in. But as the Sheriff finds out about that much cash in a situation like this, he radios his old pal Hank, up at the dam... 
Cast: Morgan Freeman (as Jim), Christian Slater (as Tom), Randy Quaid (as Sheriff), Minnie Driver (as Karen), Edward Asner (as Uncle Charlie), Michael A. Goorjian (as Kenny (as Michael Goorjian)), Dann Florek (as Mr. Mehlor), Ricky Harris (as Ray), Mark Rolston (as Wayne Bryce), Peter Murnik (as Phil), Wayne Duvall (as Hank), Richard A. Dysart (as Henry Sears (as Richard Dysart)), Betty White (as Doreen Sears), Ray Baker (as Mayor), Lisa Fuhrman (as Mayor's Wife) 
150 3/4 Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay  Minutes: 100  2008  Adventure 

The morning they return from their White Castle road trip, Harold and Kumar decide to go to Amsterdam because Harold doesn't want to wait ten days to see Maria again. On the plane, Kumar lights up his new bong, the air marshals think it's a bomb, and Harold and Kumar are arrested as terrorists and sent to Guantanamo Bay. Ordered to fellate a guard, they manage to escape, make their way to Florida, and head for Texas to find Kumar's ex-girlfriend's fiancé, the well-connected Colton, and get him to intercede with Washington on their behalf. Kumar still has a thing for Vanessa, the feds are in hot pursuit, and the legal weed of Amsterdam seems a long way away.  
Cast: John Cho (as Harold Lee), Kal Penn (as Kumar Patel), Rob Corddry (as Ron Fox), Jack Conley (as Deputy Frye), Roger Bart (as Dr. Jack Beecher), Neil Patrick Harris (as Neil Patrick Harris), Danneel Harris (as Vanessa Fanning), Eric Winter (as Colton Graham), Paula Garcés (as Maria), Jon Reep (as Raymus), Missi Pyle (as Raylene), Mark Munoz (as Cyrus), James Adomian (as George W. Bush), Beverly D'Angelo (as Sally), Echo Valley (as Tits Hemingway) 
151 3/4 Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets  Minutes: 161  2002  Adventure 

Harry Potter is in his second year of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He is visited by a house-elf named Dobby and warned not to go back to Hogwarts. Harry ignores his warning, and returns. He is still famous, although still disliked by Snape, Malfoy, and the rest of the Slytherins. But then, strange things start to happen. People are becoming petrified, and no-one knows what is doing it. Harry keeps hearing a voice.. a voice which seems to be coming from within the walls. They are told the story of the Chamber of Secrets. It is said that only Salazar Slytherin's true descendent will be able to open it. Harry, it turns out, is a Parsel-tongue. This means that he is able to speak/understand snakes. Everyone thinks that it's him that has opened the Chamber of Secrets because that is what Slytherin was famous for. 
Cast: Daniel Radcliffe (as Harry Potter), Rupert Grint (as Ron Weasley), Emma Watson (as Hermione Granger), Richard Griffiths (as Uncle Vernon Dursley), Fiona Shaw (as Aunt Petunia Dursley), Harry Melling (as Dudley Dursley), Toby Jones (as Dobby the House Elf (voice)), Jim Norton (as Mr. Mason), Veronica Clifford (as Mrs. Mason), James Phelps (as Fred Weasley), Oliver Phelps (as George Weasley), Julie Walters (as Molly Weasley), Bonnie Wright (as Ginny Weasley), Mark Williams (as Arthur Weasley), Chris Rankin (as Percy Weasley) 
152 3/4 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire  Minutes: 157  2005  Adventure 

Harry's fourth summer and the following year at Hogwarts are marked by the Quidditch World Cup and the Triwizard Tournament, in which student representatives from three different wizarding schools compete in a series of increasingly challenging contests. However, Voldemort's Death Eaters are gaining strength and even creating the Dark Mark giving evidence that the Dark Lord is ready to rise again. In the unsuspecting lives of the young wizard and witches at Hogwarts the competitors are selected by the goblet of fire, which this year makes a very surprising announcement: Hogwarts will have two representatives in the tournament, including Harry Potter! Will Harry be able to rise to the challenge for the Tri Wizard Tournament while keeping up with school or will the challenges along with Voldemort's rebirth be too much for the young hero? 
Cast: Eric Sykes (as Frank Bryce), Timothy Spall (as Wormtail (Peter Pettigrew)), David Tennant (as Barty Crouch Junior), Daniel Radcliffe (as Harry Potter), Emma Watson (as Hermione Granger), Rupert Grint (as Ron Weasley), Mark Williams (as Arthur Weasley), James Phelps (as Fred Weasley), Oliver Phelps (as George Weasley), Bonnie Wright (as Ginny Weasley), Jeff Rawle (as Amos Diggory), Robert Pattinson (as Cedric Diggory), Jason Isaacs (as Lucius Malfoy), Tom Felton (as Draco Malfoy), Stanislav Ianevski (as Viktor Krum) 
153 3/4 Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban  Minutes: 141  2004  Adventure 

It's Harry's third year at Hogwart's, but a shadow hangs over the school. A dangerous mass murderer, Sirius Black, has escaped Azkaban Fortress - the Wizards' Prison. While learning to cope with the Dementors sent to protect Hogwart's, Harry learns the disturbing story of Sirius Black and yet more of his own history. 
Cast: Daniel Radcliffe (as Harry Potter), Richard Griffiths (as Uncle Vernon), Pam Ferris (as Aunt Marge), Fiona Shaw (as Aunt Petunia), Harry Melling (as Dudley Dursley), Adrian Rawlins (as James Potter), Geraldine Somerville (as Lily Potter), Lee Ingleby (as Stan Shunpike), Lenny Henry (as Shrunken Head), Jimmy Gardner (as Ernie the Bus Driver), Gary Oldman (as Sirius Black), Jim Tavaré (as Tom the Innkeeper), Robert Hardy (as Cornelius Fudge), Abby Ford (as Young Witch Maid), Rupert Grint (as Ron Weasley) 
154 3/4 Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone  Minutes: 152  2001  Adventure 

Young Harry Potter has to lead a hard life: His parents have died in a car crash when he was still a baby, and he is being brought up by his Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia. For some reason unbeknownst to the bespectacled ten-year-old, the Dursleys let him live in the small chamber under the stairs, and treat him more like vermin than like a family member. His fat cousin Dudley, the Dursley's real son, keeps bothering Harry all the time. On his eleventh birthday, Harry Potter finally receives a mysterious letter from a certain Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, telling him that he is chosen as one of the future students of that supposedly renowned school. Hagrid, the gigantic man who brought the letter, finally introduces Harry into the real circumstances of his life: His parents were a wizard and a witch, they were killed by the evil wizard Voldemort protecting him. Harry still has a lightning-shaped scar on his forehead from that event. Since he survived the attack as a baby, and also somehow deprived Voldemort from his powers, he has been famous in the wizarding world ever since. The Dursleys, strong disbelievers in that magical crap, never told Harry anything about his true self. So, Harry is strongly surprised, yet absolutely happy to start his training. At Hogwarts, Harry meets his teachers, and becomes friends with Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger. The three of them accidentally find out that the potions master, Severus Snape, seems to plot on stealing something that is guarded by a three-headed dog. Since nobody would believe some first years to have found out such important things that even would incriminate a Hogwarts teacher, they take it on themselves to find out what Snape is up to. Their quest for the truth leads across many obstacles, from keeping up the everyday school life, a bewitched Quidditch match (Quidditch is a popular wizard sport), Fluffy, the three-headed monster dog and quite some tasks one has to overcome to get to the guarded object. 
Cast: Richard Harris (as Albus Dumbledore), Maggie Smith (as Professor Minerva McGonagall), Robbie Coltrane (as Rubeus Hagrid), Saunders Triplets (as Baby Harry Potter), Daniel Radcliffe (as Harry Potter), Fiona Shaw (as Aunt Petunia Dursley), Harry Melling (as Dudley Dursley), Richard Griffiths (as Uncle Vernon Dursley), Derek Deadman (as Tom), Ian Hart (as Professor Quirinus Quirrell), Ben Borowiecki (as Diagon Alley Boy), Verne Troyer (as Griphook the Goblin (as Vern Troyer)), John Hurt (as Mr. Ollivander), Richard Bremmer (as He Who Must Not Be Named (voice)), Geraldine Somerville (as Mrs. Lily Potter) 
155 2/4 Hellboy  Minutes: 122  2004  Action 

Hellboy (Ron Perlman) isn't your average hero. Hell. He isn't even your average superhero. Brought forth by the Nazi's during a sacred ritual towards the end of World War II. Our hero was summoned by accident when the evil monk of Russian history/folklore,Grigori Rasputin was meddling with forces that lead to his undoing. With the twisted and evil monster trapped for another sixty years when things don't go as planned (US soldiers heroically intervened). Hellboy is raised by Prof. Trevor "Broom" Bruttenholm (John Hurt), an expert in the occult. Our demonic hero is initiated in to the Bureau of paranomal research were he joins the amphibious, kind hearted, and clever fellow "Freak", Abe Sapien (voiced by David Hyde Pierce). When Rasputin returns once again with the aid of his minions the maniacal, undead asassin Kroenen (Ladislav Beran) and the monks faithful lover Ilsa (Biddy Hodson). Hellboy must unwillingly pair up with John Myers,(Rupert Evans) an idealistic, naive new agent of the Bureau. Not only that but the big hunk of an evil basher becomes entangled in a love triangle with the pyro-telekinetic love of his life Liz (Selma Blair) and his new comrade. Fighting evil couldn't prove more difficult or outthere. 
Cast: Ron Perlman (as Hellboy), John Hurt (as Trevor 'Broom' Bruttenholm), Selma Blair (as Liz Sherman), Rupert Evans (as John Myers), Karel Roden (as Grigori Rasputin), Jeffrey Tambor (as Tom Manning), Doug Jones (as Abe Sapien), Brian Steele (as Sammael), Ladislav Beran (as Kroenen), Biddy Hodson (as Ilsa (as Bridget Hodson)), Corey Johnson (as Agent Clay), Kevin Trainor (as Young "Broom"), Brian Caspe (as Agent Lime), James Babson (as Agent Moss), Stephen Fisher (as Agent Quarry) 
156 3/4 Hellboy II: The Golden Army  Minutes: 120  2008  Action 

In this continuation to the adventure of the demon superhero, an evil elf breaks an ancient pact between humans and creatures, as he declares war against humanity. He is on a mission to release The Golden Army, a deadly group of fighting machines that can destroy the human race. As Hell on Earth is ready to erupt, Hellboy and his crew set out to defeat the evil prince before The Golden Army can destroy humanity's existence.  
Cast: Ron Perlman (as Hellboy), Selma Blair (as Liz Sherman), Doug Jones (as Abe Sapien / The Chamberlain / The Angel of Death), James Dodd (as Johann Krauss), Jeffrey Tambor (as Tom Manning), John Alexander (as Johann Krauss), Luke Goss (as Prince Nuada), Anna Walton (as Princess Nuala), Seth MacFarlane (as Johann Krauss (voice)), John Hurt (as Professor Trevor 'Broom' Bruttenholm), Brian Steele (as Mr. Wink / Cronie Troll / Cathedral Head / Fragglewump), Andrew Hefler (as Agent Flint), Iván Kamarás (as Agent Steel), Mike Kelly (as Agent Marble), Jeremy Zimmerman (as Auctioneer) 
157 2/4 Hellfighters  Minutes: 121  1968  Action 

The adventures of oil well fire specialist Chance Buckman (based on real-life Red Adair), who extinguishes massive fires in oil fields around the world. 
Cast: John Wayne (as Chance Buckman), Vera Miles (as Madelyn Buckman), Katharine Ross (as Tish Buckman), Jim Hutton (as Greg Parker), Jay C. Flippen (as Jack Lomax), Bruce Cabot (as Joe Horn), Edward Faulkner (as George Harris), Barbara Stuart (as Irene Foster), Edmund Hashim (as Col. Valdez), Valentin de Vargas (as Amal Bokru), Frances Fong (as Madame Loo), Alberto Morin (as General López), Alan Caillou (as Harry York), Laraine Stephens (as Helen Meadows), John Alderson (as Jim Hatch) 
158 2/4 Hidalgo  Minutes: 136  2004  Action 

Held yearly for centuries, the Ocean of Fire--a 3,000 mile survival race across the Arabian desert--was a challenge restricted to the finest Arabian horses ever bred, the purest and noblest lines, owned by the greatest royal families. In 1890, a wealthy sheik invited an American, Frank T. Hopkins, and his horse to enter the race for the first time. During the course of his career, Hopkins was a cowboy and dispatch rider for the U.S. cavalry--and had once been billed as the greatest rider the West had ever known. The Sheik puts his claim to the test, pitting the American cowboy and his mustang, Hidalgo, against the world's greatest Arabian horses and Bedouin riders--some of whom are determined to prevent a foreigner from finishing the race. For Frank, the Ocean of Fire becomes not only a matter of pride and honor, but a race for his very survival as he and his horse attempt the impossible. 
Cast: Viggo Mortensen (as Frank Hopkins), Zuleikha Robinson (as Jazira), Omar Sharif (as Sheikh Riyadh), Louise Lombard (as Lady Anne Davenport), Adam Alexi-Malle (as Aziz), Saïd Taghmaoui (as Prince Bin Al Reeh), Silas Carson (as Katib), Harsh Nayyar (as Yusef), J.K. Simmons (as Buffalo Bill Cody), Adoni Maropis (as Sakr), Victor Talmadge (as Rau Rasmussen), Peter Mensah (as Jaffa), Joshua Wolf Coleman (as The Kurd), Franky Mwangi (as Slave Boy), Floyd 'Red Crow' Westerman (as Chief Eagle Horn (as Floyd Red Crow Westerman)) 
159 2/4 History of the World: Part I  Minutes: 92  1981  Comedy 

From the dawn of man to the distant future, mankind's evolution (or lack thereof) is traced. Often ridiculous but never serious, we learn the truth behind the Roman Emperor, we learn what REALLY happened at the Last Supper, the circumstances that surrounded the French Revolution, how to test eunuchs, and what kind of shoes the Spanish Inquisitor wore. 
Cast: Mel Brooks (as Moses/Comicus/Torquemada/Jacques/Louis XVI), Dom DeLuise (as Emperor Caeser), Madeline Kahn (as Empress Nympho), Harvey Korman (as Count de Monet), Cloris Leachman (as Madame DeFarge), Ron Carey (as Swiftus), Gregory Hines (as Josephus), Pamela Stephenson (as Mademoiselle Rimbaud), Shecky Greene (as Marcus Vindictus), Sid Caesar (as Chief Caveman), Mary-Margaret Humes (as Miriam), Orson Welles (as Narrator (voice)), Rudy De Luca (as Primate/Cave dweller), Leigh French (as Prehistoric Man), Richard Karron (as Prehistoric Man) 
160 2/4 Hitch  Minutes: 118  2005  Comedy 

This love drama stars Will Smith who plays Alex Hitchens, or better known as Hitch, the date doctor. The movie focuses on his latest project, Albert Brenneman, played by Kevin James who is a nerdy financial consultant who fell in love with the famous Allegra Cole, played by Amber Valetta. While Hitch helps Albert with his love life, he struggles with is own. He starts falling for work-a-holic, Sarah Melas, played by Eva Mendes. After boyfriend problems with her best friend, Sarah labels Hitch with a reputation that he didn't deserve. Hitch proves his love & goes to great lengths to win a love of his own. 
Cast: Will Smith (as Alex 'Hitch' Hitchens), Eva Mendes (as Sara), Kevin James (as Albert), Amber Valletta (as Allegra Cole), Julie Ann Emery (as Casey), Robinne Lee (as Cressida), Nathan Lee Graham (as Geoff), Adam Arkin (as Max), Michael Rapaport (as Ben), Jeffrey Donovan (as Vance), Paula Patton (as Mandy), Philip Bosco (as Mr. O'Brian), Kevin Sussman (as Neil), Navia Nguyen (as Mika), Matt Malloy (as Pete) 
161 2/4 Hooper  Minutes: 97  1978  Comedy 

Aging stuntman Sonney Hooper is still on top as one of the best stuntmen in the business. But up and coming Ski is starting to do bigger and better stunts. Hooper has the experience to setup a stunt safely, and Ski lacks the common sense to know when a stunt is too dangerous. Maybe together, along with their fun loving buddies, they can do a stunt together that will surpass anything that anyone has done. 
Cast: Burt Reynolds (as Sonny Hooper), Jan-Michael Vincent (as Ski Chinski), Sally Field (as Gwen Doyle), Brian Keith (as Jocko Doyle), John Marley (as Max Berns), Robert Klein (as Roger Deal), James Best (as Cully), Adam West (as Himself), Alfie Wise (as Tony), Terry Bradshaw (as Sherman, SWAT Commander), Norman Grabowski (as Hammerhead (as Norm Grabowski)), George Furth (as George Budwell, Humane Society Representative), Jim Burk (as Jimbo), Don 'Red' Barry (as Sheriff), Princess O'Mahoney (as Wanda) 
162 3/4 Horatio's Drive: America's First Road Trip  Minutes: 107  2003  Documentary 

On the centennial of the event, Ken Burns and Florentine Films present the historic journey of motorist Horatio Nelson Jackson.
Cast: Keith David (as Narrator (voice)), Tom Hanks (as Horatio Nelson Jackson (voice)), Adam Arkin (as Other Voices (voice)), Tom Bodett (as Other Voices (voice)), Philip Bosco (as Other Voices (voice)), Kevin Conway (as Other Voices (voice)), John Cullum (as Other Voices (voice)), Murphy Guyer (as Other Voices (voice)), Amy Madigan (as Other Voices (voice)), George Plimpton (as Other Voices (voice)), Eli Wallach (as Other Voices (voice)), Roger Allison (as Himself (scenes deleted)), Mary Louise Blanchard (as Herself), Dayton Duncan (as Himself), William Least Heat-Moon (as Himself (writer)), Drake Hokanson (as Himself), Horatio Nelson Jackson (as Himself (archive footage)), Ann Wall (as Herself) 
163 3/4 Hot Fuzz  Minutes: 121  2007  Action 

Top London cop, PC Nicholas Angel (Pegg) is good. Too good. And to stop the rest of his team looking bad, he is reassigned to the quiet town of Sandford. He is paired with Danny Butterman (Frost), who countlessly questions him on the action lifestyle. Everything seems quiet for Angel, until two actors are found decapitated. It is address to as an accident, but Angel isn't going to accept that, especially when more and more people turn up dead. Angel and Danny clash with everyone, whilst trying to uncover the truth behind the mystery of the apparent "acidents".
Cast: Simon Pegg (as Nicholas Angel), Martin Freeman (as Met Sergeant), Bill Nighy (as Met Chief Inspector), Robert Popper (as "Not" Janine), Joe Cornish (as Bob), Chris Waitt (as Dave), Eric Mason (as Bernard Cooper), Billie Whitelaw (as Joyce Cooper), Nick Frost (as PC Danny Butterman), Peter Wight (as Roy Porter), Julia Deakin (as Mary Porter), Tom Strode Walton (as Underage Drinker #1), Troy Woollan (as Underage Drinker #2), Rory Lowings (as Underage Drinker #3), Bill Bailey (as Sergeant Turner) 
164 2/4 Hot Rod  Minutes: 88  2007  Comedy 

Rod Kimble is a naïf, a slacker living in a small US town with his mom, his younger brother, and his stepfather whose respect he craves. He also misses his dead dad, whom he thinks was Evel Knievel's back-up. Rod, a man-child, believes that he is a stunt man. When his stepfather needs an operation, with help from his brother and his slacker pals, Rod hatches a plan to set a school-bus-jumping record on his moped. First, his crew and he have to raise money to rent the buses and build the ramp. Trouble is, Rod's inept at his chosen career. Looming failure is complicated by the return of Denise, Rod's next-door neighbor and secret heartthrob, who is home from college. Is public humiliation at hand? 
Cast: Andy Samberg (as Rod Kimble), Jorma Taccone (as Kevin Powell), Bill Hader (as Dave), Danny R. McBride (as Rico (as Danny McBride)), Isla Fisher (as Denise), Sissy Spacek (as Marie Powell), Ian McShane (as Frank Powell), Will Arnett (as Jonathan), Chris Parnell (as Barry Pasternack), Chester Tam (as Richardson), Mark Acheson (as Homeless Dude), Brittany Tiplady (as Maggie), Ken Kirzinger (as Trailer Guy), Brittney Irvin (as Cathy (as Britt Irvin)), Alana Husband (as Waitress) 
165 3/4 I, Robot  Minutes: 115  2004  Action 

It's the year 2035, and the community now has the help of robots. These robots have three laws integrated into their system. One, they cannot harm a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm. Two, they must do whatever they're told by a human being as long as such orders don't conflict with law one. Three, they have to defend themselves as long as such defense doesn't conflict with laws one or two. One day, the writer of the three laws, Alfred Lanning, apparently jumps out of the tenth-floor window of U.S. Robotics. The majority of the Chicago Police Department believe that he committed suicide, but Detective Del Spooner (Smith), who hates robots, thinks he was murdered, and the number one suspect is a Nestor Class-5 robot who calls himself Sonny. However, if it was Sonny, then that means he would've had to have broken the three laws. With the help of Dr. Susan Calvin, Spooner must now discover the truth before it's too late. 
Cast: Will Smith (as Del Spooner), Bridget Moynahan (as Susan Calvin), Alan Tudyk (as Sonny), James Cromwell (as Dr. Alfred Lanning), Bruce Greenwood (as Lawrence Robertson), Adrian Ricard (as Granny (as Adrian L. Ricard)), Chi McBride (as Lt. John Bergin), Jerry Wasserman (as Baldez), Fiona Hogan (as V.I.K.I.), Peter Shinkoda (as Chin), Terry Chen (as Chin), David Haysom (as NS4 Robots), Scott Heindl (as NS5 Robots), Sharon Wilkins (as Woman), Craig March (as Detective) 
166 3/4 In Good Company  Minutes: 109  2004  Comedy 

Dan Foreman is headed for a shakeup. He is demoted from head of ad sales for a major magazine when the company he works for is acquired in a corporate takeover. His new boss, Carter Duryea, is half his age--a business school prodigy who preaches corporate synergy. While Dan develops clients through handshake deals and relationships, Carter cross-promotes the magazine with the cell phone division and Krispity Krunch, an indeterminate snack food under the same corporate umbrella. Both men are going through turmoil at home. Dan has two daughters, Alex, age 18, and Jana, age 16, and is shocked when his wife tells him she's pregnant with a new child. Carter, in the meanwhile, is dumped by his wife of seven months just as he gets his promotion. Dan and Carter's uneasy friendship is thrown into jeopardy when Carter falls for, and begins an affair with, Dan's daughter Alex. 
Cast: Dennis Quaid (as Dan Foreman), Topher Grace (as Carter Duryea), Scarlett Johansson (as Alex Foreman), Marg Helgenberger (as Ann Foreman), David Paymer (as Morty), Clark Gregg (as Mark Steckle), Philip Baker Hall (as Eugene Kalb), Selma Blair (as Kimberly), Frankie Faison (as Corwin), Ty Burrell (as Enrique Colon), Kevin Chapman (as Lou), Amy Aquino (as Alicia), Zena Grey (as Jana Foreman), Colleen Camp (as Receptionist), Lauren Tom (as Obstetrician) 
167 2/4 Independence Day  Minutes: 145  1996  Action 

On July 2nd, communications systems worldwide are sent into chaos by a strange atmospheric interference. It is soon learned by the military that a number of enormous objects are on a collision course with Earth. At first thought to be meteors, they are later revealed to be gigantic spacecraft, piloted by a mysterious alien species. After attempts to communicate with the aliens go nowhere, David Levinson, an ex-scientist turned cable technician, discovers that the aliens are going to attack major points around the globe in less than a day. On July 3rd, the aliens all but obliterate New York, Los Angeles, and Washington. The survivors set out in convoys towards Area 51, a strange government testing ground where it is rumored the military has a captured alien spacecraft of their own. The survivors devise a plan to fight back against the enslaving aliens, and July 4th becomes the day humanity will fight for its freedom. July 4th is their Independence Day... 
Cast: Bill Pullman (as President Thomas J. Whitmore), Mary McDonnell (as First Lady Marilyn Whitmore), Jeff Goldblum (as David Levinson), Judd Hirsch (as Julius Levinson), Margaret Colin (as Constance Spano), Will Smith (as Captain Steven 'Steve' Hiller), Vivica A. Fox (as Jasmine Dubrow), Randy Quaid (as Russell Casse), Robert Loggia (as General William Grey), James Rebhorn (as Albert Nimzicki), Harvey Fierstein (as Marty Gilbert), Adam Baldwin (as Major Mitchell), Brent Spiner (as Dr. Brackish Okun), James Duval (as Miguel Casse), Lisa Jakub (as Alicia Casse) 
168 3/4 Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom  Minutes: 118  1984  Action 

1935. At a swanky nightclub in Hong Kong, Indiana Jones confronts Lao Che, a Chinese gangster, for a trade - a reward in exchange for the ashes of a Ming dynasty emperor. The gangster's sons, however, won't let Indy get out of the trade alive, and a violent struggle ensues that snares up the gangster's moll, torch singer Wilhemina Scott. Indy and Willie escape with Indy's pre-teen sidekick, Short Round, and fly out of Hong Kong - unaware their plane belongs to Lao Che and the two pilots are ordered to bail out over India. Indy, Willie, and Shorty manage to escape and wind up being greeted by a village elder who shows them the ruins of his village - ruins caused by the theft of three stones of great magic power, taken to a gigantic mountaintop palace. The palace, however, belongs to a peaceful young Indian prince who assures that no such action occurred from his palace. Indy, however, is attacked in his bedroom and finds a vast underground system of caverns that lead to an ancient terrorist cult long thought dead, a cult that has kidnapped the children of the village and is using them to dig for the magic stones. When Indy and his friends are captured they are to be sacrificed to the pit of molten rock, but a violent showdown begins that erupts into a savage brawl, gunfire, a mad minecar pursuit, the collapse of an undcerground dam, and a showdown at a rope bridge that threatens to kill Indy, his friends, and the cult. 
Cast: Harrison Ford (as Indiana Jones), Kate Capshaw (as Wilhelmina 'Willie' Scott), Jonathan Ke Quan (as Short Round (as Ke Huy Quan)), Amrish Puri (as Mola Ram), Roshan Seth (as Chattar Lal), Philip Stone (as Captain Blumburtt), Roy Chiao (as Lao Che), David Yip (as Wu Han), Ric Young (as Kao Kan), Chua Kah Joo (as Chen), Rex Ngui (as Maitre d'), Philip Tan (as Chief Henchman (as Philip Tann)), Dan Aykroyd (as Earl Weber), Dr. Akio Mitamura (as Chinese Pilot (as Akio Mitamura)), Michael Yama (as Chinese Co-Pilot) 
169 2/4 Inkheart  Minutes: 106  2008  Adventure, Family, Fantasy 

An adventure of a father and his young daughter, searching for a long lost book that will help reunite a missing, close relative, this fantasy takes a darker side whenever we hear Mo 'Silvertongue' Folchart reading out aloud from books. His ability to rise to life, to export, to release figures out of the page and into the real world is only relevant when the darker side of his stories appear to reek havoc and destruction. Join in the fantasy and revel at the marvel of Books in this adventure of adventures' that brings the best stories throughout the decades to life that transcends beyond imagine. 
Cast: Brendan Fraser, Sienna Guillory, Eliza Bennett, Richard Strange, Paul Bettany, Helen Mirren, Matt King, Steve Speirs, Jamie Foreman, Stephen Graham, Mirabel O'Keefe, Andy Serkis, John Thomson, Lesley Sharp, Tereza Srbova 
170 3/4 Inside Man  Minutes: 129  2006  Crime 

From a cell, a man tells us he has planned the perfect bank robbery; he invites us to watch. An efficient gang enters a Manhattan bank, locks the doors, and takes hostages. They work deliberately, without haste. A snarky detective facing corruption charges is assigned to negotiate. The bank's president has something to protect in a safe deposit box, so he brings in a high-powered fixer. With an army of police surrounding the bank, the thief, the cop, and the plutocrat's fixer enter high-stakes negotiations. Why are the robbers asking for a plane - they know they won't get one? Why aren't they in more of a hurry? If the job's perfect, why is leader of the thieves in a cell? 
Cast: Denzel Washington (as Detective Keith Frazier), Clive Owen (as Dalton Russell), Jodie Foster (as Madeline White), Christopher Plummer (as Arthur Case), Willem Dafoe (as Captain John Darius), Chiwetel Ejiofor (as Detective Bill Mitchell), Carlos Andrés Gómez (as Steve), Kim Director (as Stevie), James Ransone (as Steve-O), Bernie Rachelle (as Chaim (as Bernard Rachelle)), Peter Gerety (as Captain Coughlin), Victor Colicchio (as Sergeant Collins), Cassandra Freeman (as Sylvia), Peter Frechette (as Peter Hammond), Gerry Vichi (as Herman Gluck) 
171 3/4 Into the Wild  Minutes: 148  2007  Adventure 

Based on a true story. After graduating from Emory University in 1992, top student and athlete Christopher McCandless abandoned his possessions, gave his entire $24,000 savings account to charity and hitchhiked to Alaska to live in the wilderness. Along the way, Christopher encounters a series of characters who shape his life. 
Cast: Emile Hirsch (as Chris McCandless), Marcia Gay Harden (as Billie McCandless), William Hurt (as Walt McCandless), Jena Malone (as Carine McCandless / Additional Narrator), Brian H. Dierker (as Rainey (as Brian Dierker)), Catherine Keener (as Jan Burres), Vince Vaughn (as Wayne Westerberg), Kristen Stewart (as Tracy Tatro), Hal Holbrook (as Ron Franz), Jim Gallien (as Himself), James Joseph O'Neil (as Graduation Reader (as James J. O'Neil)), Malinda McCollum (as Waitress), Paul Knauls (as Building Manager), Zach Galifianakis (as Kevin), Craig Mutsch (as Wayne's Crew #1) 
172 1/4 Iron Eagle  Minutes: 117  1986  Action 

When Doug's father, an Air Force Pilot, is shot down by MiGs belonging to a radical Middle Eastern state, no one seems able to get him out. Doug finds Chappy, an Air Force Colonel who is intrigued by the idea of sending in two fighters piloted by himself and Doug to rescue Doug's father after bombing the MiG base. Their only problems: Borrowing two fighters, getting them from California to the Mediteranean without anyone noticing, and Doug's inability to hit anything unless he has music playing. Then come the minor problems of the state's air defenses. 
Cast: Louis Gossett Jr. (as Col. Charles 'Chappy' Sinclair), Jason Gedrick (as Doug Masters), Tim Thomerson (as Col. Ted Masters), Larry B. Scott (as Reggie), Caroline Lagerfelt (as Elizabeth Masters), Jerry Levine (as Tony), Robbie Rist (as Milo), Michael Bowen (as Knotcher), Robert Jayne (as Matthew (as Bobby Jacoby)), Melora Hardin (as Katie), David Greenlee (as Kingsley), Michael Alldredge (as Col. Blackburn), Tom Fridley (as Brillo), Rob Garrison (as Packer), Chino 'Fats' Williams (as Slappy) 
173 4/4 Iron Man  Minutes: 126  2008  Action 

The playboy wolf and genius Tony Stark is the successful CIO of the Stark Industries, a weapon company founded by his father. His second in command is Obadiah Stane, who worked with his father, and his loyal and professional secretary is Pepper Potts, who has a crush on Tony. While in Afghanistan to demonstrate the ultimate Jericho missile developed by his company, his military convoy is attacked and Tony is seriously wounded on his chest and kidnapped by a group of rebels that wants him to assemble a missile for their use. Tony stays with his abductors for three months and develops a powerful metallic armor to escape from the cave where he is arrested. He decides to stop manufacturing weapons in his company under the protest of Obadiah, and dedicates his time to improve the armor, manufacturing it with gold and titanium and installing a propulsion system to fly. However, Pepper discovers that Tony was betrayed by Obadiah, who is using Tony's data to build prototype armor for him, transforming it in the ultimate weapon. 
Cast: Robert Downey Jr. (as Tony Stark), Terrence Howard (as Rhodey), Jeff Bridges (as Obadiah Stane), Gwyneth Paltrow (as Pepper Potts), Leslie Bibb (as Christine Everhart), Shaun Toub (as Yinsen), Faran Tahir (as Raza), Clark Gregg (as Agent Coulson), Bill Smitrovich (as General Gabriel), Sayed Badreya (as Abu Bakaar), Paul Bettany (as Jarvis (voice)), Jon Favreau (as Hogan), Peter Billingsley (as William Ginter Riva), Tim Guinee (as Major Allen), Will Lyman (as Award Ceremony Narrator (voice)) 
174 3/4 Jaws  Minutes: 124  1975  Adventure 

Martin Brody is the new police chief of Amity, an island resort town somewhere in New England. He has a wife named Ellen, and two sons named Michael and Sean. On a Summer morning, Brody is called to the beach, where the mangled body of Summer vacationer Chrissie Watkins has washed ashore. The medical examiner tells Brody that it could have been a shark that killed Watkins. Mayor Larry Vaughn, who is desperate to not lose the money that will be brought in by 4th of July tourists, wants Brody to say Watkins's death was caused by a motorboat propeller instead of a shark, because the thought of a shark in Amity's waters would drive tourists away from Amity. It looks like Vaughn is a mayor who puts money ahead of people's lives. Shark expert Matt Hooper believes Watkins was killed by a shark. Hooper is proven right a few days later, when Alex Kintner is killed by the shark that killed Watkins. Looking for the quickest solution, Vaughn tells all of the local fishermen to let him know if they see the shark. A shark hunter named Quint offers to find the shark and kill it, but Vaughn thinks Quint's price of $10,000 is too high. When a tiger shark is killed and hauled in by a couple of boaters, Vaughn hastily says that the shark crisis is over, but Hooper says the shark that's been killing people a huge great white shark is still in Amity's waters, but Vaughn leaves the beaches opened because all he cares about is the 4th of July tourist money. On the 4th of July, Vaughn encourages people to swim at the beach, and Hooper is proven right again when the shark kills a man, biting the man's leg off. Michael, who was in the water at the time of the attack, is taken to the hospital, where he's treated for shock after watching the shark kill the guy. Brody asks Vaughn to hire Quint to find the shark. Because his own kids were at that beach too, Vaughn agrees to hire Quint to find the shark. Quint, Hooper, and Brody are sent out to sea in Quint's boat, the Orca, ready to do whatever it takes to find the shark. 
Cast: Roy Scheider (as Police Chief Martin Brody), Robert Shaw (as Quint), Richard Dreyfuss (as Matt Hooper), Lorraine Gary (as Ellen Brody), Murray Hamilton (as Mayor Larry Vaughn), Carl Gottlieb (as Ben Meadows), Jeffrey Kramer (as Deputy Leonard 'Lenny' Hendricks (as Jeffrey C. Kramer)), Susan Backlinie (as Christine 'Chrissie' Watkins), Jonathan Filley (as Tom Cassidy), Chris Rebello (as Michael 'Mike' Brody), Jay Mello (as Sean Brody), Lee Fierro (as Mrs. Kintner), Jeffrey Voorhees (as Alex M. Kintner), Craig Kingsbury (as Ben Gardner), Dr. Robert Nevin (as Medical Examiner) 
175 3/4 Jeff Wayne's Musical Version of 'The War of the Worlds'  Minutes:   2006  Musical 

Cast: Tara Blaise (as Beth - The Parson's Wife), Richard Burton (as George Herbert, The Journalist (archive sound)), Justin Hayward (as The Sung Thought of The Journalist), Alexis James (as The Artilleryman), Lewis McLeod (as The Martian Voices in The Prequel), Chris Thompson (as The Voice of Humanity (voice)), Russell Watson (as Parson Nathaniel), Anna-Marie Wayne (as Carrie - George Herbert's Fiancée), Jerry Wayne (as The Voices of NASA Control) 
176 3/4 Jeremiah Johnson  Minutes: 108  1972  Western 

An American soldier goes west to escape the Mexican War and becomes a mountain man. He is taken in by an old trapper who teaches him how to survive. After unavoidably violating an Indian burial ground, he loses his new Indian wife and their adopted child to vengeance, and a vendetta between him and the Crows ruins his idyllic life as a fur trapper. Gorgeous scenery and a great role for Will Geer in a thoughtful meditation on the American West. 
Cast: Robert Redford (as Jeremiah Johnson), Will Geer (as Bear Claw Chris Lapp), Delle Bolton (as Swan), Josh Albee (as Caleb), Joaquín Martínez (as Paints His Shirt Red (as Joaquin Martinez)), Allyn Ann McLerie (as Crazy Woman), Stefan Gierasch (as Del Gue), Richard Angarola (as Flathead Chief Two-Tongues Lebeaux), Paul Benedict (as Rev. Lindquist), Charles Tyner (as Robidoux), Jack Colvin (as Lt. Mulvey (3rd Cavalry)), Matt Clark (as Qualen) 
177 2/4 Joe Dirt  Minutes: 91  2001  Adventure 

Joe Dirt is a janitor with a mullet hairdo, acid-washed jeans and a dream to find the parents that he lost at the Grand Canyon when he was a belligerent, trailer park-raised eight-year-old. Now, blasting Van Halen in his jacked-up economy car, the irrepressibly optimistic Joe hits the road alone in search of his folks. As his wandering, misguided search takes him from one hilarious misadventure to another, Joe finds his way to Los Angeles, where a shock-jock brings Joe on his radio show to insult him. But as Joe's life story unfolds, jeers turn to cheers, and an entire captivated city tunes in to hear the adventures of Joe Dirt. 
Cast: David Spade (as Joe Dirt), Brittany Daniel (as Brandy), Dennis Miller (as Zander Kelly), Adam Beach (as Kicking Wing), Christopher Walken (as Clem), Jaime Pressly (as Jill), Kid Rock (as Robby), Erik Per Sullivan (as Little Joe Dirt), Megan Taylor Harvey (as Joe's Little Sister), Caroline Aaron (as Joe's Mom), Fred Ward (as Joe's Dad), John Farley (as KXLA Security Guard), Bob Zany (as Bullying Man #1), Bean Miller (as Bullying Man #2), Lee Walker (as Zeke) 
178 2/4 Jumper  Minutes: 88  2008  Action 

David Rice is a high school student in Ann Arbor, abandoned by his mother at five, enamored with Millie, a fellow student, and picked on by at least one classmate. On a winter's day, while about to drown, he discovers he can transport himself instantaneously to anyplace on earth. He leaves town, goes to New York City, robs a bank vault, and comes to the attention of a shadowy group of government hunters. Eight years later, the hunters, led by the murderous Roland, get a fix on David. He heads home, searches out Millie, invites her to travel with him, and only later realizes that Roland and his crew are seriously deadly. Is everyone close to David in danger? 
Cast: Hayden Christensen (as David Rice), Jamie Bell (as Griffin), Rachel Bilson (as Millie Harris), Diane Lane (as Mary Rice), Samuel L. Jackson (as Roland), Michael Rooker (as William Rice), AnnaSophia Robb (as Young Millie), Max Thieriot (as Young David), Jesse James (as Young Mark), Tom Hulce (as Mr. Bowker), Kristen Stewart (as Sophie), Teddy Dunn (as Mark Kobold), Barbara Garrick (as Ellen), Michael Winther (as Day Bank Manager), Massimiliano Pazzaglia (as Italian Desk Cop) 
179 3/4 Jurassic Park  Minutes: 127  1993  Action 

On a remote island, a wealthy entrepreneur secretly creates a theme park featuring living dinosaurs drawn from prehistoric DNA. Before opening the attraction to the public, he invites a top paleontologist, a paleobotanist, a mathematician/theorist, and his two eager grandchildren to experience the park -- and help calm anxious investors. However, their park visit is anything but tranquil as the park's security system breaks down, the prehistoric creatures break out, and the excitement builds to surprising results. Based on Michael Crichton's best-selling novel. 
Cast: Sam Neill (as Dr. Alan Grant), Laura Dern (as Dr. Ellie Sattler), Jeff Goldblum (as Dr. Ian Malcolm), Richard Attenborough (as John Hammond), Bob Peck (as Robert Muldoon), Martin Ferrero (as Donald Gennaro), Joseph Mazzello (as Tim Murphy), Ariana Richards (as Lex Murphy), Samuel L. Jackson (as Ray Arnold), B.D. Wong (as Henry Wu), Wayne Knight (as Dennis Nedry), Gerald R. Molen (as Gerry Harding (as Jerry Molen)), Miguel Sandoval (as Juanito Rostagno), Cameron Thor (as Lewis Dodgson), Christopher John Fields (as Volunteer #1) 
180 2/4 Just Visiting  Minutes: 88  2001  Comedy 

A knight and his valet are plagued by a witch, and to repair the damage they make use of the services of a wizard. However, something goes wrong and they are transported from the 12th century to the year 2000. There the knight meets some of his family and slowly learns what this new century is like. However, he still needs to get back to the 12th century to deal with the witch, so he starts looking for a wizard. 
Cast: Jean Reno (as Count Thibault of Malfete), Christina Applegate (as Julia Malfete/Princess Rosalind), Christian Clavier (as André le Pâté), Matt Ross (as Hunter Cassidy), Tara Reid (as Angelique), Bridgette Wilson (as Amber (as Bridgette Wilson-Sampras)), John Aylward (as Byron), George Plimpton (as Dr. Brady), Malcolm McDowell (as The Wizard), Sarah Badel (as Queen), Bill Bailey (as Thibault's Father), Clare Welch (as Thibault's Mother), Kendra Torgan (as Thibault's Sister #1), Lucy Blair (as Thibault's Sister #2), Richard Bremmer (as King Henry) 
181 3/4 Kill Bill: Vol. 1  Minutes: 111  2003  Action 

"The Bride" (Uma Thurman) was the deadliest assassin of the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad, until the day she decided to leave the business, assume a new identity, and get married. But it was on the day of her marriage that her old "friends" - O-Ren Ishii (Lucy Liu), Vernita Green (Vivica A. Fox), Budd (Michael Madsen), and Elle Driver (Daryl Hannah), not to mention her boss, Bill (David Carradine) - find her and assassinate the entire ceremony while Bill shoots her in the head, putting her in a coma. Well, Bill and his people should have tried a little harder because, after four years, the Bride has awakened from her coma. And Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned... 
Cast: Uma Thurman (as The Bride), Lucy Liu (as O-Ren Ishii), Vivica A. Fox (as Vernita Green), Daryl Hannah (as Elle Driver), David Carradine (as Bill), Michael Madsen (as Budd), Julie Dreyfus (as Sofie Fatale), Chiaki Kuriyama (as Gogo Yubari), Sonny Chiba (as Hattori Hanzo), Chia Hui Liu (as Johnny Mo (as Gordon Liu)), Michael Parks (as Earl McGraw), Michael Bowen (as Buck), Jun Kunimura (as Boss Tanaka), Kenji Ohba (as Bald Guy (Sushi Shop) (as Kenji Oba)), Yuki Kazamatsuri (as Proprietor) 
182 3/4 Kill Bill: Vol. 2  Minutes: 136  2004  Action 

It all began when the nefarious Deadly Viper Assassination Squad moved in and assassinated the Plympton wedding party at the Two Pines Wedding Chapel in El Paso, TX. Well, all but one: The Bride (Uma Thurman), their real target. All they managed to do to her was put her in a coma. And four years later, she woke up and swore revenge on the lot of them. It began with the disposing of O-Ren Ishii/"Cottonmouth" and Vernita Green/"Copperhead". Now, the "Black Mamba" has only three left on her Death List: Budd/"Sidewinder" (Michael Madsen), Bill's brother; Elle Driver/"California Mountain Snake" (Daryl Hannah), the deadly one-eyed assassin; and, of course, Bill/"Snake Charmer" (David Carradine), her boss, teacher, and lover. However, Bill does possess one thing that keeps the ball in his court: B.B. (Perla Haney-Jardine), the daughter the Bride thought she had lost in her coma. And now, at this point, the Bride knows only one thing: in the end, she will kill Bill. 
Cast: Uma Thurman (as Beatrix Kiddo/The Bride (Black Mamba)), David Carradine (as Bill (Snake Charmer)), Lucy Liu (as O-Ren Ishii (Cottonmouth) (archive footage)), Vivica A. Fox (as Vernita Green (Copperhead) (archive footage)), Chia Hui Liu (as Pai Mei (as Gordon Liu)), Michael Madsen (as Budd (Sidewinder)), Daryl Hannah (as Elle Driver (California Mountain Snake)), Michael Parks (as Esteban Vihaio), Bo Svenson (as Reverend Harmony), Jeannie Epper (as Mrs. Harmony), Stephanie L. Moore (as Joleen), Shana Stein (as Erica), Caitlin Keats (as Janeen), Christopher Allen Nelson (as Tommy Plympton (as Chris Nelson)), Samuel L. Jackson (as Rufus) 
183 3/4 King Kong  Minutes: 187  2005  Action 

Set in the 1930s, this is the story of a young and beautiful actress Ann Darrow from the world of vaudeville who finds herself lost in depression-era New York and her luck changes when she meets an over-ambitious filmmaker Carl Denham who brings her on an exploratory expedition to a remote island where she finds compassion and the true meaning of humanity with an ape Kong. The beauty and the beast finally meet their fate back in the city of New York where the filmmaker takes and displays the ape in quest of his fame by commercial exploitation which ultimately leads to catastrophe for everyone including a playwright Jack Driscoll who falls in love with Ann and plays an unlikely hero by trying to save her from Kong and her destiny. 
Cast: Naomi Watts (as Ann Darrow), Jack Black (as Carl Denham), Adrien Brody (as Jack Driscoll), Thomas Kretschmann (as Captain Englehorn), Colin Hanks (as Preston), Andy Serkis (as Kong/Lumpy), Evan Parke (as Hayes), Jamie Bell (as Jimmy), Lobo Chan (as Choy), John Sumner (as Herb), Craig Hall (as Mike), Kyle Chandler (as Bruce Baxter), Bill Johnson (as Manny (as William Johnson)), Mark Hadlow (as Harry), Geraldine Brophy (as Maude) 
184 3/4 Kiss Kiss Bang Bang  Minutes: 103  2005  Action 

In LA, while escaping from the police after an unsuccessful robbery, the small time thief Harry Lockhart (Robert Downey Jr.) is accidentally submitted to an audition for a role of detective in a movie, and invited to a party. He meets the homosexual private eye Gay Perry (Val Kilmer), who suggests him to participate of an investigation to develop his character. He also meets the gorgeous aspirant actress Harmony Faith Lane (Michelle Monaghan), and finds that she was a friend of his childhood for whom he had a crush. Harry and Perry get involved in an intricate murder case with many leads. With the support of Harmony, they find the sordid truth of the case. 
Cast: Robert Downey Jr. (as Harry Lockhart), Val Kilmer (as Gay Perry), Michelle Monaghan (as Harmony Faith Lane), Corbin Bernsen (as Harlan Dexter), Dash Mihok (as Mr. Frying Pan), Larry Miller (as Dabney Shaw), Rockmond Dunbar (as Mr. Fire), Shannyn Sossamon (as Pink Hair Girl), Angela Lindvall (as Flicka), Indio Falconer Downey (as Harry Age 9), Ariel Winter (as Harmony Age 7), Duane Carnahan (as Chainsaw Kid), Josh Richman (as Rickie), Martha Hackett (as Pistol Woman), Nancy Fish (as NY Casting Woman) 
185 3/4 Knocked Up  Minutes: 129  2007  Comedy 

Slobby Ben and up and coming career girl Alison meet at a bar, and end up having a one night stand. Eight weeks later, Ben is shocked when Alison meets him and reveals that she is pregnant. Despite having little in common, the two decide that they have to at least try to make some kind of relationship work for the baby's sake.
Cast: Seth Rogen (as Ben Stone), Katherine Heigl (as Alison Scott), Paul Rudd (as Pete), Leslie Mann (as Debbie), Jason Segel (as Jason), Jay Baruchel (as Jay), Jonah Hill (as Jonah), Martin Starr (as Martin), Charlyne Yi (as Jodi), Maude Apatow (as Sadie), Joanna Kerns (as Alison’s Mom), Harold Ramis (as Ben's Dad), Alan Tudyk (as Jack), Kristen Wiig (as Jill), Bill Hader (as Brent) 
186 3/4 Kung Fu Hustle  Minutes: 95  2004  Action 

It is 1940's China, and gangs rule the city. The most notorious of them all is the axe gang, lead by the insane Brother Sum. A slum called Pig Sty Alley is the only area safe from the Axes because the people there are so poor. Soon, wannabe gangster Sing and his pal Bone attempt to extort money out of a barber and fail, drawing the real Axe Gang to Pig Sty. However, it turns out that there are several kung fu masters living in the slum, and soon the two sides are enemies. As the plot thickens, Sing must decide- should he become a mobster, or save the day? 
Cast: Stephen Chow (as Sing), Xiaogang Feng (as Crocodile Gang Boss (as Feng Xiao Gang)), Wah Yuen (as Landlord), Zhi Hua Dong (as Donut), Kwok-Kwan Chan (as Brother Sum (as Danny Chan)), Chi Chung Lam (as Bone (Sing's Sidekick) (as Lam Tze Chung)), Siu-Lung Leung (as The Beast), Qiu Yuen (as Landlady), Kai Man Tin (as Axe Gang Advisor), Kang Xi Jia (as Harpist #1), Hak On Fung (as Harpist #2), Shengyi Huang (as Fong), Suet Lam (as Axe Gang Vice General), Cheung-Yan Yuen (as Beggar (as Cheng Yan Yuen)), Chi Ling Chiu (as Tailor) 
187 2/4 Ladder 49  Minutes: 115  2004  Action 

Under the watchful eye of his mentor Captain Mike Kennedy (Travolta), probationary firefighter Jack Morrison (Phoenix) matures into a seasoned veteran at a Baltimore fire station. Jack has reached a crossroads, however, as the sacrifices he's made have put him in harm's way innumerable times and significantly impacted his relationship with his wife and kids. Responding to the worst blaze in his career, he becomes trapped inside a 20-story building. And as he reflects on his life, now Assistant Chief Kennedy frantically coordinates the effort to save him. 
Cast: Joaquin Phoenix (as Jack Morrison), John Travolta (as Captain Mike Kennedy), Jacinda Barrett (as Linda Morrison), Robert Patrick (as Lenny Richter), Morris Chestnut (as Tommy Drake), Billy Burke (as Dennis Gauquin), Balthazar Getty (as Ray Gauquin), Tim Guinee (as Tony Corrigan), Kevin Chapman (as Frank Mckinny), Jay Hernandez (as Keith Perez), Kevin Daniels (as Don Miller), Steve Maye (as Pete Lamb), Robert Lewis (as Ed Reilly (as Robert Logan Lewis)), Brooke Hamlin (as Katie Morrison), Spencer Berglund (as Nicky Morrison) 
188 3/4 Legends of the Fall  Minutes: 133  1994  Drama 

Set in the Rocky Mountains of Montana in the early 1900s, this is a tale of love, betrayal, and brotherhood. After being discharged, Colonel Ludlow decides to raise his three sons in the wilds of Montana, where they can grow up away from the government and society he has learned to dispise. The three brothers mature and seem to have an unbreakable bond, until Susanna enters their lives. When Samuel, the youngest of the three, returns from college he brings with him his beautiful fiance, Susanna. The eldest son, Alfred, soon finds himself in love with his brother's fiance, and things get worse when he discovers a growing passion between Susanna and Tristan. Colonel Ludlow's favorite son, Tristan is willful and as wild as the mountains. As the brothers set out to fight a war in Europe, suspicion and jelousy threatens to tear apart their once indestructable bond. 
Cast: Brad Pitt (as Tristan Ludlow), Anthony Hopkins (as Col. William Ludlow), Aidan Quinn (as Alfred Ludlow), Julia Ormond (as Susannah Fincannon Ludlow), Henry Thomas (as Samuel Ludlow), Karina Lombard (as Isabel Two Decker Ludlow), Gordon Tootoosis (as One Stab), Christina Pickles (as Isabel Ludlow), Paul Desmond (as Decker), Tantoo Cardinal (as Pet), Robert Wisden (as John T. O'Banion), John Novak (as James O'Banion), Kenneth Welsh (as Sheriff Tynert), Bill Dow (as Longley), Sam Sarkar (as Rodriguez) 
189 3/4 Léon  Minutes: 110  1994  Action 

Mathilda, a twelve-year old New York girl, is living an undesirable life among her half-family. Her father stores drugs for two-faced cop Norman Stansfield. Only her little brother keeps Mathilda from breaking apart. One day, Stansfield and his team take cruel revenge on her father for stretching the drugs a little, thus killing the whole family. Only Mathilda, who was out shopping, survives by finding shelter in Léon's apartment in the moment of highest need. Soon, she finds out about the strange neighbour's unusual profession - killing - and desperately seeks his help in taking revenge for her little brother. Léon, who is completely unexperienced in fatherly tasks, and in friendships, does his best to keep Mathilda out of trouble - unsuccessfully. Now, the conflict between a killer, who slowly discovers his abilities to live, to feel, to love and a corrupt police officer, who does anything in his might to get rid of an eye witness, arises to unmeasurable proportions - all for the sake of a little twelve-year old girl, who has nearly nothing to lose. 
Cast: Jean Reno (as Leon), Gary Oldman (as Stansfield), Natalie Portman (as Mathilda), Danny Aiello (as Tony), Peter Appel (as Malky), Willi One Blood (as 1st Stansfield man), Don Creech (as 2nd Stansfield man), Keith A. Glascoe (as 3rd Stansfield man), Randolph Scott (as 4th Stansfield man), Michael Badalucco (as Mathilda's Father), Ellen Greene (as Mathilda's Mother), Elizabeth Regen (as Mathilda's Sister), Carl J. Matusovich (as Mathilda's Brother), Frank Senger (as Fatman), Lucius Wyatt Cherokee (as Tonto (as Lucius Wyatt 'Cherokee')) 
190 3/4 Little Big Man  Minutes: 139  1970  Comedy 

Jack Crabb is about 100 years old as the film begins. A collector of oral histories asks him about his past. He recounts being captured and raised by indians, becoming a gunslinger, marrying an indian, watching her killed by General George Armstrong Custer, and becoming a scout for him at Little Big Horn. 
Cast: Dustin Hoffman (as Jack Crabb), Faye Dunaway (as Mrs. Louise Pendrake), Chief Dan George (as Old Lodge Skins), Martin Balsam (as Mr. Merriweather), Richard Mulligan (as Gen. George Armstrong Custer), Jeff Corey (as Wild Bill Hickok), Aimée Eccles (as Sunshine (as Amy Eccles)), Kelly Jean Peters (as Olga Crabb), Carole Androsky (as Caroline Crabb (sister) (as Carol Androsky)), Robert Little Star (as Little Horse), Cal Bellini (as Younger Bear), Ruben Moreno (as Shadow That Comes In Sight), Steve Shemayne (as Burns Red In The Sun), William Hickey (as Historian), James Anderson (as Sergeant) 
191 3/4 Little Miss Sunshine  Minutes: 101  2006  Comedy 

Olive is a little girl with a dream: winning the Little Miss Sunshine contest. Her family wants her dream to come true, but they are so burdened with their own quirks, neuroses, and problems that they can barely make it through a day without some disaster befalling them. Olive's father Richard is a flop as a motivational speaker, and is barely on speaking terms with her mother. Her uncle Frank, a renowned Proust scholar, has attempted suicide following an unsuccessful romance with a male graduate student. Her brother Dwayne, a fanatical follower of Nietzsche, has taken a vow of silence, which allows him to escape somewhat from the family whose very presence torments him. And Olive's grandfather is a ne'er-do-well with a drug habit, but at least he enthusiastically coaches Olive in her contest talent routine. Circumstances conspire to put the entire family on the road together with the goal of getting Olive to the Little Miss Sunshine contest in far off California. 
Cast: Abigail Breslin (as Olive), Greg Kinnear (as Richard), Paul Dano (as Dwayne), Alan Arkin (as Grandpa), Toni Collette (as Sheryl), Steve Carell (as Frank), Marc Turtletaub (as Doctor #1), Jill Talley (as Cindy), Brenda Canela (as Diner Waitress), Julio Oscar Mechoso (as Mechanic), Chuck Loring (as Convenience Store Proprietor), Justin Shilton (as Josh), Gordon Thomson (as Larry Sugarman), Steven Christopher Parker (as Teen Boy #1), Bryan Cranston (as Stan Grossman) 
192 2/4 Live and Let Die  Minutes: 121  1973  Action 

When Bond investigates the murders of three fellow agents, he soon finds himself a target, evading the vicious assassins as he closes in on the powerful Kananga. Known as "Mr. Big," Kananga is coordinating a globally threatening scheme using tons of self-produced heroin. As Bond tries to unravel the mastermind's plan, he meet Solitaire, the beautiful Tarot card reader whose magical gifts are crucial to the crime lord. Bond, of course, works his own magic on her, and the stage is set for pulse-pounding action sequences involving voodoo, hungry crocodiles and turbo-charged speedboats. 
Cast: Roger Moore (as James Bond), Yaphet Kotto (as Kananga / Mr. Big), Jane Seymour (as Solitaire), Clifton James (as Sheriff J.W. Pepper), Julius Harris (as Tee Hee (as Julius W. Harris)), Geoffrey Holder (as Baron Samedi), David Hedison (as Felix Leiter), Gloria Hendry (as Rosie Carver), Bernard Lee (as M), Lois Maxwell (as Miss Moneypenny), Tommy Lane (as Adam), Earl Jolly Brown (as Whisper), Roy Stewart (as Quarrel Jr.), Lon Satton (as Harold Strutter), Arnold Williams (as Cab Driver) 
193 2/4 Live from New York: The First 5 Years of Saturday Night Live  Minutes: 120  2005  Comedy 

A retrospective of the first 5 years of Saturday Night Live.
Cast: Sheree Ali (as The Iguana Patron), Joan Armatrading (as Herself (archive footage)), Dan Aykroyd (as Himself), Anne Beatts (as Herself), John Belushi (as Himself (archive footage)), Judith Belushi-Pisano (as Herself (as Judy Belushi Pisano)), Candice Bergen (as Herself), Milton Berle (as Himself (archive footage)), Peter Boyle (as (archive footage)), Bernie Brillstein (as Himself), Albert Brooks (as Himself (archive footage)), Clem Burke (as Himself (archive footage)), Jacqueline Carlin (as Herself (archive footage)), Dana Carvey (as Himself), Ray Charles (as Himself (archive footage)), Chevy Chase (as Himself), Jimmy Cliff (as Himself (archive footage)), George Coe (as Himself (archive footage)), Elvis Costello (as Himself (archive footage)), Steve Cropper (as Himself (archive footage)), Jane Curtin (as Herself (archive footage)), Rick Danko (as Himself (archive footage)), Tom Davis (as Himself), Jimmy Destri (as Himself (archive footage)), James Downey (as Himself (as Jim Downey)), Donald Dunn (as Himself (archive footage)), Bob Dylan (as Himself (archive footage)), Dick Ebersol (as Himself), Jimmy Fallon (as Himself), Jodie Foster (as Herself (archive footage)), Redd Foxx (as Himself (archive footage)), Al Franken (as Himself), Barbara Gallagher (as Herself), Jerry Garcia (as Himself (archive footage)), Donna Godchaux (as Herself (archive footage)), Keith Godchaux (as Himself (archive footage)), Elliott Gould (as Himself), George Harrison (as Himself (archive footage)), Nigel Harrison (as Himself (archive footage)), Deborah Harry (as Herself (archive footage)), Mickey Hart (as Himself (archive footage)), Hugh M. Hefner (as Himself (archive footage)), Levon Helm (as Himself (archive footage)), Buck Henry (as Himself), Garth Hudson (as Himself (archive footage)), Tom Hulce (as (archive footage)), Phil Hyms (as Himself), Eric Idle (as Himself), Frank Infante (as Himself (archive footage)), Mick Jagger (as Himself (archive footage)), Madeline Kahn (as (archive footage)), Craig Kellem (as Himself), Margot Kidder (as (archive footage)), Edward I. Koch (as Himself (archive footage)), Bill Kreutzmann (as Himself (archive footage)), David Lassiter (as Various characters), Eugene Lee (as Himself), Phil Lesh (as Himself (archive footage)), Neil Levy (as Himself), Julia Louis-Dreyfus (as Herself), Norm MacDonald (as Himself), Richard Manuel (as Himself (archive footage)), Penny Marshall (as Herself), Steve Martin (as Himself), Tim Meadows (as Himself), Meat Loaf (as Himself (archive footage)), Lorne Michaels (as Himself), Bette Midler (as Herself (archive footage)), Marilyn Suzanne Miller (as Herself), Garrett Morris (as Himself), Matt Murphy (as Himself (archive footage)), Bill Murray (as Himself (archive footage)), Laraine Newman (as Herself), Randy Newman (as Himself (archive footage)), Conan O'Brien (as Himself), Michael O'Donoghue (as Himself (archive footage)), Don Pardo (as Himself), Anthony Perkins (as Himself (archive footage)), Tom Petty (as Himself (archive footage)), Richard Pryor (as Himself (archive footage)), Gilda Radner (as Herself (archive footage)), Leon Redbone (as Himself (archive footage)), Burt Reynolds (as Himself (archive footage)), Keith Richards (as Himself (archive footage)), Peter Riegert (as (archive footage)), Robbie Robertson (as Himself (archive footage)), Bill Russell (as Himself (archive footage)), Herbert Sargent (as Himself), Tom Schiller (as Himself), Rob Schneider (as Himself), Tom Scott (as Himself (archive footage)), Paul Shaffer (as Himself), Molly Shannon (as Herself), Harry Shearer (as (archive footage)), Howard Shore (as Himself), Rosie Shuster (as Herself), James Signorelli (as Himself), Paul Simon (as Himself (archive footage)), Patti Smith (as Herself (archive footage)), Sissy Spacek (as Herself (archive footage)), Chris Stein (as Himself (archive footage)), Lily Tomlin (as Herself), Peter Tosh (as Himself (archive footage)), Loudon Wainwright III (as Himself (archive footage)), Charlie Watts (as Himself (archive footage)), Bob Weir (as Himself (archive footage)), Gary Weis (as Himself), Peter Wolf (as Himself (archive footage)), Ron Wood (as Himself (archive footage)), Bill Wyman (as Himself (archive footage)), Alan Zweibel (as Himself) 
194 3/4 Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels  Minutes: 105  1998  Comedy 

Four Cockney wide-boys are tricked into owing 500,000 nicker to the local gang-land boss and porn king, 'Hatchet' Harry Lonsdale. With the very real threat of finger amputation looming over them the lads come up with a plan to nick the cash from their next-door neighbours: a gang of hardcase drug-dealers... Meanwhile, 'Hatchet' ain't none too pleased when a pair of antique shotguns wot he wants are sold on by a pair of Scouse thieves, to be used in a "job"... The involvement of a conscientious debt-collector, some public school "chemists", a psychotic hash-baron, a lot of guns and knives, ensures that karma is surrealistically resolved (just!) before the end credits roll... 
Cast: Jason Flemyng (as Tom), Dexter Fletcher (as Soap), Nick Moran (as Eddie), Jason Statham (as Bacon), Steven Mackintosh (as Winston), Nicholas Rowe (as J), Nick Marcq (as Charles), Charles Forbes (as Willie), Vinnie Jones (as Big Chris), Lenny McLean (as Barry the Baptist), Peter McNicholl (as Little Chris), P.H. Moriarty (as 'Hatchet' Harry Lonsdale), Frank Harper (as Dog), Steve Sweeney (as Plank), Huggy Leaver (as Paul) 
195 3/4 Lost in Translation  Minutes: 102  2003  Drama 

He's doing a commercial, parlaying his fifteen minutes of movie stardom. She's just graduated from college, recently married, and tagged along with her husband, a photographer on assignment. He's married with children, but he's never home. She's supporting her husband, but has no idea what she wants to do with her own life. Both are searching for the meaning of their lives, looking at the situation from different points of view. A person's lifetime is filled with self examination. Why am I here? What am I doing? Is this as good as it gets? The plot of this movie is the plot of life. You have a beginning. You're in the middle, and your story hasn't ended yet (in some cases, it won't end even after your death). Bob and Charlotte find each other fulfilling certain needs. Charlotte needs Bob's attention and humor, and Bob needs someone he can talk to (Bob "talks" with his wife, but they are not really talking). Bob helps Charlotte by answering her questions regarding life and direction, while Charlotte helps Bob by reminding him how much he loves his children and his wife. The love between the two characters is not one of lust but rather one of emotional and psychological need. Plotless, pointless, and boring? Only if you want all your stories packaged nicely with pretty paper and pretty ribbons. To me, the movie is like the shabu shabu sushi restaurant. What you get out of it depends on how much you put into it. The meaning of our lives, the purpose, the dreams (both dashed and realized), and the expectations forced upon us by others. "Translation" means to explain in simple terms. How do you "translate" what life is? What is it supposed to be about? Different answers for different people at different times in their lives. "Lost In Translation" indeed and it has nothing to do with pronouncing hard R's. 
Cast: Scarlett Johansson (as Charlotte), Bill Murray (as Bob Harris), Akiko Takeshita (as Ms. Kawasaki), Kazuyoshi Minamimagoe (as Press Agent), Kazuko Shibata (as Press Agent), Take (as Press Agent), Ryuichiro Baba (as Concierge), Akira Yamaguchi (as Bellboy), Catherine Lambert (as Jazz Singer), François du Bois (as Sausalito Piano), Tim Leffman (as Sausalito Guitar), Gregory Pekar (as American Businessman #1), Richard Allen (as American Businessman #2), Giovanni Ribisi (as John), Diamond Yukai (as Commercial Director (as Yutaka Tadokoro)) 
196 2/4 Major League  Minutes: 107  1989  Comedy 

The Cleveland Indians have gone 34 years without a division title. Team owner Donald Phelps has died, and his snobby wife Rachel Phelps, a former showgirl, has taken over as the new owner. Some in the media think Rachel shouldn't be the owner of a baseball team. Rachel hates Cleveland, so she makes plans to move the Indians to the warmer climate of Miami, Florida, but she can't break the team's lease with Cleveland unless the team's attendance for the season is below 800,000. Rachel's plan is to put together a team so awful that the season attendance will be lower than 800,000. Rachel and general manager Charlie Donovan hire a manager for the Indians Lou Brown, who has been the manager of the minor league Toledo Mud Hens for the past 30 years. Charlie then recruits some misfit players catcher Jake Taylor, who is a major league standout with knee problems, Ricky "Wild Thing" Vaughn, who is a pitcher who throws wildly, third baseman Roger Dorn, who is a product endorser and former major league star who will do anything to avoid injury, outfielder Willie Mays Hayes, who runs fast enough to steal a lot of bases but can't hit very well, and Pedro Cerrano, who is an outfielder who practices voodoo. As expected, the Indians get off to a slow start, but when they discover that Rachel wants the team to lose so she can move the team, the Indians get their act together and start winning games and raising their attendance, as Jake tries to win back his ex-girlfriend Lynn Wells, and the Indians do what they can to win the division title. 
Cast: Tom Berenger (as Jake Taylor), Charlie Sheen (as Rick 'Wild Thing' Vaughn), Corbin Bernsen (as Roger Dorn), Margaret Whitton (as Rachel Phelps), James Gammon (as Lou Brown), Rene Russo (as Lynn Wells), Wesley Snipes (as Willie Mays Hayes), Charles Cyphers (as Charlie Donovan), Chelcie Ross (as Eddie Harris), Dennis Haysbert (as Pedro Cerrano), Andy Romano (as Pepper Leach), Bob Uecker (as Harry Doyle), Steve Yeager (as 'Duke' Temple), Peter Vuckovich (as Clue Haywood), Stacy Carroll (as Suzanne Dorn) 
197 2/4 Man of the Year  Minutes: 115  2006  Comedy 

Tom Dobbs, comedic host of a political talk show - a la Bill Maher and Jon Stewart - runs for President of the US as an independent candidate who, after an issues-oriented campaign and an explosive performance in the final debate, gets just enough votes to win. Trouble is he owes his victory to a computer glitch in the national touch-screen voting system marketed by Delacroy, a private company with a rising stock price. To protect their fortune, Delacroy executives want to keep the glitch a secret, but one programmer, Eleanor Green, wants Dobbs to know the truth. Can she get to him? 
Cast: Robin Williams (as Tom Dobbs), Christopher Walken (as Jack Menken), Laura Linney (as Eleanor Green), Lewis Black (as Eddie Langston), Jeff Goldblum (as Alan Stewart), David Alpay (as Danny), Faith Daniels (as Moderator), Tina Fey (as Herself), Amy Poehler (as Herself), Doug Murray (as Mathias), Chris Matthews (as News Anchor #1), James Carville (as Political Commentator #1), Rick Roberts (as Hemmings), Karen Hines (as Alison McAndrews), Linda Kash (as Jenny Adams) 
198 3/4 March of the Penquins  Minutes: 85  2005  Documentary 

Each winter, alone in the pitiless ice deserts of Antarctica, deep in the most inhospitable terrain on Earth, a truly remarkable journey takes place as it has done for millennia. Emperor penguins in their thousands abandon the deep blue security of their ocean home and clamber onto the frozen ice to begin their long journey into a region so bleak, so extreme, it supports no other wildlife at this time of year. In single file, the penguins march blinded by blizzards, buffeted by gale force winds. Guided by instinct, by the otherworldly radiance of the Southern Cross, they head unerringly for their traditional breeding ground where--after a ritual courtship of intricate dances and delicate maneuvering, accompanied by a cacophony of ecstatic song--they will pair off into monogamous couples and mate. The females remain long enough only to lay a single egg. Once this is accomplished, exhausted by weeks without nourishment, they begin their return journey across the ice-field to the fish-filled seas. The male emperors are left behind to guard and hatch the precious eggs, which they cradle at all times on top of their feet. After two long months during which the males eat nothing, the eggs begin to hatch. Once they have emerged into their ghostly white new world, the chicks can not survive for long on their fathers' limited food reserves. If their mothers are late returning from the ocean with food, the newly-hatched young will die. Once the families are reunited, the roles reverse, the mothers remaining with their new young while their mates head, exhausted and starved, for the sea, and food. While the adults fish, the chicks face the ever-present threat of attack by prowling giant petrels. As the weather grows warmer and the ice floes finally begin to crack and melt, the adults will repeat their arduous journey countless times, marching many hundreds of miles over some of the most treacherous territory on Earth, until the chicks are ready to take their first faltering dive into the deep blue waters of the Antarctic. 
Cast: Charles Berling (as Narrator (Manchot père) (French Version) (voice)), Romane Bohringer (as Narrator (Manchot mère) (French Version) (voice)), Jules Sitruk (as Narrator (Manchot bébé) (French Version) (voice)), Ching-wen Chia (as Narrator (Taiwan version) (voice)), Leon Dai (as Narrator (Taiwan version) (voice)), Gösta Ekman (as Narrator (voice: Swedish version)), Antônio Fagundes (as Narrator (Brazilian version)), Fiorello (as Narrator (voice: Italian version)), Morgan Freeman (as Narrator (voice: English version)), Sofie Gråbøl (as Narrator (voice: Danish version)), Hikari Ishida (as Haha-Penguin (voice: Japanese version)), Katariina Kaitue (as Narrator (Finnish version) (voice)), Ryunosuke Kamiki (as Ko-Penguin (voice: Japanese version)), Takao Osawa (as Chichi-Penguin (voice: Japanese version)), Patrícia Pillar (as Narrator (Brazilian version)), Urbanus (as Dutch narrator) 
199 3/4 Marley & Me  Minutes: 115  2008  Comedy, Drama, Family, Romance 

After their wedding, newspaper writers John and Jennifer Grogan move to Florida. In an attempt to stall Jennifer's "biological clock", John gives her a puppy. While the puppy Marley grows into a 100 pound dog, he loses none of his puppy energy or rambunctiousness. Meanwhile, Marley gains no self-discipline. Marley's antics give John rich material for his newspaper column. As the Grogans mature and have children of their own, Marley continues to test everyone's patience by acting like the world's most impulsive dog. 
Cast: Owen Wilson, Jennifer Aniston, Eric Dane, Kathleen Turner, Alan Arkin, Nathan Gamble, Haley Bennett, Ann Dowd, Clarke Peters, Finley Jacobsen, Lucy Merriam, Bryce Robinson, Ben Hyland, Sarah O'Kelly, Keith Hudson 
200 2/4 Mars Attacks!  Minutes: 106  1996  Action 

President James Dale of the United States and his right-hand man, Jerry Ross discover that an army of Martian UFOs are hovering around the Earth, and everyone has a different response. Some, like Texan alcohol dealer Art Land and slimy nesman Jason Black, just want to make a profit out of it. Others, such as TV hostess Nathalie Lake, Land's spiritualist wife Barbara, and the Southern-like Norris family, are excited, and some, like Dale's wife, Marsha, and daughter, Taffy, don't care. Richie Norris is extremely intelligent but is only respected by his insane grandmother, while his older brother Billy is favored for joining the army. General Decker doesn't trust the Martians and insist they fight, but General Casey is more optimistic. The Martians appear to come in peace but suddenly begin to use their super-powerful and technologically advanced weapons to wipe out the population and great structures. Soon, they attack Las Vegas, where the Norrises are living, where former heavyweight champion Byron Williams is visiting, where an obnoxious lawyer is gambling, and where Tom Jones is performing in concerts. 
Cast: Jack Nicholson (as President James Dale/Art Land), Glenn Close (as First Lady Marsha Dale), Annette Bening (as Barbara Land), Pierce Brosnan (as Professor Donald Kessler), Danny DeVito (as Rude Gambler), Martin Short (as Press Secretary Jerry Ross), Sarah Jessica Parker (as Nathalie Lake), Michael J. Fox (as Jason Stone), Rod Steiger (as General Decker), Tom Jones (as Himself), Jim Brown (as Byron Williams), Lukas Haas (as Richie Norris), Natalie Portman (as Taffy Dale), Pam Grier (as Louise Williams), Lisa Marie (as Martian Girl) 
201 3/4 Mary Poppins  Minutes: 139  1964  Comedy, Family, Fantasy, Musical 

The movie combines a diverting story, songs, color and sequences of live action blended with the movements of animated figures. Mary Poppins is a kind of Super-nanny who flies in with her umbrella in response to the request of the Banks children and proceeds to put things right with the aid of her rather extraordinary magical powers before flying off again.  
Cast: Julie Andrews, Dick Van Dyke, David Tomlinson, Glynis Johns, Hermione Baddeley, Reta Shaw, Karen Dotrice, Matthew Garber, Elsa Lanchester, Arthur Treacher, Reginald Owen, Ed Wynn, Jane Darwell, Arthur Malet, James Logan 
202 3/4 Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World  Minutes: 138  2003  Action 

During the Napoleonic Wars, a British frigate, HMS Surprise, and a much larger French warship, the Acheron, with greater fire power, stalk each other off of the coast of South America. Russell Crowe brings great intensity to the role of Captain Jack Aubrey. Lucky Jack, as he is referred to by his crew, is well regarded by his men, who trust him implicitly, even after the first devastating battle and an apparent personal vendetta against the French captain. While the naval battle sequences are quite fantastic, the film is successful because director Weir chose to build the story to get to know the men who are locked aboard the tight quarters of a small ship and how they interact everyday. The officers and the mates are well-known by the time the final battle comes. Paul Bettany offers a strong performance as the surgeon and naturalist who balances the violence of his chosen life with the quiet demeanor of the scientist. He is the captain's friend and confidant, the two frequently playing violin and cello duets together. The horrors of the injuries from the war are frequently implied, but vividly depicted in the reactions of the characters. 
Cast: Russell Crowe (as Capt. Jack Aubrey), Paul Bettany (as Dr. Stephen Maturin, Surgeon), James D'Arcy (as 1st Lt. Tom Pullings), Edward Woodall (as 2nd Lt. William Mowett), Chris Larkin (as Capt. Howard, Royal Marines), Max Pirkis (as Blakeney, Midshipman), Jack Randall (as Boyle, Midshipman), Max Benitz (as Calamy, Midshipman), Lee Ingleby (as Hollom, Midshipman), Richard Pates (as Williamson, Midshipman), Robert Pugh (as Mr. Allen, Master), Richard McCabe (as Mr. Higgins, Surgeon's Mate), Ian Mercer (as Mr. Hollar, Boatswain), Tony Dolan (as Mr. Lamb, Carpenter), David Threlfall (as Preserved Killick, Captain's Steward) 
203 3/4 Matchstick Men  Minutes: 116  2003  Comedy 

Meet Roy and Frank, a couple of professional small-time con artists. What Roy, a veteran of the grift, and Frank, his ambitious protégé, are swindling these days are "water filtration systems," bargain-basement water filters bought by unsuspecting people who pay ten times their value in order to win bogus prizes like cars, jewelry and overseas vacations--which they never collect. These scams net the flim-flam men a few hundred here, another thousand there, which eventually adds up to a lucrative partnership. Roy's private life, however, is not so successful. An obsessive-compulsive agoraphobe with no personal relationships to call his own, Roy is barely hanging on to his wits, and when his idiosyncrasies begin to threaten his criminal productivity he's forced to seek the help of a psychoanalyst just to keep him in working order. While Roy is looking for a quick fix, his therapy begets more than he bargained for: the revelation that he has a teenage daughter--a child whose existence he suspected but never dared confirm. What's more troubling, 14-year-old Angela wants to meet the father she never knew. At first, Angela's appearance disrupts her neurotic father's carefully ordered routine. Soon, however, with his own unique spin on parenthood, Roy begins to enjoy a relationship he never dreamed of having with his daughter. But while he develops paternal feelings for the 14-year-old, she's developing a fascination with Daddy's questionable career. 
Cast: Nicolas Cage (as Roy Waller), Sam Rockwell (as Frank Mercer), Alison Lohman (as Angela), Bruce Altman (as Dr. Klein), Bruce McGill (as Chuck Frechette), Jenny O'Hara (as Mrs. Schaffer), Steve Eastin (as Mr. Schaffer), Beth Grant (as Laundry Lady), Sheila Kelley (as Kathy), Fran Kranz (as Slacker Boyfriend), Tim Kelleher (as Bishop), Nigel Gibbs (as Holt), Bill Saito (as Pharmacist #1), Tim Maculan (as Pharmacist #2), Stoney Westmoreland (as Man in Line) 
204 2/4 Maverick  Minutes: 127  1994  Adventure 

Maverick is recreated from the character James Garner created in the 1950s TV program. Maverick is a gambler who would rather con someone than fight them. He needs an additional three thousand dollars in order to enter a Winner Take All poker game that begins in a few days. He tries to win some, tries to collect a few debts, and recover a little loot for the reward, all with a light hearted air. He joins forces with a woman gambler with a marvelous, though fake, southern accent as the two both try and enter the game. 
Cast: Mel Gibson (as Bret Maverick, Jr.), Jodie Foster (as Mrs. Annabelle Bransford), James Garner (as Marshal Zane Cooper/Bret Maverick, Sr.), Graham Greene (as Joseph), Alfred Molina (as Angel), James Coburn (as Commodore Duvall, Owner of Riverboat Lauren Belle/Poker Championship Host), Dub Taylor (as Room Clerk), Geoffrey Lewis (as Matthew Wicker/Eugene, Banker), Paul L. Smith (as The Archduke), Dan Hedaya (as Twitchy, Riverboat Poker Player), Dennis Fimple (as Stuttering), Denver Pyle (as Old Gambler on Riverboat), Clint Black (as Sweet-Faced Gambler), Max Perlich (as Johnny Hardin), Art LaFleur (as Poker Player (as Art La Fleur)) 
205 2/4 Max Payne  Minutes: 100  2008  Action, Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller 

Coming together to solve a series of murders in New York City are a police detective whose family was slain as part of a conspiracy and an assassin out to avenge her sister's death. The duo will be hunted by the police, the mob, and a ruthless corporation. 
Cast: Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis, Beau Bridges, Ludacris, Chris O'Donnell, Donal Logue, Amaury Nolasco, Kate Burton, Olga Kurylenko, Rothaford Gray, Joel Gordon, Jamie Hector, Andrew Friedman, Marianthi Evans, Nelly Furtado 
206 0/4 Meet the Spartans  Minutes: 84  2008  Comedy 

When Leonidas learns that Persia's King Xerxes (Ken Davitian, BORAT) plans to make Sparta his own, he has his captain (Kevin Sorbo, HERCULES) recruit Sparta's finest and prepare them for battle against invading Persian forces. Unfortunately, that amounts to only 13 half-naked men with painted-on abs who literally prance to their destination. To make matters worse, Spartan councilman Traitoro (Diedrich Bader) is, well, a traitor.  
Cast: Sean Maguire (as Leonidas), Carmen Electra (as Queen Margo), Ken Davitian (as Xerxes), Kevin Sorbo (as Captain), Diedrich Bader (as Traitoro), Method Man (as Persian Emissary), Jareb Dauplaise (as Dilio), Travis Van Winkle (as Sonio), Phil Morris (as Messenger), Jim Piddock (as Loyalist / Simon Cowell), Nicole Parker (as Britney Spears / Paris Hilton / Paula Abdul / Ellen DeGeneres / Hunchback Paris), Ike Barinholtz (as Dane Cook / Bond Villain / Prophet), Crista Flanagan (as Spartan Woman / Ugly Betty), Hunter Clary (as Leo Jr.), Emily Wilson (as Lindsay Lohan) 
207 3/4 Memento  Minutes: 113  2000  Crime 

Leonard (Guy Pearce) is an insurance investigator whose memory has been damaged following a head injury he sustained after intervening on his wife's murder. His quality of life has been severely hampered after this event, and he can now only live a comprehendable life by tattooing notes on himself and taking pictures of things with a Polaroid camera. The movie is told in forward flashes of events that are to come that compensate for his unreliable memory, during which he has liaisons with various complex characters. Leonard badly wants revenge for his wife's murder, but, as numerous characters explain, there may be little point if he won't remember it in order to provide closure for him. The movie veers between these future occurrences and a telephone conversation Leonard is having in his motel room in which he compares his current state to that of a client whose claim he once dealt with. 
Cast: Guy Pearce (as Leonard), Carrie-Anne Moss (as Natalie), Joe Pantoliano (as Teddy Gammell), Mark Boone Junior (as Burt), Russ Fega (as Waiter), Jorja Fox (as Leonard's Wife), Stephen Tobolowsky (as Sammy), Harriet Sansom Harris (as Mrs. Jankis), Thomas Lennon (as Doctor), Callum Keith Rennie (as Dodd), Kimberly Campbell (as Blonde), Marianne Muellerleile (as Tattooist), Larry Holden (as Jimmy) 
208 2/4 Men in Black  Minutes: 98  1997  Action 

Men in Black follows the exploits of agents Kay (Jones) and Jay (Smith), members of a top-secret organization established to monitor and police alien activity on Earth. The two Men in Black find themselves in the middle of the deadly plot by an intergalactic terrorist (Vincent D'Onofrio) who has arrived on Earth to assassinate two ambassadors from opposing galaxies. In order to prevent worlds from colliding, the MiB must track down the terrorist and prevent the destruction of Earth. It's just another typical day for the Men in Black. 
Cast: Tommy Lee Jones (as Agent K (Kay)), Will Smith (as James Edwards/Agent J (Jay)/"Slick"), Linda Fiorentino (as Dr. Laurel Weaver/Agent L (Elle)), Vincent D'Onofrio (as Edgar), Rip Torn (as Chief Zed), Tony Shalhoub (as Jack Jeebs), Siobhan Fallon (as Beatrice, Edgar's Wife), Mike Nussbaum (as Gentle Rosenburg the Arquillian Jeweler), Jon Gries (as Nick the Van Driver), Sergio Calderón (as Jose), Carel Struycken (as Arquillian), Fredric Lehne (as INS Agent Janus (as Fredric Lane)), Richard Hamilton (as Agent D (K's first Partner)), Kent Faulcon (as 1st Lt. Jake Jensen), John Alexander (as Mikey) 
209 2/4 Men in Black II  Minutes: 88  2002  Action 

It has been four years since the alien-seeking agents averted an intergalactic disaster of epic proportions. Kay has since returned to the comforts of civilian life while Jay continues to work for the Men in Black, the highly funded yet unofficial government agency that regulates all things alien on earth. While investigating a seemingly routine crime, Jay uncovers a diabolical plot masterminded by Serleena, an evil Kylothian monster who disguises herself as a sexy lingerie model. It's a race against the clock as Jay must convince Kay--who not only has no memory of his time spent with the agency, but is also the only person alive who has the expertise to save the galaxy--to reunite with the MIB before Earth is destroyed completely. 
Cast: Tommy Lee Jones (as Kevin Brown, Agent Kay), Will Smith (as Agent Jay), Rip Torn (as Zed), Lara Flynn Boyle (as Serleena), Johnny Knoxville (as Scrad/Charlie), Rosario Dawson (as Laura Vasquez), Tony Shalhoub (as Jack Jeebs), Patrick Warburton (as Agent Tee), Jack Kehler (as Ben), David Cross (as Newton), Colombe Jacobsen-Derstine (as Hailey (as Colombe Jacobsen)), Peter Spellos (as Captain Larry Bridgewater, The Motorman), Michael Rivkin (as Man with Harvey, the Dog), Michael Bailey Smith (as Creepy), Lenny Venito (as New York Guy) 
210 2/4 Miami Vice  Minutes: 134  2006  Action 

Ricardo Tubbs (Jamie Foxx) is urbane and dead smart. He lives with Bronx-born Intel analyst Trudy (Naomie Harris), as they work undercover transporting drug loads into South Florida to identify a group responsible for three murders. Sonny Crockett (Colin Farrell) [to the untrained eye, his presentation may seem unorthodox, but procedurally, he is sound] is charismatic and flirtatious until - while undercover working with the supplier of the South Florida group - he gets romantically entangled with Isabella (Gong Li), the Chinese-Cuban wife of an arms and drugs trafficker. The best undercover identity is oneself with the volume turned up and restraint unplugged. The intensity of the case pushes Crockett and Tubbs out onto the edge where identity and fabrication become blurred, where cop and player become one - especially for Crockett in his romance with Isabella and for Tubbs in the provocation of an assault on those he loves. 
Cast: Colin Farrell (as Det. James 'Sonny' Crockett), Jamie Foxx (as Det. Ricardo 'Rico' Tubbs), Li Gong (as Isabella (as Gong Li)), Luis Tosar (as Arcángel de Jesús Montoya), Naomie Harris (as Det. Trudy Joplin), Elizabeth Rodriguez (as Det. Gina Calabrese), Justin Theroux (as Det. Larry Zito), Ciarán Hinds (as FBI Agent Fujima), Barry Shabaka Henley (as Lt. Martin Castillo), Domenick Lombardozzi (as Det. Stan Switek), Isaach De Bankolé (as Neptune), John Ortiz (as José Yero), Eddie Marsan (as Nicholas), Ana Cristina De Oliveira (as Rita, Female Bartender), John Hawkes (as Alonzo Stevens) 
211 3/4 Michael Clayton  Minutes: 119  2007  Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller 

In New York, the divorced attorney Michael Clayton has been working for many years fixing messy situations for the law firm Kenner, Back and Odeen. He has never been invited to become a partner due to his conflictive personality of poker gambler and alcoholic that left him completely broken. Michael's addicted brother owes a high amount to a dangerous loan shark and Michael is trying to find a means to cover the debts. When the brilliant attorney Arthur Edens that has been ahead of the U-North case, a complicated three billion dollars lawsuit, for six years has a nervous breakdown and is arrested naked in a parking area in Milwaukee, Michael tries to help his friend, and is involved in an evil scheme plotted by Karen Crowder, the legal counsel of U-North. 
Cast: Tom Wilkinson, Michael O'Keefe, Sydney Pollack, Danielle Skraastad, Tilda Swinton, George Clooney, Wai Chan, Alberto Vazquez, Brian Koppelman, Thomas McCarthy, Denis O'Hare, Julie White, Austin Williams, Jennifer Van Dyck, Frank Wood 
212 3/4 Michael Clayton  Minutes: 119  2007  Crime 

Michael Clayton, a high-priced-law-firm's fixer, leaves a late-night poker game, gets a call to drive to Westchester, and watches his car blow up as he's taking an impromptu dawn walk through a field. Flash back four days. He owes a loan shark to cover his brother's debts (Michael's own gambling habits have left him virtually broke). His law firm is negotiating a high-stakes merger, and his firm's six-year defense of a conglomerate's pesticide use is at risk when one of the firm's top litigators goes off his meds and puts the case in jeopardy. While Michael is trying to fix things, someone decides to kill him. Who? Meanwhile, his son summarizes the plot of a dark fantasy novel. 
Cast: Tom Wilkinson (as Arthur Edens), Michael O'Keefe (as Barry Grissom), Sydney Pollack (as Marty Bach), Danielle Skraastad (as Bridget Klein (voice)), Tilda Swinton (as Karen Crowder), George Clooney (as Michael Clayton), Wai Chan (as Chinese Dealer), Alberto Vazquez (as Player #1), Brian Koppelman (as Player #2), Thomas McCarthy (as Walter (voice) (as Tom McCarthy)), Denis O'Hare (as Mr. Greer), Julie White (as Mrs. Greer), Austin Williams (as Henry Clayton), Jennifer Van Dyck (as Ivy), Frank Wood (as Gerald) 
213 3/4 Million Dollar Baby  Minutes: 132  2004  Drama 

Maggie Fitzgerald (Hilary Swank), a poor thirty-one years old waiter from the very lower classes and with a dysfunctional loser family, decides to make a difference through the box. She convinces the experienced hardened box trainer Frankie Dunn (Clint Eastwood) to coach her and be her manager, with the support of his old partner Eddie Scrap-Iron Dupris (Morgan Freeman), who sees her potential as a boxer. Frankie has a problem of relationship with his daughter, and practically adopts Maggie along her career. 
Cast: Clint Eastwood (as Frankie Dunn), Hilary Swank (as Maggie Fitzgerald), Morgan Freeman (as Eddie Scrap-Iron Dupris), Jay Baruchel (as Danger Barch), Mike Colter (as Big Willie Little), Lucia Rijker (as Billie 'The Blue Bear'), Brian F. O'Byrne (as Father Horvak (as Brian O'Byrne)), Anthony Mackie (as Shawrelle Berry), Margo Martindale (as Earline Fitzgerald), Riki Lindhome (as Mardell Fitzgerald), Michael Pena (as Omar (as Michael Peña)), Benito Martinez (as Billie's Manager), Bruce MacVittie (as Mickey Mack), David Powledge (as Counterman at Diner), Joe D'Angerio (as Cut Man) 
214 3/4 Miracle  Minutes: 135  2004  Drama 

The inspiring story of the team that transcended its sport and united a nation with a new feeling of hope. Based on the true story of one of the greatest moments in sports history, the tale captures a time and place where differences could be settled by games and a cold war could be put on ice. In 1980, the United States Ice Hockey team's coach, Herb Brooks, took a ragtag squad of college kids up against the legendary juggernaut from the Soviet Union at the Olympic Games. Despite the long odds, Team USA carried the pride of a nation yearning from a distraction from world events. With the world watching the team rose to the occasion, prompting broadcaster Al Michaels' now famous question, to the millions viewing at home: Do you believe in miracles? Yes! 
Cast: Kurt Russell (as Herb Brooks), Patricia Clarkson (as Patty Brooks), Noah Emmerich (as Craig Patrick), Sean McCann (as Walter Bush), Kenneth Welsh (as Doc Nagobads), Eddie Cahill (as Jim Craig), Patrick O'Brien Demsey (as Mike Eruzione), Michael Mantenuto (as Jack O'Callahan), Nathan West (as Rob McClanahan), Kenneth Mitchell (as Ralph Cox), Eric Peter-Kaiser (as Mark Johnson), Bobby Hanson (as Dave Silk), Joseph Cure (as Mike Ramsey), Billy Schneider (as Buzz Schneider), Nate Miller (as John 'Bah' Harrington) 
215 2/4 Mission: Impossible  Minutes: 110  1996  Action 

Movie based on the television series finds Jim Phelps and his team charged with stopping a traitor from stealing and selling classified material. Everything was going well until the man they are following and all of the team are inexplicably killed except for Ethan Hunt. Ethan then calls the Director and goes to meet him when he discovers that the whole mission was to ferret a mole that they have been suspicious of for some time. The Director shows evidence that hints that Ethan's the one they have been looking for but Ethan knows that he is not, so he escapes. Ethan then arranges to meet the buyer and whom he warns against using the material he has and when they meet he offers to get what he paid for in exchange for telling whom the mole is. Ethan, along with Phelps' wife Claire recruits two disavowed agents to help him which won't be easy. 
Cast: Tom Cruise (as Ethan Hunt), Jon Voight (as Jim Phelps), Emmanuelle Béart (as Claire Phelps (as Emmanuelle Beart)), Henry Czerny (as Eugene Kittridge), Jean Reno (as Franz Krieger), Ving Rhames (as Luther Stickell), Kristin Scott Thomas (as Sarah Davies (as Kristin Scott-Thomas)), Vanessa Redgrave (as Max), Dale Dye (as Frank Barnes), Marcel Iures (as Alexander Golitsyn), Ion Caramitru (as Zozimov), Ingeborga Dapkunaite (as Hannah Williams), Valentina Yakunina (as Drunken Female IMF Agent), Marek Vasut (as Drunken Male IMF Agent), Nathan Osgood (as Kittridge Technician) 
216 2/4 Mission: Impossible II  Minutes: 123  2000  Action 

IMF agent Ethan Hunt has been sent on a mission to retrieve and destroy the supply of a genetically created disease called 'Chimera'. His mission is made impossible due to the fact that he is not the only person after samples of the disease. He must also contest with a gang of international terrorists headed by a turned bad former IMF agent who has already managed to steal the cure called 'Bellerophon' and now need 'Chimera' to complete their grand plan of infecting the whole world. In order to infiltrate and locate the terrorist group he relies on the help of an international thief Nyah of whom he quickly develops a love interest. Time is not only running out for Agent Hunt to find and destroy 'Chimera' before the terrorists get their hands on it, but he must also find 'Bellerophon' so as to save his love interest who has already become infected by the disease from a terrible and rapid death. 
Cast: Tom Cruise (as Ethan Hunt), Dougray Scott (as Sean Ambrose), Thandie Newton (as Nyah Nordoff-Hall), Ving Rhames (as Luther Stickell), Richard Roxburgh (as Hugh Stamp), John Polson (as Billy Baird), Brendan Gleeson (as John C. McCloy), Rade Serbedzija (as Dr. Nekhorvich (as Radé Sherbedgia)), William Mapother (as Wallis), Dominic Purcell (as Ulrich), Matthew Wilkinson (as Michael), Nicholas Bell (as McCloy's Accountant), Cristina Brogers (as Flamenco Dancer #4), Kee Chan (as McCloy's Chemist), Kim Fleming (as Larrabee) 
217 2/4 Mission: Impossible III  Minutes: 126  2006  Action 

Former secret agent Ethan Hunt is now having a quiet and peaceful life along Julia, his fiancée. But one night, comes a new mission for Ethan, the rescue of an ex colleague, Lindsey, kidnapped by a sadistic and dangerous weapons dealer, Owen Davain. But there's one thing: Julia doesn't know that Ethan is a secret agent. So, Ethan will have to accept the mission without telling Julia the truth. Things doesn't go well with the rescue, and now Ethan is on the search of Owen, who is closing some deals in The Vatican. Brassel, the agency director, puts Ethan in charge of another mission: locate a mortal weapon, only known as "Rabbit Foot". The answer will be at Owen's secret documents and information. So Ethan, with the assistance of an incredible team formed by his old mate Luther, and new acquisitions like Zhen and Declan, will chase Owen all over the world, from Rome to Shanghai City, using high-tech and all sort of gadgets. But Ethan's little secret to Julia will have fatal consequences, finding out that happiness of love won't combine well with his secret work as a spy. 
Cast: Tom Cruise (as Ethan Hunt), Philip Seymour Hoffman (as Owen Davian), Ving Rhames (as Luther Stickell), Billy Crudup (as Musgrave), Michelle Monaghan (as Julia Meade), Jonathan Rhys Meyers (as Declan Gormley), Keri Russell (as Lindsey Farris), Maggie Q (as Zhen Lei), Simon Pegg (as Benji Dunn), Eddie Marsan (as Brownway), Laurence Fishburne (as Theodore Brassel), Bahar Soomekh (as Davian's Translator), Jeff Chase (as Davian's Bodyguard), Michael Berry Jr. (as Julia's Kidnapper), Carla Gallo (as Beth) 
218 3/4 Mister Roberts  Minutes: 123  1955  Comedy 

Mister Roberts is aboard a US cargo ship, working in the Pacific during the Second World War. He'd do anything to leave the quiet of the ship to join in the "action". Trouble is, the captain of the ship, is a bit of a tyrant, and isn't willing to sign Roberts' transfer requests. Also on board is Ensign Pulver, who avoids work as best he can, whilst living off the riches of his buying and selling. Roberts and the crew are in constant battle, even over the smallest of disagreements. 
Cast: Henry Fonda (as Lt. (j.g.) Douglas A. 'Doug' Roberts), James Cagney (as Capt. Morton), William Powell (as Lt. 'Doc'), Jack Lemmon (as Ens. Frank Thurlowe Pulver), Betsy Palmer (as Lt. Ann Girard), Ward Bond (as Chief Petty Officer Dowdy), Philip Carey (as Mannion (as Phil Carey)), Nick Adams (as Reber), Perry Lopez (as Rodrigues), Ken Curtis (as Yeoman 3rd Class Dolan), Robert Roark (as Insigna), Harry Carey Jr. (as Stefanowski), Patrick Wayne (as Bookser (as Pat Wayne)), Frank Aletter (as Gerhart), Tige Andrews (as Wiley (as Tiger Andrews)) 
219 3/4 Monster's Ball  Minutes: 111  2001  Drama 

Hank Grotowski (Billy Bob Thornton) is a prison guard. He works with his son, Sonny (Heath Ledger), and lives at home with his racist father, Buck (Peter Boyle). Lawrence Musgrove (Sean 'Puffy' Combs) has just been executed and a horrible tragedy has happened at home. Now, Hank has just met Leticia (Halle Berry), a young black woman struggling to make ends meet and they quickly fall in love to ease each other's pains. If only he knew that Leticia is Musgrove's widow... 
Cast: Billy Bob Thornton (as Hank Grotowski), Halle Berry (as Leticia Musgrove), Taylor Simpson (as Lucille), Gabrielle Witcher (as Betty), Heath Ledger (as Sonny Grotowski), Amber Rules (as Vera), Peter Boyle (as Buck Grotowski), Charles Cowan Jr. (as Willie Cooper), Taylor LaGrange (as Darryl Cooper), Mos Def (as Ryrus Cooper), Anthony Bean (as Dappa Smith), Francine Segal (as Georgia Ann Paynes), John McConnell (as Harvey Shoonmaker), Marcus Lyle Brown (as Phil Huggins), Milo Addica (as Tommy Roulaine) 
220 3/4 Monsters, Inc.  Minutes: 92  2001  Animation 

In the world behind our closet doors, monsters like Mike and Sulley work hard for their income. To be exact, the monster world depends on our children's screams: It is their energy that makes lightbulbs glow and cars drive. Big companies like Monsters, Inc. collect the scream energy, and many monsters work there in shifts. In these times, it is getting harder and harder to shock the kids properly, since they're so spoiled by television, so that there's an energy shortage in the monster world. Sulley, the number one frightener, one day accidentally lets a human child into the monster world. Since kids are supposed to be poisonous and carry loads of diseases, pandemonium ensues. After Mike and Sulley discover that the girl they named Boo actually seems quite harmless, they decide to bring her back through her door into her room. But Boo's presence is more than just a mere accident. Now, Mike and Sulley have to face an enemy within their own ranks. 
Cast: John Goodman (as James P. "Sulley" Sullivan (voice)), Billy Crystal (as Mike Wazowski (voice)), Mary Gibbs (as Boo/Mary (voice)), Steve Buscemi (as Randall Boggs (voice)), James Coburn (as Henry J. Waternoose III (voice)), Jennifer Tilly (as Celia (voice)), Bob Peterson (as Roz (voice)), John Ratzenberger (as Yeti (voice)), Frank Oz (as Fungus (voice)), Dan Gerson (as Needleman/Smitty (voice) (as Daniel Gerson)), Steve Susskind (as Floor Manager (voice)), Bonnie Hunt (as Flint (voice)), Jeff Pidgeon (as Bile (voice)), Samuel Lord Black (as George Sanderson (voice) (as Sam Black)), Jack Angel (as Additional Voice (voice)) 
221 3/4 Monty Python and the Holy Grail  Minutes: 91  1975  Adventure 

The movie starts out with Arthur, King of the Britons, looking for knights to sit with him at Camelot. He finds many knights including Sir Galahad the pure, Sir Lancelot the brave, the quiet Sir Bedevere, and Sir Robin the Not-Quite-So-Brave-as-Sir Lancelot. They do not travel on horses, but pretend they do and have their servants bang coconuts to make the sound of horse's hooves. Through satire of certain events in history (witch trials, the black plague) they find Camelot, but after literally a quick song and dance they decide that they do not want to go there. While walking away, God (who seems to be grumpy) come to them from a cloud and tells them to find the Holy Grail. They agree and begin their search. While they search for the Grail, scenes of the knight's tales appear and why they have the name they have. Throughout their search they meet interesting people and knights along the way. Most of the characters die; some through a killer rabbit (which they defeat with the holy hand grenade), others from not answering a question right from the bridge of Death, or die some other ridiculous way. In the end, King Arthur and Sir Bedevere are left and find the Castle Arrrghhh where the Holy Grail is. They are met by some French soldiers who taunted them earlier in the film, so they were not able to get into the castle. 
Cast: Graham Chapman (as King Arthur/Voice of God/Middle Head/Hiccoughing Guard), John Cleese (as Second Swallow-Savvy Guard/The Black Knight/Peasant 3/Sir Lancelot, the Brave/Taunting French Guard/Tim the Enchanter), Eric Idle (as Dead Collector/Peasant 1/Sir Robin the Not-Quite-So-Brave-as-Sir Launcelot/First Swamp Castle Guard/Concorde/Roger the Shrubber/Brother Maynard), Terry Gilliam (as Patsy/Green Knight/Old Man from scene 24 (Bridgekeeper)/Sir Bors/Animator/Gorrilla Hand), Terry Jones (as Dennis's Mother/Sir Bedevere/Left Head/Voice of Cartoon Scribe/Prince Herbert), Michael Palin (as First Swallow-Savvy Guard/Dennis/Peasant 2/Right Head/Sir Galahad the Pure/Narrator/King of Swamp Castle/Brother Maynard's Brother/Leader of The Knights who say NI!), Connie Booth (as The Witch), Carol Cleveland (as Zoot/Dingo), Neil Innes (as First Monk/Singing Minstrel/Page Crushed by the Rabbit/Peasant #4), Bee Duffell (as Old Crone), John Young (as Dead Body/Historian Frank), Rita Davies (as Historian's Wife), Avril Stewart (as Dr. Piglet), Sally Kinghorn (as Dr. Winston), Mark Zycon (as Prisoner) 
222 2/4 Mr 3000  Minutes: 104  2004  Comedy 

Stan Ross was a baseball superstar who turned his back on the game years ago when he finally hit 3,000 hits. Years later, he's now a successful, self-made entrepreneur whose many businesses revolve around his title: Mr. 3000. But a clerical error has proven that Stan is just short three hits of his spectacular hit record. Now, with time on his side and the potential to be inducted in the Baseball Hall of Fame, Stan must return back to the game and get back his title. But things have changed with age, and as Stan finds out, it's not too easy to get back into the game when he hasn't played for years, and he's nearing 50. 
Cast: Bernie Mac (as Stan), Angela Bassett (as Maureen "Mo" Simmons), Michael Rispoli (as Boca), Brian J. White (as T-Rex), Ian Anthony Dale (as Fukuda), Evan Jones (as Fryman), Amaury Nolasco (as Minadeo), Dondre Whitfield (as Skillet), Paul Sorvino (as Gus Panas), Earl Billings (as Lenny Koron), Chris Noth (as Schiembri), Neil Brown Jr. (as Clubhouse Assistant), Scott Martin Brooks (as Eddie Richling (as Scott Brooks)), Rich Komenich (as Big Horse Borelli), David Devey (as Gervis) 
223 2/4 Mr. Deeds  Minutes: 96  2002  Comedy 

When Longfellow Deeds, a small-town pizzeria owner and poet, inherits $40 billion from his deceased uncle, he quickly begins rolling in a different kind of dough. Moving to the big city, Deeds finds himself besieged by opportunists all gunning for their piece of the pie. Babe, a television tabloid reporter, poses as an innocent small-town girl to do an exposé on Deeds. Of course, Deeds' sincere naiveté has Babe falling in love with him instead. Ultimately, Deeds comes to find that money truly has the power to change things, but it doesn't necessarily need to change him. 
Cast: Adam Sandler (as Longfellow Deeds), Winona Ryder (as Babe Bennett/Pam Dawson), John Turturro (as Emilio Lopez), Allen Covert (as Marty), Peter Gallagher (as Chuck Cedar), Jared Harris (as Mac McGrath), Erick Avari (as Cecil Anderson), Peter Dante (as Murph), Conchata Ferrell (as Jan), Harve Presnell (as Preston Blake), Steve Buscemi (as Crazy Eyes), Blake Clark (as Buddy Ward, the Quarterback's Father), John McEnroe (as John McEnroe), J.B. Smoove (as Reuben), Tom McNulty (as P.A./Gaffer/Extra) 
224 3/4 Mr. Holland's Opus  Minutes: 143  1995  Drama 

Glenn Holland (Dreyfuss) is a musician and composer who takes a teaching job to pay the rent while, in his 'spare time', he can strive to achieve his true goal - compose one memorable piece of music to leave his mark on the world. As Holland discovers 'Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans' and as the years unfold the joy of sharing his contagious passion for music with his students becomes his new definition of success. 
Cast: Richard Dreyfuss (as Glenn Holland), Glenne Headly (as Iris Holland), Jay Thomas (as Bill Meister), Olympia Dukakis (as Principal Helen Jacobs), William H. Macy (as Vice Principal Gene Wolters (as W.H. Macy)), Alicia Witt (as Gertrude Lang), Terrence Howard (as Louis Russ), Damon Whitaker (as Bobby Tidd), Jean Louisa Kelly (as Rowena Morgan), Alexandra Boyd (as Sarah Olmstead), Nicholas John Renner (as Cole at 6 Years Old), Joseph Anderson (as Cole at 15 Years Old), Anthony Natale (as Cole at 28 Years Old), Joanna Gleason (as Gertrude Lang as an adult), Beth Maitland (as Deaf School Principal) 
225 2/4 Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium  Minutes: 93  2007  Comedy 

Molly Mahoney is the awkward and insecure manager of Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium, the strangest, most fantastic, most wonderful toy store in the world. But when Mr. Magorium, the 243 year-old eccentric who owns the store, bequeaths the store to her, a dark and ominous change begins to take over the once remarkable Emporium. 
Cast: Ted Ludzik (as Bellini, the Bookbuilder), Natalie Portman (as Molly Mahoney, the Composer), Zach Mills (as Eric Applebaum, the Hat Collector), Dustin Hoffman (as Mr. Edward Magorium, Avid Shoe-Wearer), Madalena Brancatella (as Jessica, Who Got a Cowboy Hat), Paula Boudreau (as Brenda, Who Wants a Mobile), Mike Realba (as Dave Wolf, Who's an Engineer), Steve Whitmire (as Kermit the Frog), Liam Powley-Webster (as Andy, the Boy Who Likes to Color), Marcia Bennett (as Lora, Who Wants a Fire Engine), Jason Bateman (as Henry Weston, the Mutant), Oliver Masuda (as Jordan, Who Said Hi), Samantha Harvey (as Cassie, the Girl Chased by a Goose), Jesse Bostick (as Derek, Who Opened the Door), Isaac Durnford (as Jason, Who's a Little Too Curious) 
226 2/4 Mr. Woodcock  Minutes: 87  2007  Comedy 

Taken aback by his mother's wedding announcement, a young man returns home in an effort to stop her from marrying his old high school gym teacher, a man who made high school hell for generations of students.

Cast: Billy Bob Thornton (as Jasper Woodcock), Seann William Scott (as John Farley), Susan Sarandon (as Beverly Farley), Amy Poehler (as Maggie Hoffman), Melissa Sagemiller (as Tracy), Ethan Suplee (as Nedderman), Jacob Davich (as Nedderman's Brother), Kyley Baldridge (as Young John Farley), Alec George (as Young Nedderman), Joseph Michael Sargent (as Young Watson), M.C. Gainey (as Hal - Barber #1), Brent Briscoe (as Barber #2), Dave Kuhr (as Bookish Guy), Lisa K. Wyatt (as Housewife), Kurt Fuller (as Councilman Luke Jessop) 
227 4/4 Munson's Greatest Calls: The Richt Era  Minutes: 90  2007  Action/Sports 

News/Talk 750 WSB and University of Georgia present "Munson's Greatest Calls: The Richt Era." This DVD brings you Larry Munson's most incredible calls and dramatic highlights from The Mark Richt era in one unbeatable package. Hob Nailed Boot, 2002 Auburn, The SEC Championship wins, the Man enough victory over Alabama ... the greatest moments and the most spectacular efforts...it's all here.

Cast: The Dawgs 
228 2/4 Music and Lyrics  Minutes: 106  2007  Comedy 

In New York, the washed-up singer Alex Fletcher has a decadent career singing his old hits in amusement parks, school reunions or dinner parties to survive. In the 80's, he was a successful singer of the band POP with Collin Thompson, but when his partner split, his solo-career was a complete failure. His manager and friend Chris Riley schedules a meeting with the successful teen singer Cora Corman and Alex has a chance to be promoted in a show if he delivers a new song for Cora's concert in the end of the week. Alex has difficulties to put lyrics in his melody, but he accidentally discovers Sophie Fisher, who is temporarily watering his plants and proves to be a sensitive poet and efficient lyricist. Their song is approved by Cora, but they disagree about her interpretation, while they fall in love for each other.  
Cast: Hugh Grant (as Alex Fletcher), Scott Porter (as Colin Thompson), Nick Bacon (as Pop Bass Player), Andrew W. Blakemore (as Pop Guitar Player (as Andrew Wyatt Blakemore)), Dan McMillan (as Pop Drummer), Tom Foligno (as Has-Beens Promo Announcer (voice)), Zak Orth (as David Newbert - TV Executive #1), Brooke Tansley (as Janice Stern - TV Executive #2), Daniel Stewart Sherman (as Willy), Brad Garrett (as Chris Riley), Aasif Mandvi (as Khan), Drew Barrymore (as Sophie Fisher), Haley Bennett (as Cora Corman), Matthew Morrison (as Ray), Jason Antoon (as Greg Antonsky) 
229 2/4 My Big Fat Greek Wedding  Minutes: 95  2002  Comedy 

Toula Portokalos is 30, Greek, and works in her family's restaurant, Dancing Zorba's, in Chicago. All her father Gus wants is for her to get married to a nice Greek boy. But Toula is looking for more in life. Her mother convinces Gus to let her take some computer classes at college (making him think it's his idea). With those classes under her belt, she then takes over her aunt's travel agency (again making her father think it's his idea). She meets Ian Miller, a high school English teacher, WASP, and dreamboat she had made a fool of herself over at the restaurant; they date secretly for a while before her family finds out. Her father is livid over her dating a non-Greek. He has to learn to accept Ian; Ian has to learn to accept Toula's huge family, and Toula has to learn to accept herself. 
Cast: Nia Vardalos (as Toula Portokalos), Michael Constantine (as Gus Portokalos), John Corbett (as Ian Miller), Christina Eleusiniotis (as Toula Portokalos - Age 6), Kaylee Vieira (as Schoolgirl), John Kalangis (as Greek Teacher), Lainie Kazan (as Maria Portokalos), Marita Zouravlioff (as Toula Portokalos - Age 12), Sarah Osman (as Athena Portokalos - Age 15), Petra Wildgoose (as Car Pool Friend), Melissa Todd (as Car Pool Friend), Bess Meisler (as Yiayia), Andrea Martin (as Aunt Voula), Louis Mandylor (as Nick Portokalos), Gerry Mendicino (as Uncle Taki) 
230 3/4 My Cousin Vinny  Minutes: 120  1992  Comedy 

While heading for college, Bill and Stan are arrested in Alabama when circumstances point to them as having murdered a convenience store clerk. Unable to afford an attorney, they turn to Bill's cousin Vinny, a brash New Yorker who took six tries to pass his bar exam. Worse, until now he's only taken personal injury cases, none of which have gone to trial. Dragging along his even more abrasive fiancee Mona Lisa Vito, Vinny will have to straighten up fast, and keep out of jail himself, if he's going to win the case. 
Cast: Joe Pesci (as Vincent Gambini), Ralph Macchio (as Billy Gambini), Marisa Tomei (as Mona Lisa Vito), Mitchell Whitfield (as Stan Rothenstein), Fred Gwynne (as Judge Chamberlain Haller), Lane Smith (as D.A. Jim Trotter, III), Austin Pendleton (as John Gibbons), Bruce McGill (as Sheriff Dean Farley), Maury Chaykin (as Sam Tipton), Paulene Myers (as Constance Riley (as Pauline Meyers)), Raynor Scheine (as Ernie Crane), James Rebhorn (as George Wilbur), Chris Ellis (as J.T.), Michael Simpson (as Neckbrace), Lou Walker (as Grits Cook) 
231 4/4 My Name Is Earl - Season One (24 Episodes)  Minutes: 30  2005  Comedy 

Earl is a low-life who buys a winning lottery ticket, only to get hit by a car, losing the ticket in the process. He then realizes in the hospital that his bad luck is the result of karma in which fate punishes him for all the rotten things he's ever done in his life; therefore, he then decides to dedicate his life to making amends to all the people he has hurt in his life. 
Cast: Ethan Suplee (as Randy Hickey), Jaime Pressly (as Joy Turner), Nadine Velazquez (as Catalina), Eddie Steeples (as Darnell Turner), Jason Lee (as Earl Hickey) 
232 3/4 My Name Is Earl - Season Two (22 Episodes)  Minutes: 30  2005  Comedy 

Earl Hickey is a ne'er do well without a job or a direction in life. Instead, he spends his days drinking beer, stealing whatever isn't bolted down and being a leech on society. But when he wins the lottery of a lifetime, Earl thinks his luck may have just changed...until he's hit by a car. As he recovers in a hospital bed, Earl realizes that maybe the reason why he's there is because of a simple five letter word: karma. For every rotten thing he's done, a rotten thing comes right back to him; and the only way he can stop that is to make good for every bad deed. Having compiled a lengthy list of things he's done to people, Earl sets out to right all the wrongs from his past. All of this on the promise that maybe, he can enjoy his fortune once and for all, but only if he can finish the list first. Aiding him is his lifelong best friend and brother, Randy and an ensemble of characters to assist, observe, amuse, berate, or are just there for Earl Hickey.
Cast: Jason Lee (as Earl Hickey / ... (56 episodes, 2005-2007)), Ethan Suplee (as Randy Hickey / ... (56 episodes, 2005-2007)), Jaime Pressly (as Joy Turner / ... (56 episodes, 2005-2007)), Eddie Steeples (as Darnell Turner / ... (56 episodes, 2005-2007)), Nadine Velazquez (as Catalina (55 episodes, 2005-2007)) 
233 2/4 Nacho Libre  Minutes: 92  2006  Comedy 

Nacho (Jack Black) is a young man who was raised in a monastery in Mexico and now works there as the cook. Fueled by his passion for wrestling, he dons a mask and cape and picks up a partner to compete in a local Lucha Libre tournament to try for the $200 prize so he can buy better food for the kids and achieve respect. When a new nun, Sister Encarnacion (Ana de la Reguera), arrives at the monastery, he tries to win her adoration as well while attempting to prove that being a Luchador isn't a sin and win the grand prize at a battle royal tournament so he can buy a bus for the kids. 
Cast: Jack Black (as Nacho), Ana de la Reguera (as Sister Encarnación), Héctor Jiménez (as Esqueleto), Darius Rose (as Chancho), Moises Arias (as Juan Pablo), Eduardo Gómez (as Chuy), Carlos Maycotte (as Segundo Nuñez), Richard Montoya (as Guillermo), Cesar Gonzalez (as Ramses), Rafael Montalvo (as Elderly Monk), Julio Sandoval (as Snaggle Tooth Monk), Enrique Muñoz (as Señor Ramon), Carla Jimenez (as Candidia), Agustín Rey (as Galindo #1), Troy Gentile (as Young Nacho) 
234 3/4 Napoleon Dynamite  Minutes: 82  2004  Comedy 

Preston, Idaho's most curious resident, Napoleon Dynamite (Heder), lives with his grandma and his 32-year-old brother (who cruises chat rooms for ladies) and works to help his best friend, Pedro (Efren Ramirez), snatch the Student Body President title from mean teen Summer Wheatley (Haylie Duff). 
Cast: Jon Heder (as Napoleon Dynamite), Jon Gries (as Uncle Rico), Efren Ramirez (as Pedro Sanchez), Aaron Ruell (as Kip Dynamite), Diedrich Bader (as Rex), Tina Majorino (as Deb), Sandy Martin (as Grandma), Haylie Duff (as Summer Wheatly), Trevor Snarr (as Don), Shondrella Avery (as LaFawnduh Lucas), Bracken Johnson (as Randy), Carmen Brady (as Starla), Ellen Dubin (as Ilene), J.C. Cunningham (as Jock #1), James Smooth (as Jock #2) 
235 2/4 National Treasure  Minutes: 131  2004  Action 

Ben Gates comes from a family of treasure hunters. Now his grandfather believes that the forefathers' buried a treasure somewhere in the country and have placed clues everywhere but unfortunately the clues are highly cryptic and scaterred all over the place. Now Ben thinks he has found it but it only leads him to another clue which is on the back of the Declaration of Independence. Now one of his associates Ian wants to steal it so that they could get the clue but Ben refuses to do it so he tries to kill Ben. But Ben evades him and tries to warn the authorities about Ian's plans but they don't believe him. So Ben takes it upon himself to steal it in order to protect it. And he does but Abigail Chase the curator of the National Archives, where it is kept, discovers what he has done and tries to stop him but gets caught in the crossfire between Ben and Ian, so Ben takes her with him. While she doesdn't believe him, he is determined to prove he is right about the treasure. But it won't be easy cause Ian's always a step behind him and he is being hunted by the FBI. 
Cast: Nicolas Cage (as Ben Gates), Diane Kruger (as Abigail Chase), Justin Bartha (as Riley Poole), Sean Bean (as Ian Howe), Jon Voight (as Patrick Gates), Harvey Keitel (as Sadusky), Christopher Plummer (as John Adams Gates), David Dayan Fisher (as Shaw), Stewart Finlay-McLennan (as Powell), Oleg Taktarov (as Shippen), Stephen A. Pope (as Phil (as Stephen Pope)), Annie Parisse (as Agent Dawes), Mark Pellegrino (as Agent Johnson), Armando Riesco (as Agent Hendricks), Erik King (as Agent Colfax) 
236 2/4 Nevada Smith  Minutes: 128  1966  Western 

Steve McQueen stars as a young son of an Indian mother and white father. When his father is killed by three men over gold, McQueen sets out to find them and kill them. The boy is taken in by a gun merchant. The gun merchant shows him how to shoot and to shoot on time and correct. Everything that McQueen does in this movie goes to killing those three men. He learns to read and write just to learn their location. He pays people to tell him where they're at. He even goes to prison to kill one of them. While the movie is a western and has plenty of action, it also takes a deep look into vengeance and how one can change after a haunting incident. 
Cast: Steve McQueen (as Nevada Smith/Max Sand/Fitch), Karl Malden (as Tom Fitch), Brian Keith (as Jonas Cord), Arthur Kennedy (as Bill Bowdre), Suzanne Pleshette (as Pilar), Raf Vallone (as Father Zaccardi), Janet Margolin (as Neesa), Pat Hingle (as Big Foot (work camp trustee)), Howard Da Silva (as Warden of work camp), Martin Landau (as Jesse Coe), Paul Fix (as Sheriff Bonnell), Gene Evans (as Sam Sand), Josephine Hutchinson (as Mrs. Elvira McCandles), John Doucette (as Uncle Ben McCandles), Val Avery (as Buck Mason (bartender)) 
237 3/4 News Radio - Season One  Minutes: 23  1995  Comedy 

"NewsRadio" is a sitcom that explores office politics, relationships, and crises through a group of co-workers at WNYX NewsRadio, New York's #2 newsradio station. Dave Foley stars as the haggled news director, Phil Hartman and Khandi Alexander portray sniping anchor people, Maura Tierney is the ambitious supervising producer, Stephen Root is the station's eccentric owner, Vicki Lewis does wacky secretary, and Joe Rogan is a tech-happy electrician. 
Cast: Dave Foley (as Dave Nelson (76 episodes, 1995-1999)), Stephen Root (as Jimmy James (76 episodes, 1995-1999)), Andy Dick (as Matthew Brock (76 episodes, 1995-1999)), Maura Tierney (as Lisa Miller (75 episodes, 1995-1999)), Joe Rogan (as Joe Garrelli (74 episodes, 1995-1999)), Vicki Lewis (as Beth (73 episodes, 1995-1999)), Phil Hartman (as Bill McNeal (68 episodes, 1995-1998)), Khandi Alexander (as Catherine Duke (53 episodes, 1995-1998)) 
238 3/4 News Radio - Season Two  Minutes: 23  1995  Comedy 

"NewsRadio" is a sitcom that explores office politics, relationships, and crises through a group of co-workers at WNYX NewsRadio, New York's #2 newsradio station. Dave Foley stars as the haggled news director, Phil Hartman and Khandi Alexander portray sniping anchor people, Maura Tierney is the ambitious supervising producer, Stephen Root is the station's eccentric owner, Vicki Lewis does wacky secretary, and Joe Rogan is a tech-happy electrician. 
Cast: Dave Foley (as Dave Nelson (76 episodes, 1995-1999)), Stephen Root (as Jimmy James (76 episodes, 1995-1999)), Andy Dick (as Matthew Brock (76 episodes, 1995-1999)), Maura Tierney (as Lisa Miller (75 episodes, 1995-1999)), Joe Rogan (as Joe Garrelli (74 episodes, 1995-1999)), Vicki Lewis (as Beth (73 episodes, 1995-1999)), Phil Hartman (as Bill McNeal (68 episodes, 1995-1998)), Khandi Alexander (as Catherine Duke (53 episodes, 1995-1998)) 
239 2/4 Next  Minutes: 96  2007  Action 

Las Vegas showroom magician Cris Johnson has a secret which torments him: he can see a few minutes into the future. Sick of the examinations he underwent as a child and the interest of the government and medical establishment in his power, he lies low under an assumed name in Vegas, performing cheap tricks and living off small-time gambling "winnings." But when a terrorist group threatens to detonate a nuclear device in Los Angeles, government agent Callie Ferris must use all her wiles to capture Cris and convince him to help her stop the cataclysm.  
Cast: Nicolas Cage (as Cris Johnson), Julianne Moore (as Callie Ferris), Jessica Biel (as Liz Cooper), Thomas Kretschmann (as Mr. Smith), Tory Kittles (as Cavanaugh), José Zúñiga (as Security Chief Roybal (as Jose Zuniga)), Jim Beaver (as Wisdom), Jason Butler Harner (as Jeff Baines), Michael Trucco (as Kendall), Enzo Cilenti (as Mr. Jones), Laetitia Danielle (as Miss Brown), Nicolas Pajon (as Mr. Green), Sergej Trifunovic (as Mr. White), Charles Chun (as Davis), Patricia Prata (as Showgirl) 
240 2/4 Night at the Museum  Minutes: 108  2006  Action 

In New York, the unemployed divorced Larry Daley is a complete loser. His son Nick is very disappointed with his father that is gong to be evicted, and Larry accepts the job of night watchman in the Museum of Natural History as the substituted for three old security guards that have just retired to raise some money and pay his bills. In his first nightshift, Larry realizes that everything at the museum comes to life at night. The Museum transforms in a complete chaos with the inexperienced Larry, and he learns that since an old Egyptian stone came to the Museum in 1950, the was statues comes to life until dawn. When Larry brings his son to spend a night with him, the three old guards break in the Museum to stole the magic stone. Larry organizes the historic characters to help him to arrest the criminals and save the museum. 
Cast: Ben Stiller (as Larry Daley), Carla Gugino (as Rebecca), Dick Van Dyke (as Cecil), Mickey Rooney (as Gus), Bill Cobbs (as Reginald), Jake Cherry (as Nick Daley), Ricky Gervais (as Dr. McPhee), Robin Williams (as Teddy Roosevelt), Kim Raver (as Erica Daley), Patrick Gallagher (as Attila the Hun), Rami Malek (as Ahkmenrah), Pierfrancesco Favino (as Christopher Columbus), Charles Q. Murphy (as Taxi Driver (as Charlie Murphy)), Steve Coogan (as Octavius), Mizuo Peck (as Sacajawea) 
241 3/4 No Country for Old Men  Minutes: 122  2007  Crime 

In rural Texas, welder and hunter Llewelyn Moss discovers the remains of several drug runners who have all killed each other in an exchange gone violently wrong. Rather than report the discovery to the police, Moss decides to simply take the two million dollars present for himself. This puts the psychopathic killer, Anton Chigurh, on his trail as he dispassionately murders nearly every rival, bystander and even employer in his pursuit of his quarry and the money. As Moss desperately attempts to keep one step ahead, the blood from this hunt begins to flow behind him with relentlessly growing intensity as Chigurh closes in. Meanwhile, the laconic Sherrif Ed Tom Bell blithely oversees the investigation even as he struggles to face the sheer enormity of the crimes he is attempting to thwart.  
Cast: Tommy Lee Jones (as Ed Tom Bell), Javier Bardem (as Anton Chigurh), Josh Brolin (as Llewelyn Moss), Woody Harrelson (as Carson Wells), Kelly Macdonald (as Carla Jean Moss), Garret Dillahunt (as Wendell), Tess Harper (as Loretta Bell), Barry Corbin (as Ellis), Stephen Root (as Man who hires Wells), Rodger Boyce (as El Paso Sheriff), Beth Grant (as Carla Jean's Mother), Ana Reeder (as Poolside Woman), Kit Gwin (as Sheriff Bell's Secretary), Zach Hopkins (as Strangled Deputy), Chip Love (as Man in Ford) 
242 3/4 No Man Is an Island  Minutes: 114  1962  War 

The true story of George Tweed, an American sailor who became the only serviceman on the island of Guam to avoid capture by the Japanese during the early years of World War II.  
Cast: Jeffrey Hunter (as George R. Tweed), Marshall Thompson (as Jonn Sonnenberg), Barbara Perez (as 'Joe' Cruz), Ronald Remy (as Chico Torres), Paul Edwards Jr. (as Al Turney), Rolf Bayer (as Chief Schultz), Vicente Liwanag (as Vicente), Fred Harris II (as Roy Lund), Lamberto V. Avellana (as Mr. Shimoda), Chichay (as Mrs. Nakamura), Antonio De la Mogueis (as Florecito), Vic Silayan (as Major Hondo), Bert La Fortesa (as Comdr. Oto Harada), Eddie Infante (as Sus Quintagua), Nardo Ramos (as Tumon) 
243 3/4 O Brother, Where Art Thou?  Minutes: 106  2000  Comedy 

Loosely based on Homer's 'Odyssey' the movie deals with the grotesque adventures of Everett Ulysses McGill and his companions Delmar and Pete in 1930s Mississipi. Sprung from a chain gang and trying to reach Everetts home to recover the buried loot of a bank heist they are confronted by a series of strange characters. Among them sirens, a cyclops, bankrobber George 'Babyface' Nelson (very annoyed by that nickname), a campaigning Governor, his opponent, a KKK lynch mob, and a blind prophet, who warns the trio that "the treasure you seek shall not be the treasure you find." 
Cast: George Clooney (as Ulysses Everett McGill), John Turturro (as Pete), Tim Blake Nelson (as Delmar O'Donnell), John Goodman (as Big Dan Teague), Holly Hunter (as Penny), Chris Thomas King (as Tommy Johnson), Charles Durning (as Pappy O'Daniel), Del Pentecost (as Junior O'Daniel), Michael Badalucco (as George Nelson), J.R. Horne (as Pappy's Staff), Brian Reddy (as Pappy's Staff), Wayne Duvall (as Homer Stokes), Ed Gale (as The Little Man), Ray McKinnon (as Vernon T. Waldrip), Daniel von Bargen (as Sheriff Cooley/The Devil (as Daniel Von Bargen)) 
244 3/4 Ocean's Eleven  Minutes: 116  2001  Action 

When Daniel Ocean is released from prison in New Jersey, his next heist is already planned. Danny's target are three Las Vegas casinos: The Bellagio, the Mirage and the MGM Grand. They all belong to ruthless entrepreneur Terry Benedict, who, by the way, also shows a certain interest in Danny's beautiful ex-wife Tess. During a much-anticipated boxing event (Lennox Lewis vs. Wladimir Klitschko), there will be $150 million in the safe, 70 yards below the strip. So, Danny starts to hire professionals from all over the country: There's the card magician Rusty Ryan, the perfect pickpocket Linus Caldwell and the ingenious pyrotechnician Basher Tarr. Reuben Tishkoff, who lost a casino to Benedict, provides funding, the brothers Virgil and Turk Malloy will drive and help, and Frank Catton, a professional card dealer, gets a job at the casino to watch the routines. Saul Bloom, already retired, will play the rich heavy weaponry dealer and live in the hotel, while Livingston Dell bugs the place to have a look over the shoulders of the security personnel. Finally, the chinese acrobat artist Yen will be the one to move inside the safe before the motion detectors are turned off. There are three rules to be followed: First: no blood. Second: Rob only who deserves it. Third: Do it as if you have nothing to lose. When the day of the boxing event finally draws near, all is set, and Benedict doesn't have a clue - or does he? 
Cast: George Clooney (as Danny Ocean), Cecelia Ann Birt (as Board Member #1 (voice) (as CeCeLia Birt)), Paul L. Nolan (as Board Member #2 (voice)), Carol Florence (as Board Member #3 (voice)), Lori Galinski (as Blackjack Dealer), Bernie Mac (as Frank Catton), Brad Pitt (as Rusty Ryan), Mark Gantt (as Bartender), Timothy Paul Perez (as Security Guard), Elliott Gould (as Reuben Tishkoff), Frank Patton (as Lockbox Carrier), Casey Affleck (as Virgil Malloy), Scott Caan (as Turk Malloy), Eddie Jemison (as Livingston Dell), Jorge R. Hernandez (as FBI Man #1) 
245 3/4 Ocean's Thirteen  Minutes: 122  2007  Comedy 

The last time we saw Danny Ocean's crew, they were paying back ruthless casino mogul Terry Benedict after stealing millions from him. However, it's been a while since they've come back together, which is all about to change. When one of their own, Reuben Tishkoff builds a hotel with known casino owner Willy Banks, the last thing he ever wanted was to get cut out of the deal personally by the loathsome Banks. Banks' attitude even goes so far as to finding the amusement in Tishkoff's misfortune when the double crossing lands Reuben in the hospital because of a heart attack. However, Danny and his crew won't stand for Banks and what he's done to a friend. Uniting with their old enemy Benedict, who himself has a vendetta against Banks, the crew is out to pull off a major plan. One that will unfold on the night Banks' newest hot spot opens up, when the crew is out to bankrupt one of the city's most despised businessmen. But they're not in this for the money, but for the revenge.
Cast: Brad Pitt (as Rusty Ryan), George Clooney (as Danny Ocean), Matt Damon (as Linus Caldwell / Lenny Pepperidge), Michael Mantell (as Dr. Stan), Elliott Gould (as Reuben Tishkoff), Ray Xifo (as Reuben's Butler), Al Pacino (as Willie Bank), Adam Lazarre-White (as Bank's Junior Executive), Eddie Jemison (as Livingston Dell), Don Cheadle (as Basher Tarr / Fender Roads), Shaobo Qin (as Yen / Mr. Weng), Casey Affleck (as Virgil Malloy), Scott Caan (as Turk Malloy), Bernie Mac (as Frank Catton), Carl Reiner (as Saul Bloom / Kensington Chub) 
246 2/4 Ocean's Twelve  Minutes: 125  2004  Comedy 

Set three years after "Ocean's 11," this sequel shows us Danny Ocean gathering up his complete gang of con artists and thieves from the first film in New York City before they all jet off to Amsterdam, Rome, and Paris to pull off three seperate heists. All the while, the boys must deal with increasing pressure from a very mad Terry Benedict, a dedicated Europol agent with a link to Rusty's past, and a mysterious French rival known as the "Night Fox." Will Ocean's crew reach their full potential and become the greatest thieves the world has ever known, or will they fall victim to Benedict's revenge? All bets are off. 
Cast: Brad Pitt (as Rusty Ryan), Catherine Zeta-Jones (as Isabel Lahiri), George Clooney (as Danny Ocean), Ed Kross (as Bank Officer), Julia Roberts (as Tess Ocean), Don Tiffany (as House Painter), Anne Jacques (as Shop Owner), David Sontag (as Plainclothes Goon #1), Larry Sontag (as Plainclothes Goon #2), Andy Garcia (as Terry Benedict), Casey Affleck (as Virgil Malloy), Dina Connolly (as Virgil's Fiancée), Scott Caan (as Turk Malloy), Nelson Peltz (as Partygoer), Mini Anden (as Supermodel) 
247 3/4 October Sky  Minutes: 108  1999  Biography 

In 1950's mining town called Coalwood, Homer Hickam is a kid with only one future in sight, to work in the local coalmine like his father. However in October 1957, everything changes when the first artificial satellite, Sputnik goes into orbit. With that event, Homer becomes inspired to learn how to build rockets. With his friends and the local nerd, Homer sets to do just that by trial and a lot of error. Unfortunately, most of the town and especially Homer's father thinks that they are wasting their time. Only one teacher in the high school understands their efforts and lets them know that they could become contenders in the national science fair with college scholarships being the prize. Now the gang must learn to perfect their craft and overcome the many problems facing them as they shoot for the stars. 
Cast: Jake Gyllenhaal (as Homer Hickam), Chris Cooper (as John Hickam), Laura Dern (as Miss Frieda Riley), Chris Owen (as Quentin Wilson), William Lee Scott (as Roy Lee Cook), Chad Lindberg (as Sherman O'Dell), Natalie Canerday (as Elsie Hickam), Scott Miles (as Jim Hickam), Randy Stripling (as Leon Bolden), Chris Ellis (as Principal Turner), Elya Baskin (as Ike Bykovsky), Courtney Cole-Fendley (as Dorothy Platt (as Courtney Fendley)), David Dwyer (as Jake Mosby), Terry Loughlin (as Mr. Dantzler), Kailie Hollister (as Valentine Carmina (as Kaili Hollister)) 
248 3/4 Office Space  Minutes: 89  1999  Comedy 

Peter Gibbons just can't seem to catch a break. His girlfriend is cheating on him, he has an obnoxious neighbor, and he's completely miserable with his job as a small cog in a company called Initech. Then he visits a hypnotherapist, who dies just after putting Peter into a state of complete bliss. Free of worrying about making a living, he no longer feels the need to keep his job, just as the company is going through a massive downsizing. However, his new attitude only makes him more valuable in the company's eyes, and his friends Michael and Samir are fired instead. Together, they scheme to plant a virus inside Initech's computer system that will pull money into their own account. 
Cast: Ron Livingston (as Peter Gibbons), Jennifer Aniston (as Joanna), David Herman (as Michael Bolton), Ajay Naidu (as Samir Nagheenanajar), Diedrich Bader (as Lawrence), Stephen Root (as Milton Waddams), Gary Cole (as Bill Lumbergh), Richard Riehle (as Tom Smykowski), Alexandra Wentworth (as Anne), Joe Bays (as Dom Portwood), John C. McGinley (as Bob Slydell), Paul Willson (as Bob Porter), Kinna McInroe (as Nina), Todd Duffey (as Brian, Chotchkie's Waiter), Greg Pitts (as Drew) 
249 2/4 Old Dogs  Minutes: 88  2009  Comedy, Family 

Charlie and Dan have been best friends and business partners for thirty years; their Manhattan public relations firm is on the verge of a huge business deal with a Japanese company. With two weeks to sew up the contract, Dan gets a surprise: a woman he married on a drunken impulse nearly nine years before (annulled the next day) shows up to tell him he's the father of her twins, now seven, and she'll be in jail for 14 days for a political protest. Dan volunteers to keep the tykes, although he's up tight and clueless. With Charlie's help is there any way they can be dad and uncle, meet the kids' expectations, and still land the account? 
Cast: John Travolta, Robin Williams, Kelly Preston, Conner Rayburn, Ella Bleu Travolta, Lori Loughlin, Seth Green, Bernie Mac, Matt Dillon, Ann-Margret, Rita Wilson, Amy Sedaris, Residente, Sab Shimono, Kevin Yamada 
250 2/4 Old School  Minutes: 91  2003  Comedy 

Mitch, Frank and Beanie are disillusioned with their personal lives begining when Mitch's nymphomanic girlfriend, Heidi, cheats on him, then former party animal Frank gets married, but unwilling to get go of his wild life, and Beanie is a family man seeking to reclaim his wild and crazy youth. Beanie suggests that they form their own fraternity in Mitch's new house on a college campus to re-live their glory days by bringing together a variety of misfit college students, losers, middle-aged and elderly retirees as their new friends and later try to avoid being evicted by the new Dean of Students, Pritchard, whom still holds a personal grudge against all three of them. 
Cast: Luke Wilson (as Mitch Martin), Will Ferrell (as Frank Ricard), Vince Vaughn (as Bernard 'Beanie' Campbell), Jeremy Piven (as Dean Gordon 'Cheese' Pritchard), Ellen Pompeo (as Nicole), Juliette Lewis (as Heidi), Leah Remini (as Lara Campbell), Perrey Reeves (as Marissa Jones), Craig Kilborn (as Mark), Elisha Cuthbert (as Darcie), Seann William Scott (as Peppers), Matt Walsh (as Walsh), Artie Lange (as Booker), Patrick Fischler (as Michael), Sara Tanaka (as Megan Huang) 
251 2/4 Once Upon a Time in Mexico  Minutes: 102  2003  Action 

Once upon a time... it is a time of trouble is Mexico. El Presidente has declared war on the Barillo drug cartel, who has plans to fight back by backing a coup by General Marquez. Agent Sands of the CIA is in the middle of it all trying to make sure Marquez do NOT succeed... by forcing El Mariachi himself out of retirement... El Mariachi, after the death of his wife and daughter, no longer wishes to fight, but he may not have a choice. At Culiacan, Barillo and Marquez have set a trap for El Presidente, and Sands want El Mariachi to take out Marquez after the coup. El Mariachi called upon his two brothers for the final showdown... To save the revolution. Who will remain standing at the end? 
Cast: Antonio Banderas (as El Mariachi), Salma Hayek (as Carolina), Johnny Depp (as Sands), Mickey Rourke (as Billy), Eva Mendes (as Ajedrez), Danny Trejo (as Cucuy), Enrique Iglesias (as Lorenzo), Marco Leonardi (as Fideo), Cheech Marin (as Belini), Rubén Blades (as Jorge FBI), Willem Dafoe (as Barillo), Gerardo Vigil (as Marquez), Pedro Armendáriz Jr. (as El Presidente (as Pedro Armendariz)), Julio Oscar Mechoso (as Advisor), Tito Larriva (as Cab Driver) 
252 2/4 One Crazy Summer  Minutes: 89  1986  Comedy, Romance 

With a name like Hoops McCann, he's bound to get that basketball scholarship after high school, right? Wrong! What Hoops really wants to do is write and illustrate a love story. To help him find his way, his friend George invites Hoops to come with him and his sister to spend the summer on Nantucket. The friends Crazy Summer begins when they pickup Cassandra on the way--she's being chased by a motorcycle gang. From here on in, it only gets crazier. Once on the island, Hoops and George, along with George's island friends the Stork twins and Ack-Ack (son of a marine), must help Cassandra save her grandfather's house from the greedy Beckersted Family. Along the way, Hoops must find a way to write his cartoon love story - and maybe a real one of his own. 
Cast: John Cusack, Linda Warren, Joel Murray, Grenville Cuyler, Kristen Goelz, Sky, Laura Waterbury, Jennifer Yahoodik, Rachel C. Telegen, Demi Moore, John Matuszak, Paul M. Lane, Don Ruffin, Gary Littlejohn, Pat McGoarty 
253 3/4 Open Range  Minutes: 139  2003  Drama 

This tale of the Old West (let's avoid the term western) works on many fronts. It blends the expected violence with pathos, romance, and even comedy. The film opens with four cow hands (Robert Duvall as Boss; Kevin Costner as Charlie Waite; Abraham Benrubi as Mose, the gentle, boy-like cook; and Diego Luna, as Buttons, a 16 year old Spanish kid that has been taken in by the older cowboys) pushing a cattle herd. After a hard rain, Boss determines that Mose needs to go back to a town they passed and get extra supplies. When he fails to return, the two older men go after him. They find he has been beaten by a local rancher's men and then arrested for starting the fight. Going to the jail, they confront the corrupt town marshall (James Russo) and the rancher (Michael Gambon), who has a stranglehold on the town and a dislike for open range cattlemen. Mose is released and taken to a doctor (Dean McDermott), where the men also meet the doc's sister (Annette Bening), whom they initially mistake for his wife. Romance blooms! The men head back to the range, but are confronted by hooded riders and disaster that sends them on a path of revenge. Charlie's history as a former gunfighter slowly surfaces as he plans out the impending shootout. 
Cast: Robert Duvall (as Boss Spearman), Kevin Costner (as Charley Waite), Annette Bening (as Sue Barlow), Michael Gambon (as Denton Baxter), Michael Jeter (as Percy), Diego Luna (as Button), James Russo (as Sheriff Poole), Abraham Benrubi (as Mose), Dean McDermott (as Doc Barlow), Kim Coates (as Butler), Herb Kohler (as Cafe Man), Peter MacNeill (as Mack), Cliff Saunders (as Ralph), Patricia Stutz (as Ralph's Wife (as Pat Stutz)), Julian Richings (as Wylie) 
254 3/4 Over the Hedge  Minutes: 83  2006  Animation 

Traveling raccoon con artist, RJ (Willis), arrives in a woods outside a human city in the Midwest, excited about the wonders that living near humans can bring hungry animals. What he finds, however, is an Amish-like community that is deathly afraid of humans, after their leader, Vern the tortoise (Shandling), has an encounter with human boys that terrifies him. Encouraged by RJ, however, the animals slowly venture over the hedge that separates them from the brand new suburban development that appeared over the winter while they were sleeping, and what RJ shows them is a whole new world where humans leave tin cans full of fish and other food in big canisters, ripe for the taking. As they get closer and closer to humans, however, their comfortable lives in the woods appears to be threatened... 
Cast: Bruce Willis (as RJ (voice)), Garry Shandling (as Verne (voice)), Steve Carell (as Hammy (voice)), Wanda Sykes (as Stella (voice)), William Shatner (as Ozzie (voice)), Nick Nolte (as Vincent (voice)), Thomas Haden Church (as Dwayne (voice)), Allison Janney (as Gladys (voice)), Eugene Levy (as Lou (voice)), Catherine O'Hara (as Penny (voice)), Avril Lavigne (as Heather (voice)), Omid Djalili (as Tiger (voice)), Sami Kirkpatrick (as Bucky (voice)), Shane Baumel (as Spike (voice)), Madison Davenport (as Quillo (voice)) 
255 2/4 P.S. I Love You  Minutes: 126  2007  Drama 

Holly Kennedy is beautiful, smart and married to the love of her life - a passionate, funny, and impetuous Irishman named Gerry. So when Gerry's life is taken by an illness, it takes the life out of Holly. The only one who can help her is the person who is no longer there. Nobody knows Holly better than Gerry. So it's a good thing he planned ahead. Before he died, Gerry wrote Holly a series of letters that will guide her, not only through her grief, but in rediscovering herself. The first message arrives on Holly's 30th birthday in the form of a cake, and to her utter shock, a tape recording from Gerry, who proceeds to tell her to get out and "celebrate herself". In the weeks and months that follow, more letters from Gerry are delivered in surprising ways, each sending her on a new adventure and each signing off in the same way; P.S. I Love You. Holly's mother and best friends begin to worry that Gerry's letters are keeping Holly tied to the past, but in fact, each letter is pushing her further into a new future. With Gerry's words as her guide, Holly embarks on a journey of rediscovery in a story about marriage, friendship and how a love so strong can turn the finality of death into a new beginning for life. 
Cast: Hilary Swank (as Holly), Gerard Butler (as Gerry), Lisa Kudrow (as Denise), Gina Gershon (as Sharon), James Marsters (as John), Kathy Bates (as Patricia), Harry Connick Jr. (as Daniel), Nellie McKay (as Ciara), Jeffrey Dean Morgan (as William), Christopher Whalen (as George), Dean Winters (as Tom), Anne Kent (as Rose Kennedy), Brian McGrath (as Martin Kennedy), Sherie Rene Scott (as Barbara), Susan Blackwell (as Vicky) 
256 2/4 Patch Adams  Minutes: 115  1998  Comedy 

In 1969, Hunter Adams was a troubled man who voluntarily committed himself into a mental institution. Once there, he finds that helping his fellow inmates there gives him a purpose in life. Thus inspired, he leaves the asylum and vows to become a doctor to help people professionally. However, what he finds at medical school is a sickeningly callous philosophy that advocates an arms-length attitude to the patients that does not address their emotional needs or the quality of their lives. "Patch" Adams is determined to find a better way to help them, although the consequences of his defiance of the rules and the authorities are severe. 
Cast: Robin Williams (as Hunter 'Patch' Adams), Daniel London (as Truman Schiff), Monica Potter (as Corinne Fisher), Philip Seymour Hoffman (as Mitch Roman), Bob Gunton (as Dean Walcott), Josef Sommer (as Dr. Eaton), Irma P. Hall (as Joletta), Frances Lee McCain (as Judy), Harve Presnell (as Dean J.P. Anderson), Daniella Kuhn (as Adelane), Peter Coyote (as Bill Davis), James Greene (as Bile), Michael Jeter (as Rudy), Harold Gould (as Arthur Mendelson), Bruce Bohne (as Trevor Beene) 
257 3/4 Pineapple Express  Minutes: 111  2008  Action, Comedy, Crime, Thriller 

Lazy court-process clerk and stoner Dale Denton has only one reason to visit his equally lazy dealer Saul Silver: to purchase weed, specifically, a rare new strain called Pineapple Express. But when Dale becomes the only witness to a murder by a crooked cop and the city's most dangerous drug lord, he panics and dumps his roach of Pineapple Express at the scene. Dale now has another reason to visit Saul: to find out if the weed is so rare that it can be traced back to him--and it is. As Dale and Saul run for their lives, they quickly discover that they're not suffering from weed-fueled paranoia: incredibly, the bad guys really are hot on their trail and trying to figure out the fastest way to kill them both. All aboard the Pineapple Express. 
Cast: Seth Rogen, James Franco, Danny McBride, Kevin Corrigan, Craig Robinson, Gary Cole, Rosie Perez, Ed Begley Jr., Nora Dunn, Amber Heard, Joe Lo Truglio, Arthur Napiontek, Cleo King, Bill Hader, James Remar 
258 3/4 Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest  Minutes: 150  2006  Action 

Picking up where the first movie left off, Will Turner and Elizabeth Swan are to be married. However this is interrupted when both are arrested for aiding in the notorious Captain Jack Sparrow's escape. The new captain, Beckett, will lift all charges, if Will can hunt down Jack and bring him back to Beckett, along with his magic compass. However, Jack has other problems. Years ago, he made a deal with Davy Jones to raise the Black Pearl. Time is up. His part of the deal was to give Davy Jones his soul. Once Will finds Jack, unaware of the current situation, Jack coaxes Will into boarding Davy Jones's ship, the Flying Dutchman, and retrieve a mysterious key. This key opens the chest that contains Davy Jones's secret. With it, you can control Davy Jones and his fearsome beast, The Kraken. Once Will retrieves said key, Davy Jones is hot on his trail, now hunting down both Jack and Will. It is now, only a matter of time, before something happens. Hopefully the pirates can reach the chest and stop Davy Jones, before he reaches them and sends them all to a watery grave... 
Cast: Johnny Depp (as Jack Sparrow), Orlando Bloom (as Will Turner), Keira Knightley (as Elizabeth Swann), Jack Davenport (as Norrington), Bill Nighy (as Davy Jones), Jonathan Pryce (as Governor Weatherby Swann), Lee Arenberg (as Pintel), Mackenzie Crook (as Ragetti), Kevin McNally (as Gibbs), David Bailie (as Cotton), Tom Hollander (as Lord Cutler Beckett), Stellan Skarsgård (as Bootstrap Bill ), Naomie Harris (as Tia Dalma), Martin Klebba (as Marty), David Schofield (as Mercer) 
259 3/4 Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl  Minutes: 143  2003  Action 

After the Governer's daughter, Elizabeth Swann, is kidnapped by the Pirate Captain Barbossa, Elizabeth's childhood friend Will Turner must team up with rogue pirate Jack Sparrow to save her. Little do they know that these pirates are cursed. Forced to exist between living and dead, and only revealing their skeleton forms in the moonlight, the pirates intend to use Elizabeth's blood and necklace (a part of their curse) to return to their normal state. 
Cast: Johnny Depp (as Jack Sparrow), Geoffrey Rush (as Barbossa), Orlando Bloom (as Will Turner), Keira Knightley (as Elizabeth Swann), Jack Davenport (as Norrington), Jonathan Pryce (as Governor Weatherby Swann), Lee Arenberg (as Pintel), Mackenzie Crook (as Ragetti), Damian O'Hare (as Lt. Gillette), Giles New (as Murtogg), Angus Barnett (as Mullroy), David Bailie (as Cotton), Michael Berry Jr. (as Twigg), Isaac C. Singleton Jr. (as Bo'sun), Kevin McNally (as Joshamee Gibbs (as Kevin R. McNally)) 
260 2/4 Planet of the Apes  Minutes: 119  2001  Action 

It is the year 2029: Astronaut Leo Davidson (Mark Wahlberg) boards a pod cruiser on a Space Station for a "routine" reconnaissance mission. But an aburupt detour through a space time wormhole lands him on a strange planet where talking apes rule over the human race. With the help of a sympathetic chimpanzee activist named Ari (Helena Bonham-Carter) and a small band of human rebels, Leo leads the effort to evade the advancing Gorilla Army led by General Thade (Tim Roth) and his most trusted warrior Attar (Michael Clarke Duncan). Now the race is on to reach a sacred temple within the planet's Forbidden Zone to discover the shocking secrets of mankind's past - and the key to its future. 
Cast: Mark Wahlberg (as Captain Leo Davidson), Tim Roth (as General Thade), Helena Bonham Carter (as Ari), Michael Clarke Duncan (as Colonel Attar), Paul Giamatti (as Limbo), Estella Warren (as Daena), Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa (as Krull), David Warner (as Sandar), Kris Kristofferson (as Karubi), Erick Avari (as Tival), Lucas Elliott (as Birn (as Luke Eberl)), Evan Parke (as Gunnar (as Evan Dexter Parke)), Glenn Shadix (as Senator Nado), Freda Foh Shen (as Bon), Chris Ellis (as Commander Karl Vasich) 
261 3/4 Pulp Fiction  Minutes: 154  1994  Crime 

Vincent Vega and Jules Winnfield are two hitmen on the hunt for a briefcase whose contents were stolen from their boss, Marsellus Wallace. They run into a few unexpected detours along the road. Marsellus is out of town, and he's gotten Vincent to take care of his wife, Mia. That is, take her out for a night on the town. Things go smoothly until one of them makes a huge error. Butch Coolidge is a boxer who's been approached by Marsellus and been told to throw his latest fight. When Butch ends up killing the other boxer, he must escape Marsellus. Pumpkin and Honey Bunny (not their real names) are two lovebirds/thieves who have decided to rob the restaurant they're currently eating at. But the restaurant doesn't turn out to be as easy as the other places they've robbed. 
Cast: Tim Roth (as Pumpkin (Ringo)), John Travolta (as Vincent Vega), Samuel L. Jackson (as Jules Winnfield), Amanda Plummer (as Honey Bunny (Yolanda)), Eric Stoltz (as Lance), Bruce Willis (as Butch Coolidge), Ving Rhames (as Marsellus Wallace), Phil LaMarr (as Marvin), Maria de Medeiros (as Fabienne), Rosanna Arquette (as Jody), Peter Greene (as Zed), Uma Thurman (as Mia Wallace), Duane Whitaker (as Maynard), Paul Calderon (as Paul), Frank Whaley (as Brett) 
262 2/4 Push  Minutes: 111  2009  Action, Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller 

In Hong Kong, the "mover" Nick Gant is contacted by the "watcher" Cassie Holmes to seek out the "pusher" Kira Hollies. She has just escaped from the Division, a shadowy governmental agency that chases the youngsters with abilities. When the trio is reunited, they join to other persons with ability to fight against the "pusher" Henry Carver and his men. 
Cast: Colin Ford, Joel Gretsch, Djimon Hounsou, Dakota Fanning, Robert Tsonos, Brandon Rhea, Camilla Belle, Neil Jackson, Chris Evans, Kai Cheung Leung, Sun Nan Hung, Corey Stoll, Scott Michael Campbell, Wai Man Tam, Hal Yamanouchi 
263 2/4 Quantum of Solace  Minutes: 106  2008  Action, Adventure, Thriller 

Is there solace in revenge? Bond and "M" sniff a shadowy international network of power and corruption reaping billions. As Bond pursues the agents of an assassination attempt on "M," all roads lead to Dominic Greene, a world-renowned developer of green technology. Greene, a nasty piece of work, is intent on securing a barren area of Bolivia in exchange for assisting a strongman stage a coup there. The CIA looks the other way, and only Bond, with help from a retired spy and from a mysterious beauty, stands in Greene's way. "M" wonders if she can trust Bond, or if vengeance possesses him. Beyond that, can anyone drawn to Bond live to tell the tale? 
Cast: Daniel Craig, Olga Kurylenko, Mathieu Amalric, Judi Dench, Giancarlo Giannini, Gemma Arterton, Jeffrey Wright, David Harbour, Jesper Christensen, Anatole Taubman, Rory Kinnear, Tim Pigott-Smith, Joaquín Cosio, Fernando Guillén Cuervo, Jesús Ochoa 
264 2/4 Radio  Minutes: 109  2003  Drama 

In 1976, in Anderson, South Caroline, the football coach Jones (Ed Harris) of the T.L. Hanna High School protects a handicapped young man from the abuse of some of his players. He gives the nickname of Radio to James Robert Kennedy (Cuba Gooding Jr.), who can hardly speak. After some months in the companion of Coach Jones and resistance of part of the locals, Radio becomes popular, beloved and a symbol for most of the population. 
Cast: Cuba Gooding Jr. (as Radio), Ed Harris (as Coach Jones), Alfre Woodard (as Principal Daniels), S. Epatha Merkerson (as Maggie), Brent Sexton (as Honeycutt), Chris Mulkey (as Frank), Sarah Drew (as Mary Helen), Riley Smith (as Johnny), Patrick Breen (as Tucker), Debra Winger (as Linda), Bill Roberson (as Del), Kenneth H. Callender (as Don), Michael Harding (as Irv the Cop), Charles Garren (as Clive), Rebecca Koon (as Waitress) 
265 3/4 Raiders of the Lost Ark  Minutes: 115  1981  Action 

The year is 1936. Archeology professor Indiana Jones narrowly escapes death in a South American temple with a gold idol - by poison dart, fall, and finally a giant boulder that chases him out the front. An old enemy, Rene Belloq, steals the idol and then orders Hovito indians after Indy. Indy, however, escapes back to the USA, where Army Intelligence officers are waiting for him at his university. They tell him about a flurry of Nazi archaeological activity near Cairo, which Indy determines to be the possible resting place of the Ark of the Covenant - the chest that carried the 10 Commandments. The Ark is believed to carry an incredibly powerful energy that must not fall into Nazi hands. Indiana is immediately sent overseas, stopping in Nepal to pick up an old girlfriend (his old professor's daughter) and then meeting up in Cairo with his friend Sallah. But danger lurks everywhere in the form of Nazi thugs, and poisonous snakes in the Ark's resting place. After Belloq, hired by the Nazis, makes off again with the Ark, Indy & Marion are determined to get it back, and they overpower the pilot of a German plane. But Indy finds himself confronted with a giant German thug, and after a frightening hand-to-hand fight Indy & Marion blow up the plane. Now the Nazis must drive the Ark to Cairo, but Indy regains control of the Ark after running the convoy off the road, one vehicle at a time. Once again the Nazis recapture the Ark...and Marion, heading for a Nazi-controlled island. There, Belloq will open the Ark...to demonstrate the horrific power it can unleash upon the world! 
Cast: Harrison Ford (as Indiana Jones), Karen Allen (as Marion Ravenwood), Paul Freeman (as Dr. Rene Belloq), Ronald Lacey (as Major Toht), John Rhys-Davies (as Sallah), Denholm Elliott (as Dr. Marcus Brody), Alfred Molina (as Satipo), Wolf Kahler (as Colonel Dietrich), Anthony Higgins (as Gobler), Vic Tablian (as Barranca/Monkey Man), Don Fellows (as Col. Musgrove), William Hootkins (as Major Eaton), Bill Reimbold (as Bureaucrat), Fred Sorenson (as Jock), Patrick Durkin (as Australian Climber) 
266 3/4 Raising Arizona  Minutes: 94  1987  Action 

Recidivist hold-up man H.I. McDonnough and police woman Edwina marry, only to discover they are unable to conceive a child. Desperate for a baby, the pair decide to kidnap one of the quintuplets of furniture tycoon Nathan Arizona. The McDonnoughs try to keep their crime secret, while friends, co-workers and a feral bounty hunter look to use Nathan Jr. for their own purposes. 
Cast: Nicolas Cage (as H.I. McDunnough), Holly Hunter (as Edwina 'Ed' McDunnough), Trey Wilson (as Nathan Arizona Huffhines, Sr.), John Goodman (as Gale Snoats), William Forsythe (as Evelle Snoats), Sam McMurray (as Glen), Frances McDormand (as Dot), Randall 'Tex' Cobb (as Leonard Smalls), T.J. Kuhn (as Nathan Arizona, Jr. (as T.J. Kuhn Jr.)), Lynne Dumin Kitei (as Florence Arizona), Peter Benedek (as Prison Counselor), Charles 'Lew' Smith (as Nice Old Grocery Man), Warren Keith (as Younger FBI Agent), Henry Kendrick (as Older FBI Agent), Sidney Dawson (as Moses, Ear-Bending Cellmate) 
267 2/4 Rat Race  Minutes: 112  2001  Comedy 

Donald Sinclair (John Cleese) owns the biggest, snazziest, flashiest, high rolling-est casino in Las Vegas. And to entertain some of his wealthiest patrons, he's staged the most original high stakes game that Sin City has ever seen! The contestants? Six teams. The jackpot? Two million dollars stuffed in a locker hundreds of miles away. The odds of winning? One in six. The rules? Well there's only one--get there first! What the racers don't know is that the tycoon and his rich buddies are betting on the outcome and are tracking every move the teams make. It's only a matter of time before they figure out who really stands to win the most before switching course to look for a different kind of pay-off. 
Cast: Breckin Meyer (as Nick Schaffer), Jenica Bergere (as Hotel Clerk), Cuba Gooding Jr. (as Owen Templeton), Carrie Diamond (as Casino Bartender), Douglas Haase (as Guy at Bar), Chris Myers (as Fox Sportscaster), Kevin Frazier (as Fox Sportscaster), Seth Green (as Duane Cody), Gloria Allred (as Herself), Vince Vieluf (as Blaine Cody), Renée Lee (as Witness in Crowd), Corinna Harney (as Cocktail Waitress (as Corinna Harney Jones)), Jane C. Walsh (as Cocktail Waitress), Whoopi Goldberg (as Vera Baker), Lanei Chapman (as Merrill Jennings (Baker) (as Lanai Chapman)) 
268 3/4 Ray  Minutes: 152  2004  Biography 

Ray Charles has the distinction of being both a national treasure and an international phenomenon. By the early 1960's Ray Charles had accomplished his dream. He'd come of age musically. He'd made it to Carnegie Hall. The hit records "Georgia," "Born to Lose" successively kept climbing to the top of the charts. He'd made his first triumphant European concert tour in 1960 (a feat which, except for 1965, he's repeated at least once a year ever since). He had taken virtually every form of popular music and broken through its boundaries with such awe inspiring achievements as the LP's "Genius Plus Soul Equals Jazz" and "Modern Sounds in Country & Western." Rhythm & blues (or "race music" as it had been called) became universally respectable through his efforts. Jazz found a mainstream audience it had never previously enjoyed. And country & western music began to chart an unexpected course to general acceptance, then worldwide popularity. And along the way Ray Charles was instrumental in the invention of rock & roll. Jamie Foxx (Any Given Sunday, Ali) is Ray Charles in this high-energy portrait of an exceptional man who has become an American icon. Born in a poor African American town in central Florida, Ray Charles went blind at the age of 7. With the staunch support of his determined single mother, he developed the fierce resolve, wit and incredible talent that would eventually enable him to overcome not only Jim Crow Racism and the cruel prejudices against the blind, but also discover his own sound which revolutionized American popular music. Nonetheless, as Ray's unprecedented fame grew, so did his weakness for drugs and women, until they threatened to strip away the very things he held most dear. This little known story of Ray Charles' meteoric rise from humble beginnings, his successful struggle to excel in a sighted world and his eventual defeat of his own personal demons make for an inspiring and unforgettable true story of human triumph. 
Cast: Jamie Foxx (as Ray Charles), Kerry Washington (as Della Bea Robinson), Regina King (as Margie Hendricks), Clifton Powell (as Jeff Brown), Harry J. Lennix (as Joe Adams (as Harry Lennix)), Bokeem Woodbine (as Fathead Newman), Aunjanue Ellis (as Mary Ann Fisher), Sharon Warren (as Aretha Robinson), C.J. Sanders (as Young Ray Robinson), Curtis Armstrong (as Ahmet Ertegun), Richard Schiff (as Jerry Wexler), Larenz Tate (as Quincy Jones), Terrence Howard (as Gossie McKee (as Terrence Dashon Howard)), David Krumholtz (as Milt Shaw), Wendell Pierce (as Wilbur Brassfield) 
269 2/4 Real Genius  Minutes: 108  1985  Comedy 

Mitch is one of the youngest students ever accepted to a university known for its programs for geniuses. He's partnered up with his roommate, science club legend Chris Knight, on a project to develop a high-powered laser. Together with their hyper-kinetic friends, they employ their intellects in the pursuit of bigger blasts, practical jokes, and a deeper understanding of what real genius is. When their final, functional laser is stolen by their teacher for a military weapon, they decide to get even. 
Cast: Val Kilmer (as Chris Knight), Gabriel Jarret (as Mitch Taylor (as Gabe Jarret)), Michelle Meyrink (as Jordan Cochran), William Atherton (as Prof. Jerry Hathaway), Jon Gries (as Lazlo Hollyfeld (as Jonathan Gries)), Patti D'Arbanville (as Sherry Nugil), Stacy Peralta (as Shuttle Pilot), Daniel Ades (as Laser Ray Victim), Andres Aybar (as Bartender), Louis Giambalvo (as Maj. Carnagle), Ed Lauter (as David Decker), Charles Shull (as Air Force General), Beau Billingslea (as George), Charles Parks (as Larry), Sean Frye (as Boy at Science Fair) 
270 2/4 Red Dawn  Minutes: 114  1984  Action 

A group of high school students become guerrilla fighters when their town is invaded by Central American and eventually Soviet soldiers at the beginning of WWIII in this apocalyptic fantasy. The pressures of their desperate existence begin to wear away at the "Wolverine's" unity as the Soviet bloc forces hunt them down. 
Cast: Patrick Swayze (as Jed Eckert), C. Thomas Howell (as Robert Morris), Lea Thompson (as Erica), Charlie Sheen (as Matt Eckert), Darren Dalton (as Daryl Bates), Jennifer Grey (as Toni), Brad Savage (as Danny), Doug Toby (as Aardvark), Ben Johnson (as Mr. Mason), Harry Dean Stanton (as Tom Eckert), Ron O'Neal (as Colonel Ernesto Bella), William Smith (as Col. Strelnikov), Vladek Sheybal (as General Bratchenko), Powers Boothe (as Lt. Col. Andrew Tanner), Frank McRae (as Mr. Teasdale) 
271 3/4 Remember the Titans  Minutes: 113  2000  Drama 

In the early 1970s, two schools in Alexandria Virginia integrate forming T.C. Williams High School. The Caucasian head coach of the Titans is replaced by an African American coach from North Carolina. Tensions arise when players of different races are forced together on the same football team. Many of these tensions are eased during the two-week training camp in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. When players returned to Alexandria the players found the city in turmoil due to the forced desegregation of the high school. As the season progresses the team's success caused the community to accept the changes. After the Titans' perfect season, the team and the city were closer than ever. 
Cast: Denzel Washington (as Coach Herman Boone), Will Patton (as Coach Bill Yoast), Wood Harris (as Julius Campbell), Ryan Hurst (as Gerry Bertier), Donald Faison (as Petey Jones), Craig Kirkwood (as Jerry 'Rev' Harris), Ethan Suplee (as Louie Lastik), Kip Pardue (as Ronnie 'Sunshine' Bass), Hayden Panettiere (as Sheryl Yoast), Nicole Ari Parker (as Carol Boone), Kate Bosworth (as Emma Hoyt), Earl Poitier (as Blue Stanton (as Earl C. Poitier)), Ryan Gosling (as Alan Bosley), Burgess Jenkins (as Ray Budds), Neal Ghant (as Glascoe) 
272 2/4 Reno 911!: Miami  Minutes: 84  2007  Comedy 

A rag-tag team of Reno cops are called in to save the day after a terrorist attack disrupts a national police convention in Miami Beach during spring break. Based on the Comedy Central series.
Cast: Carlos Alazraqui (as Deputy James Garcia), Mary Birdsong (as Deputy Cherisha Kimball), Ben Garant (as Deputy Travis Junior (as Robert Ben Garant)), Kerri Kenney (as Deputy Trudy Wiegel (as Kerry Kenney-Silver)), Thomas Lennon (as Lieutenant Jim Dangle), Wendi McLendon-Covey (as Deputy Clementine Johnson), Niecy Nash (as Deputy Raineesha Williams), Cedric Yarbrough (as Deputy S. Jones), Lennie Loftin (as Chief of Police), Danny DeVito (as District Attorney), Alejandra Gutierrez (as Miss Acapulco), Marisa Petroro (as Drug Lord's Girlfriend), Michael H. Clark (as Bus Driver), Brandon Molale (as Kevlar Guy), Kathryn Fiore (as Cheyenne the Helicopter Model) 
273 2/4 Repo Man  Minutes: 92  1984  Comedy 

Frustrated punk rocker Otto quits his supermarket job after slugging a co-worker, and is later dumped by his girlfriend at a party. Wandering the streets in frustration, he is recruited in the repossession of a car by a repo agent. After discovering his parents have donated his college fund to a televangelist, he joins the repossession agency (Helping Hand Acceptance Corporation) as an apprentice "repo man". During his training, he is introduced into the mercenary and paranoid world of the drivers, befriended by a UFO conspiracy theorist, confronted by rival repo agents, discovers some of his one-time friends have turned to a life of crime, is lectured to about cosmic unconsciousness by the repo agency grounds worker, and finds himself entangled in a web of intrigue concerning a huge repossession bounty on a 1964 Chevy Malabu driven by a lunatic government scientist, with Top Secret cargo in the trunk...  
Cast: Harry Dean Stanton (as Bud), Emilio Estevez (as Otto), Tracey Walter (as Miller), Olivia Barash (as Leila), Sy Richardson (as Lite), Susan Barnes (as Agent Rogersz), Fox Harris (as J. Frank Parnell), Tom Finnegan (as Oly), Del Zamora (as Lagarto), Eddie Velez (as Napo), Zander Schloss (as Kevin), Jennifer Balgobin (as Debbi), Dick Rude (as Duke), Miguel Sandoval (as Archie (as Michael Sandoval)), Vonetta McGee (as Marlene) 
274 3/4 Rescue Dawn  Minutes: 126  2006  Action 

film tells the real-life story of U.S. fighter pilot Dieter Dengler, a German-American shot down and captured in Laos during the Vietnam War. Dengler organized a death-defying escape for a small band of POWs, including Duane Martin. 
Cast: Zach Grenier (as Squad Leader), Marshall Bell (as Admiral), Christian Bale (as Dieter), Toby Huss (as Spook), Pat Healy (as Norman), GQ (as Farkas (as Gregory J. Qaiyum)), James Oliver (as Jet Pilot), Brad Carr (as U.S. Navy Pilot), Saichia Wongwiroj (as Pathet Lao Guard), François Chau (as Province Governor), Teerawat Mulvilai (as Little Hitler (as Teerawat 'Ka-Ge' Mulvilai)), Mr. Yuttana Muenwaja (as Crazy Horse (as Yuttana Muenwaja)), Kriangsak Ming-olo (as Jumbo), Somkuan 'Kuan' Siroon (as Nook the Rock), Chorn Solyda (as Walkie Talkie) 
275 3/4 Reservoir Dogs  Minutes: 99  1992  Crime 

They were six strangers, assembled to pull off the perfect crime: Mr. White, a professional criminal; Mr. Orange, a young newcomer; Mr. Blonde, a trigger-happy killer; Mr. Pink, a paranoid neurotic; Mr. Brown; and Mr. Blue. Hired by mob boss Joe Cabot and given fake names so no one could identify the others, they thought there was no way their heist could have failed. But after a police ambush, killing Mr. Brown and seriously injuring Mr. Orange, the criminals return to their rendezvous point (a warehouse), and realize that one of them had to have been a police informant. But who? 
Cast: Harvey Keitel (as Mr. White/Larry Dimmick), Tim Roth (as Mr. Orange/Freddy Newandyke), Michael Madsen (as Mr. Blonde/Vic Vega), Chris Penn (as Nice Guy Eddie Cabot), Steve Buscemi (as Mr. Pink), Lawrence Tierney (as Joe Cabot), Randy Brooks (as Holdaway), Kirk Baltz (as Marvin Nash), Edward Bunker (as Mr. Blue (as Eddie Bunker)), Quentin Tarantino (as Mr. Brown), Steven Wright (as K-Billy DJ (voice)), Rich Turner (as Sheriff #1), David Steen (as Sheriff #2), Tony Cosmo (as Sheriff #3), Stevo Polyi (as Sheriff #4) 
276 2/4 Resident Evil: Extinction  Minutes: 93  2007  Action 

Years after the Raccoon City disaster, Alice is on her own; aware that she has become a liability and could endanger those around her, she is struggling to survive and bring down the Umbrella Corporation led by the sinister Albert Wesker and head researcher Dr. Isaacs. Meanwhile, traveling through the Nevada Desert and the ruins of Las Vegas, Carlos Olivera, L.J., and new survivors K-Mart, Claire Redfield, and Nurse Betty must fight to survive extinction against hordes of zombies, killer crows and the most terrifying creatures created as a result of the deadly T-Virus that has killed millions. 
Cast: Milla Jovovich (as Alice), Oded Fehr (as Carlos Olivera), Ali Larter (as Claire Redfield), Iain Glen (as Dr. Isaacs), Ashanti (as Betty), Christopher Egan (as Mikey), Spencer Locke (as K-Mart), Matthew Marsden (as Slater), Linden Ashby (as Chase), Jason O'Mara (as Albert Wesker), Mike Epps (as L.J.), Joe Hursley (as Otto), John Eric Bentley (as Umbrella Tech), James Tumminia (as Lab Tech), Kirk B.R. Woller (as Scientist) 
277 2/4 Revolver  Minutes: 115  2005  Crime 

After seven years in solitary, Jake Green is released from prison. In the next two years, he amasses a lot of money by gambling. He's ready to seek his revenge on Dorothy (Mr. D) Macha, a violence-prone casino owner who sent Jake to prison. He humiliates Macha in front of Macha's lieutenants, leaves, and keels over. Doctors tell him he has a rare disease and will die in three days; Macha also puts a hit out on him. Loan sharks, Zack and Avi, demand Jake's cash and complete fealty in return for protection. Jake complies, and through narration and flashbacks, we watch him through at least three days of schemes, danger, and redemption. Who is his greatest enemy? 
Cast: Jason Statham (as Jake), Ray Liotta (as Macha), Vincent Pastore (as Zach), André Benjamin (as Avi), Terence Maynard (as French Paul), Andrew Howard (as Billy), Mark Strong (as Sorter), Francesca Annis (as Lily Walker), Anjela Lauren Smith (as Doreen), Elana Binysh (as Rachel), Faruk Pruti (as Ivan (Billy's Bodyguard)), Shend (as Teddy (Billy's Bodyguard)), Bill Moody (as Al), Stephen Walters (as Joe), Vincent Riotta (as Benny) 
278 2/4 Righteous Kill  Minutes: 101  2008  Crime 

Turk and Rooster, two aging NYPD detectives who have been longtime partners are faced with a serial killer who is murdering sociopathic criminals. They both have personal issues, and when they start working with a younger team, Perez and Riley, tensions between the pairs of partners is inevitable, especially since Turk is now living with Perez's ex-girlfriend, also a homicide detective. 
Cast: Robert De Niro (as Tom 'Turk' Cowan), Al Pacino (as David 'Rooster' Fisk), 50 Cent (as Spider (as Curtis Jackson)), Carla Gugino (as Karen Corelli), John Leguizamo (as Det. Simon Perez), Donnie Wahlberg (as Det. Ted Riley), Brian Dennehy (as Lieutenant Hingis), Trilby Glover (as Jessica), Saidah Arrika Ekulona (as Gwen Darvis (as Saidah Arrika)), Alan Rosenberg (as Stein), Sterling K. Brown (as Rogers), Barry Primus (as Dr. Prosky), Melissa Leo (as Cheryl Brooks), Alan Blumenfeld (as Martin Baum), Oleg Taktarov (as Yevgeny Mugalat) 
279 3/4 Road to Perdition  Minutes: 117  2002  Crime 

Mike Sullivan (Tom Hanks) works as a hit man for crime boss John Rooney (Paul Newman) Sullivan views Rooney as a father figure. However after his son is witness to a killing he has done Mike Sullivan finds him self on the run trying to save the life of his son and at the same time looking for revenge on those who wronged him. Jude Law co stars as a hit man hired to kill Sullivan. 
Cast: Tyler Hoechlin (as Michael Sullivan Jr.), Rob Maxey (as Drugstore Owner), Liam Aiken (as Peter Sullivan), Jennifer Jason Leigh (as Annie Sullivan), Tom Hanks (as Michael Sullivan), Paul Newman (as John Rooney), Daniel Craig (as Connor Rooney), Ciarán Hinds (as Finn McGovern), Craig Spidle (as Rooney's Henchman), Ian Barford (as Rooney's Henchman), Stephen P. Dunn (as Finn McGovern's Henchman (as Stephen Dunn)), Paul Turner (as Finn McGovern's Henchman), Kathleen Keane (as Irish Musician), Brendan McKinney (as Irish Musician), Jackie Moran (as Irish Musician) 
280 3/4 RocknRolla  Minutes: 114  2008  Action, Crime 

In London, a real-estate scam puts millions of pounds up for grabs, attracting some of the city's scrappiest tough guys and its more established underworld types, all of whom are looking to get rich quick. While the city's seasoned criminals vie for the cash, an unexpected player -- a drugged out rock 'n' roller presumed to be dead but very much alive -- has a multi-million dollar prize fall into his hands. 
Cast: Gerard Butler, Tom Wilkinson, Thandie Newton, Mark Strong, Idris Elba, Tom Hardy, Karel Roden, Toby Kebbell, Jeremy Piven, Ludacris, Jimi Mistry, Matt King, Geoff Bell, Dragan Micanovic, Michael Ryan 
281 3/4 Rocky  Minutes: 119  1976  Action 

Rocky Balboa is a small-time boxer who lives in an apartment in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and his career has so far not gotten off the canvas. Rocky earns a living by collecting debts for a loan shark named Gazzo, but Gazzo doesn't think Rocky has the viciousness it takes to beat up deadbeats. Rocky still boxes every once in a while to keep his boxing skills sharp, and his ex-trainer, Mickey, believes he could've made it to the top if he was willing to work for it. Rocky, goes to a pet store that sells pet supplies, and this is where he meets a young woman named Adrian, who is extremely shy, with no ability to talk to men. Rocky befriends her. Adrain later surprised Rocky with a dog from the pet shop that Rocky had befriended. Adrian's brother Paulie, who works for a meat packing company, is thrilled that someone has become interested in Adrian, and Adrian spends Thanksgiving with Rocky. Later, they go to Rocky's apartment, where Adrian explains that she has never been in a man's apartment before. Rocky sets her mind at ease, and they become lovers. Current world heavyweight boxing champion Apollo Creed comes up with the idea of giving an unknown a shot at the title. Apollo checks out the Philadelphia boxing scene, and chooses Rocky. Fight promoter Jergens gets things in gear, and Rocky starts training with Mickey. After a lot of training, Rocky is ready for the match, and he wants to prove that he can go the distance with Apollo. 
Cast: Sylvester Stallone (as Rocky Balboa), Talia Shire (as Adrian), Burt Young (as Paulie), Carl Weathers (as Apollo Creed), Burgess Meredith (as Mickey Goldmill), Thayer David (as Jergens), Joe Spinell (as Gazzo), Jimmy Gambina (as Mike), Bill Baldwin (as Fight Announcer (as Bill Baldwin)), Al Silvani (as Cut Man (as Al Salvani)), George Memmoli (as Ice Rink Attendant), Jodi Letizia (as Marie), Diana Lewis (as TV Commentator), George O'Hanlon (as TV Commentator), Larry Carroll (as TV Interviewer) 
282 3/4 Rocky Balboa  Minutes: 102  2006  Action 

'Rocky Balboa' examines one of America's greatest icons at a vulnerable period in his life--middle age. A former heavyweight boxing champion, known and renown throughout the world for going the distance, Rocky finds a new venture: giving back to his community. This is where he, once more, finds himself at the opposing side of opportunity, not unlike the one he has seen decades ago. Heavyweight champ Mason Dixon and his representation offer Rocky a shot for the title. For Balboa, it'll be one last hurrah he'll never forget.....but with his glory days far behind him can he withstand the inevitabilities of what's to come? A look at going full circle and wanting more, when life turns out how you least expect it and then some. 
Cast: Sylvester Stallone (as Rocky Balboa), Burt Young (as Paulie), Antonio Tarver (as Mason 'The Line' Dixon), Geraldine Hughes (as Marie), Milo Ventimiglia (as Robert Jr.), Tony Burton (as Duke), A.J. Benza (as L.C.), James Francis Kelly III (as Steps), Talia Shire (as Adrian (archive footage)), Lou DiBella (as Himself), Mike Tyson (as Himself), Henry G. Sanders (as Martin), Pedro Lovell (as Spider Rico), Ana Gerena (as Isabel), Angela Boyd (as Angie) 
283 3/4 Role Models  Minutes: 99  2008  Comedy 

Danny and Wheeler, well into their 30s, lack something: Danny feels stuck; he's sour and has driven away his terrific girlfriend. Wheeler chases any skirt he sees for empty sex. When they get in a fight with a tow-truck driver, they choose community service over jail and are assigned to be big brothers - Danny to Augie, a geek who loves participating in a weekend Medieval reenactment society, and Wheeler to Ronnie, a pint-size foul-mouthed kid. After a rocky start, things start to go well until both Danny and Wheeler make big mistakes. Can the two men figure out how to change enough to be role models to the boys? 
Cast: Seann William Scott, Paul Rudd, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Bobb'e J. Thompson, Elizabeth Banks, Jane Lynch, Ken Jeong, Ken Marino, Kerri Kenney, A.D. Miles, Joe Lo Truglio, Matt Walsh, Nicole Randall Johnson, Alexandra Stamler, Carly Craig 
284 2/4 Run Fatboy Run  Minutes: 100  2007  Comedy 

Dennis is a clueless and slightly overweight guy, who left his pregnant fiancée five years earlier. Every day, Dennis tries to persuade the woman he loves to accept him back into his life, but everyday he fails. When he discovers that Libby has found a partner in the form of American Whit, frustration grows, and Dennis vows, that for once in his life, he will finish something. This something ends up being a Nike River-run in London. With his friends Gordon and Mr. Ghoshdashtidar by his side, Dennis begins training for the marathon he must finish.  
Cast: Simon Pegg (as Dennis Doyle), Thandie Newton (as Elizabeth Olivia 'Libby' Odell), Hank Azaria (as Whit), Dylan Moran (as Gordon), Harish Patel (as Mr. Goshdashtidar), India de Beaufort (as Maya G. Das), Matthew Fenton (as Jake), Simon Day (as Vincent), Ruth Sheen (as Claudine), Tyrone Huggins (as Grover), Nevan Finegan (as Mickey), Iddo Goldberg (as News Reporter), Ameet Chana (as Taxi Driver), Chris Hollins (as Himself), Denise Lewis (as Herself) 
285 3/4 Runaway Jury  Minutes: 127  2003  Drama 

When an attorney is shot in cold blood at his workplace, his widow sues a major gun manufacturer. Holding them responsible for his death, she dispatches idealistic lawyer Wendell Rohr to oversee the case. A good man of principle, Wendell takes charge while on the defense team, another man will take charge. Rankin Fitch is the individual: a powerful and ruthless jury consultant riding high on his frequent successes. But in the middle of it all is the jury, which both Wendell and Rankin are determined to sway their opinion for the winning team. But what they're about to discover, is that one man and one woman stand in their way. Nicholas Easter is one of the jurors and he's the one collaborating with Marlee, his girlfriend on the final outcome of the case. But as the case progresses, questions arise as to what the motives are of all those involved, and what some will do to secure the final outcome. 
Cast: John Cusack (as Nicholas Easter), Gene Hackman (as Rankin Fitch), Dustin Hoffman (as Wendell Rohr), Rachel Weisz (as Marlee), Bruce Davison (as Durwood Cable), Bruce McGill (as Judge Harkin), Jeremy Piven (as Lawrence Green), Nick Searcy (as Doyle), Stanley Anderson (as Henry Jankle), Cliff Curtis (as Frank Herrera), Nestor Serrano (as Janovich), Leland Orser (as Lamb), Jennifer Beals (as Vanessa Lembeck), Gerry Bamman (as Herman Grimes), Joanna Going (as Celeste Wood) 
286 3/4 Running Scared  Minutes: 122  2006  Action 

After a drug-op gone bad, Joey Gazelle is put in charge of disposing the gun that shot a dirty cop. But things goes wrong for Joey after the neighbor kid stole the gun and used it to shoot his abusive father. Now Joey has to find the kid and the gun before the police and the mob find them first. 
Cast: Paul Walker (as Joey Gazelle), Cameron Bright (as Oleg Yugorsky), Vera Farmiga (as Teresa Gazelle), Karel Roden (as Anzor "Duke" Yugorsky), Johnny Messner (as Tommy "Tombs" Perello), Ivana Milicevic (as Mila), Chazz Palminteri (as Detective Rydell), Alex Neuberger (as Nicky Gazelle), Michael Cudlitz (as Sal "Gummy Bear" Franzone), Bruce Altman (as Dez), Elizabeth Mitchell (as Edele), Arthur J. Nascarella (as Frankie Perello (as Arthur Nascarella)), John Noble (as Ivan Yugorsky), Idalis DeLeon (as Divina), David Warshofsky (as Pimp Lester) 
287 2/4 Running with Scissors  Minutes: 116  2006  Comedy 

Young Augusten Burroughs (Cross) absorbs experiences that could make for a shocking memoir: the son of an alcoholic father (Baldwin) and an unstable mother (Bening), he's handed off to his mother's therapist, Dr. Finch (Cox), and spends his adolescent years as a member of Finch's bizarre extended family.
Cast: Annette Bening (as Deirdre Burroughs), Brian Cox (as Dr. Finch), Joseph Fiennes (as Neil Bookman), Evan Rachel Wood (as Natalie Finch), Alec Baldwin (as Norman Burroughs), Joseph Cross (as Augusten Burroughs), Jill Clayburgh (as Agnes Finch), Gwyneth Paltrow (as Hope Finch), Gabrielle Union (as Dorothy), Patrick Wilson (as Michael Shephard), Kristin Chenoweth (as Fern Stewart), Dagmara Dominczyk (as Suzanne), Colleen Camp (as Joan), Jack Kaeding (as Six-Year-Old Augusten Burroughs), Gabriel Guedj (as Poo) 
288 2/4 Rush Hour  Minutes: 97  1998  Action 

Hongkong, the last night of British rulership. Detective Inspector Lee, close friend to Consul Han Solon, manages to prevent precious pieces of China's history being smuggled out of the country. Two years later - Consul Han is living in Los Angeles with his family - Crime Lord Juntao takes revenge on him by abducting his young daughter Soo Yung. Han does not trust the FBI to do a good job and has Lee flown in from Hongkong to assist them. But the FBI officials do not want any help from outside and officially request help from LAPD, who are glad to get rid of Detective James Carter for a while, a big-mouthed work-alone cop who just can't be cool enough. His assignment is to keep Lee as far away from trouble as possible. But Carter and Lee don't like being put aside in that way and start working the case on their own. 
Cast: Ken Leung (as Sang), Jackie Chan (as Chief Inspector Lee), Tom Wilkinson (as Thomas Griffin/Juntao), Tzi Ma (as Consul Han), Robert Littman (as First Caucasian), Michael Chow (as Diner Guest), Julia Hsu (as Soo Yung), Chris Tucker (as Detective James Carter), Chris Penn (as Clive Cod), Kai Lennox (as Cop at Diner), Larry Sullivan (as Cop at Diner (as Larry Sullivan Jr.)), Yang Lin (as Consul Secretary (as Yan Ling)), Roger Fan (as Soo Yung's Bodyguard), George Cheung (as Soo Yung's Driver), Lucy Lin (as Exposition Official) 
289 2/4 RV  Minutes: 98  2006  Adventure 

Bob Munro (Williams) and his dysfunctional family rent an RV for a road trip to the Colorado Rockies, where they ultimately have to contend with a bizarre community of campers. 
Cast: Robin Williams (as Bob Munro), Cheryl Hines (as Jamie Munro), Joanna 'JoJo' Levesque (as Cassie Munro), Josh Hutcherson (as Carl Munro), Jeff Daniels (as Travis Gornicke), Kristin Chenoweth (as Mary Jo Gornicke), Hunter Parrish (as Earl Gornicke), Chloe Sonnenfeld (as Moon Gornicke), Alex Ferris (as Billy Gornicke), Will Arnett (as Todd Mallory), Tony Hale (as Frank), Brian Howe (as Marty), Richard Ian Cox (as Laird (as Richard Cox)), Erika-Shaye Gair (as Cassie, age 5), Veronika Sztopa (as Gretchen) 
290 2/4 Sahara  Minutes: 124  2005  Action 

Searching for a treasure on the River Niger, Dirk Pitt thwarts the attempted assassination of a beautiful U.N. scientist investigating a disease that is driving thousands of North Africans to death. The suspected cause of the raging epidemic is vast, unprecedented pollution that threatens to extinguish all life in the world's seas. Racing to save the world from environmental catastrophe, Pitt and his team run a gauntlet between a billionaire French industrialist and a bloodthirsty West African tyrant. In the scorching desert, Pitt uncovers the truth behind his life-long quest - the fate of a Civil War ironclad. Now, amidst the blazing, shifting sands of the Sahara, Dirk Pitt will make a desperate stand -- in a battle the world cannot afford to lose! 
Cast: Penélope Cruz (as Eva Rojas), Matthew McConaughey (as Dirk Pitt), Steve Zahn (as Al Giordino), William H. Macy (as Admiral Jim Sandecker), Jude Akuwidike (as Imam (as Jude Akuwudike)), Mark Aspinall (as Lawyer), Rakie Ayola (as Mrs. Nwokolo), Christopher Bello (as Train Driver), Nicholas Beveney (as Gunboat 1 Officer), Empotoe Bosage (as Pick Up Truck Guard), Robert Cavanah (as Captain Tombs), Dayna Cussler (as Kitty Mannock (scenes deleted)), Clint Dyer (as Oshodi), Matthew Flynn (as 1st Lieutenant, Ironclad), Paulin Fodouop (as Modibo (as Paulin F. Fodouop)), Ouahbou Houcine (as Tuareg Village Boy 1), Emmanuel Ighodaro (as Kazim's Officer Asselar), Lennie James (as General Zateb Kazim), Maurice Lee (as Zakara), Delroy Lindo (as Carl), Daniel Lobé (as Tuareg Sangare), Francis Magee (as Fuse Cutter), Patrick Malahide (as Ambassador Polidori), Thierno Amath Mbaye (as Pick Up Truck Driver), Femi Ogumbanjo (as Modibo's Tuareg 2), Eddie Osei (as Train Guard), Nathan Osgood (as Gun Captain), Lahcen Ouezgane (as Tuareg Village Boy 2), Robert Paterson (as NUMA Crew Member), Abdul Salis (as Oumar), Tosin Sanyalo (as Azikiwe Nwokolo), Christopher Saul (as Pilot, Ironclad), Billy Seymour (as Powder Monkey), Mark Springer (as Solar Plant Guard), Glynn Turman (as Dr. Frank Hopper), Celestine Vita (as Old Woman in Labbezanga), Mark Wells (as Sailor Who Drops Gold), Lambert Wilson (as Yves Massarde), Rainn Wilson (as Rudi Gunn) 
291 3/4 Saturday Night Live: The Best of Eddie Murphy  Minutes:   1998  Comedy 

Before he was The Nutty Professor, before he was Dr. Dolittle, and even before he was the Beverly Hills Cop, Eddie Murphy was an SNL comic! From 1981-1984 he entertained us with sketches as Gumby, Mister Robinson, Buckwheat, Velvet Jones and many more! He was before Chris Rock, Tracey Morgan, and Tim Meadows! And after Garrett Morris! 
Cast: Eddie Murphy (as Himself/Various Characters), Mr. T (as Himself (archive footage)), Joe Piscopo (as Himself/Various Characters), Robin Duke (as Herself/Various Characters), Tim Kazurinsky (as Himself/Various Characters), Sheree Ali (as Gumby's Wife), Mary Gross (as Herself/Various Characters), Ron Howard (as Himself), Edwin Newman (as Himself), Stevie Wonder (as Himself) 
292 2/4 Saturday Night Live: The Best of John Belushi  Minutes: 78  2005  Comedy 

John Belushi, SNL's original and baddest bad boy gets an updated 'Best of' compilation twenty years after the original release. Despite this one being almost twenty minutes longer, the material is basically the same. If you've already got the first one on tape, you'll get all the same stuff (but with less Blues Brothers) and a couple of extra's thrown in. The first one was co-produced by Belushi's widow, Judy Jacklin Belushi, who only gets a special thanks dedication on the new version. All the classic Belushi skits are accounted for: Samurai Delicatessen, Little Chocolate Donuts, Godfather group therapy, the Olympia restaurant, the last voyage of the Starship Enterprise, Liz Taylor and the St Patrick's Day rant from Weekend Update, The Blues Brothers performing Soul Man, Joe Cocker, King Bee and of course Schillers Reel: Don't look back in anger.

Three segments that were on the original Best of John Belushi have been deleted: the second of three Beethoven gags (in which Ludwig breaks into 'My Girl'), another song by the Blues Brothers: B-Movie Boxcar Blues, and 'The Thing that wouldn't leave' promo. Also, the 1985 version featured a bunch of clips during the end credits, two of which are included in their entirety on the 2005 edition: Wilderness Comedian and the Superhero Party. I was especially pleased to see the Superheroes included here, even if it's more of an ensemble piece in which Belushi plays a supporting part as the Incredible Hulk. There's a guy dressed up as the Fantastic Four's Thing stealing scenes in the background too, and I'm still wondering who that was wearing the skin tight Spider-Woman outfit.

Other additions are the opening sketch from the very first show, 'The Wolverines', another Weekend Update rant concerning Radio City Music Hall and the rarely seen 'Samurai Night Fever' co-starring O.J. Simpson. Also, the introductions to the musical acts which were truncated on the original release are shown in their entirety here. The same thing goes for the music that ends 'Don't look back in anger'. The eighties version cut to a reprise of 'Soul Man' at that point (the Blues Brothes were riding the wave of cult success by that time, so naturally the tape reflected this). The DVD also features John Belushi's original screen test, the nice retrospectivë: 'John Belushi: an Inside Look' and a clip from the Today Show in which Gene Shalit interviews Belushi and Aykroyd about their third and final movie together, 'Neighbors'.
Cast: John Belushi (as Himself / Various (archive footage)) 
293 3/4 Saving Private Ryan  Minutes: 170  1998  Action 

Following the Allied invasion of Normandy, two brothers lay dead in the wake of the onslaught. Meanwhile, in New Guinea, a third brother has been killed fighting the Japanese. After the Army General Staff learns that a fourth brother is missing in the French countryside, a rescue mission is ordered to find the young soldier and return him safely home. The mission is mounted by a veteran Ranger Captain commanding a platoon of men who have mixed feelings about risking their lives to "Save Private Ryan". 
Cast: Tom Hanks (as Captain John H. Miller), Tom Sizemore (as Sergeant Mike Horvath), Edward Burns (as Pvt. Richard Reiben), Barry Pepper (as Pvt. Daniel Jackson), Adam Goldberg (as Pvt. Stanley Mellish), Vin Diesel (as Private Adrian Caparzo), Giovanni Ribisi (as T-4 Medic Irwin Wade), Jeremy Davies (as Cpl. Timothy P. Upham), Matt Damon (as Private James Francis Ryan), Ted Danson (as Captain Fred Hamill), Paul Giamatti (as Sergeant Hill), Dennis Farina (as Lieutenant Colonel Anderson), Joerg Stadler (as Steamboat Willie), Max Martini (as Corporal Henderson (as Maximilian Martini)), Dylan Bruno (as Toynbe) 
294 2/4 Scary Movie 4  Minutes: 91  2006  Comedy 

Anna Faris and Regina Hall are back as the lovable, dim-witted Cindy Campbell and her self-serving, sex-crazed pal Brenda respectively. They are joined this time around by Craig Bierko as the cute, but utterly clueless, Tom Ryan. Together, they battle to save the world from a ruthless alien invasion. Cindy Campbell moves in next to Tom Ryan because she's taking care of an old lady. She finds out the house is haunted by a little boy and goes on a quest in the village to find out who killed him and why. Also, Alien "Tr-iPods" are invading the world and Cindy has to uncover the secret in order to stop them. 
Cast: Anthony Anderson (as Mahalik), Craig Bierko (as Tom Ryan), Chingy (as Himself), Phil McGraw (as Himself/Prisoner (as Dr. Phil McGraw)), Carmen Electra (as Holly), Chris Elliott (as Ezekiel), Anna Faris (as Cindy Campbell), Regina Hall (as Brenda), Kevin Hart (as CJ), Holly Madison (as Blonde #1), Bridget Marquardt (as Blonde #2), Kendra Wilkinson (as Blonde #3), Cloris Leachman (as Mrs. Norris), Michael Madsen (as Oliver), Bill Pullman (as Henry Hale) 
295 3/4 Scent of a Woman  Minutes: 157  1992  Drama 

Frank is a retired Lt Col in the US army. He's blind and impossible to get along with. Charlie is at school and is looking forward to going to university; to help pay for a trip home for Christmas, he agrees to look after Frank over thanksgiving. Frank's niece says this will be easy money, but she didn't reckon on Frank spending his thanksgiving in New York. 
Cast: Al Pacino (as Lieutenant Colonel Frank Slade), Chris O'Donnell (as Charlie Simms), James Rebhorn (as Mr. Trask), Gabrielle Anwar (as Donna), Philip Seymour Hoffman (as George Willis, Jr. (as Philip S. Hoffman)), Richard Venture (as W.R. Slade), Bradley Whitford (as Randy), Rochelle Oliver (as Gretchen), Margaret Eginton (as Gail), Tom Riis Farrell (as Garry), Nicholas Sadler (as Harry Havemeyer), Todd Louiso (as Trent Potter), Matt Smith (as Jimmy Jameson), Gene Canfield (as Manny), Frances Conroy (as Christine Downes) 
296 3/4 Schindler's List  Minutes: 195  1993  Biography 

"Schindler's List" is the based-on-truth story of Nazi Czech business man Oskar Schindler, who uses Jewish labor to start a factory in occupied Poland. As World War II progresses, and the fate of the Jews becomes more and more clear, Schindler's motivations switch from profit to human sympathy and he is able to save over 1100 Jews from death in the gas chambers. 
Cast: Liam Neeson (as Oskar Schindler), Ben Kingsley (as Itzhak Stern), Ralph Fiennes (as Amon Goeth), Caroline Goodall (as Emilie Schindler), Jonathan Sagall (as Poldek Pfefferberg (as Jonathan Sagalle)), Embeth Davidtz (as Helen Hirsch), Malgoscha Gebel (as Victoria Klonowska), Shmuel Levy (as Wilek Chilowicz (as Shmulik Levy)), Mark Ivanir (as Marcel Goldberg), Béatrice Macola (as Ingrid), Andrzej Seweryn (as Julian Scherner), Friedrich von Thun (as Rolf Czurda), Krzysztof Luft (as Herman Toffel), Harry Nehring (as Leo John), Norbert Weisser (as Albert Hujar) 
297 2/4 School for Scoundrels  Minutes: 100  2006  Comedy 

Roger, a beleaguered New York City meter maid, is plagued by anxiety and low self-esteem. In order to overcome his feelings of inadequacy, Roger enrolls in a top-secret confidence-building class taught by the suavely underhanded Dr. P. Aided by his assistant, Lesher, Dr. P uses unorthodox, often dangerous methods, but he guarantees results: Employ his techniques and you will unleash your inner lion. Surrounded by a band of misfit classmates - Walsh, who's dying to move out of mother's basement; Diego, a punching bag for his hen-pecker of a wife; and Eli, a shy guy just looking for female companionship - Roger's confidence grows and he makes his way to the head of the class, even finding the courage to ask out his longtime crush, Amanda. But Roger quickly discovers that star students have a way of catapulting Dr. P's competitive side into high gear. Soon enough, the teacher sets out to infiltrate and destroy Roger's personal and professional life. Nothing is off limits for Dr. P, not even the object of Roger's affection. In order to show Amanda Dr. P's true colors, Roger must rally his new friends and find a way to beat the master at his own game. 
Cast: Billy Bob Thornton (as Dr. P), Jon Heder (as Roger), Jacinda Barrett (as Amanda), Michael Clarke Duncan (as Lesher), Sarah Silverman (as Becky), David Cross (as Ian), Matt Walsh (as Walsh), Horatio Sanz (as Diego), Todd Louiso (as Eli), Jon Glaser (as Ernie), Paul Scheer (as Little Pete), Ben Stiller (as Lonnie), Luis Guzmán (as Sergeant Moorehead), Dan Fogler (as Zack), DeRay Davis (as Bee Bee) 
298 3/4 School of Rock  Minutes: 108  2003  Comedy 

Down and out rock star Dewey Finn (Black) gets fired from his band, and he faces a mountain of debts and depression. He takes a job as a 4th grade substitute teacher at an uptight private school where his attitude and hijinx have a powerful effect on his students. He also meets Zack, a 10-year-old guitar prodigy, who could help Dewey win a "battle of the bands" competition, which would solve his financial problems and put him back in the spotlight. 
Cast: Jack Black (as Dewey Finn), Adam Pascal (as Theo), Lucas Papaelias (as Neil), Chris Stack (as Doug), Sarah Silverman (as Patty Di Marco), Mike White (as Ned Schneebly), Lucas Babin (as Spider), Joan Cusack (as Rosalie Mullins), Jordan-Claire Green (as Michelle), Veronica Afflerbach (as Eleni), Miranda Cosgrove (as Summer Hathaway), Joey Gaydos Jr. (as Zack Mooneyham), Robert Tsai (as Lawrence), Angelo Massagli (as Frankie), Kevin Alexander Clark (as Freddy Jones (as Kevin Clark)) 
299 2/4 Scoop  Minutes: 96  2006  Comedy 

A young journalist student, Sondra Pransky, travels from America to England to interview a famous actor. After the not-so-complete interview her friend and she go to a magic show. When selected to take part in one of the acts Sondra is contacted by a recently deceased famous journalist who is determined to give her his last scoop. He tells her that the son of Lord Lyman, Peter Lyman, is the tarot card killer. Dragging along Sid Waterman, a kooky magician, Sondra attempts to discover who Peter Lyman really is and if he is a killer. What she doesn't realize is that while she is trying to protect the country of England her heart might be what is really in jeopardy. 
Cast: Hugh Jackman (as Peter Lyman), Scarlett Johansson (as Sondra Pransky), Geoff Bell (as Strombel's Co-Worker #2), Christopher Fulford (as Strombel's Co-Worker #3), Nigel Lindsay (as Strombel's Co-Worker #4), Ian McShane (as Joe Strombel), Fenella Woolgar (as Jane Cook), Doreen Mantle (as Joe's Co-Passenger #1), David Schneider (as Joe's Co-Passenger #2), Meera Syal (as Joe's Co-Passenger #3), Kevin McNally (as Mike Tinsley (as Kevin R. McNally)), Robyn Kerr (as Tinsley’s Fan #1), Richard Stirling (as Tinsley's Fan #2), Jim Dunk (as Funeral Speaker), Romola Garai (as Vivian) 
300 3/4 Sea Hunt (Season 1, 39 Episodes)  Minutes: 30  1958  Action 

Sea Hunt was an American television adventure series from syndicator Ziv TV that ran from 1958 to 1961 and was popular in syndication for decades afterwards. The program followed the adventures of scuba diver Mike Nelson, an ex-Navy frogman turned freelance diver, played by Lloyd Bridges. He outmaneuvered villains, salvaged everything from a bicycle to nuclear missile, and rescued a downed Air Force pilot (in his sunken jet, in the pilot episode), children trapped in a flooded cave, and even a dog. One unusual aspect of the series was that at the end of each episode, Bridges made a plea to protect the oceans.
Cast: Lloyd Bridges 
301 3/4 Sea Hunt (TV - First Season)  Minutes: 30  1958  Action 

Mike Nelson is a Scuba Diver in the days when it was still very new. He works alone and the plot was always mostly carried through his voice over narrations. These gave the show a flavor of a radio program. Typical adventures were finding a downed satellite or sunken treasure. 
Cast: Lloyd Bridges (as Mike Nelson (40 episodes, 1958-1961)), Ken Drake (as Brave Miner, Ben Whitman / ... (20 episodes, 1958-1961)) 
302 3/4 Seabiscuit  Minutes: 141  2003  Drama 

A half-blind ex-prizefighter (Maguire) and mustang breaker (Cooper) team up with a millionaire (Bridges) and his rough-hewn, undersized horse, Seabiscuit. The men bring Seabiscuit incredible heights, helping him earn Horse of the Year honors in 1938. Based on a true story. 
Cast: David McCullough (as Narrator), Jeff Bridges (as Charles Howard), Paul Vincent O'Connor (as Bicycle Supervisor), Chris Cooper (as Tom Smith), Michael Ensign (as Steamer Owner), James Keane (as Car Customer), Valerie Mahaffey (as Annie Howard), David Doty (as Land Broker), Carl M. Craig (as Sam (as Kingston DuCoeur)), Michael O'Neill (as Mr. Pollard), Annie Corley (as Mrs. Pollard), Michael Angarano (as Young Red Pollard), Cameron Bowen (as Pollard Child), Noah Luke (as Pollard Child), Mariah Bess (as Pollard Child) 
303 3/4 Secondhand Lions  Minutes: 111  2003  Adventure 

13 year old Walter has had a hard life, with his no good floozy of a mother getting together with many equally despicable men. Before going on yet another husband-hunting trip, she drops him off at the house of his great-uncles Hub and Garth. They disappeared for quite a while in their youth, and are rumored to have acquired a great fortune, which Walter's mother hopes to get her hands on if he can ingratiate himself enough to the two cantankerous men. Though reluctant to put up with him at first, Hub and Garth grow to accept Walter, and even tell him fantastic stories of what they were up to while they went missing. When his mother returns, Walter must take charge of his own life, and decide what he's going to do with it. 
Cast: Michael Caine (as Garth), Robert Duvall (as Hub), Haley Joel Osment (as Walter), Kyra Sedgwick (as Mae), Nicky Katt (as Stan), Josh Lucas (as Adult Walter), Michael O'Neill (as Ralph), Deirdre O'Connell (as Helen), Eric Balfour (as Sheik's Grandson), Christian Kane (as Young Hub), Kevin Haberer (as Young Garth), Emmanuelle Vaugier (as Jasmine), Adam Ozturk (as The Sheik), Jennifer Stone (as Martha), Mitchel Musso (as Boy) 
304 2/4 Semi-Pro  Minutes: 91  2008  Comedy 

Three men, three dreams. It's 1976 in Flint, Michigan. Jackie Moon's American Basketball Association team languishes in last place, with few fans in the seats. Jackie dreams of a merger with the NBA. A tough-minded point guard named Monix is at the end of his career; he's played on the champion Celtics but accepts a trade to Flint to be close to Lynn, the love of his life. Clarence "Coffee" Brown dreams of stardom: he's the Tropics' best player, but he's a hotdog who doesn't value teamwork. When the trio learns that a merger is in the works that won't include the Tropics, they pull the team together to try to achieve the impossible. Can dreams come true in Flint? 
Cast: Will Ferrell (as Jackie Moon), Woody Harrelson (as Ed Monix), André Benjamin (as Clarence 'Coffee' Black), Maura Tierney (as Lynn), Andrew Daly (as Dick Pepperfield), Will Arnett (as Lou Redwood), Andy Richter (as Bobby Dee), David Koechner (as Commissioner), Rob Corddry (as Kyle), Matt Walsh (as Father Pat the Ref), Jackie Earle Haley (as Dukes), DeRay Davis (as Bee Bee Ellis), Josh Braaten (as Twiggy Munson), Jay Phillips (as Scootise Double Day), Peter Cornell (as Vakidis) 
305 3/4 Serenity  Minutes: 119  2005  Action 

The crew of the Serenity is getting desperate. They have lain lower and lower to protect their doctor, Simon Tam, and his telepathic traumatized little sister, River, from the alliance, whom he rescued her from a year earlier. This has made getting jobs harder and now they are desperate. When they take River on a robbery during which Reavers (humans who have gone crazy and turned into cannibals) attack, Simon decides that its time to leave the crew of the Serenity for his and River's safety. She then mutters "Miranda" and goes berserk and nearly shoots Capt. Malcolm Reynolds, until her brother says the safety word to put her to sleep. Reynolds decides to take them back on board for safety, only now an alliance operative is on their tracks and making Reynolds determined to find out what "Miranda" is and what the Alliance is hiding. 
Cast: Nathan Fillion (as Mal), Gina Torres (as Zoe), Alan Tudyk (as Wash), Morena Baccarin (as Inara), Adam Baldwin (as Jayne), Jewel Staite (as Kaylee), Sean Maher (as Simon), Summer Glau (as River), Ron Glass (as Shepherd Book), Chiwetel Ejiofor (as The Operative), David Krumholtz (as Mr. Universe), Michael Hitchcock (as Dr. Mathias), Sarah Paulson (as Dr. Caron), Yan Feldman (as Mingo), Rafael Feldman (as Fanty) 
306 2/4 Shark Tale  Minutes: 90  2004  Animation 

The sea underworld is shaken up when the son of the shark mob boss is found dead and a young fish named Oscar is found at the scene. Being a bottom feeder, Oscar takes advantage of the situation and makes himself look like he killed the finned mobster. Oscar soon comes to realize that his claim may have serious consequences. 
Cast: Will Smith (as Oscar (voice)), Robert De Niro (as Don Lino (voice)), Renée Zellweger (as Angie (voice)), Jack Black (as Lenny (voice)), Angelina Jolie (as Lola (voice)), Martin Scorsese (as Sykes (voice)), Ziggy Marley (as Ernie (voice)), Doug E. Doug (as Bernie (voice)), Michael Imperioli (as Frankie (voice)), Vincent Pastore (as Luca (voice)), Peter Falk (as Don Feinberg (voice)), Katie Couric (as Katie Current (voice)), David Soren (as Shrimp/Worm/Starfish #1/Killer Whale #2 (voice)), David P. Smith (as Crazy Joe (voice)), Bobb'e J. Thompson (as Shortie #1 (voice)) 
307 3/4 Shaun of the Dead  Minutes: 99  2004  Comedy 

Shaun is a 29-year-old with no real ambition in life, much to the consternation of his friends, family, and fed-up girlfriend. With only a loyalty to his lazy best friend Edgar, a dead-end job where his employees step on him, and the good-ol' days, Shaun isn't exactly putting his best foot forward. But when the flesh-hungry undead start to rise in numbers around modern-day London, Shaun must come to the rescue of his girlfriend and mother before all hell breaks loose. With loyal Edgar at his side to fight the good fight, the two will have to pave their way through zombie-ridden London as Shaun must take on the first real challenge in his life--with comical results.  
Cast: Simon Pegg (as Shaun), Kate Ashfield (as Liz), Nick Frost (as Ed), Lucy Davis (as Dianne), Dylan Moran (as David), Nicola Cunningham (as Mary), Keir Mills (as Clubber 1 (as Kier Mills)), Matt Jaynes (as Clubber 2), Gavin Ferguson (as Football Kid), Peter Serafinowicz (as Pete), Horton Jupiter (as Homeless Man), Tim Baggaley (as The Usher), Arvind Doshi (as Nelson), Rafe Spall (as Noel), Sonnell Dadral (as Danny (as Sonell Dadral)) 
308 3/4 Sherlock Holmes  Minutes: 128  2009  Action, Adventure, Crime, Mystery, Thriller 

After finally catching serial killer and occult "sorcerer" Lord Blackwood, legendary sleuth Sherlock Holmes and his assistant Dr. Watson can close yet another successful case. But when Blackwood mysteriously returns from the grave and resumes his killing spree, Holmes must take up the hunt once again. Contending with his partner's new fiancée and the dimwitted head of Scotland Yard, the dauntless detective must unravel the clues that will lead him into a twisted web of murder, deceit, and black magic - and the deadly embrace of temptress Irene Adler. 
Cast: Robert Downey Jr., Jude Law, Rachel McAdams, Mark Strong, Eddie Marsan, Robert Maillet, Geraldine James, Kelly Reilly, William Houston, Hans Matheson, James Fox, William Hope, Clive Russell, Oran Gurel, David Garrick 
309 3/4 Shooter  Minutes: 124  2007  Action 

Bob Lee Swagger, one of the world's great marksmen and the son of a Congressional Medal of Honoree, is a loner living in the Rockies. He's left the military, having been hung out to dry in a secret Ethiopian mission a few years before, when he's recruited by a lisping colonel to help find a way that the President of the US might be assassinated in one of three cities in the next two weeks. He does his work, but the shot is fired notwithstanding and Bob Lee is quickly the fall guy: wounded and hunted by thousands, he goes to ground and, aided by two unlikely allies, searches for the truth and for those who double-crossed him. All roads lead back to Ethiopia. 
Cast: Mark Wahlberg (as Bob Lee Swagger), Michael Peña (as Nick Memphis), Danny Glover (as Colonel Isaac Johnson), Kate Mara (as Sarah Fenn), Elias Koteas (as Jack Payne), Rhona Mitra (as Alourdes Galindo), Jonathan Walker (as Louis Dobbler), Justin Louis (as Howard Purnell), Tate Donovan (as Russ Turner), Rade Serbedzija (as Michael Sandor (as Rade Sherbedgia)), Alan C. Peterson (as Officer Stanley Timmons), Ned Beatty (as Senator Charles F. Meachum), Lane Garrison (as Donnie Fenn), Zak Santiago (as Senior Agent), Michael-Ann Connor (as Junior Agent) 
310 2/4 Short Circuit  Minutes: 98  1986  Comedy 

Number 5, one of a group of experimental military robots, undergoes a sudden transformation after being struck by lightning. He develops self-awareness, consciousness, and a fear of the reprogramming that awaits him back at the factory. With the help of a young woman, Number 5 tries to evade capture and convince his creator that he has truly become alive. 
Cast: Ally Sheedy (as Stephanie Speck), Steve Guttenberg (as Newton Crosby), Fisher Stevens (as Ben Jabituya), Austin Pendleton (as Howard Marner), G.W. Bailey (as Skroeder), Brian McNamara (as Frank), Tim Blaney (as Number 5 (voice)), Marvin J. McIntyre (as Duke), John Garber (as Otis), Penny Santon (as Mrs. Cepeda), Vernon Weddle (as General Washburne), Barbara Tarbuck (as Senator Mills), Tom Lawrence (as Howard Marner's Aide), Fred Slyter (as Norman), Billy Ray Sharkey (as Zack) 
311 3/4 Shrek  Minutes: 90  2001  Animation 

Shrek is a big ogre who lives alone in the woods, feared from all the people in the land of Duloc. When Lord Farquaad, the ruler of Duloc, exiles all the fairy-tale beings in the woods, Shrek looses his peaceful life and his home becomes a refugees camp. So, he sets to find Lord Farquaad and convince him to take the fairy-tale beings back where they belong, and leave him alone. Lord Farquaad accepts, under one condition. Shrek must first go and find the beautiful young princess Fiona, who will become Farquaad's bride. So, the big Ogre begins his quest, along with his newfound donkey friend... 
Cast: Mike Myers (as Shrek/Blind Mouse (voice)), Eddie Murphy (as Donkey (voice)), Cameron Diaz (as Princess Fiona (voice)), John Lithgow (as Lord Farquaad (voice)), Vincent Cassel (as Monsieur Hood (voice)), Peter Dennis (as Ogre Hunter (voice)), Clive Pearse (as Ogre Hunter (voice)), Jim Cummings (as Captain of Guards (voice)), Bobby Block (as Baby Bear (voice)), Chris Miller (as Geppetto/Magic Mirror (voice)), Cody Cameron (as Pinocchio/Three Pigs (voice)), Kathleen Freeman (as Old Woman (voice)), Michael Galasso (as Peter Pan (voice)), Christopher Knights (as Blind Mouse/Thelonious (voice)), Simon J. Smith (as Blind Mouse (voice)) 
312 3/4 Shrek 2  Minutes: 92  2004  Animation 

The film picks up right where the first movie ended... Shrek and Fiona return from their honeymoon to find a letter from Fiona's parents inviting the newlyweds over for dinner. The only problem is that they have no idea that their daughter is now an ogre. 
Cast: Mike Myers (as Shrek (voice)), Eddie Murphy (as Donkey (voice)), Cameron Diaz (as Princess Fiona (voice)), Julie Andrews (as Queen (voice)), Antonio Banderas (as Puss In Boots (voice)), John Cleese (as King (voice)), Rupert Everett (as Prince Charming (voice)), Jennifer Saunders (as Fairy Godmother (voice)), Aron Warner (as Wolf (voice)), Kelly Asbury (as Page/Elf/Nobleman/Nobleman's Son (voice)), Cody Cameron (as Pinocchio/Three Pigs (voice)), Conrad Vernon (as Gingerbread Man/Cedric/Announcer/Muffin Man/Mongo (voice)), Christopher Knights (as Blind Mouse (voice)), David P. Smith (as Herald/Man with Box (voice)), Mark Moseley (as Mirror/Dresser (voice)) 
313 3/4 Shutter Island  Minutes: 138  2010  Drama, Mystery, Thriller 

It's 1954, and up-and-coming U.S. marshal Teddy Daniels is assigned to investigate the disappearance of a patient from Boston's Shutter Island Ashecliffe Hospital. He's been pushing for an assignment on the island for personal reasons, but before long he wonders whether he hasn't been brought there as part of a twisted plot by hospital doctors whose radical treatments range from unethical to illegal to downright sinister. Teddy's shrewd investigating skills soon provide a promising lead, but the hospital refuses him access to records he suspects would break the case wide open. As a hurricane cuts off communication with the mainland, more dangerous criminals "escape" in the confusion, and the puzzling, improbable clues multiply, Teddy begins to doubt everything - his memory, his partner, even his own sanity. 
Cast: Leonardo DiCaprio, Mark Ruffalo, Ben Kingsley, Max von Sydow, Michelle Williams, Emily Mortimer, Patricia Clarkson, Jackie Earle Haley, Ted Levine, John Carroll Lynch, Elias Koteas, Robin Bartlett, Christopher Denham, Nellie Sciutto, Joseph Sikora 
314 3/4 Sideways  Minutes: 123  2004  Comedy 

Miles is a failed writer living a meager existence in San Diego as an English teacher. With his career seemingly fading and the fate of a book hinging on a publisher's decision, Miles is depressed with himself and what he hasn't achieved. Jack is a television actor whom some recognize but not many do, as if he were a minor actor who got a taste of success. With his best friend Miles, the two embark on a road trip through California's wine country. Miles wants to give his friend a nice sendoff before married life, while Jack simply wants to have a fling beforehand. As they're both nearing middle age with not much to show for it, the two will explore the vineyards while ultimately searching for their identities. 
Cast: Paul Giamatti (as Miles), Thomas Haden Church (as Jack), Virginia Madsen (as Maya), Sandra Oh (as Stephanie), Marylouise Burke (as Miles' Mother), Jessica Hecht (as Victoria), Missy Doty (as Cammi), M.C. Gainey (as Cammi's Husband), Alysia Reiner (as Christine Erganian), Shake Tukhmanyan (as Mrs. Erganian (as Shaké Toukhmanian)), Shaun Duke (as Mike Erganian (as Duke Moosekian)), Robert Covarrubias (as Mike's Building Manager), Patrick Gallagher (as Gary the Bartender), Stephanie Faracy (as Stephanie's Mother), Joe Marinelli (as Frass Canyon Pourer) 
315 3/4 Signs  Minutes: 106  2002  Drama 

In Bucks County, Pennsylvania, a five-hundred-foot crop circle is found on the farm of Graham Hess (Gibson), the town's reverend. The circles cause a media frenzy and test Hess's faith as he journeys to find out the truth behind the crop circles. 
Cast: Mel Gibson (as Rev. Graham Hess), Joaquin Phoenix (as Merrill Hess), Rory Culkin (as Morgan Hess), Abigail Breslin (as Bo Hess), Cherry Jones (as Officer Paski), M. Night Shyamalan (as Ray Reddy), Patricia Kalember (as Colleen Hess), Ted Sutton (as SFC Cunningham), Merritt Wever (as Tracey Abernathy, the Pharmacist), Lanny Flaherty (as Mr. Nathan), Marion McCorry (as Mrs. Nathan), Michael Showalter (as Lionel Prichard), Kevin Pires (as Brazilian Birthday Boy), Clifford David (as Columbia University Professor), Rhonda Overby (as Sarah Hughes) 
316 2/4 Silent Movie  Minutes: 87  1976  Comedy 

Aspiring filmmakers Mel Funn, Marty Eggs and Dom Bell go to a financially troubled studio with an idea for a silent movie. In an effort to make the movie more marketable, they attempt to recruit a number of big name stars to appear, while the studio's creditors attempt to thwart them. The film contains only one word of dialogue, spoken by an unlikely source. 
Cast: Mel Brooks (as Mel Funn), Marty Feldman (as Marty Eggs), Dom DeLuise (as Dom Bell), Sid Caesar (as Studio Chief), Harold Gould (as Engulf), Ron Carey (as Devour), Bernadette Peters (as Vilma Kaplan), Carol Arthur (as Pregnant Lady), Liam Dunn (as Newsvendor), Fritz Feld (as Maitre d'), Chuck McCann (as Studio Gate Guard), Valerie Curtin (as Intensive Care Nurse), Yvonne Wilder (as Studio Chief's Secretary), Harry Ritz (as Man in Tailor Shop), Charlie Callas (as Blindman) 
317 2/4 Silverado  Minutes: 127  1985  Action 

In 1880, four men travel together to the city of Silverado. They come across with many dangers before they finally engage the "bad guys" and bring peace and equality back to the city. 
Cast: Kevin Kline (as Paden), Scott Glenn (as Emmett), Kevin Costner (as Jake), Danny Glover (as Malachi 'Mal' Johnson), Marvin J. McIntyre (as Clerk at cavalry outpost), Brad Williams (as Trooper), Sheb Wooley (as Cavalry Sergeant), Jon Kasdan (as Boy at Outpost), John Cleese (as Sheriff John T. Langston, Turley), Todd Allen (as Turley Deputy Kern), Kenny Call (as Turley Deputy Block), Bill Thurman (as Carter, Owner of Sang's Saloon, Turley), Meg Kasdan (as Barmaid at Sang's Saloon), Dick Durock (as Turley Bar Fighter), Gene Hartline (as Turley Bar Fighter) 
318 2/4 Sixteen Candles  Minutes: 93  1984  Comedy 

Samantha's life is going downhill fast. The fifteen-year-old has a crush on the most popular boy in school, and the geekiest boy in school has a crush on her. Her sister's getting married, and with all the excitement the rest of her family forgets her birthday! Add all this to a pair of horrendously embarrassing grandparents, a foreign exchange student named Long Duc Dong, and we have the makings of a hilarious journey into young womanhood. 
Cast: Molly Ringwald (as Samantha Baker), Justin Henry (as Mike Baker), Michael Schoeffling (as Jake Ryan), Haviland Morris (as Caroline Mulford), Gedde Watanabe (as Long Duk Dong), Anthony Michael Hall (as Farmer Ted, 'The Geek'), Paul Dooley (as Jim Baker), Carlin Glynn (as Brenda Baker), Blanche Baker (as Ginny Baker), Edward Andrews (as Howard Baker), Billie Bird (as Dorothy Baker), Carole Cook (as Grandma Helen), Max Showalter (as Grandpa Fred), Liane Alexandra Curtis (as Randy (as Liane Curtis)), John Cusack (as Bryce) 
319 2/4 Sky High  Minutes: 100  2005  Action 

It all begins at a secret school in the clouds like none on earth: Sky High, the first and only high school for kids with super-human powers going through crime-fighting puberty. At Sky High, the student body throw flames with their footballs, study Villainy with their Chemistry and are divided into Heroes and Sidekicks instead of jocks and geeks. It's an out-of-this-world yet completely recognizable place where cool gadgetry, rampant bravery and awe-inspiring magical skills mix it up with parental battles, peer pressure and dating trouble--with explosively fun results. This year's class features some of the best, brightest and most powerfully gifted super-teens ever assembled. And then there's Will Stronghold. When you're the son of the world's most legendary super heroes, The Commander and Jetstream, people expect you to live up to the family name The problem is that Will is starting with no superpowers of his own and, worst of all, instead of joining the ranks of the Hero class, he finds himself relegated to being a Sidekick. Now he must somehow survive his freshman year while dealing with an overbearing gym coach, a bully with super speed and a dangerous rebel with a grudge (and the ability to shoot fire from his hands)--not to mention the usual angst, parental expectations and girl problems that accompany teenage life. But when an evil villain threatens his family, friends and the very sanctity of Sky High, Will must use his newfound superpowers to save the day and prove himself a Hero worthy of the family tradition. 
Cast: Michael Angarano (as Will Stronghold), Kurt Russell (as Steve Stronghold/The Commander), Kelly Preston (as Josie Stronghold/Jetstream), Danielle Panabaker (as Layla Williams), Christopher Wynne (as News Anchor (as Chris Wynne)), Kevin Heffernan (as Ron Wilson - Bus Driver), Dee Jay Daniels (as Ethan (as Dee-Jay Daniels)), Kelly Vitz (as Magenta), Loren Berman (as Little Larry), Nicholas Braun (as Zach), Malika (as Penny), Khadijah (as Penny), Jake Sandvig (as Lash), Will Harris (as Speed), Mary Elizabeth Winstead (as Gwen Grayson) 
320 2/4 Smokin' Aces  Minutes: 109  2006  Action 

In these interlocking tales of high stakes and low lifes, Mob boss Primo Sparazza has taken out a hefty contract on Buddy "Aces" Israel - a sleazy magician who has agreed to turn state's evidence against the Vegas mob. The FBI, sensing a chance to use this small-time con to bring down big-target Sparazza, places Aces into protective custody-under the supervision of two agents dispatched to Aces' Lake Tahoe hideout. When word of the price on Aces' head spreads into the community of ex-cons and cons-to-be, it entices bounty hunters, thugs-for-hire, smokin' hot vixens and double-crossing mobsters to join in the hunt. With all eyes on Tahoe, this rogues' gallery collides in a comic race to hit the jackpot and rub out Aces.
Cast: Ryan Reynolds (as Richard Messner), Ray Liotta (as Donald Carruthers), Joseph Ruskin (as Primo Sparazza), Alex Rocco (as Serna), Wayne Newton (as Himself), Jeremy Piven (as Buddy Israel), Ben Affleck (as Jack Dupree), Peter Berg (as "Pistol" Pete Deeks), Martin Henderson (as Hollis Elmore), Common (as Sir Ivy), Christopher Michael Holley (as Beanie (as Christopher Holley)), Andy Garcia (as Stanley Locke), Mike Falkow (as Freeman Heller), Joe Drago (as FBI Aid), Jeff Habberstad (as Top Coated Gunman) 
321 3/4 Snatch.  Minutes: 104  2000  Comedy 

Turkish and his close friend/accomplice Tommy get pulled into the world of match fixing by the notorious Brick Top. Things get complicated when the boxer they had lined up gets the shit kicked out of him by Pitt, a 'pikey' ( slang for an Irish Gypsy)- who comes into the equation after Turkish, an unlicensed boxing promoter wants to buy a caravan off the Irish Gypsies. They then try to convince Pitt not only to fight for them, but to lose for them too. Whilst all this is going on, a huge diamond heist takes place, and a fistful of motley characters enter the story, including 'Cousin Avi', 'Boris The Blade', 'Franky Four Fingers' and 'Bullet Tooth Tony'. Things go from bad to worse as it all becomes about the money, the guns, and the damned dog!  
Cast: Jason Statham (as Turkish), Stephen Graham (as Tommy), Alan Ford (as Brick Top Polford), Brad Pitt (as Mickey O'Neil), Dennis Farina (as Abraham 'Cousin Avi' Denovitz), Rade Serbedzija (as Boris 'The Blade' Yurinov (as Rade Serbedgia)), Robbie Gee (as Vincent), Lennie James (as Sol), Vinnie Jones (as Bullet Tooth Tony), Benicio Del Toro (as Franky Four Fingers), Mike Reid (as Doug 'The Head' Denovitz), Jason Flemyng (as Darren), Andy Beckwith (as Errol), William Beck (as Neil), Ewen Bremner (as Mullet) 
322 3/4 Soap (Season 1)  Minutes: 30  1977  Comedy 

Soap was a parody of daytime soap operas presented in a primetime sitcom. Like soap operas, the show's story was presented in a serial fashion and included melodramatic plot elements such as amnesia, alien abduction, demonic possession, murder, and kidnapping. The cast included former soap opera actors. Robert Mandan (as Chester Tate) previously appeared on Search for Tomorrow as a leading man for Mary Stuart, and Donnelly Rhodes (as Dutch Leitner) who played the first husband of Katherine Chancellor on The Young and the Restless. Soap is set in the fictional town of Dunns River, Connecticut, and each episode begins with a shot of two women chatting over lunch as announcer Rod Roddy intones, "This is the story of two sisters: Jessica Tate and Mary Campbell".

Cast: Rod Roddy (as Announcer (84 episodes, 1977-1981)), Katherine Helmond (as Jessica Tate (81 episodes, 1977-1981)), Richard Mulligan (as Burt Campbell (81 episodes, 1977-1981)), Cathryn Damon (as Mary Campbell (79 episodes, 1977-1981)), Billy Crystal (as Jodie Dallas (72 episodes, 1977-1981)), Ted Wass (as Danny Dallas (72 episodes, 1977-1981)), Robert Mandan (as Chester Tate (71 episodes, 1977-1981)), Jennifer Salt (as Eunice Tate-Leitner / ... (63 episodes, 1977-1981)), Jimmy Baio (as Billy Tate (61 episodes, 1977-1981)), Diana Canova (as Corinne Tate-Flotsky / ... (60 episodes, 1977-1980)), Arthur Peterson (as The Major (56 episodes, 1977-1981)), Jay Johnson (as Bob Campbell / ... (54 episodes, 1977-1981)), Robert Guillaume (as Benson DuBois / ... (49 episodes, 1977-1980)), Donnelly Rhodes (as Dutch Leitner (35 episodes, 1978-1981)) 
323 3/4 Soap (Season 2)  Minutes: 30  1977  Comedy 

Soap was a parody of daytime soap operas presented in a primetime sitcom. Like soap operas, the show's story was presented in a serial fashion and included melodramatic plot elements such as amnesia, alien abduction, demonic possession, murder, and kidnapping. The cast included former soap opera actors. Robert Mandan (as Chester Tate) previously appeared on Search for Tomorrow as a leading man for Mary Stuart, and Donnelly Rhodes (as Dutch Leitner) who played the first husband of Katherine Chancellor on The Young and the Restless. Soap is set in the fictional town of Dunns River, Connecticut, and each episode begins with a shot of two women chatting over lunch as announcer Rod Roddy intones, "This is the story of two sisters: Jessica Tate and Mary Campbell".

Cast: Rod Roddy (as Announcer (84 episodes, 1977-1981)), Katherine Helmond (as Jessica Tate (81 episodes, 1977-1981)), Richard Mulligan (as Burt Campbell (81 episodes, 1977-1981)), Cathryn Damon (as Mary Campbell (79 episodes, 1977-1981)), Billy Crystal (as Jodie Dallas (72 episodes, 1977-1981)), Ted Wass (as Danny Dallas (72 episodes, 1977-1981)), Robert Mandan (as Chester Tate (71 episodes, 1977-1981)), Jennifer Salt (as Eunice Tate-Leitner / ... (63 episodes, 1977-1981)), Jimmy Baio (as Billy Tate (61 episodes, 1977-1981)), Diana Canova (as Corinne Tate-Flotsky / ... (60 episodes, 1977-1980)), Arthur Peterson (as The Major (56 episodes, 1977-1981)), Jay Johnson (as Bob Campbell / ... (54 episodes, 1977-1981)), Robert Guillaume (as Benson DuBois / ... (49 episodes, 1977-1980)), Donnelly Rhodes (as Dutch Leitner (35 episodes, 1978-1981)) 
324 2/4 Something's Gotta Give  Minutes: 128  2003  Comedy 

Harry Langer (Nicholson) is an aged music industry exec with a fondness for younger women like Marin (Peet), his latest trophy girlfriend. Things get a little awkward when Harry suffers a heart attack at the home of Marin's mother Erica (Keaton). Left in the care of Erica and his doctor (Reeves), a love triangle starts to take shape. 
Cast: Jack Nicholson (as Harry Sanborn), Diane Keaton (as Erica Jane Barry), Keanu Reeves (as Dr. Julian Mercer), Frances McDormand (as Zoe Barry), Amanda Peet (as Marin), Jon Favreau (as Leo), Paul Michael Glaser (as Dave), Rachel Ticotin (as Dr. Martinez), Paige Butcher (as Beauty), Tanya Sweet (as Beauty), Kristine Szabo (as Beauty), Daniella Van Graas (as Beauty), Tamara Spoelder (as Beauty), Sonja Francis (as Beauty), Vanessa Hayden (as Beauty) 
325 3/4 Song of the South  Minutes: 94  1946  Adventure 

Uncle Remus draws upon his tales of Brer Rabbit to help little Johnny deal his confusion over his parents' separation as well as his new life on the plantation. The tales: The Briar Patch, The Tar Baby and Brer Rabbit's Laughing place. 
Cast: Ruth Warrick (as Sally), Bobby Driscoll (as Johnny), James Baskett (as Uncle Remus/Br'er Fox (voice)), Luana Patten (as Ginny), Lucile Watson (as Grandmother), Hattie McDaniel (as Aunt Tempy), Erik Rolf (as John (as Eric Rolf)), Glenn Leedy (as Toby), Mary Field (as Mrs. Favers), Anita Brown (as Maid), Georgie Nokes (as Jake Favers (as George Nokes)), Gene Holland (as Joe Favers), Nick Stewart (as Br'er Bear (voice) (as Nicodemus Stewart)), Johnny Lee (as Br'er Rabbit (voice)) 
326 2/4 Southland Tales  Minutes: 145  2006  Comedy 

California is at the epicenter of a political and environmental disaster that threatens to destroy the world in this ambitious fusion of comedy, drama, dystopia science fiction, and music. In the year 2005, a nuclear attack wipes out part of the state of Texas, and three years later America is a virtual police state, with the government taking control of nearly every part of people's lives, supposedly for their own good. A German firm has found a way to generate energy using seawater, but both public and private concerns are desperate to prevent the new technology from being introduced in the gasoline-starved United States. A Marxist underground based on the West Coast is determined to bring down the federal government through violent revolution. In this midst of this chaos, we follow a number of stories that continually return to three principle characters. Boxer Santaros is an actor famous for his role in action films; he's trying to secure financing for a new project, but reality keeps mirroring the events in his script and he struggles to hold on to his identity following a bout with amnesia. Krysta Now is a porn star who is reinventing herself as a television pundit offering her views on politics, contemporary culture, and teenage sex. And Roland Taverner is an L.A. police officer whose identity has mysteriously split in two and he struggles to track down his other half. 
Cast: Carlos Amezcua (as Himself), Curtis Armstrong (as Dr. Soberin Exx), Robert Benz (as Bergie Taverner), Todd Berger (as Bing Zinneman), Joe Campana (as Brandt Huntington), Chris Andrew Ciulla (as UPU 4 Officer (as Chris Ciulla)), Rebekah Del Rio (as Herself), Aaron Dillar (as Jimmy Hermosa), Nora Dunn (as Cyndi Pinziki), Shari Dunn (as Reporter), Michele Durrett (as Starla Von Luft), Jon Falcone (as Soldier Falcon), Leila Feinstein (as Herself), Jaret Gardiner (as Shane Laverne), Janeane Garofalo (as General Teena MacArthur) 
327 2/4 Space Cowboys  Minutes: 130  2000  Adventure 

In 1958, four hot shot test pilots seem certain to be the first men to go into outer space. However, the back-stabbing leader of their organization disbands them to prevent their involvement in the then forming NASA and labels them as non-team players. Flash forward to the present, the foursome are now living a docile life. The electrical engineer (Clint Eastwood has a pleasant retired life in a desert home with his wife (Barbara Babcock). The pilot (Tommy Lee Jones), who had a penchant for pushing the test planes to their limits, is now a daredevil crop-duster. The navigator (James Garner) is a Baptist minister. The designer (Donald Sutherland) is a womanizing roller coaster designer. Their former boss (James Cromwell) is now a mission leader in Nasa and still as despicable as in his younger days. It is here that the main story begins. It seems that an old Russian "communications" satellite is about to crash back into the Earth's atmosphere and somehow American technology designed by Eastwood's character has ended up as the guiding system. Of course, because of the old technology, only the original team can save the day. As Cromwell's character makes many learing statements about the satellite to the Russian general who is working with the Americans to save the day, you know there is something much more nefarious about the satellite. After some struggles to get the four to pass their physicals in less than 30 days, the four with two young counterparts (Loren Dean, Courtney B. Vance) are launched on the space shuttle to fix the satellite. Dean's character has somehow been coerced to be in on the subterfuge involving Cromwell and in an unexplained action, he tries to make connections on the satellite that causes the whole mission to become a disaster and creates the greatest action sequences in the film... 
Cast: Clint Eastwood (as Frank Corvin), Tommy Lee Jones (as Hawk Hawkins), Donald Sutherland (as Jerry O'Neill), James Garner (as Tank Sullivan), James Cromwell (as Bob Gerson), Marcia Gay Harden (as Sara Holland), William Devane (as Eugene Davis), Loren Dean (as Ethan Glance), Courtney B. Vance (as Roger Hines), Barbara Babcock (as Barbara Corvin), Rade Serbedzija (as General Vostov), Blair Brown (as Dr. Anne Caruthers), Jay Leno (as Himself), Nils Allen Stewart (as Tiny), Deborah Jolly (as Cocktail Waitress) 
328 1/4 Spawn  Minutes: 96  1997  Thriller 

An assassin named Al Simmons is double-crossed and murdered by his evil boss Jason Wynn. Al makes a deal with the devil and returns to earth as Spawn to see his wife. He is ordered by the devil's minion, The Clown, to kill Wynn. Wynn has made a deal with the clown too and is suppose to destroy the world with a deadly virus that will help start Armageddon and allow Hell to attack Heaven. Spawn must choose between Good & Evil. 
Cast: Michael Jai White (as Al Simmons/Spawn), John Leguizamo (as Clown/Violator), Martin Sheen (as Jason Wynn), Theresa Randle (as Wanda Blake), Nicol Williamson (as Cogliostro), D.B. Sweeney (as Terry Fitzgerald), Melinda Clarke (as Jessica Priest), Miko Hughes (as Zack), Sydni Beaudoin (as Cyan), Michael Papajohn (as Glen, Zack's Dad), Frank Welker (as The Devil Malebolgia (voice)), Robia LaMorte (as XNN Reporter (as Robia La Morte)), John Cothran Jr. (as African Liaison), Caroline Gibson (as News Anchor), Tony Haney (as African Liaison) 
329 2/4 Speed Racer  Minutes: 135  2008  Action 

Hurtling down the track, careening around, over and through the competition, Speed Racer is a natural behind the wheel. Born to race cars, Speed is aggressive, instinctive and, most of all, fearless. His only real competition is the memory of the brother he idolized-the legendary Rex Racer - whose death in a race has left behind a legacy that Speed is driven to fulfill. Speed is loyal to the family racing business, led by his father, Pops Racer, the designer of Speed's thundering Mach 5. When Speed turns down a lucrative and tempting offer from Royalton Industries, he not only infuriates the company's maniacal owner but uncovers a terrible secret-some of the biggest races are being fixed by a handful of ruthless moguls who manipulate the top drivers to boost profits. If Speed won't drive for Royalton, Royalton will see to it that the Mach 5 never crosses another finish line. The only way for Speed to save his family's business and the sport he loves is to beat Royalton at his own game. With the support of his family and his loyal girlfriend, Trixie, Speed teams with his one-time rival-the mysterious Racer X - to win the race that had taken his brother's life: the death-defying, cross-country rally known as The Crucible. 
Cast: Emile Hirsch (as Speed Racer), Nicholas Elia (as Young Speed), Christina Ricci (as Trixie), John Goodman (as Pops Racer), Melissa Holroyd (as Speed's Teacher), Susan Sarandon (as Mom Racer), Matthew Fox (as Racer X), Ariel Winter (as Young Trixie), Scott Porter (as Rex Racer), Benno Fürmann (as Inspector Detector), Gian Ganziano (as Everyman Announcer), Peter Fernandez (as Local Announcer), Harvey Friedman (as Harold Ledermann Announcer), Richard Roundtree (as Ben Burns), Sadao Ueda (as Japanese Announcer) 
330 3/4 Spider-Man  Minutes: 121  2002  Action 

Based on Marvel Comics' superhero character, this is a story of Peter Parker who is a nerdy high-schooler. He was orphaned as a child, bullied by jocks, and can't confess his crush for his stunning neighbourhood girl Mary Jane Watson. To say his life is "miserable" is an understatement. But one day while on an excursion to a laboratory a runaway radioactive spider bites him... and his life changes in a way no one could have imagined. Peter acquires a muscle-bound physique, clear vision, ability to cling to surfaces and crawl over walls, shooting webs from his wrist ... but the fun isn't going to last. An eccentric millionaire Norman Osborn (William Dafoe) administers a performance enhancing drug on himself and his maniacal alter ego Green Goblin emerges. Now Peter Parker has to become Spider-Man and take Green Goblin to the task... or else Goblin will kill him. They come face to face and the war begins in which only one of them will survive at the end. 
Cast: Tobey Maguire (as Spider-Man/Peter Parker), Willem Dafoe (as Green Goblin/Norman Osborn), Kirsten Dunst (as Mary Jane Watson), James Franco (as Harry Osborn), Cliff Robertson (as Ben Parker), Rosemary Harris (as May Parker), J.K. Simmons (as J. Jonah Jameson), Joe Manganiello (as Flash Thompson), Gerry Becker (as Maximilian Fargas), Bill Nunn (as Joseph 'Robbie' Robertson), Jack Betts (as Henry Balkan), Stanley Anderson (as General Slocum), Ron Perkins (as Dr. Mendell Stromm), Michael Papajohn (as Carjacker), K.K. Dodds (as Simkins) 
331 3/4 Spider-Man 2  Minutes: 127  2004  Action 

Peter Parker's having a rough time. His double life as the superhero Spider-Man is having a devastating impact on his civilian life. Things are so bad he declares that he's quitting, and never putting on the suit again. However, his sense of duty forces him to become a hero again when the brilliant scientist Dr. Otto Octavius is deformed in an accident and becomes Dr. Octopus. With four metal tentacles sticking out of his back, he'll prove to be a more than worthy opponent for Spider-Man. 
Cast: Tobey Maguire (as Spider-Man/Peter Parker), Kirsten Dunst (as Mary Jane Watson), James Franco (as Harry Osborn), Alfred Molina (as Doc Ock/Dr. Otto Octavius), Rosemary Harris (as May Parker), J.K. Simmons (as J. Jonah Jameson), Donna Murphy (as Rosalie Octavius), Daniel Gillies (as John Jameson), Dylan Baker (as Dr. Curt Connors), Bill Nunn (as Joseph 'Robbie' Robertson), Vanessa Ferlito (as Louise), Aasif Mandvi (as Mr. Aziz), Willem Dafoe (as Green Goblin/Norman Osborn), Cliff Robertson (as Ben Parker), Ted Raimi (as Hoffman) 
332 2/4 Spider-Man 3  Minutes: 139  2007  Action 

Peter Parker has finally managed to piece together the once-broken parts of his life, maintaining a balance between his relationship with Mary-Jane and his responsibility as Spider-Man. But more challenges arise for our young hero. Peter's old friend Harry Obsourne has set out for revenge against Peter; taking up the mantle of his late father's persona as The New Goblin, and Peter must also capture Uncle Ben's real killer, Flint Marko, who has been transformed into his toughest foe yet, the Sandman. All hope seems lost when suddenly Peter's suit turns jet-black and greatly amplifies his powers. But it also begins to greatly amplify the much darker qualities of Peter's personality that he begins to lose himself to. Peter has to reach deep inside himself to free the compassionate hero he used to be if he is to ever conquer the darkness within and face not only his greatest enemies, but also...himself. 
Cast: Tobey Maguire (as Spider-Man / Peter Parker), Kirsten Dunst (as Mary Jane Watson), James Franco (as New Goblin / Harry Osborn), Thomas Haden Church (as Sandman / Flint Marko), Topher Grace (as Venom / Eddie Brock), Bryce Dallas Howard (as Gwen Stacy), Rosemary Harris (as May Parker), J.K. Simmons (as J. Jonah Jameson), James Cromwell (as Captain Stacy), Theresa Russell (as Emma Marko), Dylan Baker (as Dr. Curt Connors), Bill Nunn (as Joseph 'Robbie' Robertson), Bruce Campbell (as Maître d’), Elizabeth Banks (as Miss Brant), Ted Raimi (as Hoffman) 
333 3/4 Star Trek  Minutes: 127  2009  Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi 

On the day of James Kirk's birth, his father dies on his ship in a last stand against a mysterious alien vessel. He was looking for Ambassador Spock, who is a child on Vulcan at that time, disdained by his neighbors for his half-human nature. Twenty years later, Kirk has grown into a young troublemaker inspired by Capt. Christopher Pike to fulfill his potential in Starfleet even as he annoys his instructors like young Lt. Spock. Suddenly, there is an emergency at Vulcan and the newly commissioned USS Enterprise is crewed with promising cadets like Nyota Uhura, Hikaru Sulu, Pavel Chekov and even Kirk himself thanks to Leonard McCoy's medical trickery. Together, this crew will have an adventure in the final frontier where the old legend is altered forever even as the new version of it is just beginning.  
Cast: Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Leonard Nimoy, Eric Bana, Bruce Greenwood, Karl Urban, Zoe Saldana, Simon Pegg, John Cho, Anton Yelchin, Ben Cross, Winona Ryder, Chris Hemsworth, Jennifer Morrison, Rachel Nichols 
334 2/4 Star Trek: The Motion Picture  Minutes: 132  1979  Sci-Fi 

The dazzling, refurbished U.S.S. Enterprise soars proudly once again in this ultimnate space adventure. When an unidentified alien destroys three powerful Klingon cruisers, Captain James T. Kirk (William Shatner) returns to the newly-transformed U.S.S. Enterprise to take command. Shatner is joined on this heroic mission by Leonard Nimoy, DeForest Kelley, and the cast from the acclaimed "Star Trek" television series. The entire crew mobilizes at warp speed to stop the alien intruder from its relentless flight toward Earth. 
Cast: William Shatner (as Captain James T. Kirk), Leonard Nimoy (as Mr. Spock), DeForest Kelley (as Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy), James Doohan (as Cmdr. Montgomery "Scotty" Scott), George Takei (as Lt. Cmdr. Hikaru Sulu), Majel Barrett (as Dr. Christine Chapel), Walter Koenig (as Lt. Pavel Chekov), Nichelle Nichols (as Lt. Cmdr. Uhura), Persis Khambatta (as Lieutenant Ilia), Stephen Collins (as Capt./Cmdr. Willard Decker), Grace Lee Whitney (as CPO Janice Rand), Mark Lenard (as Klingon captain), Billy Van Zandt (as Alien boy), Roger Aaron Brown (as Epsilon technician), Gary Faga (as Airlock technician) 
335 3/4 Star Wars  Minutes: 121  1977  Action 

Part IV in a George Lucas epic, Star Wars: A New Hope opens with a rebel ship being boarded by the tyrannical Darth Vader. The plot then follows the life of a simple farmboy, Luke Skywalker, as he and his newly met allies (Han Solo, Chewbacca, Ben Kenobi, C-3PO, R2-D2) attempt to rescue a rebel leader, Princess Leia, from the clutches of the Empire. The conclusion is culminated as the Rebels, including Skywalker and flying ace Wedge Antilles make an attack on the Empires most powerful and ominous weapon, the Death Star. 
Cast: Mark Hamill (as Luke Skywalker), Harrison Ford (as Han Solo), Carrie Fisher (as Princess Leia Organa), Peter Cushing (as Grand Moff Tarkin), Alec Guinness (as Ben Obi-Wan Kenobi), Anthony Daniels (as C-3PO), Kenny Baker (as R2-D2), Peter Mayhew (as Chewbacca), David Prowse (as Darth Vader), James Earl Jones (as Darth Vader (voice)), Phil Brown (as Uncle Owen), Shelagh Fraser (as Aunt Beru), Jack Purvis (as Chief Jawa), Alex McCrindle (as General Dodonna), Eddie Byrne (as General Willard) 
336 2/4 Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace  Minutes: 133  1999  Action 

This First Episode follows the young years of Anakin Skywalker (Darth Vader). The friendship of Obi-wan Kenobi, Yoda and Qui-Gon Jinn are also central aspects. And the beginning of the rise to power of Senator Palpatine to Emperor. 
Cast: Liam Neeson (as Qui-Gon Jinn), Ewan McGregor (as Obi-Wan Kenobi), Natalie Portman (as Queen Padmé Naberrie Amidala), Jake Lloyd (as Anakin Skywalker), Pernilla August (as Shmi Skywalker), Frank Oz (as Yoda (voice)), Ian McDiarmid (as Senator Palpatine), Oliver Ford Davies (as Gov. Sio Bibble), Ray Park (as Darth Maul), Hugh Quarshie (as Capt. Panaka), Ahmed Best (as Jar Jar Binks (voice)), Anthony Daniels (as C-3PO), Kenny Baker (as R2-D2), Terence Stamp (as Supreme Chancellor Valorum), Brian Blessed (as Boss Nass (voice)) 
337 2/4 Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones  Minutes: 142  2002  Action 

Ten years after the 'Phantom Menace' threatened the planet Naboo, Padmé Amidala is now a Senator representing her homeworld. A faction of political separatists, led by Count Dooku, attempts to assassinate her. There aren't enough Jedi to defend the Republic against the threat, so Chancellor Palpatine enlists the aid of Jango Fett, who promises that his army of clones will handle the situation. Meanwhile, Obi-Wan Kenobi continues to train the young Jedi Anakin Skywalker, who fears that the Jedi code will forbid his growing romance with Amidala... 
Cast: Ewan McGregor (as Obi-Wan Kenobi), Natalie Portman (as Senator Padmé Amidala), Hayden Christensen (as Anakin Skywalker), Christopher Lee (as Count Dooku/Darth Tyranus), Samuel L. Jackson (as Mace Windu), Frank Oz (as Yoda (voice)), Ian McDiarmid (as Supreme Chancellor Palpatine/Darth Sidious), Pernilla August (as Shmi Skywalker-Lars), Temuera Morrison (as Jango Fett), Daniel Logan (as Boba Fett), Jimmy Smits (as Senator Bail Organa), Jack Thompson (as Cliegg Lars), Leeanna Walsman (as Zam Wesell), Ahmed Best (as Jar Jar Binks (voice)), Rose Byrne (as Dormé) 
338 3/4 Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith  Minutes: 140  2005  Action 

A maturing Anakin Skywalker goes to the dark side of The Force and becomes Sith Lord Darth Vader. We experience the transformation in a dark, scary yet thrilling climax. The story here logically sets up the events of Episode IV, the original 1977 Star Wars movie in which Darth Vader goes to war against his own children, Luke and Leia. 
Cast: Ewan McGregor (as Obi-Wan Kenobi), Natalie Portman (as Padmé), Hayden Christensen (as Anakin Skywalker), Ian McDiarmid (as Supreme Chancellor Palpatine), Samuel L. Jackson (as Mace Windu), Jimmy Smits (as Senator Bail Organa), Frank Oz (as Yoda (voice)), Anthony Daniels (as C-3PO), Christopher Lee (as Count Dooku), Keisha Castle-Hughes (as Queen of Naboo), Silas Carson (as Ki-Adi-Mundi & Nute Gunray), Jay Laga'aia (as Captain Typho), Bruce Spence (as Tion Medon), Wayne Pygram (as Governor Tarkin), Temuera Morrison (as Commander Cody) 
339 3/4 Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back  Minutes: 124  1980  Action 

Darth Vader is helping the Empire crush the rebellion determined to end the Empire's domination of the universe. The rebels are based on Hoth, and when troops arrive to wipe them out, Han Solo and Princess Leia flee to Cloud City. Luke Skywalker, in a bid to strengthen his knowledge of the force, finds Yoda, one of the finest Jedis ever. Will they be able to get back together and halt the Empires progress ? 
Cast: Mark Hamill (as Luke Skywalker/Echo Base Announcer), Harrison Ford (as Han Solo), Carrie Fisher (as Princess Leia Organa), Billy Dee Williams (as Lando Calrissian), Anthony Daniels (as C-3PO), David Prowse (as Darth Vader), Peter Mayhew (as Chewbacca), Kenny Baker (as R2-D2), Frank Oz (as Yoda (voice)), Alec Guinness (as Obi-Wan Kenobi), Jeremy Bulloch (as Boba Fett/Imperial Officer at Cloud City), John Hollis (as Lando's aide (Lobot)), Jack Purvis (as Chief Ugnaught), Des Webb (as Wampa (snow creature)), Clive Revill (as The Emperor (voice)) 
340 3/4 Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi  Minutes: 134  1983  Action 

Darth Vader and the Empire are building a new, indestructible Death Star. Meanwhile, Han Solo has been imprisoned, and Luke Skywalker has sent R2D2 and C3PO to try and free him. Princess Leia - disguised as a bounty hunter - and Chewbacca go along as well. The final battle takes place on the moon of Endor, with its natural inhabitants, the Ewoks, lending a hand to the rebels. Will Darth Vader and the dark side overcome the rebels and take over the universe ? 
Cast: Mark Hamill (as Luke Skywalker), Harrison Ford (as Han Solo), Carrie Fisher (as Princess Leia Organa), Billy Dee Williams (as Lando Calrissian), Anthony Daniels (as C-3PO), Peter Mayhew (as Chewbacca), Sebastian Shaw (as Anakin Skywalker), Ian McDiarmid (as The Emperor), Frank Oz (as Yoda (voice)), James Earl Jones (as Darth Vader (voice)), David Prowse (as Darth Vader), Alec Guinness (as Obi-Wan Kenobi), Kenny Baker (as R2-D2/Paploo), Michael Pennington (as Moff Jerjerrod), Kenneth Colley (as Admiral Piett) 
341 2/4 Starship Troopers  Minutes: 129  1997  Action 

Set on the future earth, Johnny rico is a young student dating a girl named Carmen. When Carmen decides to join the military in order to become a class citizen (citizenship is only achieved through serving your country), Johnny follows and joins as well. He soon realizes that he joined for the wrong reasons but just as he is about to quit, an asteroid that originated from the orbit of planet "klendathu" hits Buenos Aires (his home town) and kills his family. Johnny and his fellow troopers set out to destroy the planet's inhabitants: a type of deadly and very large scaled space bugs. Through a seemingly ordinary action flick, director paul verhoeven creates a subtle anti-war theme, that shows us a fascist and military world far more frightening than WW2's Germany, Italy or Russia, the kind of world that is actually functioning. 
Cast: Casper Van Dien (as Johnny Rico), Dina Meyer (as Dizzy Flores), Denise Richards (as Carmen Ibanez), Jake Busey (as Private Ace Levy), Neil Patrick Harris (as Colonel Carl Jenkins), Clancy Brown (as Career Sergeant Zim), Seth Gilliam (as Private Sugar Watkins), Patrick Muldoon (as Zander Barcalow), Michael Ironside (as Lieutenant Jean Rasczak), Rue McClanahan (as Biology Teacher), Marshall Bell (as General Owen), Eric Bruskotter (as Sergeant Breckinridge), Matt Levin (as Kitten Smith), Blake Lindsley (as Katrina McIntire), Anthony Ruivivar (as Shujumi (as Anthony Michael Ruivivar)) 
342 2/4 Starsky & Hutch  Minutes: 101  2004  Action 

Set in the 1970s in a metropolis called "Bay City," this is the tale of two police detective partners, Ken "Hutch" Hutchinson (Wilson), and Dave Starsky (Stiller), who always seem to get the toughest cases from their boss, Captain Dobey, rely on omniscient street informer Huggy Bear (Dogg) and race to the scene of the crimes in their souped-up 1974 Ford Torino hot rod, telling the story of their first big case (as a prequel to the TV show), which involved a former college campus drug dealer (Vaughn) who went on to become a white collar criminal (Electra plays Hutch's girlfriend). 
Cast: Ben Stiller (as David Starsky), Owen Wilson (as Ken Hutchinson), Snoop Dogg (as Huggy Bear), Fred Williamson (as Captain Doby), Vince Vaughn (as Reese Feldman), Juliette Lewis (as Kitty), Jason Bateman (as Kevin), Amy Smart (as Holly), Carmen Electra (as Staci), George Cheung (as Chau (as George Kee Cheung)), Chris Penn (as Manetti), Brande Roderick (as Heather), Molly Sims (as Mrs. Feldman), Matt Walsh (as Eddie), G.T. Holme (as Bartender) 
343 3/4 State of Play  Minutes: 127  2009  Drama, Mystery, Thriller 

When an aide to prominent US Congressman Stephen Collins dies in what initially appears to be an accident, two journalists from the Washington Globe newspaper investigate when they obtain information that it may not have been an accident. The dead woman was the Congressman's chief researcher in hearings concerning a private sector security firm supplementing the use of US Armed Forces around the world. She was also Collins' lover. The two journalists have contrasting styles: Cal McCaffrey is a traditional print journalist who uses his contacts in the police department to get his information while Della Frye uses new media such as blogging to get her information out to the public quickly. As they delve into the role the private company might play in domestic security, McCaffrey also realizes they have all been duped into making one serious, but false, assumption.
Cast: Russell Crowe, Ben Affleck, Rachel McAdams, Helen Mirren, Robin Wright, Jason Bateman, Jeff Daniels, Michael Berresse, Harry Lennix, Josh Mostel, Michael Weston, Barry Shabaka Henley, Viola Davis, David Harbour, Sarah Lord 
344 2/4 Step Brothers  Minutes: 98  2008  Comedy 

Brennan Huff and Dale Doback are both about 40 when Brennan's mom and Dale's dad marry. The sons still live with the parents so they must now share a room. Initial antipathy threatens the household's peace and the parents' relationship. Dad lays down the law: both slackers have a week to find a job. Out of the job search and their love of music comes a pact that leads to friendship but more domestic disarray compounded by the boys' sleepwalking. Hovering nearby are Brennan's successful brother and his lonely wife: the brother wants to help sell his step-father's house, the wife wants Dale's attention, and the newlyweds want to retire and sail the seven seas. Can harmony come from the discord?  
Cast: Will Ferrell (as Brennan Huff), John C. Reilly (as Dale Doback), Mary Steenburgen (as Nancy Huff), Richard Jenkins (as Dr. Robert Doback), Jason Davis (as TJ), Wayne Federman (as Blind Man), Kyle Felts (as Wine Mixer Heckler), Travis T. Flory (as Redheaded Kid (as Travis Flory)), Kathryn Hahn (as Alice Huff), Chris Henchy (as First Homebuyer Husband), Bryce Hurless (as 9-Year-Old Brennan), Brian Huskey (as Interviewer), Ken Jeong (as Employment Agent), Paula Killen (as Rental Agent), Breaunna Lake (as Student), Phil LaMarr (as Second Homebuyer Husband), Logan Manus (as Chris Gardoski), Lili Rose McKay (as 7-Year-Old Girl (as Lili McKay)), Seth Morris (as Doctor), Erica Vittina Phillips (as Second Homebuyer Wife), Shira Piven (as Nurse), Lurie Poston (as Tommy Huff), Maria Quiban (as TV Anchor), Rob Riggle (as Randy), Ian Roberts (as Male Therapist), Seth Rogen (as Sporting Goods Manager), Horatio Sanz (as Lead Singer), Andrea Savage (as Denise), Dmitri Schuyler-Linch (as 6-Year-Old Derek), Adam Scott (as Derek Huff), Laimarie Serrano (as TJ's wife), Steve Silverie (as Donnie Huff), Jake Szymanski (as Caterer), Gillian Vigman (as HR Woman), Matt Walsh (as Drunk Corporate Guy), Brent White (as Therapy Patient), Elizabeth Yozamp (as Tiffany Huff) 
345 3/4 Superman  Minutes: 143  1978  Action 

The infant Kal-El, of the planet Krypton, makes his journey to Earth in a ship constructed by his father, Jor-El, just as the planet explodes. Crashing down in the midwest United States, the boy is adopted by farmers Jonathan and Martha Kent. After Jonathan's death several years later, Kal-El - now known as Clark Kent - learns of his true identity from the ghost of Jor-El. He has great powers - he can fly, outrun a train, and lift up a 1-ton truck. But it isn't until he gains a job at Metropolis' Daily Planet newspaper that things begin to come together. One night, after leaving work, he sees a helicopter crash on the building's roof. From this night on, he will be known by a new name...SUPERMAN! His mission: "To fight for truth, justice and the American Way". Lex Luthor, however, has other ideas - to sabotage a pair of nuclear missiles and use them to create an earthquake that will wipe out the California coastline. Superman must race against time and stop a sinister plan by Luthor to eliminate him before millions of innocent people are killed. 
Cast: Marlon Brando (as Jor-El), Gene Hackman (as Lex Luthor), Christopher Reeve (as Superman/Clark Kent), Ned Beatty (as Otis), Jackie Cooper (as Perry White), Glenn Ford (as Jonathan Kent), Trevor Howard (as 1st Elder), Margot Kidder (as Lois Lane), Jack O'Halloran (as Non), Valerie Perrine (as Eve Teschmacher), Maria Schell (as Vond-Ah), Terence Stamp (as General Zod), Phyllis Thaxter (as Martha Kent), Susannah York (as Lara), Jeff East (as Young Clark Kent) 
346 3/4 Superman Returns  Minutes: 154  2006  Action 

After eliminating General Zod & the other Kryptonian arch-villains, Ursa & Non, Superman leaves Earth to try to find his former home world of Krypton after astronomers have supposedly found it. When he finds nothing but remnants, he returns home to Earth - to find out that Lois Lane is engaged to a relative of his boss, and that Lex Luthor is at it again - after swindling an elderly, terminally ill woman. The psychopathic Luthor, whose plans to destroy California failed because of Superman's heroics, vows vengeance against the Man of Steel and contrives a new sinister plot - using the crystals of Krypton to build a continent that will wipe out most of North America! Embedded in the continent's structure is Kryptonite - the lethal substance that is Superman's only weakness. Upon learning of Luthro's sinister scheme, Superman must again race against time to stop the psychopathic Luthor before millions - possibly billions - are killed. 
Cast: Brandon Routh (as Clark Kent/Superman), Kate Bosworth (as Lois Lane), Kevin Spacey (as Lex Luthor), James Marsden (as Richard White), Parker Posey (as Kitty Kowalski), Frank Langella (as Perry White), Sam Huntington (as Jimmy Olsen), Eva Marie Saint (as Martha Kent), Marlon Brando (as Jor-El (archive footage)), Kal Penn (as Stanford), David Fabrizio (as Brutus), Tristan Lake Leabu (as Jason White), Ian Roberts (as Riley), Vincent Stone (as Grant), Jack Larson (as Bo the Bartender) 
347 2/4 Sweet Home Alabama  Minutes: 108  2002  Comedy 

New York fashion designer Melanie Carmichael suddenly finds herself engaged to the city's most eligible bachelor. But Melanie's past holds many secrets, including Jake, the redneck husband she married in high school, who refuses to divorce her. Bound and determined to end their contentious relationship once and for all, Melanie sneaks back home to Alabama to confront her past, only to discover that you can take the girl out of the South, but you can never take the South out of the girl. 
Cast: Reese Witherspoon (as Melanie Smooter), Josh Lucas (as Jake Perry), Patrick Dempsey (as Andrew Hennings), Candice Bergen (as Mayor Kate Hennings), Mary Kay Place (as Pearl Smooter), Fred Ward (as Earl Smooter), Jean Smart (as Stella Kay Perry), Ethan Embry (as Bobby Ray), Melanie Lynskey (as Lurlynn), Courtney Gains (as Sheriff Wade), Mary Lynn Rajskub (as Dorothea), Rhona Mitra (as Tabatha Wadmore-Smith), Nathan Lee Graham (as Frederick Montana), Sean Bridgers (as Eldon), Fleet Cooper (as Clinton) 
348 2/4 Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby  Minutes: 108  2006  Action 

NASCAR stock car racing sensation Ricky Bobby (Will Ferrell) is a national hero because of his "win at all costs" approach. He and his loyal racing partner, childhood friend Cal Naughton Jr. (John C. Reilly), are a fearless duo -- "Shake" and "Bake" by their fans for their ability to finish so many races in the #1 and #2 positions, with Cal always in second place. When flamboyant French Formula One driver Jean Girard (Sacha Baron Cohen) challenges "Shake" and "Bake" for the supremacy of NASCAR, Ricky Bobby must face his own demons and fight Girard for the right to be known as racing's top driver. 
Cast: Gary Cole (as Reese Bobby), Jane Lynch (as Lucy Bobby), Jason Davis (as Waffle House Manager), Jake Johnson (as 5-year-old Ricky), Lorrie Bess Crumley (as Schoolteacher), Luke Bigham (as 10-Year-Old Ricky), Austin Crim (as 10-Year-Old Cal (as Austin Crimm)), Michael Clarke Duncan (as Lucius Washington), Will Ferrell (as Ricky Bobby), John C. Reilly (as Cal Naughton, Jr.), Adam McKay (as Terry Cheveaux), David Koechner (as Herschell), Ian Roberts (as Kyle), Jack McBrayer (as Glenn), John D. King (as ESPN Reporter) 
349 2/4 Tango & Cash  Minutes: 98  1989  Action 

Ray Tango is a Los Angeles narcotics cop who dresses in fancy suits, wears wire-rim glasses, and talks to his stockbroker more than he talks to his mother. Gabriel Cash is a Los Angeles narcotics cop who has long, disheveled hair, and dresses in worn-out sweatshirts. Even though they are rivals, Tango and Cash are the two best narcs in LA, which infuriates drug kingpin Yves Perret. Perret wants Tango and Cash out of the way, so Perret frames them for the murder of an undercover FBI agent. Perret's plan is to have Tango and Cash killed in prison in order to avoid risking all-out war with the LAPD. But Tango and Cash accept a plea bargain that will give them 18 months in a minimum-security prison, then Perret arranges for their destination to be diverted to a maximum-security prison where Perret's minions proceed to torture Tango and Cash. Tango and Cash are forced to work together in a spectacular escape from the prison. After the escape, Tango and Cash set out to prove their innocence, and Cash has a romance with Tango's sister Catherine "kiki" Tango. 
Cast: Sylvester Stallone (as Raymond 'Ray' Tango), Kurt Russell (as Gabriel 'Gabe' Cash), Teri Hatcher (as Katherine 'Kiki' Tango), Jack Palance (as Yves Perret), Brion James (as Courier/Requin), James Hong (as Quan), Marc Alaimo (as Lopez), Philip Tan (as Gunman/Chinese Guy), Michael J. Pollard (as Owen), Robert Z'Dar (as Face (AKA 'Conan')), Lewis Arquette (as Wyler), Edward Bunker (as Capt. Holmes), Leslie Morris (as Hendricks), Roy Brocksmith (as Fed. Agent Davis), Susan Krebs (as Prosecutor) 
350 3/4 Tarzan and His Mate  Minutes: 104  1934  Action 

In the first sequel to Tarzan, the Ape Man, Harry Holt returns to Africa to head up a large ivory expedition. This time he brings his womanizing friend Marlin Arlington. Holt also harbors ideas about convincing Jane to return to London. When Holt and Arlington show Jane some of the modern clothes and perfumes they brought from civilization, she is impressed but not enough to return. Tarzan wrestles every wild animal imaginable to protect Jane but when he disallows the expedition from plundering ivory from the elephant burial grounds, it is he who takes a bullet from Arlington's gun. Jane eventually believes that Tarzan is dead but he is nursed back to health by the apes. As Jane and the returning expedition are attacked by violent natives, we wonder if Tarzan can rescue them yet again.
Cast: Johnny Weissmuller (as Tarzan), Maureen O'Sullivan (as Jane Parker), Neil Hamilton (as Harry Holt), Paul Cavanagh (as Martin Arlington), Forrester Harvey (as Beamish), Nathan Curry (as Saidi), Doris Lloyd (as Mrs. Cutten (scenes deleted)) 
351 3/4 Tarzan Escapes  Minutes: 89  1936  Action 

An expedition seeking to bring Jane back to civilization, and Tarzan into captivity, gets more than it's bargained for. White hunter Captain Fry tries to take Tarzan back to civilization, caged for public display. He arrives in the jungle with Jane's cousins, Eric and Rita who want Jane's help in claiming a fortune left her.
Cast: Johnny Weissmuller (as Tarzan), Maureen O'Sullivan (as Jane), John Buckler (as Captain Fry), Benita Hume (as Rita), William Henry (as Eric), Herbert Mundin (as Rawlins), E.E. Clive (as Masters), Darby Jones (as Bomba), Cheeta (as Herself - a Chimpanzee) 
352 3/4 Tarzan Finds a Son!  Minutes: 82  1939  Action 

Tarzan's jungle home, and his family, Jane and Boy, are threatened by men greedy for gold. A young couple die in a plane crash in the jungle. Their son is found by Tarzan and Jane who name him Boy and raise him as their own. Five years later a search party comes to find the young heir to millions of dollars. Jane agrees, against Tarzan's will, to lead them to civilization.
Cast: Johnny Weissmuller (as Tarzan), Maureen O'Sullivan (as Jane), Johnny Sheffield (as Boy (as John Sheffield)), Ian Hunter (as Mr. Austin Lancing), Henry Stephenson (as Sir Thomas Lancing), Frieda Inescort (as Mrs. Lancing), Henry Wilcoxon (as Mr. 'Sandee' Sande), Laraine Day (as Mrs. Richard Lancing), Morton Lowry (as Mr. Richard Lancing) 
353 3/4 Tarzan the Ape Man  Minutes: 99  1932  Action 

James Parker and Harry Holt are on an expedition in Africa in search of the elephant burial grounds that will provide enough ivory to make them rich. Parker's beautiful young daughter Jane arrives unexpectedly to join them. Harry is obviously attracted to Jane and he does his best to help protect her from all the dangers that they experience in the jungle. Jane is terrified when Tarzan and his ape friends first abduct her, but when she returns to her father's expedition she has second thoughts about leaving Tarzan. After the expedition is captured by a tribe of violent dwarfs, Jane sends Cheetah to bring Tarzan to rescue them...  
Cast: Johnny Weissmuller (as Tarzan), Neil Hamilton (as Harry Holt), Maureen O'Sullivan (as Jane Parker), C. Aubrey Smith (as James Parker), Doris Lloyd (as Mrs. Cutten), Forrester Harvey (as Beamish), Ivory Williams (as Riano) 
354 3/4 Tarzan's New York Adventure  Minutes: 71  1942  Action 

Circus owner Buck Rand kidnaps Boy to perform in his show. He forces a pilot to fly him, Boy and his animal trainer out of the jungle. Tarzan and Jane follow them to New York. At a trial over custody of Boy, Tarzan becomes violent and is jailed. With the help of the pilot's girlfriend Tarzan (who has since escaped, diving off the Brooklyn Bridge) finds the circus. He and the circus elephants complete the classic rescue. 
Cast: Johnny Weissmuller (as Tarzan), Maureen O'Sullivan (as Jane), Johnny Sheffield (as Boy), Virginia Grey (as Connie Beach), Charles Bickford (as Buck Rand (circus owner)), Paul Kelly (as Jimmie Shields, Pilot), Chill Wills (as Manchester Montford), Cy Kendall (as Col. Ralph Sergeant), Russell Hicks (as Judge Abbotson), Howard C. Hickman (as Blake Norton, Tarzan's Lawyer (as Howard Hickman)), Charles Lane (as Gould Beaton, Sargent's Lawyer), Miles Mander (as Portmaster), Matthew Boulton (as Portmaster (scenes deleted)) 
355 3/4 Tarzan's Secret Treasure  Minutes: 81  1941  Action 

A scientific expedition happens to discover that gold exits on Tarzan's escarpment. The villainous Medford and Vandermeer kidnap Jane and Boy to extort from Tarzan the location of the gold. Everyone is captured by wicked natives. Tarzan and his elephants rush to the rescue.
Cast: Johnny Weissmuller (as Tarzan), Maureen O'Sullivan (as Jane), Johnny Sheffield (as Boy (as John Sheffield)), Reginald Owen (as Professor Elliott), Barry Fitzgerald (as O'Doul), Tom Conway (as Medford), Philip Dorn (as Vandermeer), Cordell Hickman (as Tumbo) 
356 3/4 Team America: World Police  Minutes: 98  2004  Action 

The North American anti-terrorist force Team America attacks a group of terrorist in Paris. Later, the leader of the organization, Spottswoode, invites the famous Broadway actor Gary Johnston to join his world police and work undercover in Cairo in a terrorist organization and disclose their plan of destroying the world. The Team America destroy the cell of terrorists, but then the Panama Canal is attacked by the criminals as a payback. Gary feels responsible for the death of many innocents and leaves the counter-terrorism organization. When the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong II, joins a group of pacifist actors and actresses with the intention of using weapons of massive destruction, the Team America tries to avoid the destruction of the world. 
Cast: Trey Parker (as Gary Johnston/Joe/Kim Jong Il/Hans Blix/Carson/Matt Damon/Drunk in Bar/Tim Robbins/Sean Penn/Michael Moore/Helen Hunt/Susan Sarandon/Others (voice)), Matt Stone (as Chris/George Clooney/Danny Glover/Ethan Hawke/Matt Damon/Others (voice)), Kristen Miller (as Lisa (voice)), Masasa Moyo (as Sarah (voice) (as Masasa)), Daran Norris (as Spottswoode (voice)), Phil Hendrie (as I.N.T.E.L.L.I.G.E.N.C.E./Chechnyan Terrorist (voice)), Maurice LaMarche (as Alec Baldwin (voice)), Chelsea Marguerite (as French Mother (voice)), Jeremy Shada (as Jean Francois (voice)), Fred Tatasciore (as Samuel L. Jackson (voice)), BJ Guyer (as Credited Puppeteer) 
357 2/4 Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny  Minutes: 93  2006  Comedy 

This is the story of a friendship that changes the course of rock history forever, of the fateful collision of minds between JB and KG that led to the creation of the precedent-shattering band Tenacious D, and of the two heroes' quest to find the fabled Guitar Pick Of Destiny... 
Cast: Jack Black (as JB), Kyle Gass (as KG), Jason Reed (as Lee (as JR Reed)), Ronnie James Dio (as Dio), Paul F. Tompkins (as Open Mic Host), Troy Gentile (as Lil' JB), Ned Bellamy (as Security Guard #1), Fred Armisen (as Security Guard #2), Kirk Ward (as Car Chase Cop/Gang Leader), Amy Poehler (as Truck Stop Waitress), Tim Robbins (as The Stranger), David Grohl (as Satan (as Dave Grohl)), Ben Stiller (as Guitar Center Guy), Lara Everly (as Girl #1), Brittany Eldridge (as Girl #2) 
358 3/4 Thank You for Smoking  Minutes: 92  2005  Comedy 

Tobacco industry lobbyist Nick Naylor has a seemingly impossible task: promoting cigarette smoking in a time when the health hazards of the activity have become too plain to ignore. Nick, however, revels in his job, using argument and twisted logic to place, as often as not, his clients in the positions of either altruistic do-gooders or victims. Nick's son Joey needs to understand and respect his dad's philosophy, and Nick works hard to respond to that need without compromising his lack of values. When a beautiful news reporter betrays Nick's sexually-achieved trust, his world seems in danger of collapsing. But there's always one more coffin nail in Nick's pack. 
Cast: Aaron Eckhart (as Nick Naylor), Maria Bello (as Polly Bailey), Cameron Bright (as Joey Naylor), Adam Brody (as Jack), Sam Elliott (as Lorne Lutch), Katie Holmes (as Heather Holloway), David Koechner (as Bobby Jay Bliss), Rob Lowe (as Jeff Megall), William H. Macy (as Senator Ortolan K. Finistirre), J.K. Simmons (as Budd 'BR' Rohrabacher), Robert Duvall (as Doak 'The Captain' Boykin), Kim Dickens (as Jill Naylor), Connie Ray (as Pearl), Todd Louiso (as Ron Goode), Marianne Muellerleile (as Teacher) 
359 3/4 The 40 Year Old Virgin  Minutes: 116  2005  Comedy 

40-year-old Andy Stitzer (Steve Carrell) has done quite a few things in his life. He's got a cushy job stamping invoices at an electronics superstore, a nice apartment with a proud collection of action figures and comic books, good friends, a nice attitude. But there's just one little thing he hasn't quite gotten around to doing yet--something most people have done by his age. Done a lot. Andy's never, ever, ever had sex--not even by accident. So is that such a big deal? Well, for Andy's buds at the store, it sure is. Although they think he's a bit of an oddball, there's certainly a planet full of stranger (and homelier) guys who've at least had one go at having a go. They consider it their duty to help Andy out of his dire situation and go to great lengths to help him. But nothing proves effective enough to lure their friend out of lifelong chastity until he meets Trish (Catherine Keener), a 40-year-old mother of three. Andy's friends are psyched by the possibility that "it" may finally happen...until they hear that Andy and Trish have begun their relationship based on a mutual no-sex policy. 
Cast: Steve Carell (as Andy Stitzer), Catherine Keener (as Trish), Paul Rudd (as David), Romany Malco (as Jay), Seth Rogen (as Cal), Elizabeth Banks (as Beth), Leslie Mann (as Nicky), Jane Lynch (as Paula), Gerry Bednob (as Mooj), Shelley Malil (as Haziz), Kat Dennings (as Marla), Jordy Masterson (as Mark (as Jordan Masterson)), Chelsea Smith (as Julia), Jonah Hill (as eBay Customer), Erica Vittina Phillips (as Jill) 
360 3/4 The Abyss  Minutes: 146  1989  Action 

When an American nuclear submarine crashes, the United States Government believe the Russians to be responsible. They enlist the help of a team of underwater drilling platform workers who are to help the deployed Navy SEALS locate the crash site. As they get closer to their destination, the friction between the two teams increases. When some workers report seeing UFO's underwater, the SEALS grow increasingly suspicious and suspect a Russian mini-sub. After a series of near-fatal disasters, the workers find that they are the only people who are capable of stopping World War III. But they are not the only inhabitants of the deep, and strange things are happening back at the surface... 
Cast: Ed Harris (as Virgil 'Bud' Brigman), Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio (as Lindsey Brigman), Michael Biehn (as Lt. Hiram Coffey), Leo Burmester (as Catfish De Vries), Todd Graff (as Alan 'Hippy' Carnes), John Bedford Lloyd (as Jammer Willis), J.C. Quinn (as Arliss 'Sonny' Dawson), Kimberly Scott (as Lisa 'One Night' Standing), Captain Kidd Brewer Jr. (as Lew Finler (as Capt. Kidd Brewer Jr.)), George Robert Klek (as Wilhite), Christopher Murphy (as Schoenick, SEAL Team Member), Adam Nelson (as Ensign Monk, SEAL Team Member), Dick Warlock (as Dwight Perry (as Richard Warlock)), Jimmie Ray Weeks (as Leland McBride), J. Kenneth Campbell (as DeMarco) 
361 2/4 The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension  Minutes: 103  1984  Adventure 

Buckaroo Banzai is a rock-star/brain-surgeon / comic-book-hero/samurai/ etc who along with his group, the Hong Kong Cavaliers, must stop evil creatures from the 8th dimension (all named John) who are trying to conquer our dimension. He is helped by Penny Pretty, who is a dead ringer for his ex-wife, and some good extra-dimensional beings who look and talk like they are from Jamaica. 
Cast: Peter Weller (as Buckaroo Banzai), John Lithgow (as Lord John Whorfin/Dr. Emilio Lizardo), Ellen Barkin (as Penny Priddy), Jeff Goldblum (as New Jersey), Christopher Lloyd (as John Bigboote), Lewis Smith (as Perfect Tommy), Rosalind Cash (as John Emdall), Robert Ito (as Professor Hikita), Pepe Serna (as Reno Nevada), Ronald Lacey (as President Widmark), Matt Clark (as Secretary of Defense McKinley), Clancy Brown (as Rawhide), William Traylor (as General Catburd), Carl Lumbly (as John Parker), Vincent Schiavelli (as John O'Connor) 
362 3/4 The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford  Minutes: 160  2007  Biography 

The last months of Jesse James's life, from meeting Robert Ford, a 19-year-old who idolizes Jesse, to the day Ford shoots him. Jesse's a wanted man, living under a pseudonym, carrying out a train robbery, disappearing to Kentucky, and reappearing to plan a bank holdup with Robert and Robert's brother as his team. The rest of the gang is dead, arrested, or gone from Missouri. Whenever Jesse's around, there's tension: he's murderous, quixotic, depressed, and cautious. Ford wants to be somebody and wants the reward. On April 3, 1882, things come to a head: Jesse is 34, Robert 20. Ford becomes famous, reenacting the shooting on stage, facing down the label "coward," shot dead in 1892.  
Cast: Brad Pitt (as Jesse James), Mary-Louise Parker (as Zee James), Brooklynn Proulx (as Mary James), Dustin Bollinger (as Tim James), Casey Affleck (as Robert Ford), Sam Rockwell (as Charley Ford), Jeremy Renner (as Wood Hite), Sam Shepard (as Frank James), Garret Dillahunt (as Ed Miller), Paul Schneider (as Dick Liddil), Joel McNichol (as Express Messenger), James Defelice (as Baggagemaster (as James DeFelice)), J.C. Roberts (as Engineer), Darrell Orydzuk (as Ukranian Train Passenger), Jonathan Erich Drachenberg (as Young Train Passenger) 
363 2/4 The Astronaut Farmer  Minutes: 104  2006  Adventure 

Texan Charles Farmer left the Air Force as a young man to save the family ranch when his dad died. Like most American ranchers, he owes his bank. Unlike most, he's an astrophysicist with a rocket in his barn - one he's built and wants to take into space. It's his dream. The FBI puts him under surveillance when he tries to buy rocket fuel; the FAA stalls him when he files a flight plan - it's post-9/11, after all. His wife is angry when she finds out their bank is initiating foreclosure. Charlie fears failure and decides, precipitously, to launch. Are twenty-first century American dreams just a sign of insanity? Are those who believe in dreamers only fools?  
Cast: Billy Bob Thornton (as Charles Farmer), Virginia Madsen (as Audrey 'Audie' Farmer), Max Thieriot (as Shepard Farmer), Jasper Polish (as Stanley Farmer), Logan Polish (as Sunshine Farmer), Bruce Dern (as Hal), Mark Polish (as FBI Agent Mathis), Jon Gries (as FBI Agent Killbourne), Tim Blake Nelson (as Kevin Munchak), Sal Lopez (as Pepe Garcia), J.K. Simmons (as Jacobson), Kiersten Warren (as Phyllis), Rick Overton (as Arnold 'Arnie' Millard), Richard Edson (as Chopper Miller), Elise Eberle (as Madison Roberts) 
364 3/4 The Aviator  Minutes: 170  2004  Biography 

Focusing on his early years (from the 1930 production of 'Hell's Angels' to the 1947 test flight of the Blue Spruce, when he was 42), this is the story of how young Howard Hughes transformed a small fortune into a massive one. The son of the Texan inventor of an amazing drill bit who died when he was 18, leaving him with 75% of the "Hughes Tool Co.", Howard Hughes (DiCaprio) quickly moved to Los Angeles to become a Hollywood film producer, where he helped launch the career of Jean Harlow and other starlets, and producing such classics as Hell's Angels, The Front Page, Flying Leathernecks, and Scarface (the 1932 original), eventually owning RKO Pictures. Hughes' legend came not from focusing on just Hollywood, however, as he simultaneously branched into industry after industry, including aviation in 1932 (including TWA Airlines), and during WWII, defense, leading to the creation of the (infamous) Spruce Goose, a flying boat of immense size. After WWII, Hughes' expansions continued, with an electronics company that was integral to the evolution of the satellite, and Hughes' several Las Vegas casinos (though this film may be ending before he moves there). This film will also focus on Hughes' romances with Hollywood stars like Katharine Hepburn (Blanchett) and Ava Gardner (Beckinsale). (Huston plays the president of TWA; Baldwin plays the president of their competitor, Pan Am)... 
Cast: Leonardo DiCaprio (as Howard Hughes), Cate Blanchett (as Katharine Hepburn), Kate Beckinsale (as Ava Gardner), John C. Reilly (as Noah Dietrich), Alec Baldwin (as Juan Trippe), Alan Alda (as Senator Ralph Owen Brewster), Ian Holm (as Professor Fitz), Danny Huston (as Jack Frye), Gwen Stefani (as Jean Harlow), Jude Law (as Errol Flynn), Adam Scott (as Johnny Meyer), Matt Ross (as Glenn Odekirk), Kelli Garner (as Faith Domergue), Frances Conroy (as Mrs. Hepburn), Brent Spiner (as Robert Gross) 
365 3/4 The Bank Job  Minutes: 111  2008  Crime 

Business is slow for Terry Leather, a London car dealer, married with children. He's an artful dodger, so Martine, a former model with a thing for him, brings him her scheme: a bank's alarm is off for a couple weeks, so let's tunnel into the vault. He assembles a team, not realizing her real goal is a safe-deposit box with compromising photos of a royal: she needs the photos to trade for avoiding a jail sentence - and M-5, or is it M-6, is pulling the strings two steps removed. A Trinidadian thug, a high-end bordello owner, and a pornographer also have things stored in the vault, so the break-in threatens many a powerful personage. Is there any way these amateurs can pull it off? 
Cast: Jason Statham (as Terry Leather), Saffron Burrows (as Martine Love), Stephen Campbell Moore (as Kevin Swain), Daniel Mays (as Dave Shilling), James Faulkner (as Guy Arthur Singer), Alki David (as Bambas), Michael Jibson (as Eddie Burton), Georgia Taylor (as Ingrid Burton), Richard Lintern (as Tim Everett), Peter Bowles (as Miles Urquhart), Alistair Petrie (as Philip Lisle), Hattie Morahan (as Gale Benson), Julian Lewis Jones (as Snow), Andrew Brooke (as Quinn), Rupert Frazer (as Lord Drysdale) 
366 2/4 The Benchwarmers  Minutes: 80  2006  Comedy 

Rob Schneider, David Spade, and Jon Heder star in this comedy about three guys (Schneider, Spade, Heder) who, all their lives, have been living in the shadow of bullies and are determined not to take it anymore. Now they must train with the help of Mel (Jon Lovitz) to take on the most offensive and meanest Little League teams. Also starring Craig Kilborn, Tim Meadows, Nick Swardson, and Molly Sims. 
Cast: Rob Schneider (as Gus), David Spade (as Richie), Jon Heder (as Clark), Jon Lovitz (as Mel), Craig Kilborn (as Jerry), Molly Sims (as Liz), Tim Meadows (as Wayne), Nick Swardson (as Howie), Erinn Bartlett (as Salad Girl/Sarah), Amaury Nolasco (as Carlos), Bill Romanowski (as Karl), Sean Salisbury (as Brad), Matt Weinberg (as Kyle), John Farley (as Swimmer Boy), Reggie Jackson (as Himself) 
367 3/4 The Big Bang Theory - Season One (17 Episodes)  Minutes: 21  2007  Comedy 

A woman who moves into an apartment next door to two brilliant but socially awkward physicists shows them how little they know about life outside of the laboratory.
Cast: Johnny Galecki (as Leonard Hofstadter (21 episodes, 2007-2008)), Jim Parsons (as Sheldon Cooper (21 episodes, 2007-2008)), Kaley Cuoco (as Penny (21 episodes, 2007-2008)), Simon Helberg (as Howard Wolowitz (21 episodes, 2007-2008)), Kunal Nayyar (as Rajnesh Koothrappali / ... (21 episodes, 2007-2008)) 
368 3/4 The Blind Side  Minutes: 129  2009  Biography, Drama, Sport 

Based on the true story of Leigh Anne and Sean Tuohy who take in a homeless teenage African-American, Michael "Big Mike" Oher. Michael has no idea who is father is and his mother is a crack head. Michael has had little formal education and few skills to help him learn. Leigh Anne soon takes charge however, as is her nature, ensuring that the young man has every opportunity to succeed. When he expresses an interest in football, she goes all out to help him, including giving the coach a few ideas on how best to use Michael's skills. They not only provide him with a loving home, but hire a tutor to help him improve his grades to the point where he would qualify for an NCAA Division I athletic scholarship. Michael Oher was the first-round pick of the Baltimore Ravens in the 2009 NFL draft. 
Cast: Sandra Bullock, Tim McGraw, Quinton Aaron, Jae Head, Lily Collins, Ray McKinnon, Kim Dickens, Adriane Lenox, Kathy Bates, Catherine Dyer, Andy Stahl, Tom Nowicki, Libby Whittemore, Brian Hollan, Melody Weintraub 
369 3/4 The Blues Brothers  Minutes: 133  1980  Action 

After the release of Jake Blues from prison, he and brother Elwood go to visit the old home where they were raised by nuns. They learn the church stopped its support and will sell the place to the education authority, and the only way to keep the place open is if the $5000 tax on the property is paid within 11 days. The brothers want to help and decide to put their blues band back together and raise the the money by staging a big gig. As they set off on their "mission from god" they seem to make more enemies along the way. Will they manage to come up with the money in time? 
Cast: John Belushi (as 'Joliet' Jake Blues (as Jake in the end credit)), Dan Aykroyd (as Elwood Blues (as Elwood in the end credit)), James Brown (as Reverend Cleophus James), Cab Calloway (as Curtis), Ray Charles (as Ray), Aretha Franklin (as Mrs. Murphy - Soulfood Cafe Owner), Steve Cropper (as Steve 'The Colonel' Cropper), Donald Dunn (as Donald 'Duck' Dunn), Murphy Dunne (as Murph), Willie Hall (as Willie 'Too Big' Hall), Tom Malone (as Tom 'Bones' Malone), Lou Marini (as 'Blue Lou' Marini), Matt Murphy (as Matt 'Guitar' Murphy), Alan Rubin (as Mr. Fabulous), Carrie Fisher (as Mystery Woman) 
370 3/4 The Boondock Saints  Minutes: 108  1999  Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller 

Irish brothers Connor & Murphy McManus live and work in Boston. Feeling that God's will to rid Earth from all human Evil was given to them as a mission, they set out to do their divine deed. A public outcry is never heard, and even FBI agent Paul Smecker, who follows their trace of bloodshed, admits that the boys are doing exactly what he secretly always has wished to happen. Risking their lives for their beliefs of Veritas (truth) and Aequitas (justice), the Boondock Saints are hyped by the public, for they are doing good, which only few dare to admit. 
Cast: Willem Dafoe, Sean Patrick Flanery, Norman Reedus, David Della Rocco, Billy Connolly, David Ferry, Brian Mahoney, Bob Marley, Richard Fitzpatrick, William Young, Robert Pemberton, Bill Craig, Dot Jones, Scott Griffith, Layton Morrison 
371 2/4 The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day  Minutes: 118  2009  Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller 

For the last 8 years the brothers have been living with their father on a sheep farm deep in isolated Ireland. One day their uncle tells them that they have been framed for the murder of a Bostonian Catholic priest. The boys must return to Boston to not only clear their names but find the men who framed them. 
Cast: Sean Patrick Flanery, Norman Reedus, Billy Connolly, Clifton Collins Jr., Julie Benz, Bob Marley, Brian Mahoney, David Ferry, David Della Rocco, Peter Fonda, Daniel DeSanto, Gerard Parkes, Matthew Lemche, Robert Mauriell, Judd Nelson 
372 3/4 The Bourne Identity  Minutes: 119  2002  Action 

Based very loosely on Robert Ludlum's novel, the Bourne Identity is the story of a man whose wounded body is discovered by fisherman who nurse him back to health. He can remember nothing and begins to try to rebuild his memory based on clues such as the Swiss bank account, the number of which, is implanted in his hip. He soon realizes that he is being hunted and takes off with Marie on a search to find out who he is and why he is being hunted. 
Cast: Matt Damon (as Jason Bourne), Franka Potente (as Marie Helena Kreutz), Chris Cooper (as Alexander Conklin), Clive Owen (as The Professor), Brian Cox (as Ward Abbott), Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (as Nykwana Wombosi), Gabriel Mann (as Danny Zorn), Walton Goggins (as Research Tech), Josh Hamilton (as Research Tech), Julia Stiles (as Nicky), Orso Maria Guerrini (as Giancarlo), Tim Dutton (as Eamon), Denis Braccini (as Picot), Nicky Naude (as Castel), David Selburg (as Marshall) 
373 3/4 The Bourne Supremacy  Minutes: 108  2004  Adventure 

When a CIA operation to purchase classified Russian documents is blown by a rival agent--who then shows up in the sleepy seaside village where Bourne (Damon) and Marie (Potente) have been living under assumed names--the pair collapse their lives and head out. Bourne, who promised retaliation should anyone from his former life attempt contact, is forced to once again take up his life as a trained assassin to survive. 
Cast: Matt Damon (as Jason Bourne), Franka Potente (as Marie), Brian Cox (as Ward Abbott), Julia Stiles (as Nicky), Karl Urban (as Kirill), Gabriel Mann (as Danny Zorn), Joan Allen (as Pamela Landy), Marton Csokas (as Jarda), Tom Gallop (as Tom Cronin), John Bedford Lloyd (as Teddy), Ethan Sandler (as Kurt), Michelle Monaghan (as Kim), Karel Roden (as Gretkov), Tomas Arana (as Martin Marshall), Oksana Akinshina (as Irena Neski) 
374 3/4 The Bourne Ultimatum  Minutes: 115  2007  Action 

After being recovered from the sea, and after losing the one he loves, Jason Bourne (Damon) is one more step closer to finding out how David Webb became Jason Bourne. Whilst Pamela Landy (Allen) has decided to leave Bourne alone, CIA Deputy Director Noah Vosen (David Strathairn) has other plans. He believes that Bourne is still dangerous and must be eliminated, before he finds out his true identity and takes the CIA down with him.
Cast: Matt Damon (as Jason Bourne), Julia Stiles (as Nicky Parsons), David Strathairn (as CIA Deputy Director Noah Vosen), Scott Glenn (as CIA Director Ezra Kramer), Paddy Considine (as Simon Ross), Edgar Ramirez (as Paz), Albert Finney (as Dr. Albert Hirsch), Joan Allen (as Pamela Landy), Tom Gallop (as Tom Cronin), Corey Johnson (as Wills), Daniel Brühl (as Martin Kreutz), Joey Ansah (as Desh Bouksani), Colin Stinton (as Neal Daniels), Dan Fredenburgh (as Jimmy), Lucy Liemann (as Lucy) 
375 3/4 The Boys in Company C  Minutes: 125  1978  Drama, War 

This war drama (which prefigures the later "Full Metal Jacket") follows the lives of five young Marine inductees from their training in boot camp in 1967 through a tour in Vietnam in 1968 that quickly devolves into a hellish nightmare. Disheartened by futile combat, appalled by the corruption of their South Vietnamese ally, and constantly endangered by the incompetence of their own company commander, the young men find a possible way out of the war. They are told that if they can defeat a rival soccer team, they can spend the rest of their tour playing exhibition games behind the lines. But as they might have predicted, nothing in Vietnam is as simple as it seems. 
Cast: Stan Shaw, Andrew Stevens, James Canning, Michael Lembeck, Craig Wasson, Scott Hylands, James Whitmore Jr., Noble Willingham, R. Lee Ermey, Santos Morales, Drew Michaels, Karen Hilger, Peggy O'Neal, Claude Wilson, Chuck Doherty 
376 3/4 The Breakfast Club  Minutes: 97  1985  Drama 

When five students are thrown together by Saturday morning detention, each begins to see the others apart from their stereotypes. Andrew, the jock; Brian, the geek; John, the wastoid; Claire, the popular Prom Queen; and Allison, the psycho girl; each finds qualities about the others that make the Saturday morning change their lives. 
Cast: Emilio Estevez (as Andrew 'Andy' Clark), Anthony Michael Hall (as Brian Ralph Johnson), Judd Nelson (as John Bender), Molly Ringwald (as Claire Standish), Ally Sheedy (as Allison Reynolds), Paul Gleason (as Principal Richard Vernon), John Kapelos (as Carl the Janitor), Ron Dean (as Mr. Clark, Andrew's Father), Tim Gamble (as Mr. Standish, Claire's Father), Mercedes Hall (as Mrs. Johnson, Brian's Mother), Mary Christian (as Brian's Sister), Perry Crawford (as Mr. Reynolds, Allison's Father), Fran Gargano (as Mrs. Reynolds, Allison's Mother) 
377 2/4 The Break-Up  Minutes: 105  2006  Comedy 

In a bid to keep their luxurious condo from their significant other, a couple's break-up proceeds to get uglier and nastier by the moment. 
Cast: Vince Vaughn (as Gary Grobowski), Jennifer Aniston (as Brooke Meyers), Joey Lauren Adams (as Addie), Jon Favreau (as Johnny O), Jason Bateman (as Riggleman), Judy Davis (as Marilyn Dean), Justin Long (as Christopher), Ivan Sergei (as Carson Wigham), John Michael Higgins (as Richard Meyers), Ann-Margret (as Wendy Meyers), Vernon Vaughn (as Howard Meyers), Cole Hauser (as Lupus Grobowski), Vincent D'Onofrio (as Dennis Grobowski), Elaine Robinson (as Carol Grobowski), Jane Alderman (as Mrs. Grobowski) 
378  The Bucket List  Minutes: 97  2007  Adventure 

The quiet mechanic Carter Chambers is a man with a great general culture; has been married for forty-five years with his beloved wife Virginia and has two sons - one lawyer the other engineer - and a violinist daughter. The caustic and bitter billionaire Edward Cole owns many hospitals, has many divorces and one missing daughter. Following the policy of Edward, his hospital makes no exception giving a private room to him and he shares the same room as Carter. Along the days, they become close to each other and when Edward finds in the garbage the bucket list that Carter had prepared, listing all he wanted to do before dying, he includes his own items and invites Carter to a journey of friendship, discoveries and redemption.  
Cast: Jack Nicholson (as Edward Cole), Morgan Freeman (as Carter Chambers), Sean Hayes (as Thomas), Beverly Todd (as Virginia Chambers), Rob Morrow (as Dr. Hollins), Alfonso Freeman (as Roger Chambers), Rowena King (as Angelica), Annton Berry Jr. (as Kai), Verda Bridges (as Shandra), Destiny Brownridge (as Maya), Brian Copeland (as Lee), Ian Anthony Dale (as Instructor), Jennifer Defrancisco (as Emily), Angela Gardner (as Female Administrator), Noel Gugliemi (as Mechanic) 
379 2/4 The Carpetbaggers  Minutes: 150  1964  Drama 

George Peppard plays a hard-driven industrialist more than a little reminiscent of Howard Hughes. While he builds airplanes, directs movies and breaks hearts, his friends and lovers try to reach his human side, and find that it's an uphill battle. The film's title is a metaphor for self-promoting tycoons who perform quick financial takeovers, impose dictatorial controls for short-term profits, then move on to greener pastures. 
Cast: George Peppard (as Jonas Cord), Carroll Baker (as Rina Marlowe Cord), Alan Ladd (as Nevada Smith), Robert Cummings (as Dan Pierce), Martha Hyer (as Jennie Denton), Elizabeth Ashley (as Monica Winthrop), Lew Ayres (as 'Mac' McAllister), Martin Balsam (as Bernard B. Norman), Ralph Taeger (as Buzz Dalton), Archie Moore (as Jedediah), Leif Erickson (as Jonas Cord Sr.), Arthur Franz (as Morrissey), Tom Tully (as Amos Winthrop), Audrey Totter (as Prostitute), Anthony Warde (as Moroni) 
380 3/4 The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe  Minutes: 140  2005  Action 

During the German air raids of WWII, the four Pevensie children -- Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy -- are sent out of London to take shelter at the country home of eccentric Prof. Digory Kirke, who happens to be the owner of a curious wardrobe. Peering into this wardrobe one day, Lucy finds herself in the snowy land of Narnia, which is mired in never-ending winter thanks to the magic of the evil White Witch, who has proclaimed that it will be always winter but never Christmas in the mystical land. Eventually the other Pevensies find themselves in Narnia, and the four children learn that they alone are the key to breaking the Witch's eternal winter. But while three of them trudge through the snow with some helpful Beavers to join forces with Aslan, the mighty Lion, the fourth takes a more treacherous path and falls in league with the Witch... 
Cast: Georgie Henley (as Lucy Pevensie), Skandar Keynes (as Edmund Pevensie), William Moseley (as Peter Pevensie), Anna Popplewell (as Susan Pevensie), Tilda Swinton (as White Witch), James McAvoy (as Mr. Tumnus, the Faun), Jim Broadbent (as Professor Kirke), Kiran Shah (as Ginarrbrik), James Cosmo (as Father Christmas), Judy McIntosh (as Mrs. Pevensie), Elizabeth Hawthorne (as Mrs. MacReady), Patrick Kake (as Oreius), Shane Rangi (as General Otmin), Brandon Cook (as Boy on Train), Cassie Cook (as Girl on Train) 
381 2/4 The Chronicles of Riddick  Minutes: 119  2004  Adventure 

Riddick, now a hunted man, finds himself in the middle of two opposing forces in a major crusade. Colm Feore plays Lord Marshal, a warrior priest who is the leader of a sect that is waging the tenth and perhaps final crusade 500 years in the future. Judi Dench is Aereon, an ambassador from the Elemental race. She is an ethereal being who helps Riddick unearth his origins. 
Cast: Vin Diesel (as Riddick), Colm Feore (as Lord Marshal), Thandie Newton (as Dame Vaako), Judi Dench (as Aereon), Karl Urban (as Vaako), Alexa Davalos (as Kyra), Linus Roache (as Purifier), Yorick van Wageningen (as The Guv), Nick Chinlund (as Toombs), Keith David (as Imam), Mark Gibbon (as Irgun), Roger R. Cross (as Toal), Terry Chen (as Merc Pilot), Christina Cox (as Eve Logan), Nigel Vonas (as Merc) 
382 2/4 The Condemned  Minutes: 113  2007  Action 

An adrenalin-charged action thriller, "The Condemned" tells the story of Jack Conrad, who is awaiting the death penalty in a corrupt Central American prison. He is "purchased" by a wealthy television producer and taken to a desolate island where he must fight to the death against nine other condemned killers from all corners of the world, with freedom going to the sole survivor.
Cast: Steve Austin (as Conrad), Vinnie Jones (as McStarley), Robert Mammone (as Breckel), Tory Mussett (as Julie (as Victoria Mussett)), Manu Bennett (as Paco), Madeleine West (as Sarah Cavanaugh), Rick Hoffman (as 'Goldy' Goldman), Christopher Baker (as Eddie C), Sam Healy (as Bella (as Samantha Healy)), Luke Pegler (as Baxter), Masa Yamaguchi (as Saiga), Emelia Burns (as Yasantwa), Dasi Ruz (as Rosa), Marcus Johnson (as Kreston Mackie), Nathan Jones (as Petr) 
383 3/4 The Dark Knight  Minutes: 152  2008  Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller 

With just one year having passed after taking out Ra's Al Ghul's plan to have Gotham eliminated and the mysterious disappearance of Dr. Jonathan Crane AKA the Scarecrow, and after the city was nearly plundered with his toxins, Bruce Wayne and his vigilante alter-ego the Batman, continue the seemingly endless effort to bring order to Gotham, with the help of Lt. James Gordon and newly appointed District Attorney Harvey Dent. But a new threat has now emerged into the streets. The Dark Knight faces a rising psychopathic criminal called The Joker, whose eerie grin, laughter, and inhuman morality makes him as dangerous than what he has yet to unleash. It becomes an agenda to Batman to stop the mysterious Joker at all costs, knowing that both of them are in an opposite line. One has no method at all and seeks to see the world plunge into the fire he has yet to light. One represents the symbol of hope and uses his own shadow to bring the peace and order he has yet to accomplish doing. 
Cast: Christian Bale, Heath Ledger, Aaron Eckhart, Michael Caine, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman, Monique Gabriela Curnen, Ron Dean, Cillian Murphy, Chin Han, Nestor Carbonell, Eric Roberts, Ritchie Coster, Anthony Michael Hall 
384 4/4 The Dark Knight  Minutes: 152  2008  Action 

With just one year having passed after taking out Ra's Al Ghul's plan to have Gotham eliminated and the mysterious disappearance of Dr. Jonathan Crane AKA the Scarecrow, and after the city was nearly plundered with his toxins, Bruce Wayne and his vigilante alter-ego the Batman, continue the seemingly endless effort to bring order to Gotham, with the help of Lt. James Gordon and newly appointed District Attorney Harvey Dent. But a new threat has now emerged into the streets. The Dark Knight faces a rising psychopathic criminal called The Joker, whose eerie grin, laughter, and inhuman morality makes him as dangerous than what he has yet to unleash. It becomes an agenda to Batman to stop the mysterious Joker at all costs, knowing that both of them are in an opposite line. One has no method at all and seeks to see the world plunge into the fire he has yet to light. One represents the symbol of hope and uses his own shadow to bring the peace and order he has yet to accomplish doing.  
Cast: Christian Bale (as Bruce Wayne / Batman), Heath Ledger (as The Joker), Aaron Eckhart (as Harvey Dent / Two-Face), Michael Caine (as Alfred Pennyworth), Maggie Gyllenhaal (as Rachel Dawes), Gary Oldman (as James Gordon), Morgan Freeman (as Lucius Fox), Monique Curnen (as Det. Anna Ramirez (as Monique Gabriela Curnen)), Ron Dean (as Detective Wuertz), Cillian Murphy (as Scarecrow), Chin Han (as Lau), Nestor Carbonell (as Mayor Anthony Garcia), Eric Roberts (as Salvatore Maroni), Ritchie Coster (as The Chechen), Anthony Michael Hall (as Mike Engel) 
385 2/4 The Day After Tomorrow  Minutes: 124  2004  Action 

This movie takes a big-budget, special-effects-filled look at what the world would look like if the greenhouse effect and global warming continued at such levels that they resulted in worldwide catastrophe and disaster, including multiple hurricanes, tornadoes, tidal waves, floods and the beginning of the next Ice Age. At the center of the story is a paleoclimatologist (a scientist who studies the ways weather patterns changed in the past), Professor Jack Hall (Quaid), who tries to save the world from the effects of global warming while also trying to get to his son, Sam (Gyllenhaal), who was in New York City as part of a scholastic competition, when the city was overwhelmed by the chilling beginnings of the new Ice Age. In addition to all of the other challenges Dr. Hall faces, he's also going against the flow as humanity races south to warmer climes, and he's nearly the only one going north... 
Cast: Dennis Quaid (as Jack Hall), Jake Gyllenhaal (as Sam Hall), Emmy Rossum (as Laura Chapman), Dash Mihok (as Jason Evans), Jay O. Sanders (as Frank Harris), Sela Ward (as Dr. Lucy Hall), Austin Nichols (as J.D.), Arjay Smith (as Brian Parks), Tamlyn Tomita (as Janet Tokada), Sasha Roiz (as Parker), Ian Holm (as Terry Rapson), Nassim Sharara (as Saudi Delegate), Carl Alacchi (as Venezuelan Delegate), Kenneth Welsh (as Vice President Becker), Michael A. Samah (as Saudi Translator) 
386 3/4 The Departed  Minutes: 151  2006  Crime 

Years ago, a powerful Irish mafia figure placed a small selection of his youngest, brightest men into the Massachusetts State Police Academy as cadets. Their purpose is to eventually rise within the prestigious ranks of the state police department, to serve as the eyes and ears of their boss. While somewhere else, a young cadet was assigned with an equally dangerous task: infiltrate the Irish syndicate headed by the man sending in his own to the Massachusetts State Police. Now, one cadet is an up and coming police official with a torn allegiance to his job and to the criminal mastermind that put him there. While the other cadet is the trusted number two of that man, only finding his professional duties are becoming blurred with his current state. But new clues have lead to unfortunate discoveries, when both sides realize they're being watched by the enemy. It's now all just a matter of time before the men assigned to find out whose the infiltrator, could come to a bloody end when someone's identity may be revealed 
Cast: Leonardo DiCaprio (as William 'Billy' Costigan Jr.), Matt Damon (as SSgt. Colin Sullivan), Jack Nicholson (as Francis 'Frank' Costello), Mark Wahlberg (as SSgt. Sean Dignam), Martin Sheen (as Capt. Oliver Queenan), Ray Winstone (as Mr. French), Vera Farmiga (as Madolyn Madden), Anthony Anderson (as Brown), Alec Baldwin (as Capt. George Ellerby), Kevin Corrigan (as Cousin Sean), James Badge Dale (as Barrigan), David O'Hara (as Fitzy (as David Patrick O'Hara)), Mark Rolston (as Timothy Delahunt), Robert Wahlberg (as Agent Frank Lazio - FBI), Kristen Dalton (as Gwen) 
387 3/4 The Dirty Dozen  Minutes: 145  1967  War 

An Army Major who likes to butt heads with his superiors, is being "given" a new assignment, to train 12 men who are either sentenced to death or life imprisonment, to go behind enemy lines raid a chateau that the Germans are using as an R&R center and kill as enemy officers as they can and disrupt the German chain of command. Now he not only has to train them; he has to get them to start acting like a unit. And when a Colonel whom the Major has been having the most trouble with reports to the Generals that his unit is not working out, the Major asks the General to try them out by having them participate in a war game. If they don't succeed they will be sent back to prison to face their sentences. 
Cast: Lee Marvin (as Maj. John Reisman), Ernest Borgnine (as Maj. Gen. Worden), Charles Bronson (as Joseph T. Wladislaw), Jim Brown (as Robert T. Jefferson), John Cassavetes (as Victor R. Franko), Richard Jaeckel (as Sgt. Clyde Bowren), George Kennedy (as Maj. Max Armbruster), Trini López (as Pedro Jiminez (as Trini Lopez)), Ralph Meeker (as Capt. Stuart Kinder), Robert Ryan (as Col. Everett Dasher Breed), Telly Savalas (as Archer J. Maggott), Donald Sutherland (as Vernon L. Pinkley), Clint Walker (as Samson Posey), Robert Webber (as Brig. Gen. Denton), Tom Busby (as Milo Vladek) 
388 1/4 The Dukes of Hazzard  Minutes: 106  2005  Action 

Cousins Bo (Seann William Scott) and Luke (Johnny Knoxville) Duke, with the assistance of their sexy cousin Daisy (Jessica Simpson) and Uncle Jesse (Willie Nelson), must save the Duke family farm from destruction by the town's corrupt and evil commissioner Boss Hogg (Burt Reynolds). Their efforts constantly find the "Duke Boys" eluding authorities in "The General Lee", the boys' orange 1969 Dodge Charger that keeps them one step ahead of the dimwitted antics of the small southern town's Sheriff Roscoe P. Coltrane (M.C. Gainey). 
Cast: Johnny Knoxville (as Luke Duke), Seann William Scott (as Bo Duke), Alice Greczyn (as Laurie Pullman), Steve Lemme (as Jimmy), Michael Weston (as Deputy Enos Strate), Mitch Braswell (as Out of Towner #1), Michael Roof (as Dil Driscoll), Jessica Simpson (as Daisy Duke), Rusty Tennant (as Local One), Dolan Wilson (as Local Two), James Roday (as Billy Prickett), Heather Hemmens (as Girl #1), David Leitch (as Puncher), A.J. Foyt IV (as Race Car Driver #1), M.C. Gainey (as Rosco P. Coltrane) 
389 3/4 The Endurance: Shackleton's Legendary Antarctic Expedition  Minutes: 97  2000  Documentary 

A retelling of Sir Ernest Shackleton 's ill-fated expedition to Antarctica in 1914-1916, featuring new footage of the actual locations and interviews with surviving relatives of key expedition members, plus archived audio interviews with expedition members, and a generous helping of the footage and still photos shot on the expedition. 
Cast: Liam Neeson (as Himself/Narrator (voice)), Julian Ayer (as Himself (Grandson of expedition member)), John Blackborow (as Himself (Grandson of expedition member)), David Cale (as The voice of Hubert Hudson (voice)), John Henry Cox (as The voice of William Bakewell (voice)), Mary Crean O'Brien (as Herself (daughter of Tom Crean)), Steven Crossley (as The voices of Alexander Macklin, "Chippy" McNish and James Wordie (voice)), Brian d'Arcy James (as The voice of Frank Wild (voice) (as Brian Darcy James)), Drew De Carvalho (as The voice of Frank Hurley (voice)), Dominic Hawksley (as The voice of Thomas Orde-Lees (voice)), Roland Huntford (as Himself (historian)), Ron Keith (as The voice of Walter How (voice)), Tom McNeish (as Himself (Grandson of McNish)), Simon Prebble (as The voice of Ernest Shackleton (voice)), Paul Ricketts (as The voice of Frank Worsley (voice)), Jonathan Shackleton (as Himself (Cousin of Shackleton)), Ian Stuart (as The voice of Lionel Greenstreet (voice)), Peter Wordie (as Himself (Son of J. Wordie)) 
390 2/4 The Fast and the Furious  Minutes: 106  2001  Action 

The Fast & The Furious is loosely based on an article in a magazine about street clubs that race Japanese cars late at night. The film stars Vin Diesel as Domenic Toretto, the leader of a street gang that is under suspicion of stealing expensive electronic equipment. Paul Walker plays an undercover police officer that attempts to find out who exactly is stealing the equipment, while falling for Domenic's younger sister played by Jordana Brewster. 
Cast: Paul Walker (as Brian O'Conner), Vin Diesel (as Dominic Toretto), Michelle Rodriguez (as Letty), Jordana Brewster (as Mia Toretto), Rick Yune (as Johnny Tran), Chad Lindberg (as Jesse), Johnny Strong (as Leon), Matt Schulze (as Vince), Ted Levine (as Sgt. Tanner), Ja Rule (as Edwin), Vyto Ruginis (as Harry), Thom Barry (as Agent Bilkins), Stanton Rutledge (as Muse), Noel Gugliemi (as Hector (as Noel Guglielmi)), R.J. de Vera (as Danny Yamato (as R.J. De Vera)) 
391 2/4 The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift  Minutes: 104  2006  Action 

Sean Boswell, who has always been an outsider. A loner at school, his only connection to the indifferent world around him is through illegal street racing -- which has made him particularly unpopular with the local authorities. To avoid jail time, Sean is sent out of the country to live with his Farther in the military, in a cramped apartment in a low-rent section of Tokyo. In the land that gave birth to the majority of modified racers on the road, the simple street race has been replaced by the ultimate pedal-to-the-metal, gravity-defying automotive challenge ... drift racing, a deadly combination of brutal speed on heart stopping courses of hairpin turns and switchbacks. For his first unsuccessful foray in drift racing, Shean unknowingly takes on D.K., the "Drift King," with ties to the Yakuza, the Japanese crime machine. The only way he can pay off the debt of his loss is to venture into the deadly realm of the Tokyo underworld, where the stakes are life and death. 
Cast: Lucas Black (as Sean Boswell), Brandon Brendel (as Buddy), Zachery Ty Bryan (as Clay), Daniel Booko (as Buddy), David V. Thomas (as Buddy), Amber Stevens (as Cheerleader), Chris Astoyan (as Racer), Ashika Gogna (as Cheerleader), Danny Ray McDonald II (as Auto Shop Bully), Nikki Griffin (as Cindy), Lynda Boyd (as Mrs. Boswell), Nathalie Kelley (as Neela), Joey Crumpton (as Police Officer), Bow Wow (as Twinkie), Leonardo Nam (as Morimoto) 
392 3/4 The Fifth Element  Minutes: 126  1997  Action 

Two hundred and fifty years in the future, life as we know it is threatened by the arrival of Evil. Only the fifth element (played by Milla Jovovich) can stop the Evil from extinguishing life, as it tries to do every five thousand years. She is helped by ex-soldier, current-cab-driver, Corben Dallas (played by Bruce Willis), who is, in turn, helped by Prince/Arsenio clone, Ruby Rhod. Unfortunately, Evil is being assisted by Mr. Zorg (Gary Oldman), who seeks to profit from the chaos that Evil will bring, and his alien mercenaries. 
Cast: Bruce Willis (as Korben Dallas), Gary Oldman (as Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg), Ian Holm (as Father Vito Cornelius), Milla Jovovich (as Leeloo), Chris Tucker (as Ruby Rhod), Luke Perry (as Billy), Brion James (as General Munro), Tommy 'Tiny' Lister (as President Lindberg (as Tommy 'Tiny' Lister Jr.)), Lee Evans (as Fog), Charlie Creed-Miles (as David (as Charlie Creed Miles)), Tricky (as Right Arm), John Neville (as General Staedert), John Bluthal (as Professor Pacoli), Mathieu Kassovitz (as Mugger), Christopher Fairbank (as Mactilburgh) 
393 3/4 The Fugitive  Minutes: 130  1993  Action 

Eminent surgeon, Dr. Richard Kimble, is arrested and charged with the murder of his wife, despite his insistence that a one-armed intruder had committed the crime. When an accident involving his prison bus sets him free, Kimble must use his wits to solve the mystery and find the man who killed his wife. Hot on his trail, however, is an equally crafty US Marshal, who will stop at nothing until Kimble is behind bars. 
Cast: Harrison Ford (as Dr. Richard Kimble), Tommy Lee Jones (as Marshal Samuel Gerard), Sela Ward (as Helen Kimble), Julianne Moore (as Dr. Anne Eastman), Joe Pantoliano (as Deputy Marshal Cosmo Renfro), Andreas Katsulas (as Frederick Sykes), Jeroen Krabbé (as Dr. Charles Nichols (as Jeroen Krabbe)), Daniel Roebuck (as Deputy Marshal Robert Biggs), L. Scott Caldwell (as Deputy Marshal Poole), Tom Wood (as Deputy Marshal Noah Newman), Ron Dean (as Detective Kelly), Joseph F. Kosala (as Detective Rosetti (as Joseph Kosala)), Miguel Nino (as Chicago Cop #1), John Drummond (as Newscaster), Tony Fosco (as Chicago Cop #2) 
394 4/4 The Godfather  Minutes: 175  1972  Crime 

Vito Corleone is the aging don (head) of the Corleone Mafia Family. His youngest son Michael has returned from WWII just in time to see the wedding of Connie Corleone (Michael's sister) to Carlo Rizzi. All of Michael's family is involved with the Mafia, but Michael just wants to live a normal life. Drug dealer Virgil Sollozzo is looking for Mafia Families to offer him protection in exchange for a profit of the drug money. He approaches Don Corleone about it, but, much against the advice of the Don's lawyer Tom Hagen, the Don is morally against the use of drugs, and turns down the offer. This does not please Sollozzo, who has the Don shot down by some of his hit men. The Don barely survives, which leads his son Michael to begin a violent mob war against Sollozzo and tears the Corleone family apart. 
Cast: Marlon Brando (as Don Vito Corleone), Al Pacino (as Michael Corleone), James Caan (as Santino 'Sonny' Corleone), Richard S. Castellano (as Pete Clemenza (as Richard Castellano)), Robert Duvall (as Tom Hagen), Sterling Hayden (as Capt. Mark McCluskey), John Marley (as Jack Woltz), Richard Conte (as Emilio Barzini), Al Lettieri (as Virgil 'The Turk' Sollozzo), Diane Keaton (as Kay Adams), Abe Vigoda (as Salvatore "Sally" Tessio), Talia Shire (as Connie Corleone Rizzi), Gianni Russo (as Carlo Rizzi), John Cazale (as Fredo Corleone), Rudy Bond (as Carmine Cuneo) 
395 3/4 The Godfather: Part II  Minutes: 200  1974  Crime 

The continuing saga of the Corleone crime family tells the story of a young Vito Corleone growing up in Sicily and in 1910s New York; and follows Michael Corleone in the 1950s as he attempts to expand the family business into Las Vegas, Hollywood and Cuba. 
Cast: Al Pacino (as Don Michael Corleone), Robert Duvall (as Tom Hagen), Diane Keaton (as Kay Corleone), Robert De Niro (as Vito Corleone), John Cazale (as Fredo Corleone), Talia Shire (as Connie Corleone), Lee Strasberg (as Hyman Roth), Michael V. Gazzo (as Frankie Pentangeli), G.D. Spradlin (as Sen. Pat Geary), Richard Bright (as Al Neri), Gastone Moschin (as Don Fanucci (as Gaston Moschin)), Tom Rosqui (as Rocco Lampone), Bruno Kirby (as Young Clemenza (Peter) (as B. Kirby Jr.)), Frank Sivero (as Genco Abbandando), Francesca De Sapio (as Young Mama Corleone (as Francesca de Sapio)) 
396 3/4 The Godfather: Part III  Minutes: 162  1990  Crime 

In the final instalment of the Godfather Trilogy, an aging Don Michael Corleone seeks to legitimize his crime family's interests and remove himself from the violent underworld but is kept back by the ambitions of the young. While he attempts to link the Corleone's finances with the Vatican, Michael must deal with the machinations of a hungrier gangster seeking to upset the existing Mafioso order and a young protoge's love affair with his daughter. 
Cast: Al Pacino (as Don Michael Corleone), Diane Keaton (as Kay Adams Michelson), Talia Shire (as Connie Corleone-Rizzi), Andy Garcia (as Don Vincent 'Vinnie' Mancini-Corleone), Eli Wallach (as Don Altobello), Joe Mantegna (as Joey Zasa), George Hamilton (as B.J. Harrison), Bridget Fonda (as Grace Hamilton), Sofia Coppola (as Mary Corleone), Raf Vallone (as Cardinal Lamberto), Franc D'Ambrosio (as Anthony Vito Corleone/Turiddu (sequence 'Cavalleria Rusticana')), Donal Donnelly (as Archbishop Gilday), Richard Bright (as Al Neri), Helmut Berger (as Frederick Keinszig), Don Novello (as Dominic Abbandando) 
397 2/4 The Gods Must Be Crazy  Minutes: 109  1980  Action 

A Sho in the Kalahari desert encounters technology for the first time--in the shape of a Coke bottle. He takes it back to his people, and they use it for many tasks. The people start to fight over it, so he decides to return it to the God--where he thinks it came from. Meanwhile, we are introduced to a school teacher assigned to a small village, a despotic revolutionary, and a clumsy biologist. 
Cast: Marius Weyers (as Andrew Steyn), Sandra Prinsloo (as Kate Thompson), N!xau (as Xixo), Louw Verwey (as Sam Boga), Michael Thys (as Mpudi), Nic De Jager (as Jack Hind), Fanyana H. Sidumo (as Card 1), Joe Seakatsie (as Card 2), Brian O'Shaughnessy (as Mr. Thompson), Vera Blacker (as Mrs. Thompson), Ken Gampu (as President), Paddy O'Byrne (as Narrator (voice)), Jamie Uys (as The Reverend) 
398 2/4 The Golden Child  Minutes: 94  1986  Action 

Eddie Murphy plays a detective with a speciality of finding lost children. He is told he is the 'Chosen one' who will find and protect the Golden Child, a Bhuddist mystic who was kidnapped by an evil sorcerer. Murphy disbelieves the mysticism but finds more and more evidence of demon worship as he investigates. 
Cast: J.L. Reate (as The Golden Child), Eddie Murphy (as Chandler Jarrell), Charles Dance (as Sardo Numspa), Charlotte Lewis (as Kee Nang), Victor Wong (as The Old Man), Randall 'Tex' Cobb (as Til), James Hong (as Doctor Hong), Shakti (as Kala), Tau Logo (as Yu), Tiger Chung Lee (as Khan), Pons Maar (as Fu), Peter Kwong (as Tommy Tong), Wally Taylor (as Detective Boggs), Eric Douglas (as Yellow Dragon), Charles Levin (as TV Host) 
399 2/4 The Golden Compass  Minutes: 113  2007  Adventure 

It was no ordinary life for a young girl: living among scholars in the hallowed halls of Jordan College and tearing unsupervised through Oxford's motley streets on mad quests for adventure. But Lyra's greatest adventure would begin closer to home, the day she heard hushed talk of an extraordinary particle. Microscopic in size, the magical dust- found only in the vast Artic expanse of the North -was rumored to possess profound properties that could unite whole universes. But there were those who feared the particle and would stop at nothing to destroy it. Catapulted into the heart of a terrible struggle, Lyra was forced to seek aid from clans, gyptians, and formidable armored bears. And as she journeyed into unbelievable danger, she had not the faintest clue that she alone was destined to win, or to lose, this more-than-mortal battle...  
Cast: Nicole Kidman (as Mrs. Coulter), Daniel Craig (as Lord Asriel), Dakota Blue Richards (as Lyra), Ben Walker (as Roger), Freddie Highmore (as Pantalaimon (voice)), Ian McKellen (as Iorek Byrnison (voice)), Eva Green (as Serafina Pekkala), Jim Carter (as Lord John Faa), Tom Courtenay (as Farder Coram), Ian McShane (as Ragnar Sturlusson (voice)), Sam Elliott (as Lee Scoresby), Christopher Lee (as First High Councilor), Kristin Scott Thomas (as Stelmaria (voice)), Edward de Souza (as Second High Councilor), Kathy Bates (as Hester (voice)) 
400 3/4 The Good Shepherd  Minutes: 167  2006  Drama 

The tumultuous early history of the Central Intelligence Agency is viewed through the prism of one man's life.
Cast: Matt Damon (as Edward Wilson), Angelina Jolie (as Clover / Margaret Russell), Alec Baldwin (as Sam Murach), Tammy Blanchard (as Laura), Billy Crudup (as Arch Cummings), Robert De Niro (as Bill Sullivan), Keir Dullea (as Senator John Russell, Sr.), Michael Gambon (as Dr. Fredericks), Martina Gedeck (as Hanna Schiller), William Hurt (as Philip Allen), Timothy Hutton (as Thomas Wilson), Mark Ivanir (as Valentin Mironov #2), Gabriel Macht (as John Russell, Jr.), Lee Pace (as Richard Hayes), Joe Pesci (as Joseph Palmi) 
401 3/4 The Goonies  Minutes: 114  1985  Adventure 

Mikey and Brandon Walsh are two brothers whose family is preparing to move due to a new development that is sure to be started unless enough money is raised, which is quite doubtful. But, when Mikey stumbles on a treasure map of the famed "One-Eyed" Willy's hidden fortune, he, his brother, and a few friends set out on a quest to find the riches in hopes to save their homes. The entrance to a cavern is found, but it is located underneath an abandoned restaurant occupied by the Fratelli family, a treacherous group of thieves who attempt to beat the "Goonies" to the treasure. 
Cast: Sean Astin (as Mikey Walsh), Josh Brolin (as Brand Walsh), Jeff Cohen (as Lawrence 'Chunk' Cohen), Corey Feldman (as Clark 'Mouth' Devereaux), Kerri Green (as Andy Carmichael), Martha Plimpton (as Stef Steinbrenner), Jonathan Ke Quan (as Richard 'Data' Wang (as Ke Huy Quan)), John Matuszak (as Lotney 'Sloth' Fratelli), Robert Davi (as Jake Fratelli), Joe Pantoliano (as Francis Fratelli), Anne Ramsey (as Mama Fratelli), Lupe Ontiveros (as Rosalita), Mary Ellen Trainor (as Harriet Walsh), Keith Walker (as Irving Walsh), Curtis Hanson (as Elgin Perkins) 
402 3/4 The Great Escape  Minutes: 172  1963  Adventure 

Based on a true story, "The Great Escape" deals with the largest Allied escape attempt from a German POW camp during the Second World War. The first part of the film focuses on the escape efforts within the camp and the process of secretly digging an escape tunnel. The second half of the film deals with the massive effort by the German Gestapo to track down the over 70 escaped prisoners who are at this point throughout the Third Reich attempting to make their way to England and various neutral countries. 
Cast: Steve McQueen (as Capt. Hilts "The Cooler King"), James Garner (as Flight Lt. Hendley "The Scrounger"), Richard Attenborough (as Squadron Leader Roger Bartlett "Big X"), James Donald (as Group Capt. Ramsey "The SBO"), Charles Bronson (as Flight Lt. Danny Velinski "The Tunnel King"), Donald Pleasence (as Flight Lt. Colin Blythe "The Forger"), James Coburn (as Flying Officer Louis Sedgwick "The Manufacturer"), Hannes Messemer (as Col. von Luger), David McCallum (as Lt. Cmdr. Eric Ashley-Pitt "Dispersal"), Gordon Jackson (as Flight Lt. Sandy MacDonald), John Leyton (as Flight Lt. William Dickes "The Tunneler"), Angus Lennie (as Flying Officer Archibald Ives "The Mole"), Nigel Stock (as Flight Lt. Denys Cavendish "The Surveyor"), Robert Graf (as Werner 'The Ferret'), Jud Taylor (as Goff) 
403 3/4 The Greatest Game Ever Played  Minutes: 120  2005  Drama 

A golf drama based on the true story of the 1913 US Open, where 20-year-old Francis Ouimet defeated his idol, 1900 US Open champion, Englishman, Harry Vardon. 
Cast: James Paxton (as Young Harry Vardon), Tom Rack (as Black Top Hatted Man), Armand Laroche (as Black Top Hatted Man), Peter Hurley (as Black Top Hatted Man), Gregory Terlecki (as Black Top Hatted Man), Jonathan Higgins (as Embry Wallis), Matthew Knight (as Young Francis Ouimet), Luke Askew (as Alec Campbell), Amanda Tilson (as Young Sarah Wallis (as Amanda Tilson)), Elias Koteas (as Arthur Ouimet), Jamie Merling (as Young Louise Ouimet), Eugenio Esposito (as Young Raymond Ouimet), Marnie McPhail (as Mary Ouimet), Stephen Dillane (as Harry Vardon), Robin Wilcock (as Bernard Darwin) 
404 3/4 The Green Mile  Minutes: 188  1999  Drama 

Paul Edgecomb is a slightly cynical veteran prison guard on Death row in the 1930's. His faith, and sanity, deteriorated by watching men live and die, Edgecomb is about to have a complete turn around in attitude. Enter John Coffey, He's eight feet tall. He has hands the size of waffle irons. He's been accused of the murder of two children... and he's afraid to sleep in a cell without a night-light. And Edgecomb, as well as the other prison guards - Brutus, a sympathetic guard, and Percy, a stuck up, perverse, and violent person, are in for a strange experience that involves intelligent mice, brutal executions, and the revelation about Coffey's innocence and his true identity. 
Cast: Tom Hanks (as Paul Edgecomb), David Morse (as Brutus "Brutal" Howell), Bonnie Hunt (as Jan Edgecomb), Michael Clarke Duncan (as John Coffey), James Cromwell (as Warden Hal Moores), Michael Jeter (as Eduard Delacroix), Graham Greene (as Arlen Bitterbuck), Doug Hutchison (as Percy Wetmore), Sam Rockwell (as 'Wild Bill' Wharton), Barry Pepper (as Dean Stanton), Jeffrey DeMunn (as Harry Terwilliger), Patricia Clarkson (as Melinda Moores), Harry Dean Stanton (as Toot-Toot), Dabbs Greer (as Old Paul Edgecomb), Eve Brent (as Elaine Connelly) 
405 2/4 The Groove Tube  Minutes: 75  1974  Comedy 

A collection of skits that make fun of television. Everything from commercials to the nightly news are spoofed. Chevy Chase makes a brief (as well as his debut), appearance.  
Cast: Ken Shapiro, Richard Belzer, Chevy Chase, Buzzy Linhart, Richmond Baier, Berkeley Harris, Jennifer Welles, Roy Wallace, Kirtus Allen, Laura Glicken, Hal Fore, Jennifer Zens, Leo Petrie, Lane Sarasohn, Paul Norman 
406 2/4 The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy  Minutes: 109  2005  Adventure 

Arthur Dent is a British everyman. When he finally meets his perfect woman he balks at her request to go some place and she is then stolen away from him by a man claiming to have his own spaceship arrives at the party. Arthur next finds that his home is to be demolished for a bypass. He thinks it is only his house, but later realizes, with the help of Ford Prefect, that his galactic home, Earth, is going to be destroyed as well. Ford and Arthur then catch a ride on a spaceship and are Arthur finds himself on the adventure of a lifetime. He also finds the woman stolen away from him and the man who pilfered her. If Earth can be restored will Arthur want to ease back into his boring life? 
Cast: Bill Bailey (as The Whale (voice)), Anna Chancellor (as Questular Rontok), Warwick Davis (as Marvin), Mos Def (as Ford Prefect), Zooey Deschanel (as Trillian), Su Elliot (as Pub Customer (as Su Eliott)), Martin Freeman (as Arthur Dent), Stephen Fry (as Narrator/The Guide (voice)), Richard Griffiths (as Jeltz (voice)), Dominique Jackson (as Fook), Simon Jones (as Ghostly Image), Thomas Lennon (as Eddie the Computer (voice)), Mark Longhurst (as Bulldozer Driver), Kelly Macdonald (as Reporter), John Malkovich (as Humma Kavula) 
407 2/4 The Hollywood Knights  Minutes: 91  1980  Comedy 

It's Halloween 1965 in Hollywood and is also the last day that a drive in which the hang out of some youths who call themselves the Hollywood Knights will be open. It is being closed because most of the local snobs don't like them so they decided to close the drive in to get rid of them. Now the Knights decide to lash back at those who were responsible. And they try to make the best of the drive in's last night. They also have some new pledges and they have to perform a very daring task. Also one of the Knights is going to Vietnam, so he is making the best of his last day. And another member is having problems with his girlfriend. 
Cast: Robert Wuhl (as Newbomb Turk), Tony Danza (as Duke), Fran Drescher (as Sally), Leigh French (as Jacqueline Freedman), Randy Gornel (as Wheatly), Gary Graham (as Jimmy Shine), Sandy Helberg (as Officer Clark), James Jeter (as Smitty), Stuart Pankin (as Dudley Laywicker), P.R. Paul (as Simpson), Michelle Pfeiffer (as Suzie Q), Gailard Sartain (as Bimbeau), Julius Averitt (as Earle), Richard Schaal (as Nevans), Steve Ballard (as Mechanic) 
408 4/4 The Hunt for John Wilkes Booth  Minutes:   2007  History 


It was the largest manhunt in history--ten thousand federal troops, detectives and police hunted those responsible for the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. The conspiracy was vast--an effort to decapitate the United States government at the end of the Civil War. The manhunt was intense--ending 12 days later in a fiery showdown with the man who pulled the trigger--John Wilkes Booth. The show is based on Michael Kauffman's highly praised book, American Brutus. 
Cast: Jean-Pierre Parent (as John Wilkes Booth), Shaun C. Grenan (as David Herold), Janet Vincent Lee (as Mary Surratt), John Neely (as Stanton), A.J. Roberts (as Bounty hunter) 
409 2/4 The Hunters  Minutes: 108  1958  Action 

During the Korean War, a veteran fighter pilot joins an F-86 squadron in S. Korea. His indoctrination training is quit short, and he is soon leading elements of F-86s into combat against North Korean MIGs. The squadron is comprised of a motley group of pilots, including the confident protagonist, Maj. Saville, a young hotshot "top-gun" pilot, Lt. Pell, and an alcoholic fighter pilot, Lt. Corona. The lead antagonist is Kasey Jones, a N. Korean Ace who is shooting down many of the U.S F-86s.
The flying was filmed over the southwest United States, and much of it was filmed as they flew in the vicinity of towering cumulus clouds, thereby adding the sensation of speed. A great film if you enjoy wacthing high-speed aircraft.
Cast: Robert Mitchum (as Major Cleve Saville), Robert Wagner (as Lt. Ed Pell), Richard Egan (as Colonel Dutch Imil, CO 54th Fighter Group), May Britt (as Kristina 'Kris' Abbott), Lee Philips (as 1stLt. Carl Abbott), John Gabriel (as 1stLt. Corona), Stacy Harris (as Col. Monk Moncavage), Victor Sen Yung (as Korean farmer), Candace Lee (as Korean Child) 
410 3/4 The Illusionist  Minutes: 110  2006  Drama 

Director Neil Burger's screen adaptation of Steven Millhauser's short story 'Eisenheim the Illusionist'. Eisenheim (Edward Norton) is a magician in early 1900's Vienna, who falls in love with a woman well above his social standing. When she becomes engaged to a Crown Prince, Eisenheim uses his powers to free her and undermine the stability of the royal house of Vienna. 
Cast: Edward Norton (as Eisenheim), Paul Giamatti (as Inspector Uhl), Jessica Biel (as Sophie), Rufus Sewell (as Crown Prince Leopold), Eddie Marsan (as Josef Fischer (as Edward Marsan)), Jake Wood (as Jurka), Tom Fisher (as Willigut), Aaron Johnson (as Young Eisenheim), Eleanor Tomlinson (as Young Sophie), Karl Johnson (as Doctor/Old Man), Vincent Franklin (as Loschek), Nicholas Blane (as Herr Doebler), Philip McGough (as Dr. Hofzinser), Erich Redman (as Count Rainer), Michael Carter (as Von Thurnburg) 
411 3/4 The Incredible Hulk  Minutes: 112  2008  Action 

Dr. Bruce Banner is secretly living in the greatest slum of South America, the Favela da Rocinha, and working in a factory of "cachaça" in Rio de Janeiro. While seeking the cure with his beloved Dr. Elizabeth Ross and other scientists, he learns how to control his emotions and heart beat and to keep his human form for a long period. When General Thaddeus 'Thunderbolt' Ross finds a clue of his location in Brazil, he sends a command leaded by the tough Major Emil Blonsky to abduct Dr. Banner. However, he transforms in Hulk and escapes to Guatemala. Later he contacts Betty and his colleagues and when he is close to find his cure, Blonsky captures him and transforms himself in powerful beast The Abomination. Dr. Banner has to decide whether he should remain human or transform in The Incredible Hulk again to stop The Abomination. 
Cast: Edward Norton (as Bruce Banner), Liv Tyler (as Betty Ross), Tim Roth (as Emil Blonsky), William Hurt (as Gen. Thaddeus 'Thunderbolt' Ross), Tim Blake Nelson (as Samuel Sterns), Ty Burrell (as Leonard), Christina Cabot (as Major Kathleen Sparr), Peter Mensah (as General Joe Greller), Lou Ferrigno (as Voice of The Incredible Hulk / Security Guard), Paul Soles (as Stanley), Débora Nascimento (as Martina), Greg Bryk (as Commando #1), Chris Owens (as Commando #2), Al Vrkljan (as Commando #3), Adrian Hein (as Commando #4) 
412 3/4 The Incredibles  Minutes: 115  2004  Animation 

Fifteen years ago, superheroes walked the streets of Metroville, performing acts of great heroism and inspiring many to follow their example. But a string of lawsuits by disgruntled people they'd helped lead to political and public outcry, and the Supers were forced into retirement and government-funded anonymity. Bob Parr used to be Mr. Incredible, one of the greatest and strongest Supers; now, he lives a mundane life as a suburban insurance agent. Although his wife Helen (formerly Elastigirl) has moved on and is more concerned with raising their children Dashiell (who is super-fast and super-confident), Violet (who can turn invisible - and is super-shy) and baby Jack-Jack than battling evil, Bob still yearns for the good old days - and his chance comes when he is approached by a shadowy government organization and asked to join their numbers. But all is not as it seems, and Bob will find himself trapped by Syndrome, an embittered enemy who in his youth once idolized Mr. Incredible - and only his family will be able to save him now... 
Cast: Craig T. Nelson (as Bob Parr/Mr. Incredible (voice)), Holly Hunter (as Helen Parr/Elastigirl (voice)), Samuel L. Jackson (as Lucius Best/Frozone (voice)), Jason Lee (as Buddy Pine/Syndrome (voice)), Dominique Louis (as Bomb Voyage (voice)), Teddy Newton (as Newsreel Narrator (voice)), Jean Sincere (as Mrs. Hogenson (voice)), Eli Fucile (as Jack Jack Parr (voice)), Maeve Andrews (as Jack Jack Parr (voice)), Wallace Shawn (as Gilbert Huph (voice)), Spencer Fox (as Dashiell 'Dash' Parr (voice)), Lou Romano (as Bernie Kropp (voice)), Wayne Canney (as Principal (voice)), Sarah Vowell (as Violet Parr (voice)), Michael Bird (as Tony Rydinger (voice)) 
413 2/4 The Island  Minutes: 136  2005  Action 

In 2019, when most of the outside world has been contaminated, a community of people, rescued from the toxic environment, live by utopian standards in an isolated colony. The only rules of living are selected for them such as; clothing, meals, leisure, and jobs are all structured and controlled. Everyone in the community anticipates a special event, the lottery, in which one person wins a chance to move to a paradise, the only uncontaminated area left on Earth, known as "The Island. 
Cast: Ewan McGregor (as Lincoln 6 Echo / Tom Lincoln), Scarlett Johansson (as Jordan 2 Delta / Sarah Jordan), Djimon Hounsou (as Albert Laurent), Sean Bean (as Dr. Merrick), Steve Buscemi (as James McCord), Michael Clarke Duncan (as Starkweather 2 Delta), Ethan Phillips (as Jones 3 Echo), Brian Stepanek (as Gandu 3 Echo), Noa Tishby (as Community Announcer), Siobhan Flynn (as Lima 1 Alpha), Troy Blendell (as Laurent Team Member), Jamie McBride (as Laurent Team Member), Kevin McCorkle (as Laurent Team Member), Gary Nickens (as Laurent Team Member), Kathleen Rose Perkins (as Laurent Team Member) 
414 2/4 The Italian Job  Minutes: 111  2003  Action 

The plan was flawless... the job was executed perfectly... the escape was clean. The only threat mastermind thief Charlie Croker (Wahlberg) never saw coming was a member of his own crew. After pulling off an amazing gold bullion heist from a heavily guarded palazzo in Venice, Italy, Charlie and his gang -- inside man Steve (Norton), computer genius Lyle (Green), wheelman handsome Rob (Statham), explosives expert Left-Ear (Mos Def) and veteran safecracker John Bridger (Sutherland) - can't believe when one of them turns out to be a double-crosser. Enter Stella (Theron), a beautiful nerves-of-steel safecracker, who joins Charlie and his former gang when they follow the backstabber to California, where they plan to re-steal the gold by tapping into Los Angeles' traffic control system, manipulating signals and creating one of the biggest traffic jams in LA history. Now the job isn't the payoff, it's about payback. 
Cast: Mark Wahlberg (as Charlie Croker), Charlize Theron (as Stella Bridger), Donald Sutherland (as John Bridger), Jason Statham (as Handsome Rob), Seth Green (as Lyle), Mos Def (as Left Ear), Edward Norton (as Steve), Fausto Callegarini (as Italian Guard), Stefano Petronelli (as Garbageman/Thug), Fabio Scarpa (as Garbageman/Thug), Cristiano Bonora (as Garbageman/Thug), Tiberio Greco (as Garbageman/Thug), Jimmy Shubert (as First Detective), Tammi Cubilette (as Second Detective), Mary Portser (as Stella's Receptionist) 
415 2/4 The Kid  Minutes: 104  2000  Comedy 

Russ Duritz is a wealthy L.A. image consultant, but as he nears 40, he's cynical, dogless, chickless, estranged from his father, and he has no memories of his childhood. One night he surprises an intruder, who turns out to be a kid, almost 8 years old. There's something oddly familiar about the chubby lad, whose name is Rusty. The boy's identity sparks a journey into Russ's past that the two of them take - to find the key moment that has defined who Russ is. Two long-suffering women look on with disbelief: Russ's secretary, Janet, and his assistant, the lovely Amy, to whom Rusty takes a shine. What, and who, is at the end of this journey? 
Cast: Bruce Willis (as Russell Duritz), Spencer Breslin (as Rusty Duritz), Emily Mortimer (as Amy), Lily Tomlin (as Janet), Chi McBride (as Kenny), Jean Smart (as Deirdre Lefever), Dana Ivey (as Dr. Suzanne Alexander), Daniel von Bargen (as Sam Duritz), Stanley Anderson (as Bob Riley), Susan Dalian (as Giselle), Juanita Moore (as Kenny's Grandmother), Esther Scott (as Clarissa), Deborah May (as Governor Jane Camp), Vernee Watson-Johnson (as Newsstand Cashier), Jan Hoag (as Newsstand Tourist) 
416 3/4 The Kingdom  Minutes: 110  2007  Action 

When a terrorist bomb detonates inside a Western housing compound in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, an international incident is ignited. While diplomats slowly debate equations of territorialism, FBI Special Agent Ronald Fleury quickly assembles an elite team and negotiates a secret five-day trip into Saudi Arabia to locate the madman behind the bombing. Upon landing in the desert kingdom, however, Fleury and his team discover Saudi authorities suspicious and unwelcoming of American interlopers into what they consider a local matter. Hamstrung by protocol-and with the clock ticking on their five days-the FBI agents find their expertise worthless without the trust of their Saudi counterparts, who want to locate the terrorist in their homeland on their own terms. Fleury's crew finds a like-minded partner in Saudi Colonel Al-Ghazi, who helps them navigate royal politics and unlock the secrets of the crime scene and the workings of an extremist cell bent on further destruction. With these unlikely allies sharing a propulsive commitment to crack the case, the team is led to the killer's front door in a blistering do-or-die confrontation. Now in a fight for their own lives, strangers united by one mission won't stop until justice is found in The Kingdom.
Cast: Jamie Foxx (as Ronald Fleury), Chris Cooper (as Grant Sykes), Jennifer Garner (as Janet Mayes), Jason Bateman (as Adam Leavitt), Ashraf Barhom (as Colonel Faris Al Ghazi), Ali Suliman (as Sergeant Haytham), Jeremy Piven (as Damon Schmidt), Richard Jenkins (as FBI Director James Grace), Tim McGraw (as Aaron Jackson), Kyle Chandler (as Francis Manner), Frances Fisher (as Elaine Flowers), Danny Huston (as Attorney General Gideon Young), Kelly AuCoin (as Ellis Leach), Anna Deavere Smith (as Maricella Canavesio), Minka Kelly (as Miss Ross) 
417 2/4 The Last Castle  Minutes: 131  2001  Action 

When three star General Irwin is transferred to a maximum security military prison, its warden, Colonel Winter, can't hide his admiration towards the highly decorated and experienced soldier. Irwin has been stripped of his rank for disobedience in a mission, but not of fame. Colonel Winter, who runs the prison with an iron fist, deeply admires the General, but works with completely different methods in order to keep up discipline. After a short while, Irwin can feel Winter's unjust treatment of the inmates. He decides to teach Winter a lesson by taking over command of the facility and thus depriving him of his smug attitude. When Winter decides to participate in what he still thinks of as a game, it may already be too late to win. 
Cast: Robert Redford (as Lt. Gen. Eugene Irwin), James Gandolfini (as Col. Winter), Mark Ruffalo (as Yates), Steve Burton (as Capt. Peretz), Delroy Lindo (as Gen. Wheeler), Paul Calderon (as Dellwo), Samuel Ball (as Duffy), Jeremy Childs (as Cutbush), Clifton Collins Jr. (as Cpl. Ramon Aguilar), George W. Scott (as Thumper), Brian Goodman (as Beaupre), Michael Irby (as Enriquez), Frank Military (as Doc Lee Bernard), Maurice Bullard (as Sgt. McLaren), Nick Kokich (as Pvt. Niebolt) 
418 3/4 The Last of Sheila  Minutes: 120  1973  Crime 

Sheila is killed in a hit-and-run car accident following a party one night. A year later her multi-millionaire husband, Clinton, invites a group of her friends to spend a week on a his yacht. He's a notorious practical joker and insists his guests play a mystery game where each has been assigned a crime for the others to discover. Each night a series of clues is planted in the local port and the team must solve the identity of the criminal-of-the-day. However, things get out of hand and soon there's a real crime to solve. 
Cast: Richard Benjamin (as Tom), Dyan Cannon (as Christine), James Coburn (as Clinton Green), Joan Hackett (as Lee), James Mason (as Philip), Ian McShane (as Anthony), Raquel Welch (as Alice), Yvonne Romain (as Sheila Green (as Yvonne Romaine)), Pierre Rosso (as Vittorio), Serge Citon (as Guido), Roberto Rossi (as Captain), Elaine Geisinger (as American Couple), Elliot Geisinger (as American Couple), Jack Pugeat (as Silver Salesman), Maurice Crosnier (as Concierge), Martial (as Locksmith) 
419 3/4 The Last Samurai  Minutes: 154  2003  Action 

American War Captain Nathan Algren (Cruise) trains and lead's a group of Japenese soldiers to defeat a rebellion of the countries remaining Samurai. Algren is captured by the Samurai and soon becomes part of the village he is being held hostage in and find's that his true warrior is becoming unleashed as he trains to become a Samurai with the very people we once called his enemies. Soon, the Japenese forces begin to search for the Samurai again... ready to begin a war with them that will soon determine the fate of Japenese traditions, and thier lives. 
Cast: Ken Watanabe (as Katsumoto), Tom Cruise (as Nathan Algren), William Atherton (as Winchester Rep), Chad Lindberg (as Winchester Rep Assistant), Ray Godshall Sr. (as Convention Hall Attendee), Billy Connolly (as Zebulon Gant), Tony Goldwyn (as Colonel Bagley), Masato Harada (as Omura), Masashi Odate (as Omura's Companion), John Koyama (as Omura's Bodyguard), Timothy Spall (as Simon Graham), Shichinosuke Nakamura (as Emperor Meiji), Togo Igawa (as General Hasegawa), Satoshi Nikaido (as N.C.O.), Shintaro Wada (as Young Recruit) 
420 2/4 The Last Starfighter  Minutes: 101  1984  Comedy 

Alex Rogan lives in a trailer court where his mother is manager and everyone is like a big extended family. He beats the Starfighter Video Game to the applause of everyone in the court and later that day finds he has been turned down for a student loan for college. Depressed, he meets Centauri, who introduces himself as a person from the company that made the Game, before Alex really knows what is going on he is on the ride of his life in a "car" flying thru space. Chosen to take the skills he showed on the video game into real combat to protect the galaxy from an invasion. Alex gets as far as the Starfighter base before he really realized that he was conscripted and requests to be taken back home. When he gets back home, he finds a Zan-Do-Zan (Alien Bounty Hunter) is stalking him. Unable to go home and live, Alex returns to the Starfighter base to find all the pilots have been killed and he is the galaxy's only chance to be saved from invasion. To defeat the invaders, who are paying the Bounty on him, He must be victorious. 
Cast: Kay E. Kuter (as Enduran), Dan Mason (as Lord Kril), Lance Guest (as Alex Rogan/Beta Alex), Dan O'Herlihy (as Grig), Catherine Mary Stewart (as Maggie Gordon), Barbara Bosson (as Jane Rogan), Norman Snow (as Xur), Robert Preston (as Centauri), Chris Hebert (as Louis Rogan), John O'Leary (as Rylan Bursar), George McDaniel (as Kodan Officer), Charlene Nelson (as Rylan Technician), John Maio (as Friendly Alien), Robert Starr (as Underling), Al Berry (as Rylan Spy) 
421 2/4 The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen  Minutes: 110  2003  Action 

In this extraordinary adventure, the Fantom is trying to start a World War, and be at the head of it. The Fantom has highly superior weapons to the normal weapons of that day, and he also has extreme cunning, as we see by his tricking the countries into suspecting each other for war-mongering. A supposed loyalist to her Majesty's Empire is sent to fetch Allan Quatermain(Sean Connery) in an effort to track down the group who is trying to start the war. In a private and secret meeting, Quatermain meets who he is to be teaming up with on this mission. He is accompanied by Captain Nemo (Naseeruddin Shah), Mina Harker (Peta Wilson), Rodney Skinner (the Invisible Man, Tony Curran), Dorian Gray (Stuart Townsend), Tom Sawyer (Shane West), and Dr. Henry Jekyll (Also Mr. Edward Hyde, Jason Flemyng). Soon into their adventure they discover that the Fantom is behind these attacks, but there is more to this war than battle and cunning. 
Cast: Sean Connery (as Allan Quatermain), Naseeruddin Shah (as Captain Nemo), Peta Wilson (as Mina Harker), Tony Curran (as Rodney Skinner (The Invisible Man)), Stuart Townsend (as Dorian Gray), Shane West (as Tom Sawyer), Jason Flemyng (as Dr. Henry Jekyll/Edward Hyde), Richard Roxburgh (as M), Max Ryan (as Dante), Tom Goodman-Hill (as Sanderson Reed), David Hemmings (as Nigel), Terry O'Neill (as Ishmael), Rudolf Pellar (as Draper), Robert Willox (as Constable Dunning), Robert Orr (as Running Officer) 
422 2/4 The Legend of Bagger Vance  Minutes: 126  2000  Drama 

Rannulph Junnah is the best golfer in Savannah. He's living well and has a girl, Adele Invergordon, who's the daughter of a wealthy landowner. The First World War starts, though, and Junnah goes to Europe to fight. The only survivor of a dangerous mission, Junnah doesn't return to Savannah for 15 years. In 1930, he returns, and Adele's father has already committed suicide during the Depression. Pressured by tax collectors to sell the golf course her father built to pay off debts, Adele, now older, vows to bring to Savannah the greatest match ever played on the greatest golf course, her late father's. She's able to round up the 2 greatest golfers of their time, Bobby Jones and Walter Hagen to play for $10,000. The townspeople insist on having "one of their own" compete also, and Rannulph Junnah is rounded up. Junnah now hangs out with bums and is an alcoholic, as he has lost his authentic swing from 15 years ago. At first he turns down the offer. He gets his old clubs and balls and starts practicing. He has lost his ability. Suddenly, Bagger Vance shows up. He offers to be Junnahs's caddy and help him regain his "authentic swing". He does, and Junnah agrees to play in the big match. 
Cast: Will Smith (as Bagger Vance), Matt Damon (as Rannulph Junuh), Charlize Theron (as Adele Invergordon), Bruce McGill (as Walter Hagen), Joel Gretsch (as Bobby Jones), J. Michael Moncrief (as Hardy Greaves), Lane Smith (as Grantland Rice), Peter Gerety (as Neskaloosa), Michael O'Neill (as O.B. Keeler), Thomas Jay Ryan (as Spec Hammond), Trip Hamilton (as Frank Greaves), Dermot Crowley (as Douglas McDermont), Harve Presnell (as John Invergordon), Danny Nelson (as McManus), Bob Penny (as Laidlaw) 
423 2/4 The Legend of Zorro  Minutes: 129  2005  Action 

The Legendary Zorro goes off on another adventure to protect the future of California and its citizens. This time, he fights against evil-doers with the help of his beautiful wife, Elena, and their precocious young son, Joaquin. Alejandro De LaVega is torn between two worlds: his life as Zorro and his life as a family man. After Alejandro once again breaks his promise to stop wearing the mask, Elena leaves him, and soon begins seeing Armand, a haughty French Count. But a mysterious explosion in the desert leads Zorro to believe that there's more to Armand than meets the eye, and our hero is intent on finding out what that is. Little does he know, there are others working to uncover certain truths as well. 
Cast: Alberto Reyes (as Brother Ignacio), Julio Oscar Mechoso (as Frey Felipe), Gustavo Sanchez-Parra (as Cortez (as Gustavo Sánchez Parra)), Adrian Alonso (as Joaquin), Nick Chinlund (as Jacob McGivens), Giovanna Zacarías (as Blanca (as Giovanna Zacarias)), Carlos Cobos (as Tabulador), Antonio Banderas (as Zorro/Alejandro), Michael Emerson (as Harrigan), Shuler Hensley (as Pike), Pedro Armendáriz Jr. (as Governor Riley (as Pedro Armendariz)), Mary Crosby (as Governor's Wife), Catherine Zeta-Jones (as Elena), Mauricio Bonet (as Don Verdugo), Fernando Becerril (as Don Diaz) 
424 3/4 The Little Mermaid  Minutes: 83  1989  Family 

Loosely based upon the story by Hans Christian Andersen. Ariel, youngest daughter of King Triton, is dissatisfied with life in the sea. She longs to be with the humans above the surface, and is often caught in arguments with her father over those "barbaric fish-eaters". She goes to meet Ursula, the Sea Witch, to strike a deal, but Ursula has bigger plans for this mermaid and her father.
Cast: Rene Auberjonois (as Louis (voice)), Christopher Daniel Barnes (as Prince Eric (voice)), Jodi Benson (as Ariel (voice)), Pat Carroll (as Ursula (voice)), Paddi Edwards (as Flotsam & Jetsam (voice)), Buddy Hackett (as Scuttle (voice)), Jason Marin (as Flounder (voice)), Kenneth Mars (as King Triton (voice)), Edie McClurg (as Carlotta (voice)), Will Ryan (as Seahorse (voice)), Ben Wright (as Grimsby (voice)), Samuel E. Wright (as Sebastian (voice)), Charles Adler (as Additional Voices (voice)), Jack Angel (as Additional Voices (voice)), Hamilton Camp (as Additional Voices (voice)), Nancy Cartwright (as Additional Voices (voice)), Jim Cummings (as Additional Voices (voice)), J.D. Daniels (as Additional Voices (voice)), Jennifer Darling (as Additional Voices (voice)), Gail Farrell (as Additional Vocalist (voice)), Ed Gilbert (as Additional Voices (voice)), Gerrit Graham (as Additional Voices (voice)), Mark Hamill (as Additional Voices (voice)), Anne Lockhart (as Additional Voices (voice)), Mickie McGowan (as Additional Voice (voice)), Rod McKuen (as Additional Voices (voice)), Malachi Pearson (as Additional Voices (voice)), Kimmy Robertson (as Alana (voice)), Lee Tockar (as Additional Voices (voice)), Caroline Vasicek (as Arielle (voice)), Robert Weil (as Additional Voices (voice)) 
425 2/4 The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea  Minutes: 75  2000  Adventure 

Morgana, sister of Ursula, almost steals the baby Melody from her parents, Ariel and Eric. To protect Melody, she's told never to enter the ocean, but by her 12th birthday, she's been swimming there for years. She discovers the magic locket that was to be her christening gift, which makes her visible to Morgana. Morgana tempts her by offering her fondest wish, to turn her into a mermaid; however, to remain a mermaid, she'll have to steal the magic trident from King Triton (who, unknown to her, is her grandfather). Meanwhile, all the sea creatures are searching for her. Along the way, she joins up with comic relief sidekicks Tip (a penguin) and Dash (a walrus). When she returns with the trident, Morgana's evil nature is revealed, and there is a massive battle of good and evil.
Cast: Jodi Benson (as Ariel (voice)), Samuel E. Wright (as Sebastian (voice)), Tara Strong (as Melody (voice) (as Tara Charendoff)), Pat Carroll (as Morgana (voice)), Buddy Hackett (as Scuttle (voice)), Kenneth Mars (as King Triton (voice)), Max Casella (as Tip (voice)), Stephen Furst (as Dash (voice)), Rob Paulsen (as Prince Eric (voice)), Clancy Brown (as Undertow (voice)), Cam Clarke (as Flounder (voice)), Rene Auberjonois (as Chef Louis (voice)), Kay E. Kuter (as Grimsby (voice)), Edie McClurg (as Carlotta (voice)), Frank Welker (as Max (voice)) 
426 2/4 The Longest Yard  Minutes: 113  2005  Action 

Paul "Wrecking" Crewe was a revered football superstar back in his day, but that time has since faded. But when a messy drunk driving incident lands him in jail, Paul finds he was specifically requested by Warden Hazen (James Cromwell), a duplicitous prison official well aware of Paul's athletic skills. Paul has been assigned the task of assembling a team of convicts, to square off in a big football game against the sadistic guards. With the help of fellow convict Caretaker, and an old legend named Nate Scarborough to coach, Crewe is ready for what promises to be a very interesting game. It's only the warden and the guards who have no idea who or what they're up against, with Paul the driving force behind the new team. 
Cast: Adam Sandler (as Paul Crewe), Chris Rock (as Caretaker), Burt Reynolds (as Coach Nate Scarborough), Nelly (as Megget), Michael Irvin (as Deacon Moss), Walter Williamson (as Errol Dandridge), Bill Goldberg (as Battle), Terry Crews (as Cheeseburger Eddy), Bob Sapp (as Switowski), Nicholas Turturro (as Brucie), Dalip Singh (as Turley), Lobo Sebastian (as Torres), Joey Diaz (as Big Tony (as Joey 'Coco' Diaz)), Steve Reevis (as Baby Face Bob), David Patrick Kelly (as Unger) 
427 3/4 The Longest Yard  Minutes: 121  1974  Comedy 

A football player-turned-convict organizes a team of inmates to play against a team of prison guards. His dilemma is that the warden asks him to throw the game in return for an early release, but he is also concerned about the inmates' lack of self-esteem. 
Cast: Burt Reynolds (as Paul Crewe), Eddie Albert (as Warden Hazen), Ed Lauter (as Captain Knauer), Michael Conrad (as Nate Scarboro), James Hampton (as Caretaker (as Jim Hampton)), Harry Caesar (as Granville), John Steadman (as Pop), Charles Tyner (as Unger), Mike Henry (as Rassmeusen), Jim Nicholson (as Ice Man), Bernadette Peters (as Miss Toot, Warden's Secretary), Pervis Atkins (as Mawabe), Tony Cacciotti (as Rotka), Anitra Ford (as Melissa Gaines), Michael Fox (as Announcer) 
428 3/4 The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring  Minutes: 178  2001  Action 

An ancient Ring thought lost for centuries has been found, and through a strange twist in fate has been given to a small Hobbit named Frodo. When Gandalf discovers the Ring is in fact the One Ring of the Dark Lord Sauron, Frodo must make an epic quest to the Cracks of Doom in order to destroy it! However he does not go alone. He is joined by Gandalf, Legolas the elf, Gimli the Dwarf, Aragorn, Boromir and his three Hobbit friends Merry, Pippin and Samwise. Through mountains, snow, darkness, forests, rivers and plains, facing evil and danger at every corner the Fellowship of the Ring must go. Their quest to destroy the One Ring is the only hope for the end of the Dark Lords reign! 
Cast: Alan Howard (as The Ring (voice)), Noel Appleby (as Everard Proudfoot), Sean Astin (as Sam Gamgee), Sala Baker (as Sauron), Sean Bean (as Boromir), Cate Blanchett (as Galadriel), Orlando Bloom (as Legolas Greenleaf), Billy Boyd (as Peregrin 'Pippin' Took), Marton Csokas (as Celeborn), Megan Edwards (as Mrs. Proudfoot), Michael Elsworth (as Gondorian Archivist), Mark Ferguson (as Gil-Galad), Ian Holm (as Bilbo Baggins), Christopher Lee (as Saruman), Lawrence Makoare (as Lurtz) 
429 3/4 The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King  Minutes: 201  2003  Action 

The War of the Ring reaches its climax as the dark lord Sauron sets his sights on Minas Tirith, the capital of Gondor. The members of the fellowship in Rohan are warned of the impending attack when Pippin cannot resist looking into Saruman's palantir and is briefly contacted by the dark lord. King Theoden is too proud to send his men to help without being asked, so Gandalf and Pippin ride to Minas Tirith to see that this request is sent. They meet opposition there from Denethor, steward of the city and father of Faramir and the late Boromir. Denethor's family has acted as temporary guardians of Gondor for centuries until a member of the true line of kings returns. This member is none other than Aragorn, who must overcome his own self-doubt before he can take on the role he was destined to fulfill. Meanwhile, Frodo and Sam continue to carry the One Ring towards Mordor, guided by Gollum. What they don't know is that Gollum is leading them into a trap so that he can reclaim the Ring for himself. Though Sam suspects his deceit, Frodo is starting to be corrupted by the Ring's power and the mistrust of Sam this causes is fully exploited by Gollum. The only way good can prevail in this contest is if the Ring is destroyed, an event that is becoming harder every minute for Frodo to achieve. The fate of every living creature in Middle Earth will be decided once and for all as the Quest of the Ringbearer reaches its climax. 
Cast: Noel Appleby (as Everard Proudfoot), Alexandra Astin (as Elanor Gamgee), Sean Astin (as Sam), David Aston (as Gondorian Soldier 3), John Bach (as Madril), Sean Bean (as Boromir), Cate Blanchett (as Galadriel), Orlando Bloom (as Legolas), Billy Boyd (as Pippin), Sadwyn Brophy (as Eldarion), Alistair Browning (as Damrod), Marton Csokas (as Celeborn), Richard Edge (as Gondorian Soldier 1), Jason Fitch (as Uruk 2), Bernard Hill (as Theoden) 
430 3/4 The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers  Minutes: 179  2002  Action 

The Fellowship has been broken. Boromir (Sean Bean) is dead, Frodo Baggins (Elijah Wood) and Samwise Gamgee (Sean Astin) have gone to Mordor alone to destroy the One Ring, Merry (Dominic Monaghan) and Pippin (Billy Boyd) have been captured by the Uruk-hai, and Aragorn (Viggo Mortensen), Legolas (Orlando Bloom), and Gimli (John Rhys-Davies) have made friends of the Rohan, a race of humans that are in the path of the upcoming war, led by its aging king, Théoden (Bernard Hill). The two towers between Mordor and Isengard, Barad-dúr and Orthanc, have united in their lust for destruction. The corrupt wizard Saruman (Christopher Lee), under the power of the Dark Lord Sauron, and his slimy assistant, Gríma Wormtongue (Brad Dourif), have created a grand Uruk-hai army bent on the destruction of Man and Middle-earth. The rebellion against Sauron is building up and will be led by Gandalf the White (Sir Ian McKellen), who was thought to be dead after the Balrog captured him. One of the Ring's original bearers, the creature Gollum (Andy Serkis), has tracked Frodo and Sam down in search of his 'precious', but is captured by the Hobbits and used as a way to lead them to Mt. Doom. The War of the Ring has now begun... 
Cast: Bruce Allpress (as Aldor), Sean Astin (as Sam), John Bach (as Madril), Sala Baker (as Man Flesh Uruk), Cate Blanchett (as Galadriel), Orlando Bloom (as Legolas Greenleaf), Billy Boyd (as Peregrin 'Pippin' Took), Jed Brophy (as Sharku/Snaga), Sam Comery (as Éothain), Brad Dourif (as Grima Wormtongue), Calum Gittins (as Haleth - Son of Háma), Bernard Hill (as Theoden), Bruce Hopkins (as Gamling), Paris Howe Strewe (as Théodred - Prince of Rohan), Christopher Lee (as Saruman the White) 
431 3/4 The Matrix  Minutes: 136  1999  Action 

Computer hacker Thomas Anderson has lived a relatively ordinary life--in what he thinks is the year 1999--until he is contacted by the enigmatic Morpheus who leads him into the real world. In reality, it is 200 years later, and the world has been laid waste and taken over by advanced artificial intelligence machines. The computers have created a false version of 20th-century life--the "Matrix"--to keep the human slaves satisfied, while the AI machines draw power from the humans. Anderson, pursued constantly by "Agents" (computers who take on human form and infiltrate the Matrix), is hailed as "The One" who will lead the humans to overthrow the machines and reclaim the Earth. 
Cast: Keanu Reeves (as Neo), Laurence Fishburne (as Morpheus), Carrie-Anne Moss (as Trinity), Hugo Weaving (as Agent Smith), Gloria Foster (as Oracle), Joe Pantoliano (as Cypher), Marcus Chong (as Tank), Julian Arahanga (as Apoc), Matt Doran (as Mouse), Belinda McClory (as Switch), Anthony Ray Parker (as Dozer), Paul Goddard (as Agent Brown), Robert Taylor (as Agent Jones), David Aston (as Rhineheart), Marc Gray (as Choi) 
432 3/4 The Matrix Reloaded  Minutes: 138  2003  Action 

Neo and the rebel leaders estimate that they have 72 hours until 250,000 probes discover Zion and destroy it and its inhabitants. During this, Neo must decide how he can save Trinity from a dark fate in his dreams.
Cast: Ray Anthony (as Power Station Guard), Christine Anu (as Kali), Andy Arness (as Police #2), Alima Ashton-Sheibu (as Link's Niece), Helmut Bakaitis (as The Architect), Steve Bastoni (as Soren), Don Battee (as Vector (as Don Batte)), Monica Bellucci (as Persephone), Daniel Bernhardt (as Agent Johnson), Valerie Berry (as Priestess), Ian Bliss (as Bane), Liliana Bogatko (as Old Woman at Zion), Michael Budd (as Zion Controller), Stoney Burke (as Bike Carrier Driver), Kelly Butler (as Ice) 
433 2/4 The Matrix Revolutions  Minutes: 129  2003  Action 

The human city of Zion defends itself against the massive invasion of the machines as Neo fights to end the war at another front while also opposing the rogue Agent Smith.
Cast: Mary Alice (as The Oracle), Tanveer K. Atwal (as Sati), Helmut Bakaitis (as The Architect), Kate Beahan (as Coat Check Girl), Francine Bell (as Councillor Grace), Monica Bellucci (as Persephone), Rachel Blackman (as Charra), Henry Blasingame (as Deus Ex Machina), Ian Bliss (as Bane), David Bowers (as Q-Ball Gang Member #1), Zeke Castelli (as Operations Officer Mattis), Collin Chou (as Seraph), Essie Davis (as Maggie), Laurence Fishburne (as Morpheus), Nona Gaye (as Zee) 
434 2/4 The One  Minutes: 87  2001  Action 

There is not one universe, but there are many, which is a multiverse. Supposing you are just one person, there are many other versions of you in the other universes, there are ways to travel, but only a police agency,MVA, can travel only for police procedures. Gabriel Yulaw (Jet Li)is a former MVA agent, who killed another version of himself in self-defense. It made the other versions of him stronger. When Yulaw found out about this, he became power-hungry killing the 122 other versions for two years. After killing Lawless (also played by Jet)and getting captured by his former partner Roedecker (Delroy Lindo) and a new MVA agent Funsch (Jason Statham) Yulaw managed to escape the prison and is trying to kill his last target, Gabe Law (also played by Jet) who is a police officer. He is also at Yulaw's strength. Roedecker and Funsch now have to arrest Yulaw before he can kill Gabe. There is a possibility that the universe could die or make Yulaw invinible. After encountering Yulaw for the first time, Gabe thought that it was his split personality, but it wasn't. Will Gabe be able to confront Yulaw before or after Yulaw ruins his life?
Cast: Jet Li (as Gabe Law / Gabriel Yulaw / Lawless), Carla Gugino (as T.K. Law / Massie Walsh), Delroy Lindo (as MVA Agent Harry Roedecker / Gas Station Attendant), Jason Statham (as MVA Agent Evan Funsch), James Morrison (as LAPD Officer Bobby Aldrich / 'A' World Inmate #1), Dylan Bruno (as Yates), Richard Steinmetz (as D'Antoni), Steve Rankin (as MVA Supervisor), Tucker Smallwood (as Prison Warden), Harriet Sansom Harris (as Nurse Besson), David Keats (as MRI Technician), Dean Norris (as Sgt. Siegel), Ron Zimmerman (as Rotten Ronnie), Darin Morgan (as Hugo), Mark Borchardt (as Cesar) 
435 3/4 The Outlaw Josey Wales  Minutes: 135  1976  Western 

Josey Wales is a peaceful farmer in the days near the end of the Civil War. After his home is burned and his family murdered, he hardens into a human bullet - dedicated to destroying the renegades who took his "life." He joins a band of unreconstructed rebel guerilla fighters who continue to fight the Union - even after the official surrender of the Confederacy - an action which makes them, legally, outlaws. Josey is driven by vengeance, but after a while, that's not enough. Back before his own personal Holocaust, he had been a builder - of home, family, farm, and life. And no matter how much ice he's wrapped himself in, down inside there's still the soul of a living man. While Wales exists, he's pulled by this hidden yearning to Live. Each day offers him chances to remember, to assuage his yearning, to begin again. And the movie shows us how Josey Wales - a mere seeker of vengeance - learns to live again, rededicated to the values he chose so long ago. 
Cast: Clint Eastwood (as Josey Wales), Chief Dan George (as Lone Watie), Sondra Locke (as Laura Lee), Bill McKinney (as Terrill), John Vernon (as Fletcher), Paula Trueman (as Grandma Sarah), Sam Bottoms (as Jamie), Geraldine Keams (as Little Moonlight), Woodrow Parfrey (as Carpetbagger), Joyce Jameson (as Rose), Sheb Wooley (as Travis Cobb), Royal Dano (as Ten Spot), Matt Clark (as Kelly (as Matt Clarke)), John Verros (as Chato), Will Sampson (as Ten Bears) 
436 2/4 The Pacifier  Minutes: 95  2005  Comedy 

The film is the story of an undercover agent who, after failing to protect an important government scientist, learns the man's family is in danger. In an effort to redeem himself, he agrees to take care of the man's children only to discover that child care is his toughest mission yet. 
Cast: Vin Diesel (as Shane Wolfe), Lauren Graham (as Principal Claire Fletcher), Faith Ford (as Julie Plummer), Brittany Snow (as Zoe Plummer), Max Thieriot (as Seth Plummer), Chris Potter (as Capt. Bill Fawcett), Carol Kane (as Helga), Brad Garrett (as Vice Principal Murney), Morgan York (as Lulu Plummer), Kegan Hoover (as Peter Plummer (as Keegan Hoover)), Logan Hoover (as Peter Plummer), Bo Vink (as Baby Tyler), Luke Vink (as Baby Tyler), Tate Donovan (as Howard Plummer), Scott Thompson (as Director) 
437 2/4 The Polar Express  Minutes: 99  2004  Animation 

This is the story of a young hero boy on Christmas Eve who boards on a powerful magical train that's headed to the North Pole and Santa Claus's home. What unfolds is an an adventure which follows a doubting boy, who takes an extraordinary train ride to the North Pole; during this ride, he embarks on a journey of self-discovery which shows him that the wonder of life never fades for those who believe.  
Cast: Tom Hanks (as Hero Boy / Father / Conductor / Hobo / Scrooge / Santa Claus), Leslie Zemeckis (as Sister Sarah / Mother), Eddie Deezen (as Know-It-All), Nona Gaye (as Hero Girl), Peter Scolari (as Lonely Boy), Brendan King (as Pastry Chef), Andy Pellick (as Pastry Chef), Josh Eli (as Waiter), Mark Mendonca (as Waiter), Rolandas Hendricks (as Waiter), Mark Goodman (as Waiter), Jon Scott (as Waiter), Gregory Gast (as Waiter), Sean Scott (as Waiter), Gordon Hart (as Waiter) 
438 3/4 The Prestige  Minutes: 130  2006  Drama 

In the end of the Nineteenth Century, in London, Robert Angier, his beloved wife Julia McCullough and Alfred Borden are friends and assistants of a magician. When Julia accidentally dies during a performance, Robert blames Alfred for her death and they become enemies. Both become famous and rival magicians, sabotaging the performance of the other on the stage. When Alfred performs a successful trick, Robert becomes obsessed trying to disclose the secret of his competitor with tragic consequences. 
Cast: Hugh Jackman (as Robert Angier), Christian Bale (as Alfred Borden), Michael Caine (as Cutter), Piper Perabo (as Julia McCullough), Rebecca Hall (as Sarah), Scarlett Johansson (as Olivia Wenscombe), Samantha Mahurin (as Jess), David Bowie (as Tesla), Andy Serkis (as Alley), Daniel Davis (as Judge), Jim Piddock (as Prosecutor), Christopher Neame (as Defender), Mark Ryan (as Captain), Roger Rees (as Owens), Jamie Harris (as Sullen Warder) 
439 3/4 The Princess Bride  Minutes: 98  1987  Adventure 

When a young boy falls ill, his grandfather pops round to visit him. To cheer his grandson up, Grandpa has brought a storybook; The Princess Bride, a tale of the love between the beautiful Buttercup and the besotted Westley, a love cruelly interrupted by Westley's tragic apparent death at sea when seeking his fortune. Heartbroken, Buttercup has sworn never to love again, but accepts the marriage proposal of the rich and handsome Prince Humperdinck, heir to the throne of Florin; but death is no barrier to true love, and in a story filled with exotically-accented swordsmen, big-hearted giants, genius kidnappers, sadistic torturers, vile swamps, Rodents of Unusual Size, the Dread Pirate Roberts and a somewhat embittered miracle worker, the love between Westley and Buttercup twists and turns on a path filled with adventure. Will the True Love of Westley and Buttercup win the day? Will Inigo Montaya find the six-fingered man who murdered his father? Will Humperdinck's evil plans come to fruition? And, more importantly, will Grandpa be able to tell the story without any of the yucky kissing? 
Cast: Cary Elwes (as Westley), Mandy Patinkin (as Inigo Montoya), Chris Sarandon (as Prince Humperdinck), Christopher Guest (as Count Tyrone Rugen), Wallace Shawn (as Vizzini), André the Giant (as Fezzik (as Andre the Giant)), Fred Savage (as The Grandson), Robin Wright Penn (as Buttercup/The Princess Bride (as Robin Wright)), Peter Falk (as The Grandfather/Narrator), Peter Cook (as The Impressive Clergyman), Mel Smith (as The Albino), Carol Kane (as Valerie), Billy Crystal (as Miracle Max), Anne Dyson (as The Queen), Margery Mason (as The Ancient Booer) 
440 3/4 The Proposition  Minutes: 104  2005  Action 

Rural Australia in the late nineteenth century: Capt. Stanley and his men capture two of the four Burns brothers, Charlie and Mike. Their gang is held responsible for attacking the Hopkins farm, raping pregnant Mrs. Hopkins and murdering the whole family. Arthur Burns, the eldest brother and the gang's mastermind, remains at large has and has retreated to a mountain hideout. Capt. Stanley's proposition to Charlie is to gain pardon and - more importantly - save his beloved younger brother Mike from the gallows by finding and killing Arthur within nine days. 
Cast: Richard Wilson (as Mike Burns), Noah Taylor (as Brian O'Leary), Jeremy Madrona (as Asian Prostitute), Jae Mamuyac (as Asian Prostitute), Guy Pearce (as Charlie Burns), Mick Roughan (as Mad Jack Bradshaw), Shane Watt (as John Gordon), Ray Winstone (as Captain Stanley), Robert Morgan (as Sergeant Lawrence), David Gulpilil (as Jacko), Bryan Probets (as Officer Dunn), Oliver Ackland (as Patrick Hopkins), Danny Huston (as Arthur Burns), David Vallon (as Tom Cox), Daniel Parker (as Henry Clark) 
441 3/4 The Pursuit of Happyness  Minutes: 117  2006  Biography 

In 1981, Chris Gardner was a struggling salesman in little needed medical bone density scanners while his wife toiled in double shifts to support the family including their young son, Christopher. In the face of this difficult life, Chris has the desperate inspiration to try for a stockbroker internship where one in twenty has a chance of a lucrative full time career. Even when his wife leaves him because of this choice, Chris clings to this dream with his son even when the odds become more daunting by the day. Together, father and son struggle through homelessness, jail time, tax seizure and the overall punishing despair in a quest that would make Gardner a respected millionaire. 
Cast: Will Smith (as Chris Gardner), Jaden Smith (as Christopher (as Jaden Christopher Syre Smith)), Thandie Newton (as Linda), Brian Howe (as Jay Twistle), James Karen (as Martin Frohm), Dan Castellaneta (as Alan Frakesh), Kurt Fuller (as Walter Ribbon), Takayo Fischer (as Mrs. Chu), Kevin West (as World's Greatest Dad), George Cheung (as Chinese Maintenance Worker (as George K. Cheung)), David Michael Silverman (as Doctor at First Hospital), Domenic Bove (as Tim Ribbon), Geoff Callan (as Ferrari Owner), Joyful Raven (as Hippie Girl), Scott Klace (as Tim Brophy) 
442 3/4 The Right Stuff  Minutes: 193  1983  Adventure 

Tom Wolfe's book on the history of the U.S. Space program reads like a novel, and the film has that same fictional quality. It covers the breaking of the sound barrier by Chuck Yeager to the Mercury 7 astronauts, showing that no one had a clue how to run a space program or how to select people to be in it. Thrilling, funny, charming and electrifying all at once. 
Cast: Sam Shepard (as Chuck Yeager), Scott Glenn (as Alan Shepard), Ed Harris (as John Glenn), Dennis Quaid (as Gordon Cooper), Fred Ward (as Gus Grissom), Barbara Hershey (as Glennis Yeager), Kim Stanley (as Pancho Barnes), Veronica Cartwright (as Betty Grissom), Pamela Reed (as Trudy Cooper), Scott Paulin (as Deke Slayton), Charles Frank (as Scott Carpenter), Lance Henriksen (as Wally Schirra), Donald Moffat (as Lyndon B. Johnson), Levon Helm (as Jack Ridley/Narrator), Mary Jo Deschanel (as Annie Glenn) 
443 2/4 The Ringer  Minutes: 94  2005  Comedy 

This comedy is about two guys who decide to rig the Special Olympics to pay off a debt by having one of them, Steve (Knoxville), pose as a contestant in the games, hoping to dethrone reigning champion, Jimmy. Mentally-challenged high jinks and hilarity surely follow. 
Cast: Johnny Knoxville (as Steve Barker), Mohammad Ahmed (as Dr. Ahmed), Janna Ambort (as Karen), Geoffrey Arend (as Winston), Luis Avalos (as Stavi), Edward Barbanell (as Billy), Johnny Bartee (as Stadium Spectator), Nicole E. Bradley (as Yolie), Heidi B. Bush (as Heidi), Larry Cashion (as Special Olympics Volunteer), Mike Cerrone (as Paulie), Camille Chen (as Sarah), Bill Chott (as Thomas), Michael Clossin (as Closs), Kelly Cook (as Athlete), Brian Cox (as Gary), Alcides Dias (as Michael), Lauren-Elaine Edleson (as Brandi), Damian Fannin (as Special Olympics Volunteer), Leonard Flowers (as Jimmy Washington), Terry Funk (as Money Collecting Henchman), Zen Gesner (as David Patrick), Charles E. Gray (as Photographer), Diana Heart (as Girl in Wheelchair), Katherine Heigl (as Lynn Sheridan), Eric Hernandez (as Athlete), Leonard Earl Howze (as Mark), Kimberley R. Johnson (as Sports Agent), Bo Kane (as Matt), Kids Of Widney High (as As themselves), Brad Leland (as Mr. Henderson), Steve Levy (as Steve Levy), Brandie McMinn (as Actress), Michael Monagan (as Kids of Widney High (Band Leader)), Adam North (as Popcorn guy), Rajiv Patel (as Special Olympics Volunteer), Robert C. Pemelton (as Office worker), Steven Chester Prince (as Peter Clemons), Jed Rees (as Glen), John Rothman (as Priest), Rosie Shriver (as Movie Patron), J.D. Stahr (as Starting Gun Official), John Taylor (as Rudy), Jesse Ventura (as Motivational Speaker (voice)), Santiago Villalobos (as Soccer Referee/field judge), Katherine Willis (as Ditzy Woman) 
444 3/4 The Rock  Minutes: 136  1996  Action 

A group of renegade marine commandos seizes a stockpile of chemical weapons and takes over Alcatraz, with 81 tourists as hostages. Their leader, a former highly-decorated U. S. general, demands $100 million to be paid in ransom, as restitution to families of soldiers who died in covert operations and were thereby denied compensation. Otherwise, he is threatening to launch 15 rockets carrying deadly VX nerve gas into the San Francisco Bay area. An elite SEAL team, with support from an FBI chemical warfare expert (Stanley Goodspeed) and a former Alcatraz escapee (John Mason), is assembled to penetrate the terrorists' defenses on Alcatraz and neutralize the rocket threat before time runs out. 
Cast: Sean Connery (as John Patrick Mason), Nicolas Cage (as Dr. Stanley Goodspeed), Ed Harris (as General Francis X. Hummel), John Spencer (as FBI Director James Womack), David Morse (as Major Tom Baxter), William Forsythe (as Special Agent Ernest Paxton), Michael Biehn (as Commander Anderson), Vanessa Marcil (as Carla Pestalozzi), John C. McGinley (as Captain Hendrix (as John C. Mc Ginley)), Gregory Sporleder (as Captain Frye), Tony Todd (as Captain Darrow), Bokeem Woodbine (as Sergeant Crisp), Jim Maniaci (as Private Scarpetti), Greg Collins (as Private Gamble), Brendan Kelly (as Private Cox) 
445 2/4 The Rocker  Minutes: 102  2008  Comedy 

The Rocker tells the story of a failed drummer who is given a second chance at fame. Robert Fish Fishman is the extremely dedicated and astoundingly passionate drummer for the eighties hair band Vesuvius, who is living the rock n' roll dream until he is unceremoniously kicked out of the band. Twenty years after his rock star fantasies are destroyed, just when Fish has finally given up all hope, he hears that his nephew's high school rock band A.D.D. is looking for a new drummer. They reluctantly make him the newest member of the band, giving him a chance to reclaim the rock God throne he's always thought he deserved, and taking the young band along for the ride of their lives.  
Cast: Rainn Wilson (as Robert 'Fish' Fishman), Christina Applegate (as Kim), Teddy Geiger (as Curtis), Josh Gad (as Matt Gadman), Emma Stone (as Amelia), Jeff Garlin (as Stan), Jane Lynch (as Lisa), Jason Sudeikis (as David Marshall), Will Arnett (as Lex), Howard Hesseman (as Gator), Fred Armisen (as Kerr), Bradley Cooper (as Trash), Lonny Ross (as Sticks), Jon Glaser (as Billy), Jane Krakowski (as Carol) 
446 2/4 The Rocketeer  Minutes: 108  1991  Action 

Straight from the pages of a pulp comic from a past era, the Rocketeer recreates 1930's Hollywood, complete with gangsters, Nazi spies, and the growth of the Age of Aviation. Young pilot Cliff Secord stumbles on a top secret rocket-pack and with the help of his mechanic/mentor, Peevee, he attempts to save his girl and stop the Nazis as The Rocketeer. 
Cast: Bill Campbell (as Cliff Secord), Jennifer Connelly (as Jenny Blake), Alan Arkin (as A. 'Peevy' Peabody), Timothy Dalton (as Neville Sinclair), Paul Sorvino (as Eddie Valentine), Terry O'Quinn (as Howard Hughes), Ed Lauter (as FBI Agent Fitch), James Handy (as FBI Agent 'Wooly' Wolinski), Tiny Ron (as Lothar), Robert Miranda (as Spanish Johnny, Valentine Hood (as Robert Guy Miranda)), John Lavachielli (as Rusty, Valentine Hood), Jon Polito (as Otis Bigelow, Airfield Owner), Eddie Jones (as Malcolm the Mechanic), William Sanderson (as Skeets, Bull Dog Cafe Patron), Don Pugsley (as Goose) 
447 3/4 The Rookie  Minutes: 127  2002  Biography 

When a shoulder injury ended his minor league pitching career twelve years ago, Jim Morris resorted to the next best thing: coaching. But Jim's team, knowing their coach is a great ball player, makes a deal with him: if they win the district championship, they want Jim to try out for a major-league organization. Going from worst to first, the team makes it to state, and Jim is forced to live up to his end of the deal. While there prove to be a lot of pitches to be thrown before he makes it off the mound, big-league dreams are revived, and there's no telling where he could go. 
Cast: Dennis Quaid (as Jimmy Morris), Rachel Griffiths (as Lorri Morris), Jay Hernandez (as Joaquin 'Wack' Campos), Beth Grant (as Olline), Angus T. Jones (as Hunter Morris), Brian Cox (as Jim Morris Sr.), Rick Gonzalez (as Rudy Bonilla), Chad Lindberg (as Joe David West), Angelo Spizzirri (as Joel De La Garza), Royce D. Applegate (as Henry), Russell Richardson (as Brooks), Raynor Scheine (as Frank), David Blackwell (as Cal), Blue Deckert (as Baseball Scout Dave Patterson), Danny Kamin (as Durham Manager Mac (as Daniel Kamin)) 
448 2/4 The Running Man  Minutes: 101  1987  Action 

In the year 2017, the world economy has collapsed. The great freedoms of the United States are no longer, as the once great nation has sealed off its borders and become a militarized police state, censoring all film, art, literature, and communications. Even so, a small resistance force led by two revolutionaries (Mick Fleetwood and Dweezil Zappa) manages to fight the oppression. With full control over the media, the government attempts to quell the nation's yearning for freedom by broadcasting a number of game shows on which convicted criminals fight for their lives. The most popular and sadistic of these programs is "The Running Man," hosted by Damon Killian (Richard Dawson). When a peaceful protest of starving citizens gathers in Bakersfield, California, a police officer named Ben Richards (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is ordered to fire on the crowd, which he refuses to do. Subdued by the other officers, the attack is carried out, and Richards is framed for the murder of almost a hundred unarmed civilians. Following a daring jail break months later, Richards is captured once again and forced to appear on "The Running Man" with three other convicts (Yaphet Kotto, Marvin J. McIntyre, and Maria Conchita Alonso). With their help, he fights his way through a cadre of sadistic gladiators hunting them down through the ruins of a Los Angeles earthquake, but not promising Killian that he'll return to settle the score when the show's host double-crosses him. In the meantime, the contestants must search through the ruins for the resistance in the hopes of finally broadcasting the truth about the government. 
Cast: Arnold Schwarzenegger (as Ben Richards), Maria Conchita Alonso (as Amber Mendez), Yaphet Kotto (as William Laughlin), Jim Brown (as Fireball), Jesse Ventura (as Captain Freedom), Erland van Lidth (as Dynamo (as Erland Van Lidth)), Marvin J. McIntyre (as Harold Weiss), Gus Rethwisch (as Buzzsaw (as Bernard Gus Rethwisch)), Professor Toru Tanaka (as Subzero), Mick Fleetwood (as Mic), Dweezil Zappa (as Stevie), Richard Dawson (as Damon Killian), Karen Leigh Hopkins (as Brenda), Sven-Ole Thorsen (as Sven (as Sven Thorsen)), Edward Bunker (as Lenny (as Eddie Bunker)) 
449 2/4 The Saint  Minutes: 116  1997  Action 

As a young orphan, a boy refuses to accept the name given him by priests and instead chooses to take on the name of Simon Templar after the Saint of magic. Speed ahead and the young boy is now a master thief in bidding wars with countries for his services. Using his skills of master disguise, he eludes all pursuers as he assumes names associated with the various Saints. In this role after stealing from a Russian industrialist, the industrialist hires The Saint to steal a formula for cold fusion being developed by a young female scientist. Cold fusion is said to permit a nation to heat its citizens with only a few gallons of water. However, on this case The Saint falls in love with the scientist placing him in a quandary of fulfilling his professional obligations or staying with the innocent young scientist. When she becomes threatened by the Russian Mafia, he has no choice but to go ahead with his job. However, she follows him to Moscow, setting off a chase across the City and through their sewers. 
Cast: Val Kilmer (as Simon Templar), Elisabeth Shue (as Dr. Emma Russell), Rade Serbedzija (as Ivan Tretiak), Valeri Nikolayev (as Ilya Tretiak (as Valery Nikolaev)), Henry Goodman (as Dr. Lev Botvin), Alun Armstrong (as Inspector Teal), Michael Byrne (as Vereshagin, Tretiak's Aide), Yevgeni Lazarev (as President Karpov (as Evgeny Lazarev)), Irina Apeksimova (as Frankie (as Irina Apeximova)), Lev Prygunov (as General Sklarov (as Lev Prigunov)), Charlotte Cornwell (as Inspector Rabineau), Emily Mortimer (as Woman on Plane), Lucija Serbedzija (as Russian Prostitute), Velibor Topic (as Skinhead), Tommy Flanagan (as Scarface) 
450 3/4 The Sandlot  Minutes: 101  1993  Comedy 

Scotty Smalls moves to a new neighborhood with his mom and stepdad, and wants to learn to play baseball. The neighborhood baseball guru Rodriquez takes Smalls under his wing, and soon he's part of the local baseball buddies. They fall into adventures involving baseball, treehouse sleep-ins, the desirous lifeguard at the local pool, the snooty rival ball team, and the travelling fair. Beyond the fence at the back of the sandlot menaces a legendary ball-eating dog called The Beast, and the kids inevitably must deal with him. 
Cast: Tom Guiry (as Scotty Smalls), Mike Vitar (as Benjamin Franklin Rodriguez), Patrick Renna (as Hamilton 'Ham' Porter), Chauncey Leopardi (as Michael 'Squints' Palledorous), Marty York (as Alan 'Yeah-Yeah' McClennan), Brandon Quintin Adams (as Kenny DeNunez (as Brandon Adams)), Grant Gelt (as Bertram Grover Weeks), Shane Obedzinski (as Tommy 'Repeat' Timmons), Victor DiMattia (as Timmy Timmons), Denis Leary (as Bill), Karen Allen (as Mom), James Earl Jones (as Mr. Mertle), Marley Shelton (as Wendy (as Marlee Shelton)), Herb Muller (as Young Mr. Mertle), Garret Pearson (as Police Chief) 
451 2/4 The Santa Clause  Minutes: 97  1994  Comedy 

Rooftop clatter leads to merry adventure after Santa falls down on the job, and Scott Calvin's son Charlie convinces dad to try on the red suit. Eight reindeer pilot the pair to the North Pole, where they soon discover that by donning the famous suit, dad must now accept all of Santa's duties! Over the next year, a surprised, not-so-jolly Scott grows a Santa-sized tummy and beard, causing friends, family and business associates to wonder if he's lost his marbles. All except Charlie, who thinks his dad is perfectly suited for his new job! Each well-kept secret of the North Pole is revealed. 
Cast: Tim Allen (as Scott Calvin/Santa Claus), Wendy Crewson (as Laura Calvin Miller), Judge Reinhold (as Dr. Neil Miller), Eric Lloyd (as Charlie Calvin), David Krumholtz (as Bernard the Elf), Larry Brandenburg (as Det. Nunzio), Mary Gross (as Miss Daniels), Paige Tamada (as Judy the Elf), Peter Boyle (as Mr. Whittle), Judith Scott (as Susan Perry), Jayne Eastwood (as Judy the Waitress), Melissa King (as Sarah the Little Girl), Bradley Wentworth (as Elf at North Pole), Azura Bates (as Elf in Hangar), Joshua Satok (as Larry the Elf) 
452 2/4 The Santa Clause 2  Minutes: 105  2002  Adventure 

Scott Calvin (Tim Allen) has been Santa Claus for the past eight years, and his loyal elves consider him the best Santa ever. But Santa's got problems (he's even mysteriously losing weight) and things quickly go south when he finds out that his son, Charlie, has landed on this year's "naughty" list. Desperate to help his son, Scott heads back home, leaving a substitute Claus to watch over things at the Pole. But when the substitute institutes some strange redefinitions of naughty and nice, putting Christmas at risk, it's up to Scott to return with a new bag of magic to try to save Christmas. 
Cast: Tim Allen (as Santa Clause/Scott Calvin/Toy Santa), Elizabeth Mitchell (as Principal Carol Newman), David Krumholtz (as Bernard, the Arch-Elf), Eric Lloyd (as Charlie Calvin), Judge Reinhold (as Dr. Neil Miller), Wendy Crewson (as Laura Miller), Spencer Breslin (as Curtis, the Experimental Elf), Liliana Mumy (as Lucy Miller), Danielle Woodman (as Abby), Art LaFleur (as Tooth Fairy), Aisha Tyler (as Mother Nature), Kevin Pollak (as Cupid), Jay Thomas (as Easter Bunny), Michael Dorn (as Sandman), Christopher Attadia (as Engineer Elf #1) 
453 1/4 The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause  Minutes: 98  2006  Comedy 

Now that Santa and Mrs. Claus A.K.A. Scott Calvin and Carol Calvin have the North Pole running smoothly, the Counsel of Legendary Figures has called an emergency meeting on Christmas Eve! The evil Jack Frost has been making trouble, looking to take over the holiday! So he launches a plan to sabotage the toy factory and compel Scott to invoke the little-known Escape Clause and wish he'd never become Santa!
Cast: Tim Allen (as Santa / Scott Calvin), Elizabeth Mitchell (as Mrs. Claus / Carol Calvin), Eric Lloyd (as Charlie Calvin), Judge Reinhold (as Dr. Neil Miller), Wendy Crewson (as Laura Miller), Spencer Breslin (as Curtis, the Head Elf), Liliana Mumy (as Lucy Miller), Martin Short (as Jack Frost), Ann-Margret (as Sylvia Newman), Alan Arkin (as Bud Newman), Abigail Breslin (as Trish), Art LaFleur (as Tooth Fairy), Aisha Tyler (as Mother Nature), Kevin Pollak (as Cupid), Jay Thomas (as Easter Bunny) 
454 2/4 The Sentinel  Minutes: 108  2006  Crime 

Special Agent Pete Garrison is convinced that a Neo-Nazi Aryan Disciple has managed to infiltrate the White House. When a White House Agent is murdered, Garrison is framed and blackmailed over an affair with the First Lady Sarah Ballentine. He is relieved of his duties, but Garrison won't stop in trying to prove his innocence, and save the life of the President. While attempting to uncover the person behind it all, he comes into confrontation with his protege, Agent Breckinridge. 
Cast: Michael Douglas (as Pete Garrison), Kiefer Sutherland (as David Breckinridge), Eva Longoria (as Jill Marin), Martin Donovan (as William Montrose), Ritchie Coster (as The Handler), Kim Basinger (as 1st Lady Sarah Ballentine), Blair Brown (as National Security Advisor), David Rasche (as President Ballentine), Kristin Lehman (as Cindy Breckinridge), Raynor Scheine (as Walter Xavier), Chuck Shamata (as Director Overbrook), Paul Calderon (as Deputy Director Cortes), Clark Johnson (as Agent Charlie Merriweather (as Clarque Johnson)), Raoul Bhaneja (as Aziz Hassad), Yanna McIntosh (as Teddy Vargas) 
455 1/4 The Shaggy Dog  Minutes: 98  2006  Comedy 

A man tries to live a normal life despite the fact that he sometimes turns into a sheepdog. 
Cast: Tim Allen (as Dave Douglas), Kristin Davis (as Rebecca Douglas), Zena Grey (as Carly Douglas), Spencer Breslin (as Josh Douglas), Danny Glover (as Ken Hollister), Robert Downey Jr. (as Dr. Kozak), Joshua Leonard (as Justin Forrester), Shawn Pyfrom (as Trey), Bess Wohl (as Dr. Gwen Lichtman), Jarrad Paul (as Larry), Annabelle Gurwitch (as Justin Forrester's Attorney), Jane Curtin (as Judge Claire Whittaker), Philip Baker Hall (as Lance Strictland), Joel Moore (as Pound Employee (as Joel David Moore)), Jeanette Brox (as Janey) 
456 4/4 The Shawshank Redemption  Minutes: 142  1994  Drama 

After the murder of his wife, hotshot banker Andrew Dufresne is sent to Shawshank Prison, where the usual unpleasantness occurs. Over the years, he retains hope and eventually gains the respect of his fellow inmates, especially longtime convict "Red" Redding, a black marketeer, and becomes influential within the prison. Eventually, Andrew achieves his ends on his own terms. 
Cast: Tim Robbins (as Andy Dufresne), Morgan Freeman (as Ellis Boyd 'Red' Redding), Bob Gunton (as Warden Norton), William Sadler (as Heywood), Clancy Brown (as Captain Byron T. Hadley), Gil Bellows (as Tommy), Mark Rolston (as Bogs Diamond), James Whitmore (as Brooks Hatlen), Jeffrey DeMunn (as 1946 D.A.), Larry Brandenburg (as Skeet), Neil Giuntoli (as Jigger), Brian Libby (as Floyd), David Proval (as Snooze), Joseph Ragno (as Ernie), Jude Ciccolella (as Guard Mert) 
457 3/4 The Simpsons Movie  Minutes: 87  2007  Animation 

Homer adopts a pig who's run away from Krusty Burger after Krusty tried to have him slaughtered, naming the pig "Spider Pig." At the same time, the lake is protected after the audience sink the barge Green Day are on with garbage after they mention the environment. Meanwhile, Spider Pig's waste has filled up a silo in just 2 days, apparently with Homer's help. Homer can't get to the dump quickly so dumps the silo in the lake, polluting it. Russ Cargill, the villainous boss of the EPA, gives Arnold Schwarzenegger 5 options, forcing him to choose 4 (which is, unfortunately, to destroy Springfield) and putting a dome over Springfield to prevent evacuation. Homer, however, has escaped, along with his family. Can he stop the evil Cargill from annihilating his home town, and his family, who have been forced to return to Springfield?
Cast: Dan Castellaneta (as Homer / Itchy / Barney / Grampa / Stage Manager / Krusty the Clown / Mayor Quimby / Mayor's Aide / Multi-Eyed Squirrel / Panicky Man / Sideshow Mel / Mr. Teeny / EPA Official / Kissing Cop / Bear / Boy on Phone / NSA Worker / Officer / Santa's Little Helper / Squeaky-Voiced Teen (voice)), Julie Kavner (as Marge (voice)), Nancy Cartwright (as Bart / Maggie / Ralph / Nelson / Todd Flanders / TV Daughter / Woman on Phone (voice)), Yeardley Smith (as Lisa (voice)), Harry Shearer (as Scratchy / Mr. Burns / Rev. Lovejoy / Ned Flanders / Lenny / Skull / President Arnold Schwarzenegger / Kent Brockman / Principal Skinner / Dr. Hibbert / Smithers / Toll Booth Man / Guard / Otto / Kang (voice)), Hank Azaria (as Professor Frink / Comic Book Guy / Moe / Chief Wiggum / Lou / Carl / Cletus / Bumblebee Man / Male EPA Worker / Dome Depot Announcer / Kissing Cop / Carnival Barker / Counter Man / Apu / Drederick Tatum / Sea Captain / EPA Passenger / Robot / Dr. Nick (voice)), Marcia Wallace (as Mrs. Krabappel (voice)), Billie Joe Armstrong (as Himself (voice)), Tre Cool (as Himself (Green Day) (voice) (as Frank Edwin Wright III)), Mike Dirnt (as Himself (voice) (as Michael Pritchard)), Tress MacNeille (as Sweet Old Lady / Colin / Mrs. Skinner / Nelson's Mother / Pig / Cat Lady / Female EPA Worker / G.P.S. Woman / Cookie Kwan / Lindsey Naegle / TV Son / Medicine Woman / Girl on Phone (voice)), Pamela Hayden (as Milhouse / Rod Flanders (voice)), Joe Mantegna (as Fat Tony (voice)), Albert Brooks (as Russ Cargill (voice) (as A. Brooks)), Russi Taylor (as Martin (voice)) 
458 3/4 The Sixth Sense  Minutes: 107  1999  Drama 

Child psychologist Malcom Crowe (Willis) is one night visited by an ex-patient named Vincent, angry, enraged. He wounds Crowe, then kills himself. A few months later, Crowe is visited by a 9-year old boy named Cole (Osment). He sees dead people who do not know they are dead. Because of this, he is called a freak in school. Crowe, at first thinks he is seeing things, but after spending a lot of time with Cole (much to his wife's dismay), he discovers Cole may be seeing dead people after all... Nominated for six Academy Awards including Best Picture and Best Director. (M. Night Shyamalan) 
Cast: Bruce Willis (as Dr. Malcolm Crowe), Haley Joel Osment (as Cole Sear), Toni Collette (as Lynn Sear), Olivia Williams (as Anna Crowe), Donnie Wahlberg (as Vincent Grey), Peter Anthony Tambakis (as Darren (as Peter Tambakis)), Jeffrey Zubernis (as Bobby), Bruce Norris (as Stanley Cunningham), Glenn Fitzgerald (as Sean), Greg Wood (as Mr. Collins), Mischa Barton (as Kyra Collins), Trevor Morgan (as Tommy Tammisimo), Angelica Torn (as Mrs. Collins), Lisa Summerour (as Bridesmaid), Firdous Bamji (as Young Man Buying Ring) 
459 3/4 The Sting  Minutes: 129  1973  Drama 

Johnny Hooker is a young con-man who is being taught by Luther. One day they pull one of their con jobs and net themselves a huge roll. What they don't know is that the man they conned is the courier for a numbers runner. And it turns out that the boss, Doyle Lonigan, considers it an attack on him and orders all the people involved terminated. Hooker is shaken down by a crooked cop, Snyder, who threatens to turn him over to Lonigan unless he pays him off. Hooker pays him, he then tries to warn Luther but is too late. He then goes to see Henry Gondorf, a friend of Luther's and a one time great con-man, who has had a bit of bad luck. After hearing what happened to Luther and seeing how hungry Hooker is for payback, he assembles a gang and decides to con Lonigan. While everything seems to be going ok, there is just the problem of the hit on Hooker and Snyder, whom Hooker paid off with counterfeit money. 
Cast: Paul Newman (as Henry Gondorff aka Shaw), Robert Redford (as Johnny Hooker aka Kelly), Robert Shaw (as Doyle Lonnegan), Charles Durning (as Lt. Wm. Snyder), Ray Walston (as J.J. Singleton), Eileen Brennan (as Billie), Harold Gould (as Kid Twist), John Heffernan (as Eddie Niles), Dana Elcar (as F.B.I. Agent Polk), Jack Kehoe (as Erie Kid), Dimitra Arliss (as Loretta), Robert Earl Jones (as Luther Coleman (as Robertearl Jones)), James Sloyan (as Mottola (as James J. Sloyan)), Charles Dierkop (as Floyd (Bodyguard)), Lee Paul (as Bodyguard) 
460 3/4 The Terminal  Minutes: 128  2004  Drama 

Viktor Navorski, a man from an Eastern European country arrives in New York but after he left his country; war broke out and because of that Navorski is a man without a country that the U.S. cannot recognize, thus he is denied entrance to the U.S. However, he also can't be deported so he is told by the Security Manager that he has to remain in the airport until his status can be fixed. And also Navorski doesn't speak English well, so no one can talk to him and he can't talk to anyone. But he somehow adapts and sets up residence in the airport, which makes the man who placed him there unhappy cause, it seems he is line for a promotion but Navroski's presence might complicate that. So he tries to get Navorski to leave but Navorski remains where he is. Navorski makes friends with some of the people who work in the airport and is attracted to a flight attendant he runs into whenever she comes in. 
Cast: Tom Hanks (as Viktor Navorski), Catherine Zeta-Jones (as Amelia Warren), Stanley Tucci (as Frank Dixon), Chi McBride (as Mulroy), Diego Luna (as Enrique Cruz), Barry Shabaka Henley (as Thurman), Kumar Pallana (as Gupta Rajan), Zoe Saldana (as Torres (as Zoë Saldana)), Eddie Jones (as Salchak), Jude Ciccolella (as Karl Iverson), Corey Reynolds (as Waylin), Guillermo Díaz (as Bobby Alima), Rini Bell (as Nadia), Stephen Mendel (as First Class Steward), Valeri Nikolayev (as Milodragovich (as Valera Nikolaev)) 
461 2/4 The Transporter  Minutes: 94  2002  Action 

Ex-Special Forces operator Frank Martin (Jason Statham) lives what seems to be a quiet life along the French Mediterranean, hiring himself out as a mercenary "transporter" who moves goods - human or otherwise - from one place to another. No questions asked. Frank's newest transport seems no different from the countless ones he's done in the past. He has been hired by an American known only as "Wall Street" (see Rule Two) to make a delivery, but when Frank stops along route, he notices his "package" is moving. Violating his own personal rules, Frank looks inside the bag, finding its contents to be a beautiful, gagged woman. 
Cast: Jason Statham (as Frank Martin), Qi Shu (as Lai (as Shu Qi)), Matt Schulze (as Wall Street), François Berléand (as Tarconi), Ric Young (as Mr. Kwai), Doug Rand (as Leader), Didier Saint Melin (as Boss), Tonio Descanvelle (as Thug 1), Laurent Desponds (as Thug 2), Matthieu Albertini (as Thug 3), Vincent Nemeth (as Pilot), Jean-Yves Bilien (as Little Thug), Jean-Marie Paris (as Giant Thug), Adrian Dearnell (as Newscaster), Alfred Lot (as Cop 1) 
462 2/4 The Tuxedo  Minutes: 98  2002  Action 

Jimmy Tong (Chan) is just a lowly chauffeur for millionaire Clark Devlin (Isaacs), until Devlin has an accident that puts him in the hospital. Tong is sent back to fetch some things for Devlin and unknowingly tries on Devlin's tuxedo and finds that it gives extraordinary powers to anyone that dons the suit. This discovery thrusts Tong into world of international intrigue and espionage and pairs him with an inexperienced partner (Hewitt). 
Cast: Jackie Chan (as Jimmy Tong), Jennifer Love Hewitt (as Del Blaine), Jason Isaacs (as Clark Devlin), Debi Mazar (as Steena), Ritchie Coster (as Dietrich Banning), Peter Stormare (as Dr. Simms), Mia Cottet (as Cheryl), Romany Malco (as Mitch), Daniel Kash (as Rogers), Jody Racicot (as Kells), Boyd Banks (as Vic), Scott Wickware (as CSA Agent Wallace), Christian Potenza (as CSA Agent Joel), Karen Glave (as CSA Agent Randa), Scott Yaphe (as CSA Agent Gabe) 
463 3/4 The Usual Suspects  Minutes: 106  1995  Crime 

After a waterfront explosion, Verbal, an eye-witness and participant tells the story of events leading up to the conflagration. The story begins when five men are rounded up for a line-up, and grilled about a truck hijacking (the usual suspects). Least pleased is Keaton a crooked cop - exposed, indicted, but now desperately trying to go straight. The cops won't leave him alone, however, and as they wait for their lawyers to post bail, he is talked into doing one more job with the other four. All goes tolerably well until the influence of the legendary, seemingly omnipotent "Keyser Soze" is felt. Although set in the modern day, it has much of the texture of the forties, plus suspense, intrigue (a fairly high body count), and lots of twists in the plot. 
Cast: Stephen Baldwin (as Michael McManus), Gabriel Byrne (as Dean Keaton), Benicio Del Toro (as Fred Fenster), Kevin Pollak (as Todd Hockney), Kevin Spacey (as Roger 'Verbal' Kint), Chazz Palminteri (as Dave Kujan, US Customs), Pete Postlethwaite (as Kobayashi), Giancarlo Esposito (as Jack Baer, FBI), Suzy Amis (as Edie Finneran), Dan Hedaya (as Sgt. Jeffrey 'Jeff' Rabin), Paul Bartel (as Smuggler), Carl Bressler (as Saul Berg), Phillip Simon (as Fortier), Jack Shearer (as Renault), Christine Estabrook (as Dr. Plummer) 
464 2/4 The Weather Man  Minutes: 101  2005  Comedy 

Dave Spritz (Nicholas Cage) has a decent career as a weatherman in chicago. He is loved and hated by people. However, his personal life is a mess, his father is dying, his ex-kids are not the brightest kids in the world, and his wife isn't fond of him. Trying to cope with all his problems, Dave attempts to make his father proud before he dies, tries to help his kids become better people, and try to get back with his wife. Sounds easy right? Not a chance. 
Cast: Nicolas Cage (as David Spritz), Michael Caine (as Robert Spritzel), Hope Davis (as Noreen), Gemmenne de la Peña (as Shelly), Nicholas Hoult (as Mike), Michael Rispoli (as Russ), Gil Bellows (as Don), Judith McConnell (as Lauren), Chris Marrs (as DMV Guy), Dina Facklis (as Andrea), DeAnna N.J. Brooks (as Clerk), Sia A. Moody (as Nurse (as Sia Moody)), Guy Van Swearingen (as Nipper Guy), Alejandro Pina (as Fast Food Employee), Jackson Bubala (as Fast Food Child) 
465 2/4 The Wedding Singer  Minutes: 95  1998  Comedy 

It's 1985. Junk bonds, Michael Jackson, CD players, wealth. Robby Hart lives in his sister's basement and sings in the band at the reception hall. His dreams of being a singer/songwriter are long gone, replaced now by a burning desire to get married. The problem is that no one seems to want to marry him. His fiancee, Linda, doesn't show up on their wedding day, and his new friend, Julia, is engaged to a wealthy Wall Street broker. Where does Billy Idol fit into all this? 
Cast: Adam Sandler (as Robbie Hart), Drew Barrymore (as Julia Sullivan), Christine Taylor (as Holly Sullivan), Allen Covert (as Sammy), Matthew Glave (as Glenn Guglia), Ellen Albertini Dow (as Rosie), Angela Featherstone (as Linda), Alexis Arquette (as George Stitzer), Christina Pickles (as Angie Sullivan), Jodi Thelen (as Kate), Frank Sivero (as Andy), Patrick McTavish (as Tyler), Gemini Barnett (as Petey), Teddy Castellucci (as Robbie Hart Band Member), Randy Razz (as Robbie Hart Band Member) 
466 2/4 The Whole Nine Yards  Minutes: 98  2000  Comedy 

Oz is a Montréal dentist, paying off debts so he can divorce his wife: the dislike is mutual. When she learns their new neighbor is hit man Jimmy the Tulip, with a price on his head, she sends Oz to Chicago to earn a finder's fee telling Mob boss Yanni where to find Jimmy. To get his wife off his back, Oz goes, his assistant Jill urging him to get laid while there. One of Yanni's men awaits Oz at the hotel; Oz's now in too deep to avoid telling Yanni what he knows. Meanwhile, Oz's wife rats on Oz to Jimmy, hoping Jimmy will kill Oz and she can cash in on life insurance. Oz meets Jimmy's wife (Yanni's captive), flips for her, and the double-crosses mount. Even Jill isn't whom she seems. 
Cast: Bruce Willis (as Jimmy 'The Tulip' Tudeski), Matthew Perry (as Nicholas 'Oz' Oseransky), Rosanna Arquette (as Sophie Oseransky), Michael Clarke Duncan (as Franklin 'Frankie Figs' Figueroa), Natasha Henstridge (as Cynthia Tudeski), Amanda Peet (as Jill St. Claire), Kevin Pollak (as Janni Pytor Gogolak), Harland Williams (as Special Agent Steve Hanson), Carmen Ferland (as Sophie's Mom (as Carmen Ferlan)), Serge Christianssens (as Mr. Boulez), Renee Madeline Le Guerrier (as Waitress (as Renée Madelaine Le Guerrier)), Jean-Guy Bouchard (as Mover), Howard Bilerman (as Dave Martin), Johnny Goar (as Hungarian Hood), Deano Clavet (as Polish Pug) 
467 1/4 The Whole Ten Yards  Minutes: 98  2004  Comedy 

Thanks to falsified dental records supplied by his former neighbor Nicholas Oz Oseransky, retired hitman Jimmy The Tulip Tudeski now spends his days compulsively cleaning his house and perfecting his culinary skills with his wife, Jill, a purported assassin who has yet to pull off a clean hit. Suddenly, an uninvited and unwelcome connection to their past unexpectedly shows up on Jimmy and Jill's doorstep: it's Oz, and he's begging them to help him rescue his wife from the Hungarian mob. To complicate matters even further, the men, who are out to get Oz, are led by Lazlo Gogolak, a childhood rival of Jimmy's and another notorious hitman. Oz, Jimmy and Jill will have to go the whole nine yards--and then some--to manage the mounting Mafioso mayhem. 
Cast: Bruce Willis (as Jimmy), Matthew Perry (as Oz), Amanda Peet (as Jill), Kevin Pollak (as Lazlo), Natasha Henstridge (as Cynthia), Frank Collison (as Strabo), Johnny Messner (as Zevo), Silas Weir Mitchell (as Yermo), Tasha Smith (as Julie), Elisa Gallay (as Anya), Tallulah Belle Willis (as Buttercup Scout), Johnny Williams (as Vito), George Zapata (as Guy in Trunk #1), Carlo Zapata (as Guy in Trunk #2), McNally Sagal (as Maitre D') 
468 2/4 The Witches of Eastwick  Minutes: 118  1987  Comedy 

Alex, Jane, and Suki are three bored New England women left to live without their husbands. They innocently conjure up a mystery man, who could satisfy all their desires. A new man moves into town - and he fits the bill perfectly. Daryl Van Horne is filthy rich and wild eyed, and within days the three women have all discovered almighty power within themselves. Will good triumph over evil, or will Daryl continue to have his evil way with his witches ?
Cast: Jack Nicholson (as Daryl Van Horne), Cher (as Alexandra Medford), Susan Sarandon (as Jane Spofford), Michelle Pfeiffer (as Sukie Ridgemont), Veronica Cartwright (as Felicia Alden), Richard Jenkins (as Clyde Alden), Keith Jochim (as Walter Neff), Carel Struycken (as Fidel), Helen Lloyd Breed (as Mrs. Biddle), Caroline Struzik (as Carol Medford), Michele Sincavage (as Ridgemont Child), Nicol Sincavage (as Ridgemont Child), Heather Coleman (as Ridgemont Child), Carolyn Ditmars (as Ridgemont Child), Cynthia Ditmars (as Ridgemont Child) 
469 3/4 Three Kings  Minutes: 114  1999  Action 

In the days immediately after the Gulf War, a group of American soldiers come across a secret Iraqi map, which discloses the whereabouts of a bunker where Iraq is storing stolen gold and treasure from Kuwait. The soldiers hope to take the gold and keep it for themselves. However, when they arrive at the site, they discover that the Iraqi army is more concerned about persecuting its civilians than stopping them from stealing the gold. They learn that the civilians have been encouraged by the U.S. government to rise up and fight Sadaam Hussein, but are facing certain execution because the U.S. military refuses to help them. This incident creates a crisis of conscience for the American soldiers. Do they take the money and run, leaving the civilians to face certain death at the hands of the Iraqi army? Or do they risk losing the gold in order to escort them to safety across the border into Iran? 
Cast: George Clooney (as Maj. Archie Gates), Mark Wahlberg (as Sfc. Troy Barlow), Ice Cube (as SSgt. Chief Elgin), Spike Jonze (as Pfc. Conrad Vig), Cliff Curtis (as Amir Abdullah), Nora Dunn (as Adriana Cruz), Jamie Kennedy (as PV2 Walter Wogaman), Saïd Taghmaoui (as Capt. Said), Mykelti Williamson (as Col. Horn), Holt McCallany (as Capt. Doug Van Meter), Judy Greer (as Cathy Daitch), Christopher Lohr (as Teebaux), Jon Sklaroff (as Paco), Liz Stauber (as Debbie Barlow, Troy's Wife), Marsha Horan (as Amir's Wife) 
470 2/4 Three Men and a Baby  Minutes: 102  1987  Comedy 

Three bachelor friends - architect Peter, artist Michael, and actor Jack are sharing an apartment in Manhattan. After Jack goes filming in Turkey his two flatmates find his baby daughter - which Jack doesn't know about - left outside their door. The two are left to look after the baby, and realise how difficult this can be. How would this baby change the life style of these confirmed bachelors? 
Cast: Tom Selleck (as Peter Mitchell), Steve Guttenberg (as Michael Kellam), Ted Danson (as Jack Holden), Nancy Travis (as Sylvia Bennington), Margaret Colin (as Rebecca), Alexandra Amini (as Patty), Francine Beers (as Woman at Gift Shop), Lisa Blair (as Mary Bennington), Michelle Blair (as Mary Bennington), Philip Bosco (as Det. Sgt. Melkowitz), Barbara Budd (as Actress), Michael Burgess (as Handsome Man at Party), Claire Cellucci (as Angelyne), Eugene Clark (as Man #1 at Party), Derek de Lint (as Jan Clopatz) 
471 3/4 Thunderball  Minutes: 130  1965  Action 

When two colleagues of James Bond are murdered, James follows the widow of a double agent who has been killed - and a confrontation ensues. The double agent is part of SPECTRE, and the organization's meeting in a secret lair in Paris regrets the agent's passing as it deals with new criminal business. Emilio Largo, a ruthless and flamboyant one-eyed enforcer, has hatched a scheme against the North Atlantic Treaty powers that begins at a rehabilitation clinic near an RAF airbase. Scheduled to pilot an RAF Vulcan strategic bomber on a normal "fail-safe" flight is Francois Derval, who is having a passionate affair with the magnificently endowed beauty Fiona Volpe - an affair that SPECTRE exploits. Soon, the Vulcan and its warload of two nuclear bombs has been hijacked, the bombs seized by Largo, for use in SPECTRE's most audacious extortion scheme yet. James Bond, however, finds a key clue in the sister of Francois Derval, Dominique "Domino" Derval, a beautiful young woman who is a passionate scuba-diver living in Nassau. When James investigates Domino, he comes into contact with a SPECTRE operation on the island, and he gets help from HMSS' man in Nassau, Pinder, and in old CIA chum Felix Leiter. But when James and Felix find out what SPECTRE is up to, it may be to late to save a major US coastal city from nuclear annihilation.
Cast: Sean Connery (as James Bond), Claudine Auger (as Dominique 'Domino' Derval), Adolfo Celi (as Emilio Largo - SPECTRE #2), Luciana Paluzzi (as Fiona Volpe), Rik Van Nutter (as Felix Leiter), Guy Doleman (as Count Lippe), Molly Peters (as Patricia Fearing), Martine Beswick (as Paula Caplan), Bernard Lee (as M), Desmond Llewelyn (as Q), Lois Maxwell (as Miss Moneypenny), Roland Culver (as Foreign Secretary), Earl Cameron (as Pinder), Paul Stassino (as Major Francois Derval / Angelo Palazzi), Rose Alba (as Madame Boitier) 
472 2/4 Tin Cup  Minutes: 135  1996  Comedy 

Roy McAvoy is a failed pro golfer who lives in a Winnebago at a crummy driving range which he owns in the West Texas town of Salome. One day, a beautiful woman, Dr. Molly Griswold, appears at his driving range for golf lessons. She turns out to be the new girlfriend of McAvoy's longtime nemesis, the smarmy PGA superstar David Simms. Molly inspires Roy to start taking himself seriously again, and he decides to try to qualify for the US Open. 
Cast: Kevin Costner (as Roy 'Tin Cup' McAvoy), Rene Russo (as Dr. Molly Griswold), Don Johnson (as David Simms), Cheech Marin (as Romeo Posar), Linda Hart (as Doreen), Dennis Burkley (as Earl), Rex Linn (as Dewey), Lou Myers (as Clint), Richard Lineback (as Curt), George Perez (as Jose), Mickey Jones (as Turk), Michael Milhoan (as Boone), Gary McCord (as Himself), Craig Stadler (as Himself), Peter Jacobsen (as Himself) 
473 2/4 Top Gun  Minutes: 110  1986  Action 

Maverick is a hot pilot. When he encounters a pair of MiGs over the Persian Gulf, his wingman is clearly outflown and freaks. On almost no fuel, Maverick is able to talk him back down to the Carrier. When his wingman turns in his wings, Maverick is moved up in the standings and sent to the Top Gun Naval Flying School. There he fights the attitudes of the other pilots and an old story of his father's death in combat that killed others due to his father's error. Maverick struggles to be the best pilot, stepping on the toes of his other students and in a different way to Charlie, a civilian instructor to whom he is strongly attracted. 
Cast: Tom Cruise (as Maverick), Kelly McGillis (as Charlie), Val Kilmer (as Ice), Anthony Edwards (as Goose), Tom Skerritt (as Viper), Michael Ironside (as Jester), John Stockwell (as Cougar), Barry Tubb (as Wolfman), Rick Rossovich (as Slider), Tim Robbins (as Merlin), Clarence Gilyard Jr. (as Sundown), Whip Hubley (as Hollywood), James Tolkan (as Stinger), Meg Ryan (as Carole), Adrian Pasdar (as Chipper) 
474 3/4 Total Recall  Minutes: 113  1990  Action 

Arnold Schwarzenegger explodes out of the year 2084 A.D. as he smashes his way through a horrifyingly real fantasy world, complete with a gorgeous but deadly wife ('Sharon Stone'), and into a mind-bending nightmarish reality of a Martian mining colony ruled over by a terrorizing dictator ('Ronny Cox'), who can alter reality to suit his whims. The red planet erupts with rebellious mutants, the fire of an alluring and mysterious woman (Rachel Ticotin) and a vicious and savage enemy. 
Cast: Arnold Schwarzenegger (as Douglas Quaid/Hauser), Sharon Stone (as Lori), Rachel Ticotin (as Melina), Ronny Cox (as Vilos Cohaagen), Michael Ironside (as Richter), Marshall Bell (as George/Kuato), Mel Johnson Jr. (as Benny), Michael Champion (as Helm), Roy Brocksmith (as Dr. Edgemar), Ray Baker (as Bob McClane), Rosemary Dunsmore (as Dr. Lull), David Knell (as Ernie), Alexia Robinson (as Tiffany), Dean Norris (as Tony), Mark Carlton (as Bartender) 
475 3/4 Trading Places  Minutes: 118  1983  Comedy 

Louis Winthorpe III is a successful Philadelphia commodity broker with mansion, manservant and girlfriend to match. Billy Ray Valentine is a hustling beggar. Winthorpe's employers, the elderly Duke brothers, make a bet that by switching the lifestyle of the two Billy Ray will make good and their man will take to a life of crime. Suddenly Louis finds himself uncomprehendingly with no job, no home and only a new acquaintance, glamorous hooker Ophelia, prepared to help him. So at least in one way things could actually be worse. 
Cast: Dan Aykroyd (as Louis Winthorpe III), Eddie Murphy (as Billy Ray Valentine), Ralph Bellamy (as Randolph Duke), Don Ameche (as Mortimer Duke), Denholm Elliott (as Coleman), Jamie Lee Curtis (as Ophelia), Kristin Holby (as Penelope Witherspoon), Paul Gleason (as Clarence Beeks), Alfred Drake (as President of Exchange), Bo Diddley (as Pawnbroker), Frank Oz (as Corrupt Cop), James Belushi (as Harvey), Al Franken (as Baggage Handler #1), Tom Davis (as Baggage Handler #2), Maurice Woods (as Duke & Duke Employee) 
476 3/4 Traitor  Minutes: 114  2008  Crime 

Samir Horn is a former soldier, a devout Moslem, and U.S. citizen in the Middle East selling bomb detonators to Islamic radicals. He joins their cause as both the FBI and a rogue CIA agent track him. Horn escapes a Yemeni prison, goes underground in France where he proves his abilities, and is sent to the United Starts to choreograph a simultaneous and multiple terror attack. Will the intelligence agencies talk to each other, and can Horn be stopped?  
Cast: Don Cheadle (as Samir Horn), Guy Pearce (as Roy Clayton), Saïd Taghmaoui (as Omar), Neal McDonough (as Max Archer), Alyy Khan (as Fareed Mansour), Archie Panjabi (as Chandra Dawkin), Raad Rawi (as Nathir), Hassam Ghancy (as Bashir), Mozhan Marnò (as Leyla), Adeel Akhtar (as Hamzi), Jeff Daniels (as Carter), Lorena Gale (as Dierdre Horn), Scali Delpeyrat (as Inspector Gilles), Mehdi Ortelsberg (as Ali), Aizoun Abdelkader (as Ahmed) 
477 3/4 Transformers  Minutes: 144  2007  Action 

A long time ago, far away on the planet of Cybertron, a war was being waged between the noble Autobots (led by the wise Optimus Prime) and the devious Decepticons (commanded by the dreaded Megatron) for control over the Allspark, a mystical talisman that would grant unlimited power to whoever possessed it. The Autobots managed to smuggle the Allspark off the planet, but Megatron blasted off in search of it. He eventually tracked it to the planet of Earth (circa 1850), but his reckless desire for power sent him right into the Arctic Ocean, and the sheer cold forced him into a paralyzed state. His body was later found by Captain Archibald Witwicky, and before going into a comatose state Megatron used the last of his energy to engrave a map, showing the location of the Allspark, into the Captain's glasses, and send a transmission to Cybertron. He is then carted away by the Captain's ship. A century later, Sam Witwicky, nicknamed Spike by his friends, buys his first car. To his shock, he discovers it to be Bumblebee, an Autobot in disguise who is to protect Spike, as he bears the Captain's glasses and the map carved on them. But Bumblebee is not the only Transformer to have arrived on Earth - in the desert of Qatar, the Decepticons Blackout and Scorponok attack a U.S. military base, causing the Pentagon to send their special Sector Seven agents to capture all "specimens of this alien race," and Spike and his girlfriend Mikaela find themselves in the middle of a grand battle between the Autobots and the Decepticons, stretching from Hoover Dam all the way to Los Angeles. Meanwhile, within the depths of Hoover Dam, the cryogenically stored form of Megatron awakens...
Cast: Shia LaBeouf (as Sam Witwicky), Megan Fox (as Mikaela Banes), Josh Duhamel (as Captain Lennox), Tyrese Gibson (as USAF Tech Sergeant Epps), Rachael Taylor (as Maggie Madsen), Anthony Anderson (as Glen Whitmann), Jon Voight (as Defense Secretary John Keller), John Turturro (as Agent Simmons), Michael O'Neill (as Tom Banacheck), Kevin Dunn (as Ron Witwicky), Julie White (as Judy Witwicky), Amaury Nolasco (as ACWO Jorge "Fig" Figueroa), Zack Ward (as First Sergeant Donnelly), Luis Echagarruga (as Ranger Team), Pat Mulderrig (as Ranger Team (as Patrick Mulderrig)) 
478 2/4 Transporteur II  Minutes: 87  2005  Action 

Former soldier turned hired criminal Frank Martin, now living in Miami, has been hired for his latest assignment. Frank has been hired as a bodyguard to Jack Billings, son of Jefferson Billings, a wealthy US official for the US government drug control organization who is attending a conference with the DEA. When Jack is kidnapped by a international crime boss known as Gianni and his associates including his murderous lover Lola and gets implicated in the kidnapping, Frank with help of trusted friend, French police detective Tarconi, sets out to rescue Jack and takes on Gianni and his henchmen, as Gianni infects Jack with a engineered virus which will infect those who come into contact with Jack, as Gianni plans to infect Jefferson and sabotage the conference. 
Cast: Jason Statham (as Frank Martin), Alessandro Gassman (as Gianni), Amber Valletta (as Audrey Billings), Kate Nauta (as Lola), Matthew Modine (as Mr. Billings), Jason Flemyng (as Dimitri), Keith David (as Stappleton), Hunter Clary (as Jack Billings), Shannon Briggs (as Max), François Berléand (as Tarconi), Raymond Tong (as Rastaman), George Kapetan (as Dr. Sonovitch), Jeff Chase (as Vasily), Gregg Weiner (as Tipov), Gregg Davis (as Techie at Billings) 
479 3/4 Tremors  Minutes: 96  1990  Action 

Val (Kevin Bacon) and Earl (Fred Ward) plan to put behind their days as handymen in a small dust bowl town called Perfection. Before they can get to civilization though, they encounter numerous victims of monsters that burrow through the ground. Soon the whole town is camped out on their roofs as Val and Earl lead them to safety. 
Cast: Kevin Bacon (as Valentine McKee), Fred Ward (as Earl Bassett), Finn Carter (as Rhonda LeBeck), Michael Gross (as Burt Gummer), Reba McEntire (as Heather Gummer), Robert Jayne (as Melvin Plug (as Bobby Jacoby)), Charlotte Stewart (as Nancy Sterngood), Tony Genaro (as Miguel), Ariana Richards (as Mindy Sterngood), Richard Marcus (as Nestor), Victor Wong (as Walter Chang), Sunshine Parker (as Edgar), Michael Dan Wagner (as Old Fred), Conrad Bachmann (as Dr. Jim), Bibi Besch (as Megan) 
480 3/4 Tropic Thunder  Minutes: 107  2008  Comedy 

A film crew is in Southeast Asia filming a Vietnam-war memoir. It's early in the shooting, but they're already behind schedule and over budget. On the day an accident befalls the novice director, the cast and crew are attacked by a gang of poppy-growing local drug dealers, except the cast and crew don't realize these aren't actors who are stalking them. The thugs kidnap Tugg Speedman, an actor whose star seems on the decline, and it's up to the rest of the ragtag team to band together long enough to attempt his rescue. But will Tugg want to leave? 
Cast: Jeff Kahn, Robert Downey Jr., Anthony Ruivivar, Jack Black, Jay Baruchel, Brandon T. Jackson, Ben Stiller, Eric Winzenried, Steve Coogan, Valerie Azlynn, Matt Levin, David Pressman, Amy Stiller, Danny McBride, Dempsey Silva 
481 3/4 True Romance  Minutes: 120  1993  Action 

Clarence Worley, a penniless hipster in Detroit with a love for Elvis meets a mysterious hooker paid to meet him named Alabama on his birthday in a theater at night. Falling in love, he makes it his mission to dispose of her past, namely her violent pimp, Drexl Spivey. Defeating him and unknowingly taking a vast fortune of Cocaine, the two fight to sell the white gold in Los Angeles as Drexl's associates fight to reclaim it in a bloody romantic thriller full to the brim with style. 
Cast: Christian Slater (as Clarence Worley), Patricia Arquette (as Alabama Whitman), Michael Rapaport (as Dick Ritchie), Val Kilmer (as Elvis, Mentor), Bronson Pinchot (as Elliot Blitzer), Dennis Hopper (as Clifford Worley), Gary Oldman (as Drexl Spivey), Brad Pitt (as Floyd), Tom Sizemore (as Cody Nicholson), Christopher Walken (as Vincenzo Coccotti), Samuel L. Jackson (as Big Don), Saul Rubinek (as Lee Donowitz), James Gandolfini (as Virgil), Victor Argo (as Lenny), Frank Adonis (as Frankie) 
482 2/4 Twins  Minutes: 105  1988  Comedy 

Julius and Vincent Benedict are the results of an experiment that would allow for the perfect child. Julius was planned and grows to athletic proportions. Vincent is an accident and is somewhat smaller in stature. Vincent is placed in an orphanage while Julius is taken to a south seas island and raised by philosophers. Vincent becomes the ultimate low life and is about to be killed by loan sharks when Julius discovers that he has a brother and begins looking for him. 
Cast: Arnold Schwarzenegger (as Julius Benedict), Danny DeVito (as Vincent Benedict), Kelly Preston (as Marnie Mason), Chloe Webb (as Linda Mason), Bonnie Bartlett (as Mary Ann Benedict), Trey Wilson (as Beetroot McKinley), Marshall Bell (as Webster), David Caruso (as Al Greco), Hugh O'Brian (as Granger), Nehemiah Persoff (as Mitchell Traven), Maury Chaykin (as Burt Klane), Tony Jay (as Werner), Tom McCleister (as Bob Klane (as Thom McCleister)), David Efron (as Morris Klane), Peter Dvorsky (as Peter Garfield) 
483 2/4 Twister  Minutes: 113  1996  Action 

TV weatherman Bill Harding is trying to get his tornado-hunter wife, Jo, to sign divorce papers so he can marry his girlfriend Melissa. But Mother Nature, in the form of a series of intense storms sweeping across Oklahoma, has other plans. Soon the three have joined the team of stormchasers as they attempt to insert a revolutionary measuring device into the very heart of several extremely violent tornados. 
Cast: Helen Hunt (as Dr. Jo Harding), Bill Paxton (as Bill Harding), Cary Elwes (as Dr. Jonas Miller), Jami Gertz (as Dr. Melissa Reeves), Philip Seymour Hoffman (as Dustin Davis), Lois Smith (as Meg Greene), Alan Ruck (as Robert 'Rabbit' Nurick), Sean Whalen (as Allan Sanders), Scott Thomson (as Jason 'Preacher' Rowe), Todd Field (as Tim 'Beltzer' Lewis), Joey Slotnick (as Joey), Wendle Josepher (as Haynes), Jeremy Davies (as Laurence), Zach Grenier (as Eddie), Gregory Sporleder (as Willie) 
484 3/4 Up in the Air  Minutes: 108  2009  Drama, Romance 

Ryan Bingham works for Omaha based Career Transition Counseling whose contracts are in corporate downsizing. In other words, they fire people. Ryan is flying around the US over 320 days of the year, which he feels is the best part of his job. He does whatever he can to rack up frequent flyer miles, the goal not to use them but just to accumulate them to a specific number he has in his mind. A secondary job he has is to give motivational speeches on relieving one's life of excess physical and emotional baggage. He truly does believe what he espouses as he lives out of his carry-on suitcase (his apartment in Omaha is really in name only), he is not close to his siblings (although he does do a favor for his sister while on his travels), nor does he have or want a significant person in his life. Ryan's life may change when the company hires Natalie Keener, a young overachieving woman who recommends that the company change the nature of the work by conducting the "firings" via remote computer access. Ryan believes that Natalie does not fully understand the nature of the business, and as such, their boss, Craig Gregory, suggests that she accompany Ryan on a business trip. Ryan is also trying to protect his way of life, which now includes meeting up with a woman named Alex Goran whenever their flight schedules mesh. Like Ryan, Alex, who he met in an airport hotel bar, is constantly traveling for work, and is as equally turned on the by the concepts of "elite status" or "preferred member" as Ryan is. 
Cast: George Clooney, Vera Farmiga, Anna Kendrick, Jason Bateman, Amy Morton, Melanie Lynskey, J.K. Simmons, Sam Elliott, Danny McBride, Zach Galifianakis, Chris Lowell, Steve Eastin, Marvin Young, Lucas MacFadden, Adrienne Lamping 
485 2/4 Used Cars  Minutes: 111  1980  Comedy 

Used car salesman Rudy Russo needs money to run for State Senate, so he approaches his boss Luke. Luke agrees to front him the $10,000 he needs, but then encounters an "accident" orchestrated by his brother Roy, who runs the car lot across the street. Roy is hoping to claim title to his brother's property because Roy's paying off the mayor to put the new interstate through the area. After Luke disappears, it's all out war between the competing car shops, and no nasty trick is off limits as Rudy and his gang fight to keep Roy from taking Luke's property. Then Luke's daughter shows up. 
Cast: Kurt Russell (as Rudolph 'Rudy' Russo), Jack Warden (as Roy L. Fuchs/Luke Fuchs), Gerrit Graham (as Jeff), Frank McRae (as Jim, the Mechanic), Deborah Harmon (as Barbara Jane Fuchs), Joe Flaherty (as Sam Slaton (as Joseph P. Flaherty)), David L. Lander (as Freddie Paris), Michael McKean (as Eddie Winslow), Michael Talbott (as Mickey), Harry Northup (as Carmine), Alfonso Arau (as Manuel), Al Lewis (as Judge H. H. Harrison), Woodrow Parfrey (as Mr. Chartner), Andrew Duncan (as Charlie), Dub Taylor (as Tucker) 
486 3/4 V for Vendetta  Minutes: 132  2005  Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller 

Set against the futuristic landscape of totalitarian Britain, V For Vendetta tells the story of a mild-mannered young woman named Evey who is rescued from a life-and-death situation by a masked vigilante known only as "V." Incomparably charismatic and ferociously skilled in the art of combat and deception, V ignites a revolution when he detonates two London landmarks and takes over the government-controlled airwaves, urging his fellow citizens to rise up against tyranny and oppression. As Evey uncovers the truth about V's mysterious background, she also discovers the truth about herself - and emerges as his unlikely ally in the culmination of his plot to bring freedom and justice back to a society fraught with cruelty and corruption. 
Cast: Natalie Portman, Hugo Weaving, Stephen Rea, Stephen Fry, John Hurt, Tim Pigott-Smith, Rupert Graves, Roger Allam, Ben Miles, Sinéad Cusack, Natasha Wightman, John Standing, Eddie Marsan, Clive Ashborn, Emma Field-Rayner 
487 2/4 Van Wilder  Minutes: 92  2002  Comedy 

Van Wilder is a guy who has been at his college for seven years. He spends most of his time throwing parties and "fund raisers". When his father decides that it's time for tough love, he doesn't pay his tuition. So Van becomes a professional party thrower. At the same time, Gwen who writes for the college paper, is tasked with doing a story on him, but Van is too busy partying to do that. So she writes it using info from people who talk about him and writes an unflattering piece, which doesn't make him happy. He then dares her to see if she can get the true story but is more interested in trying to score with her, which is not easy because she has a boyfriend, who is a snob, and who is not too happy with the amount time she is spending with him. So he tries to get rid of him. 
Cast: Ryan Reynolds (as Van Wilder), Tara Reid (as Gwen Pearson), Tim Matheson (as Vance Wilder Sr.), Kal Penn (as Taj Mahal Badalandabad), Teck Holmes (as Hutch), Daniel Cosgrove (as Richard Bagg), Deon Richmond (as Mini Cochran), Alex Burns (as Gordon), Emily Rutherfurd (as Jeannie), Paul Gleason (as Professor Ted McDoogle), Erik Estrada (as Himself), Curtis Armstrong (as Campus Cop), Jason Winer (as Panos Patakos), Chris Owen (as Suicidal Freshman), Stacy Bellew (as Roller Girl) 
488 3/4 Vanishing Point  Minutes: 99  1971  Action, Drama 

Kowalski works for a car delivery service. He takes delivery of a 1970 Dodge Challenger to take from Colorado to San Fransisco, California. Shortly after pickup, he takes a bet to get the car there in less than 15 hours. After a few run-ins with motorcycle cops and highway patrol they start a chase to bring him into custody. Along the way, Kowalski is guided by Supersoul - a blind DJ with a police radio scanner. Throw in lots of chase scenes, gay hitchhikers, a naked woman riding a motorbike, lots of Mopar and you've got a great cult hit from the early 70's. 
Cast: Barry Newman, Cleavon Little, Dean Jagger, Victoria Medlin, Paul Koslo, Robert Donner, Timothy Scott, Charlotte Rampling, Gilda Texter, Anthony James, Arthur Malet, Karl Swenson, Severn Darden, Delaney Bramlett, Bonnie Bramlett 
489 3/4 Vantage Point  Minutes: 90  2008  Crime 

President Ashton (William Hurt) is attending a global war on terror summit in Spain. Thomas Barnes (Dennis Quaid) and Kent Taylor (Matthew Fox) are two of the Secret Service agents assigned to protect him. This is the first action that Agent Barnes has been in since he took a bullet for President Ashton six-month earlier. We really dont know if Agent Barnes is up to the challenge of protecting the President. Shortly after President Ashton is escorted to the stage in the plaza by the Secret Service, he is shot twice by a rifle from a window and falls to the floor. The crowd is in shock and chaos breaks out all over, especially when bombs begin to explode. Howard Lewis (Forest Whitaker) is an American video-taping the event to show to his children that he was actually there at this historic event. He believes that he has the picture of the man who shot the President. Agent Barnes sees the tape and has a clue to that person. Several different people witness the event, and only through their eyes do we see the truth behind the assassination attempt.
Cast: Dennis Quaid (as Thomas Barnes), Matthew Fox (as Kent Taylor), Forest Whitaker (as Howard Lewis), Bruce McGill (as Phil McCullough), Édgar Ramírez (as Javier), Saïd Taghmaoui (as Suarez), Ayelet Zurer (as Veronica), Zoe Saldana (as Angie Jones (as Zoë Saldana)), Sigourney Weaver (as Rex Brooks), William Hurt (as President Ashton), James LeGros (as Ted Heinkin), Eduardo Noriega (as Enrique), Richard T. Jones (as Holden), Holt McCallany (as Ron Matthews), Leonardo Nam (as Kevin Cross) 
490 2/4 Vertical Limit  Minutes: 124  2000  Action 

A high-adrenaline tale of young climber Peter Garrett (Chris O'Donnell), who must launch a treacherous and extraordinary rescue effort up K2, the world's second highest peak. Confronting both his own limitations and the awesome power of nature's uncontrollable elements, Peter risks his life to save his sister, Annie (Robin Tunney), and her summit team (Bill Paxton and Nicholas Lea) in a race against time. The team is trapped in an icy grave at 26,000 feet - a death zone above the vertical limit of endurance where the human body cannot survive for long. Every second counts as Peter enlists the help of a crew of fellow climbers, including eccentric, reclusive mountain man Montgomery Wick (Scott Glenn), to ascend the chilling might of the world's most feared peak to save her. 
Cast: Chris O'Donnell (as Peter Garrett), Robin Tunney (as Annie Garrett), Scott Glenn (as Montgomery Wick), Izabella Scorupco (as Monique Aubertine), Bill Paxton (as Elliot Vaughn), Nicholas Lea (as Tom McLaren), Alexander Siddig (as Kareem Nazir), Robert Taylor (as Skip Taylor), Temuera Morrison (as Major Rasul), Stuart Wilson (as Royce Garrett), Augie Davis (as Aziz), Steve Le Marquand (as Cyril Bench), Ben Mendelsohn (as Malcolm Bench), Roshan Seth (as Colonel Amir Salim), Alejandro Valdes-Rochin (as Sergeant Asim) 
491 1/4 Volunteers  Minutes: 107  1985  Comedy 

Lawrence is a rich kid with a bad accent and a large debt. After his father refuses to help him out, Lawrence escapes his angry debtors by jumping on a Peace Corp flight to Southeast Asia, where is assigned to build a bridge for the local villagers with American-As-Apple-Pie WSU Grad Tom Tuttle and the beautiful and down-to earth Beth Wexler. What they don't realize is that the bridge is coveted by the U.S. Army, a local Communist force, and a powerful drug lord. Together with the help of At Toon, the only English speaking native, they must fight off the three opposing forces and find out what is right for the villagers, as well as themselves. 
Cast: Tom Hanks (as Lawrence Whatley Bourne III), John Candy (as Tom Tuttle), Rita Wilson (as Beth Wexler), Tim Thomerson (as John Reynolds), Gedde Watanabe (as At Toon), George Plimpton (as Lawrence Bourne Jr.), Ernest Harada (as Chung Mee), Allan Arbus (as Albert Bardenaro), Xander Berkeley (as Kent Sutcliffe), Ji-Tu Cumbuka (as Cicero), Guillermo Río (as Sumo Guard), Jacqueline Evans (as Aunt Eunice), Pamela Gual (as Tammy the Stewardess), Philip Guilmant (as Yale President), Chick Hearn (as Announcer) 
492 3/4 Walk the Line  Minutes: 136  2005  Biography 

Johnny Cash grew up in Arkansas, and served in the Air Force in Germany, where he bought a guitar. He returned from the war and married. Singing and playing with two other men, he cut a record in Memphis. His reputation growing from airplay and live performances, Cash became a star, touring with the likes of Jerry Lee Lewis and others. On tour, he suffered the effects of drug addiction. He also met June Carter, who would later become his wife. Responding in part to the fan mail he received from prisoners, Cash played a legendary concert for the inmates at Folsom Prison in California. 
Cast: Joaquin Phoenix (as Johnny Cash), Reese Witherspoon (as June Carter), Ginnifer Goodwin (as Vivian Cash), Robert Patrick (as Ray Cash), Dallas Roberts (as Sam Phillips), Dan John Miller (as Luther Perkins), Larry Bagby (as Marshall Grant), Shelby Lynne (as Carrie Cash), Tyler Hilton (as Elvis Presley), Waylon Payne (as Jerry Lee Lewis (as Waylon Malloy Payne)), Shooter Jennings (as Waylon Jennings), Sandra Ellis Lafferty (as Maybelle Carter), Dan Beene (as Ezra Carter), Clay Steakley (as W.S. 'Fluke' Holland), Johnathan Rice (as Roy Orbison) 
493 2/4 War  Minutes: 103  2007  Action 

After his partner Tom Wynne (Terry Chen) and family are killed apparently by the infamous and elusive assassin Rogue (Jet Li), FBI agent Jack Crawford (Jason Statham) becomes obsessed with revenge as his world unravels into a vortex of guilt and betrayal. Rogue eventually resurfaces to settle a score of his own, setting off a bloody crime war between Asian mob rivals Chang (John Lone) of the Triad's and Yakuza boss Shiro (Ryo Ishibashi). When Jack and Rogue finally come face to face, the ultimate truth of their pasts will be revealed.
Cast: Jet Li (as Rogue), Jason Statham (as Special Agent Jack Crawford), John Lone (as Li Chang), Devon Aoki (as Kira Yanagawa), Luis Guzmán (as Benny), Saul Rubinek (as Dr. Sherman), Ryo Ishibashi (as Shiro Yanagawa), Sung Kang (as Special Agent Goi), Mathew St. Patrick (as Special Agent Wick), Nadine Velazquez (as Maria), Andrea Roth (as Jenny Crawford), Kenneth Choi (as Takada), Mark Cheng (as Wu Ti), Kane Kosugi (as Temple Garden Warrior), Kennedy Montano (as Ana Chang) 
494 2/4 War of the Worlds  Minutes: 116  2005  Action 

Ray Ferrier is a working class man living in New Jersey. He's estranged from his family, his life isn't in order, and he's too caught up with himself. But the unthinkable and, ultimately, the unexpected happens to him in an extraordinary sense. His small town life is shaken violently by the arrival of destructive intruders: Aliens which have come en masse to destroy Earth. As they plow through the country in a wave of mass destruction and violence, Ray must come to the defense of his children. As the world must fend for itself by a new and very advanced enemy not of this world, it's inhabitants must save humanity from a far greater force that threatens to destroy it. 
Cast: Tom Cruise (as Ray Ferrier), Dakota Fanning (as Rachel Ferrier), Miranda Otto (as Mary Ann), Justin Chatwin (as Robbie Ferrier), Tim Robbins (as Harlan Ogilvy), Rick Gonzalez (as Vincent), Yul Vazquez (as Julio (as Yul Vázquez)), Lenny Venito (as Manny the Mechanic), Lisa Ann Walter (as Bartender (Sheryl)), Ann Robinson (as Grandmother), Gene Barry (as Grandfather), David Alan Basche (as Tim), Roz Abrams (as Herself), Michael Brownlee (as TV Reporter, Osaka), Camillia Sanes (as News Producer) 
495 2/4 WarGames  Minutes: 114  1983  Sci-Fi 

A young computer whizz kid accidentally connects into a top secret super-computer which has complete control over the U.S. nuclear arsenal. It challenges him to a game between America and Russia, and he innocently starts the countdown to World War 3. Can he convince the computer he wanted to play a game and not the real thing ? 
Cast: Matthew Broderick (as David Lightman), Dabney Coleman (as Dr. John McKittrick), John Wood (as Dr. Stephen Falken), Ally Sheedy (as Jennifer Katherine Mack), Barry Corbin (as General Jack Beringer), Juanin Clay (as Pat Healy), Kent Williams (as Arthur Cabot), Dennis Lipscomb (as Lyle Watson), Joe Dorsey (as Col. Joe Conley), Irving Metzman (as Paul Richter), Michael Ensign (as Beringer's Aide), William Bogert (as Mr. Lightman), Susan Davis (as Mrs. Lightman), James Tolkan (as FBI Agent Nigan), David Clover (as Stockman) 
496 3/4 Watchmen  Minutes: 162  2009  Action, Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller 

"Watchmen" is set in an alternate 1985 America in which costumed superheroes are part of the fabric of everyday society, and the "Doomsday Clock" - which charts the USA's tension with the Soviet Union - is permanently set at five minutes to midnight. When one of his former colleagues is murdered, the washed up but no less determined masked vigilante Rorschach sets out to uncover a plot to kill and discredit all past and present superheroes. As he reconnects with his former crime-fighting legion - a ragtag group of retired superheroes, only one of whom has true powers - Rorschach glimpses a wide-ranging and disturbing conspiracy with links to their shared past and catastrophic consequences for the future. Their mission is to watch over humanity... but who is watching the Watchmen? 
Cast: Malin Åkerman, Billy Crudup, Matthew Goode, Jackie Earle Haley, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Patrick Wilson, Carla Gugino, Matt Frewer, Stephen McHattie, Laura Mennell, Rob LaBelle, Gary Houston, James M. Connor, Mary Ann Burger, John Shaw 
497 2/4 Waterworld  Minutes: 136  1995  Drama 

The world is flooded. Civilisation is lost under the sea. The Mariner sails his trimoran over the seas, drinking his own Urine and visits a floating atoll of "Drifters". When they find the Mariner to be a mutant they sentence him to death. Meanwhile, a girl with supposedly a map to get to dry land tattoo-ed on her back, is the objective for an attack by a gang of smokers who attack the atoll. 
Cast: Kevin Costner (as Mariner), Chaim Girafi (as Drifter (as Chaim Jeraffi)), Rick Aviles (as Gatesman), R.D. Call (as Enforcer), Zitto Kazann (as Elder/Survivor), Leonardo Cimino (as Elder), Zakes Mokae (as Priam), Luke Ka'ili Jr. (as Boy), Anthony DeMasters (as Boy), Willy Petrovic (as Boy), Jack Kehler (as Banker), Jeanne Tripplehorn (as Helen), Lanny Flaherty (as Trader), Robert A. Silverman (as Hydroholic), Gerard Murphy (as Nord) 
498 2/4 Wayne's World  Minutes: 95  1992  Comedy 

Wayne is still living at home. He has a world class collection of name tags from jobs he's tried, but he does have his own public access TV show. A local station decides to hire him and his sidekick, Garth, to do their show professionally and Wayne & Garth find that it is no longer the same. Wayne falls for a bass guitarist and uses his and Garth's Video contacts to help her career along, knowing that Ben Oliver, the sleazy advertising guy who is ruining their show will probably take her away from him if they fail. 
Cast: Mike Myers (as Wayne Campbell), Dana Carvey (as Garth Algar), Rob Lowe (as Benjamin Kane), Tia Carrere (as Cassandra), Brian Doyle-Murray (as Noah Vanderhoff), Lara Flynn Boyle (as Stacy), Michael DeLuise (as Alan), Dan Bell (as Neil), Lee Tergesen (as Terry), Kurt Fuller (as Russell Finley), Sean Gregory Sullivan (as Phil), Colleen Camp (as Mrs. Vanderhoff), Donna Dixon (as Dreamwoman), Frederick Coffin (as Officer Koharski), Michael G. Hagerty (as Davy) 
499 3/4 We Own the Night  Minutes: 117  2007  Crime 

Brooklyn, 1988. Crime is rife, especially drugs and drug violence. A Russian thug is building his heroin trade, while everyone laughs at the cops. Brothers have chosen different paths: Joe has followed his father Bert into New York's Finest; he's a rising star. Bobby, who uses his mother's maiden name, manages a club. Bobby too is on the rise: he has a new girlfriend and a green-light to develop a Manhattan club. Joe and Bert ask him to help with intelligence gathering; he declines. Then, Joe raids Bobby's club to arrest the Russian. From there, things spiral out of control: the Russian puts out a hit on Joe, personal losses mount, and Bobby's loyalties face the test.  
Cast: Joaquin Phoenix (as Robert 'Bobby' Green), Eva Mendes (as Amada Juarez), Mark Wahlberg (as Capt. Joseph 'Joe' Grusinsky), Robert Duvall (as Deputy Chief Albert 'Bert' Grusinsky), Alex Veadov (as Vadim Nezhinski), Dominic Colon (as Freddie), Danny Hoch (as Jumbo Falsetti), Oleg Taktarov (as Pavel Lubyarsky), Moni Moshonov (as Marat Buzhayev), Antoni Corone (as Michael Solo), Craig Walker (as Russell De Keifer), Tony Musante (as Capt. Jack Shapiro), Joe D'Onofrio (as Bloodied Patron), Yelena Solovey (as Kalina Buzhayev (as Elena Solovey)), Maggie Kiley (as Sandra Grusinsky) 
500 3/4 We Were Soldiers  Minutes: 138  2002  Action 

In a place soon to be known as The Valley of Death, in a small clearing called landing zone X-Ray, Lt. Colonel Hal Moore (Mel Gibson) and 400 young fathers, husbands, brothers, and sons, all troopers from an elite American combat division, were surrounded by 4,000 North Vietnamese soldiers. The ensuing battle was one of the most savage in U.S. history. We Were Soldiers Once...And Young is a tribute to the nobility of those men under fire, their common acts of uncommon valor, and their loyalty to and love for one another. 
Cast: Mel Gibson (as Lt. Col. Hal Moore), Madeleine Stowe (as Julie Moore), Greg Kinnear (as Maj. Bruce 'Snake' Crandall), Sam Elliott (as Sgt. Maj. Basil Plumley), Chris Klein (as 2nd Lt. Jack Geoghegan), Keri Russell (as Barbara Geoghegan), Barry Pepper (as Joe Galloway), Don Duong (as Lt. Col. Nguyen Huu An), Ryan Hurst (as Sgt. Ernie Savage), Robert Bagnell (as 1st Lt. Charlie Hastings), Marc Blucas (as 2nd Lt. Henry Herrick), Josh Daugherty (as Sp4 Robert Ouellette), Jsu Garcia (as Capt. Tony Nadal), Jon Hamm (as Capt. Matt Dillon), Clark Gregg (as Capt. Tom Metsker) 
501 3/4 Wedding Crashers  Minutes: 119  2005  Comedy 

John and Jeremy, single in their mid-30s, mediate divorces in D.C.; their summer social life consists of crashing weddings (always with a back story) to meet young women for a one-night stand. As John thinks about growing up, Jeremy convinces him to go to one more, for the daughter of the Treasury Secretary. Each catches the eye of a daughter of the host. Jeremy scores with Gloria, who proves to be a psycho clinger; John wants real romance with Claire, but she has a boyfriend, a privileged hound. Can John convince Jeremy to stick around long enough so he can woo Claire, and can he tell her the truth about himself before she finds out from someone else? What if he messes up? 
Cast: Owen Wilson (as John Beckwith), Vince Vaughn (as Jeremy Grey), Christopher Walken (as U.S. Treasury Secretary William Cleary), Rachel McAdams (as Claire Cleary), Isla Fisher (as Gloria Cleary), Jane Seymour (as Kathleen Cleary), Ellen Albertini Dow (as Grandma Mary Cleary), Keir O'Donnell (as Todd Cleary), Bradley Cooper (as Zachary 'Sack' Lodge), Ron Canada (as Randolph, the Cleary's Butler), Henry Gibson (as Father O'Neil), Dwight Yoakam (as Mr. Kroeger), Rebecca De Mornay (as Mrs. Kroeger), David Conrad (as Trap), Jennifer Alden (as Christina Cleary (as Jenny Alden)) 
502 2/4 What Happens in Vegas  Minutes: 99  2008  Comedy 

Joy McNally is driven career woman who is engaged but when her fiancé grows tired of her uptight attitude; he breaks up with her. Jack Fuller is a guy who likes to goof off, which makes his boss who also happens to be his father, fire him. Feeling down they both go to Las Vegas to forget about what happened to them. When they get there, a computer error puts them in the same room. And after getting drunk, they wake up to discover they got married, which they both want to get out of. But when they win 3 million dollars, the ownership of which comes into question. When they decide to take it to court, the judge decides that they should remain married for 6 months and attend counseling sessions. So Joy moves in with Jack. And they both learn that if one of them asks to get out of the marriage, the other will get the money. So they each try to drive the other to want to get out of the marriage. 
Cast: Cameron Diaz (as Joy McNally), Ashton Kutcher (as Jack Fuller), Rob Corddry (as Hater), Lake Bell (as Tipper), Jason Sudeikis (as Mason), Treat Williams (as Jack Fuller Sr.), Deirdre O'Connell (as Judy Fuller), Michelle Krusiec (as Chong), Dennis Farina (as Richard Banger), Zach Galifianakis (as Dave the Bear), Queen Latifah (as Dr. Twitchell), Krysten Ritter (as Kelly), Ricky Garcia (as Fuller Closets Worker), Andrew Daly (as Curtis), Benita Robledo (as Maid) 
503 3/4 When We Left Earth: The NASA Missions (Episodes 1 & 2)  Minutes: 127  2008  Documentary 

Ordinary Supermen
NASA selects seven men to become the first astronauts. They're all test pilots, prepared to risk their lives. No one has ever survived a vertical launch on top of a rocket, but it's the only way they know to put an astronaut into earth orbit. NASA and America's first astronauts, the Mercury Seven, are on a journey into the unknown. Six of the men ride into space, each launch taking NASA further forward in their quest to conquer space.

Friends and Rivals
Nine new astronauts arrive at NASA - their mission, to test all the procedures required to land men on the moon and bring them safely back to earth. Each Gemini mission launches two men into space, leading to some of NASA's greatest moments - Ed White's spacewalk, the first orbital rendezvous of Gemini 6 and 7, and Neil Armstrong's first space docking.

504 3/4 When We Left Earth: The NASA Missions (Episodes 3 & 4)  Minutes: 127  2008  Documentary 

Landing the Eagle
The Apollo program is set to achieve the ultimate prize of the Space Race, landing men on the moon. But a fire breaks out in the pressurized capsule of Apollo 1, resulting in the deaths of three beloved astronauts. However, NASA rebounds, launching men into deep space and landing Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on the moon.

The Explorers
Apollo 13 puts the astronauts to the ultimate test, returning a damaged spacecraft back safely to earth. Apollo 17 sends man for the longest mission yet to the surface of the moon, but it's the last lunar mission for generations. Now, it's time for a new phase in the program. Converting an unused Saturn V rocket, NASA launches Skylab, America's first space-station.

505 3/4 When We Left Earth: The NASA Missions (Episodes 5 & 6)  Minutes: 127  2008  Documentary 

The Shuttle
For its first 20 years, NASA launches capsules carrying a maximum of three people. But new requirements for a bigger cargo bay prompt a breakthrough in spacecraft design. The development of the re-usable shuttle leads to a revolutionary approach to space travel. Meanwhile, the pioneers of NASA's manned programs are leading the way into the modern era of the space-age.

A Home In Space
One of the most complex instruments ever built, the Hubble Space Telescope is expected to transform our understanding of the Universe. But once it is in orbit NASA discovers a serious problem, a defective main mirror. NASA sends a team of astronauts to fix the problem in its greatest and highest profile mission since the Apollo era. It gives NASA the confidence to begin construction on the International Space Station.
506 2/4 Where the Buffalo Roam  Minutes: 96  1980  Biography 

The deranged adventures of Gonzo journalist Hunter Thompson and his attorney Oscar Acosta, referred to in the movie as "Laslow". Thompson attempts to cover the Super Bowl and the 1972 Presidential election in his typical drug-crazed state, but it continually and comically sidetracked by his even more twisted friend Laslow. Allegedly based on actual events. 
Cast: Peter Boyle (as Carl Lazlo, Esq.), Bill Murray (as Dr. Hunter S. Thompson), Bruno Kirby (as Marty Lewis), Rene Auberjonois (as Harris From the Post), R.G. Armstrong (as Judge Simpson), Danny Goldman (as Porter), Rafael Campos (as Rojas), Leonard Frey (as Desk Clerk), Leonard Gaines (as Blackie), DeWayne Jessie (as Superfan), Mark Metcalf (as Dooley), Jon Matthews (as Billy Kramer (as John Matthews)), Joe Ragno (as Willins), Quinn K. Redeker (as Pilot), Lisa Taylor (as Ruthie) 
507 2/4 Wild Hogs  Minutes: 100  2007  Action 

In Cincinnati, the dentist Doug Madsen is in crisis, bored with his middle-class life and missing his reckless youth when he was known as the Golden Biker. The aspirant writer Bobby Davis feels pressed by his wife and hates his job. The shy geek computer analyst Dudley Frank is unsuccessful with women. The wealthy Woody Stevens is married with a top-model. Together, the four middle-aged friends in their motorcycles self-call the "Wild Hogs". When Woody loses his wife and is completely broken, he invites his friends to take a road trip to the Pacific, in a quest for freedom. After many incidents, they stop for a beer in a bar owned by the dangerous biker gang "Del Fuegos". Their tough leader Jack steals Dudley's motorcycle, and Woody decides to recover the bike back. Woody cuts the fuel pipes of the bikes and provokes an accident, exploding their bar, but he does not tell the truth to his friends. When they stop in the small town of Madrid without gas, Dudley falls in love for the waitress and owner of the local bar Maggie. However, the "Del Fuegos" traps them in the town and the "Wild Hogs" have to take an attitude.
Cast: Tim Allen (as Doug Madsen), John Travolta (as Woody Stevens), Martin Lawrence (as Bobby Davis), William H. Macy (as Dudley Frank), Ray Liotta (as Jack), Marisa Tomei (as Maggie), Kevin Durand (as Red), M.C. Gainey (as Murdock), Jill Hennessy (as Kelly Madsen), Dominic Janes (as Billy Madsen), Tichina Arnold (as Karen Davis), Stephen Tobolowsky (as Charley), Jason Sklar (as Earl Dooble), Randy Sklar (as Buck Dooble), Drew Sidora (as Haley Davis) 
508 2/4 Without a Paddle  Minutes: 95  2004  Adventure 

This is the story of three friends (Green, Lillard, Shepard) from the big city of Philadelphia who go canoeing together out in the woods and mountains of Oregon State after the death of a friend, Billy. Billy was obsessed with going there to search for the unaccounted-for $194,200 out of the $200,000 that famed airliner highjacker D.B. Cooper parachuted with quite possibly to his death in 1971 $5,800 of his marked ransom loot was found in 1980. Canoeing down the Columbia River, the trio soon finds that their canoeing experience goes wrong..., both horribly and hilariously wrong, as the river turns dangerous, and they have encounters with the crazy mountain men (Burt Reynolds) plays who live near the river... 
Cast: Matthew Price (as Young Tom), Andrew Hampton (as Young Jerry), Jarred Rumbold (as Young Dan), Carl Snell (as Young Billy), Antony Starr (as Billy Newwood (as Anthony Starr)), Dax Shepard (as Tom Marshall), Matthew Lillard (as Jerry Conlaine), Seth Green (as Dan Mott), Nadine Bernecker (as Angie), Danielle Cormack (as Tony), David Stott (as Dick Stark), Bonnie Somerville (as Denise), Scott Adsit (as Greasy Man), Morgan Reese Fairhead (as Sandi), Liddy Holloway (as Bonnie Newwood) 
509 3/4 Woodstock  Minutes: 184  1970  Documentary 

An intimate look at the Woodstock Music & Art Festival held in Bethel, NY in 1969, from preparation through cleanup, with historic access to insiders, blistering concert footage, and portraits of the concertgoers; negative and positive aspects are shown, from drug use by performers to naked fans sliding in the mud, from the collapse of the fences by the unexpected hordes to the surreal arrival of National Guard helicopters with food and medical assistance for the impromptu city of 500,000. 
Cast: Richie Havens (as Himself), Joan Baez (as Herself), Roger Daltrey (as Himself (as The Who)), John Entwistle (as Himself (as The Who)), Keith Moon (as Himself (as The Who)), Pete Townshend (as Himself (as The Who)), Lennie Baker (as Himself (as Sha-Na-Na)), Johnny Contardo (as Himself (as Sha-Na-Na)), Frederick 'Dennis' Greene (as Himself (as Sha-Na-Na)), Jocko Marcellino (as Himself (as Sha-Na-Na)), 'Screamin' Scott' Simon (as Himself (as Sha-Na-Na)), Donald 'Donny' York (as Himself (as Sha-Na-Na)), Joe Cocker (as Himself), Bruce Barthol (as Himself (as Country Joe and the Fish)), Country Joe McDonald (as Himself (as Country Joe and the Fish)) 
510 3/4 X2  Minutes: 133  2003  Action 

A new war between humans and mutants begins after an attempted assassination of the President of the United States. Now, all the mutants must fight together against a common enemy: General William Stryker. Stryker, to further his plan to eradicate all mutants, uses radical methods to get some information from Magneto, and plans an attack to Professor Xavier's school. On the night of the attack, Wolverine is left alone to 'babysit' the young students (Jean Grey and Storm are looking for the mutant assassin, and Xavier is in Magneto's plastic prison, having left Cyclops in its lobby). The plot goes on with a lot of action and many revelations, largely following the comic books. 
Cast: Patrick Stewart (as Professor Charles Xavier), Hugh Jackman (as Logan/Wolverine), Ian McKellen (as Eric Lensherr/Magneto), Halle Berry (as Storm/Ororo Munroe), Famke Janssen (as Jean Grey), James Marsden (as Scott Summers/Cyclops), Anna Paquin (as Rogue/Marie D'Ancanto), Rebecca Romijn (as Mystique/Grace (as Rebecca Romijn-Stamos)), Brian Cox (as William Stryker), Alan Cumming (as Kurt Wagner/Nightcrawler), Bruce Davison (as Senator Kelly), Aaron Stanford (as John Allerdyce/Pyro), Shawn Ashmore (as Bobby Drake/Iceman), Kelly Hu (as Yuriko Oyama/Deathstrike), Katie Stuart (as Kitty Pryde) 
511 3/4 X-Men  Minutes: 104  2000  Action 

In the near future, when children are being born with a special X-Factor in their genes giving them special powers and making them "mutants", the seeds of a new Holocaust are being sown by Senator Robert Kelly. The situation brings fellow mutants and former friends Erik Lehnsherr, a.k.a. Magneto, and Professor Charles Xavier into opposition. While Xavier seeks to stop the hatred toward mutants peacefully, Magneto seeks to even things out with a machine that would speed up the mutation process in all humans, making everyone equal. To stop Magneto, Xavier brings together a special group of mutants called "X-Men" to stop him. In the meantime, 2 mysterious mutants, one named Logan, a powerful and agressive mutant with no past, no memories, and a young girl named Rogue emerge. Their quests for identities eventually land them in the sights of Xavier and Magneto, but for what purpose? 
Cast: Hugh Jackman (as Logan/Wolverine), Patrick Stewart (as Professor Charles Xavier), Ian McKellen (as Eric Lensherr/Magneto), Famke Janssen (as Jean Grey), James Marsden (as Scott Summers/Cyclops), Halle Berry (as Ororo Munroe/Storm), Anna Paquin (as Rogue), Tyler Mane (as Sabretooth), Ray Park (as Toad), Rebecca Romijn (as Mystique (as Rebecca Romijn-Stamos)), Bruce Davison (as Senator Kelly), Matthew Sharp (as Henry Gyrich), Brett Morris (as Young Magneto), Rhona Shekter (as Magneto's Mother), Kenneth McGregor (as Magneto's Father) 
512 2/4 X-Men Origins: Wolverine  Minutes: 107  2009  Action, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Thriller 

Two mutant brothers, Logan and Victor, born 200 years ago, suffer childhood trauma and have only each other to depend on. Basically, they're fighters and killers, living from war to war through U.S. history. In modern times, a U.S. colonel, Stryker, recruits them and other mutants as commandos. Logan quits and becomes a logger, falling in love with a local teacher. When Logan refuses to rejoin Stryker's crew, the colonel sends the murderous Victor. Logan now wants revenge.  
Cast: Hugh Jackman, Liev Schreiber, Danny Huston, Will i Am, Lynn Collins, Kevin Durand, Dominic Monaghan, Taylor Kitsch, Daniel Henney, Ryan Reynolds, Tim Pocock, Julia Blake, Max Cullen, Troye Sivan, Michael-James Olsen 
513 3/4 X-Men: The Last Stand  Minutes: 104  2006  Action 

The X-Men, mutant heroes sworn to defend a world that hates and fears them, are back! This time, with the help of new recruits The Beast and Angel, they must face evolution itself in the form of their former teammate, Jean Grey. Possessed with the cosmic power of the Dark Phoenix, the resurrected Jean Grey has become a danger to herself, her mutant comrades, and the entire planet. To stave off this imminent threat to humanity, a potential cure is discovered and processed to treat -- and ultimately eliminate -- genetic mutations, once and for all. Now, as the battle lines are drawn, the X-Men, led by Professor Charles Xavier, must contend with both Jean Grey's world-consuming powers, as well as the malevolent Brotherhood, a band of powerful mutants organized under Xavier's former ally, Magneto. 
Cast: Hugh Jackman (as Logan/Wolverine), Halle Berry (as Ororo Munroe/Storm), Ian McKellen (as Eric Lensherr/Magneto), Famke Janssen (as Jean Grey/Phoenix), Anna Paquin (as Marie/Rogue), Kelsey Grammer (as Dr. Hank McCoy/Beast), James Marsden (as Scott Summers/Cyclops), Rebecca Romijn (as Raven Darkholme/Mystique), Shawn Ashmore (as Bobby Drake/Iceman), Aaron Stanford (as John Allerdyce/Pyro), Vinnie Jones (as Cain Marko/Juggernaut), Patrick Stewart (as Professor Charles Xavier), Ben Foster (as Warren Worthington III/Angel), Ellen Page (as Kitty Pryde), Michael Murphy (as Warren Worthington II) 
514 1/4 xXx: State of the Union  Minutes: 101  2005  Action 

NSA Agent Augustus Gibbons (Jackson), fresh off the success of his last renegade recruitment, once again finds himself in need of an outsider. Gibbons and his new agent (Ice Cube) must track a dangerous military splinter group, led by Willem Dafoe, that is conspiring to overthrow the U.S. Government in the nation's capital. 
Cast: Ice Cube (as XXX/Darius Stone), Samuel L. Jackson (as Agent Augustus Gibbons), Willem Dafoe (as Gen. George Octavius Deckert), Scott Speedman (as Agent Kyle Steele), Peter Strauss (as President James Sanford), Xzibit (as Zeke), Michael Roof (as Toby Lee Shavers), Sunny Mabrey (as Charlie), Nona Gaye (as Lola Jackson), John G. Connolly (as Lt. Alabama 'Bama' Cobb), Ramon De Ocampo (as Agent Meadows), Barry Sigismondi (as Bull), Michael Don Evans (as Conductor), David Rountree (as Agent), Ned Schmidtke (as Gen. Jack Pettibone) 
515 2/4 You Don't Mess with the Zohan  Minutes: 113  2008  Action 

Zohan Dvir works as a Special Agent and lives with his orthodox parents in Israel. He wants to give up this life, which is full of dangerous encounters with Palestinians. While in the process of apprehending a Palestinian activist, known simply as the Phantom, he fakes his death, hides in a dog-kennel on a plane bound for New York, and decides to try his hand as a hair-stylist. He is refused employment initially, but when he offers to work for free, Dahlia hires him as a cleaner. When an hair-stylist, Debbie, quits, Zohan replaces her, wins over elderly female clientèle, and falls in love with Dahlia herself. Before Zohan could propose to her, Dahlia's landlord, Walbridge, who has been raising rents regularly, hires skinhead goons to terrorize the neighborhood, create misunderstandings between Jews, Muslim, Arabs, and Palestinians, and drive them out, so as to enable him to construct a new building which is topped by a roller coaster. When Zohan decides to confront these skinheads, he does not realize that he is in for quite a few surprises himself.  
Cast: Adam Sandler (as Zohan Dvir), John Turturro (as The Phantom / Fartoshi), Emmanuelle Chriqui (as Dahlia), Nick Swardson (as Michael), Lainie Kazan (as Gail), Ido Mosseri (as Oori), Rob Schneider (as Salim), Dave Matthews (as James), Michael Buffer (as Walbridge), Charlotte Rae (as Mrs. Greenhouse), Sayed Badreya (as Hamdi), Daoud Heidami (as Nasi), Kevin Nealon (as Kevin), Robert Smigel (as Yosi), Dina Doron (as Zohan's Mother (as Dina Doronne)) 
516 3/4 You Only Live Twice  Minutes: 117  1967  Action 

In 1967 the US and Soviet Russia reach a new crisis when Jupiter 16, a US space capsule, is captured in Earth orbit by a strange rocket ship. The US accuses the Soviets of the space hijacking, even though Great Britain believes the alien ship landed in the Sea Of Japan. Her Majesty's Secret Service now swings into action by "killing" James Bond in Hong Kong - a ruse so Bond can move about Japan unmolested by his enemies. Working with, and enjoying the exotic hospitality of, Japanese SIS and its commander "Tiger" Tanaka, James uncovers evidence that a major chemical company is smuggling liquid oxygen for rocket fuel, and his and Tanaka's investigation leads to an extinct volcano that is the source of the space hijacking - just as a Soviet spacecraft is grabbed by the alien rocket and a previously scheduled US launch is pushed upward with America's strategic forces on full battle alert, forcing James and Tanaka to confront the true source of the space hijackings - SPECTRE, and its ruthless leader Ernst Stavro Blofeld. 
Cast: Sean Connery (as James Bond), Akiko Wakabayashi (as Aki), Mie Hama (as Kissy Suzuki), Tetsuro Tamba (as Tiger Tanaka), Teru Shimada (as Mr. Osato), Karin Dor (as Helga Brandt), Donald Pleasence (as Ernst Stavro Blofeld), Bernard Lee (as M), Lois Maxwell (as Miss Moneypenny), Desmond Llewelyn (as Q), Charles Gray (as Dikko Henderson), Tsai Chin (as Ling, Chinese Girl in Hong Kong), Peter Fanene Maivia (as Car Driver), Burt Kwouk (as SPECTRE #3), Michael Chow (as SPECTRE #4) 
517 2/4 You, Me and Dupree  Minutes: 108  2006  Comedy 

For newlyweds Carl and Molly Peterson, life can't get any sweeter as they begin anew to settle down into married life. With a nice house and established careers in tow, nothing seems to get in their way. However, Carl is about find out just how much friendship means when Randy Dupree, his best friend has been displaced from his home and fired from his job because of attending their wedding. Taking his friend in, what Carl and Molly are about to experience is that the fine line between a few days and whatever else is after, can be a lot more than they bargained for. Especially when their friend overstays his welcome in far too many ways than he should. 
Cast: Owen Wilson (as Randy Dupree), Kate Hudson (as Molly Peterson), Matt Dillon (as Carl Peterson), Michael Douglas (as Mr. Thompson), Seth Rogen (as Neil), Ralph Ting (as Toshi), Keo Knight (as Carl's Brother-In-Law), Todd Stashwick (as Rod), Bill Hader (as Mark), Lance Armstrong (as Himself), Jason Winer (as Eddie), Sidney S. Liufau (as Paco (as Sidney Liufau)), Billy Gardell (as Bartender Dave), Eli Vargas (as Aaron), Houston McCrillis (as Dougie) 
518 1/4 Yours, Mine and Ours  Minutes: 90  2005  Comedy 

A widowed Coast Guard Admiral and a widow handbag designer fall in love and marry, much to the dismay of her 10 and his 8 children. 
Cast: Dennis Quaid (as Frank Beardsley), Rene Russo (as Helen North), Sean Faris (as William Beardsley), Katija Pevec (as Christina Beardsley), Dean Collins (as Harry Beardsley), Tyler Patrick Jones (as Michael Beardsley), Haley Ramm (as Kelly Beardsley), Brecken Palmer (as Ely Beardsley), Bridger Palmer (as Otter Beardsley), Ty Panitz (as Ethan Beardsley), Danielle Panabaker (as Phoebe North), Drake Bell (as Dylan North), Miki Ishikawa (as Naoko North), Slade Pearce (as Mick North), Little JJ (as Jimi North (as Lil' JJ)) 
519 3/4 Zombieland  Minutes: 88  2009  Action, Adventure, Comedy, Horror 

The horror comedy Zombieland focuses on two men who have found a way to survive a world overrun by zombies. Columbus is a big wuss -- but when you're afraid of being eaten by zombies, fear can keep you alive. Tallahassee is an AK-toting, zombie-slaying' bad ass whose single determination is to get the last Twinkie on earth. As they join forces with Wichita and Little Rock, who have also found unique ways to survive the zombie mayhem, they will have to determine which is worse: relying on each other or succumbing to the zombies. 
Cast: Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Emma Stone, Abigail Breslin, Amber Heard, Bill Murray, Derek Graf 

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